obviously w/ all the hype and all i haven’t seen anythin but

what’s yurio looking at in he in the pv and


{{i might be overreacting but like do you think they have the voices that haven’t got anything to do w/ the pictures to distract us~ bc// i sense angst// i’m a sucker for angst really but,,  WHO GOT HURT i wonder what happens}}

honestly, i’m blown away at how on point that drunk!yuuri plot twist was… usually when shows try to throw that curve (eg. gossip girl or pretty little liars) it throws everything off the curve and usually doesn’t make sense and leaves for so many plotholes that will never be explained. and u can tell that the writers just put that in last minute without thinking of the story in general

yet for yuri on ice, you can tell that this plot twist–ie. the fact that viktor did know yuuri and possibly fell in love with him way earlier than anyone expected–was planned from the beginning. because everything in the previous 9 episodes can now be seen in a new light. not only that, it makes sense too. the fact that you can watch the show in two different perspectives (that is, the perspective w/o having watched episode 10 and also the one w/ the ep 10 knowledge) and have both still make sense w/o any plot holes and stuff is so impressive!! 

it rly shows that the writers really crafted this story rly well, and kudos to them. idk if i can recall any other show that pulled the “plot twist that changes perspective” so well

it’s also a fantastic in the business perspective because it gives people incentive to go back and rewatch all the episodes in crunchyroll, giving more support to the creators so thats rly awesome too~~~~


victor’s the kind of parent that will set you up w/ some embarrassing shit while you’re still young and naive and will use it against you if you fuck w/ him (insp)

Things I need answers to:
  • Has Victor seen Yuuri’s posters?
  • Does Yuuri know that Victor basically fell in love with him during that night??
  • that they danced together??
  • and he asked Victor to come visit him?? and be his coach?
  • Does he realise that Eros is basically the story of him seducing Victor and then leaving him??
  • no really I need a whole episode of Victor and the others telling Yuuri what happened
  • and last but not least…

So im in class and I just got done watching YOI episode 10 and i just jkneidejwjcweiuwejnofuiqn. I feel so honored to be alive to witness Yuri and Viktor become an absolute CANNON. Im waching it in school and im just trying so hard not to scream. 

But also, I wont be able to post anything (like make my own posts and post) until Monday so if you have anything to submit, do it now,please!