ahh im so tired of seeing white people being glorified for stealing poc roles lmao…… and im so tired of white people being cast to play poc characters…. im tired of seeing healthy and positive poc representation being stolen left and right and im tired of people trying to excuse it or guilt trip people who are actually affected by this into accepting this kinda stuff. Its not actual rep and we shouldnt be happy w it or accept anything. its time people understand that representation REALLY fucking matters and this half assed attempt to represent us isnt shit. I dont wanna see white people pretending they understand or they live in the reality i live, fuck that. Cast actual poc. Its not that hard.


You left, you came back, then you left again. Twice, I had to see you leave. I know life is not a fairy tale but oh, what I wouldn’t do to have you stay for just one more day. I’d sail across the ocean, fight dragons, break my heart along the way, and conquer the world just so you could be mine again. Can’t you see that I love you?