Kino Voice Sample
  • Kino Voice Sample
  • Kino (CV. Maeno Tomoaki)

(;-◞౪◟-)  I got my Lost Eden Vol. 2 CD in the mail today, so I’d thought to share a sample of Kino’s voice. (๑꒪▿꒪)*  I signed for the package right before I had to go to school, so I picked a random track to listen to and it was this one (track 3). Kino drinking guava juice in the bathtub. It’s about 1:30min long just to give you an idea of what he sounds like.

SO, Big step in ol’ ommy’s life. Tomorrow I am moving to London for a year to do a Masters degree in Taxonomy & Biodiversity (YES after all those Pokémon evolutionary trees, I am actually going on to specialise in taxonomy lol) with Imperial College London and the London Natural History Museum (YES, the building that is basically science hogwarts). I am on that fine line between incredible excitement and horrendous anxiety (but I think excitement is winning!)

Anyway, the workload is going to be massive, so it’s likely that I will be on here a lot less in the coming  months, especially in terms posting art and content, so I suppose you could say that I will kind of be on a semi-hiatus. However I will find it difficult to resist new SM news and hype, especially as the games are coming out so soon, so I hope to keep up my shitposting, memery, new pokemon fanart rates when those hype days occur. 

Anyway thanks for being such pals over this weird 2016 summer, love you all xoxoxo ;)


These we’re so fun to do! I wasn’t expecting such a different range of characters so it was a little challenging for me! ^^ there are size differences, I tried to keep to my style along with a little of the ocs mixed in as well! 

note:-not my characters, they belong to their owners-

Si hubiera sabido que la semana pasada era el ultimo dia que te iba a ver entonces te hubiera visto mas a los ojos, me hubiera detenido en cada particularidad que tienes, te hubiera abrazado mas y no soltaria tu mano, si hubiera sabido que no te iba a veo o tocar mas te hubiera dado mil besos hasta que tus labios sientan dolor, te hubiera dicho que te quiero y que no quiero perderte nunca, te hubiera preguntado si realmente me quieres, me hubiera tomado una foto contigo y la pondria de perfil. Si tan solo hubiera sabido que no te iba a ver mas ese dia hubiera sido diferente. Pero ya es muy tarde tu ya no me quieres todo ya se acabo.

hellsings-trump-card-alucard  asked:

Hey, if youre still taking requests, can you draw lo+ve8ite? Its Aranea and Porrim. I never see enough fan art of the two, and i was wondering if you could draw them in your amazing style. Btw, loved your contribution to rosemary month.

Hey thanks! Sorry it took me this long to get to this