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Reasons To Love Damien

-his beautiful, silky hair

-make-up game is on point

-he reads fanfiction

-flower arrangement hobby

-fascination with goth

-knowledge of Victorian history

-respectful parenting towards Lucien

-This part:

I could talk about how important this is for a parent to do in regards to mental health and simply allowing Lucien to choose for himself if he needs/wants professional help. A+ parenting. Not to mention that Damien was not yelling at Lucien and was basically like, “I care about you and I want to see you improve, but you need to make that choice for yourself. Just know that Im here to help.”

-how polite he is

-very romantic, in his own way

-writing letters, enough said

-that brave face he made during the movie scene, so cute

-speaking of the movie scene, this part too:

He was so scared he instinctively sought out for physical comfort just by mere hand holding!!!!

-he is so smooth

-His views on death and life is actually beautiful. Basically don’t dread on fearing death because you could miss out on enjoying life.

-when he brings mc dad home after the second date, he friggin’ gives mc a handkerchief as a gift!!!!!

-and no one could forget his love for dogs

-Also, he is so cute in this outfit!!!!! I love those large glasses on him, they look good on him.

Lets fast forward a bit, shall we? 

-After the whole Duchess adventure, mc and Damien has a sweet conversation about Damien being perfect the way he is, he is more than a goth prince and mc doesn’t mind at all. Then he freaking ASKS MC’S PERMISSION FOR A KISS!!! That is so charming and sweet!!!!! 

-After this scene is the conclusion of the route, Amanda’s graduation party. We have a chat with all the guests and Amanda until we have our final scene with Damien. I can’t explain how much I love what he says, so I’ll just put it here so we can appreciate it.

“But I think I can make an exception for you.” God, why does he have to be so damn smooth?

I think I made my point. Damien is an amazing character.

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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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hi!!!!! can I please request for a minhyun college au? I am addicted to your writing (・´з`・) thank you in advance xxx

for nu’est ive decided it’d be cool to make them all medical students!! so consider it residency-college!au LOL~

  • specialty: minhyun is doing his residency in dermatology  
  • is known as the “pretty boy” of the unit and other residents are always joking that patients favor him because,,,,,,,,well one he has gorgeous skin,,,,,,,but everything else about him is literally just as gorgeous
  • is really sweet and tries his best to be polite,,,,,,even if taking another 10 hour shift is literally going to Kill Him,,,,,minhyun just smiles and is like : ) it’s fine : ) im fine
  • his superiors like him the most and their favoritism shows because guess who doesn’t get yelled out for taking a five minute snack break? it’s minhyun
  • but even though he comes off so mannered and mature,,,,,he has a lil nerdy side,,,,,like his phone background is always his cute niece and him but one day someone noticed that his lock screen was literally a screenshot from the transformers movie,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,
  • everyone keeps asking if he’s dating and minhyun is just like,,,,i,,,,,d,,dating?!?!?!?! and they’re like oh my god you have the face and you’re telling us you haven’t used it yet
  • and minhyun is like ?!?! i use it everyday to eat, to read - and everyone is like oh jesus no that’s nOT WHat we MEANT
  • but if anyone as much as dares to try to do ‘corrupt’ minhyun (as dongho affectionately refers to it) minhyun just turns pink and bites his lips and is like i!! don’t know anything about that,,,,,
  • boy is already in residency and sometimes if a patient get too close he has to excuse himself,,,,,,,soft boy
  • speaking of dongho and the rest of nu’est they all do residency in the same hospital so every now and then they’ll meet up to eat lunch outside
  • and everyone swoons because they’re the ~visual residents~ a group of goodlooking guys in white doctors coats,,,,,,what a dREAM
  • and then dongho gets crumbs all over his scrubs and minhyun is like come here i need to clean it - don’t you dare run from me- come bacK
  • is really good at his job though, so much so that people are like he doesn’t even need to do residency he knows sO MUCh
  • graduated at the top of his class in med school, still studies as diligently as before, literally takes notes on e v e r y t h i n g the doctors say
  • jr jokes that when minhyun opens his own dermatology clinic he should give all of them face lifts but minhyun is like,,,,,,,,im not doing that im doing immunodermatology wanna hear what i learned about leprosy-
  • jr: i gtg rn i was just trying to make a joke i am so sorry
  • anyway you also work in the hospital,,,,,but not as a resident or anything you’re actually in the tech department
  • and you know about minhyun because how can you not,,,,,but also,,,,,,,,he’s called the tech department like a minimum of twenty times a week because for some reason he’s super smart
  • but takes like ten years to type in a patients chart notes and he’s always getting a bit confused with the hospitals interface
  • and you,,,,,,,dont mind being the one called to help him i mean like have you /SEEN/ him  
  • just standing beside him is like basking in the sunlights glow and u dont mind. not one bit. tbh u r not gonna like lie when u see a call from the dermatology dept u basically fight people for the phone
  • buuuuut you also know that it’s a one sided kinda thing,,,because minhyun could have anyone,,,,,,,literally 
  • u can tell from the fact that his lab coats pockets are always full of candy, letters, and more that both patients and staff give him and yeah it makes ur heart sink a bit but like,,,,
  • whatever the short moment where you get to stand beside him at the desk and tell him (for the 15th time) how to reset the scheduling system works like,,,,,it’s enough
  • which is why when you get called down again, minhyun voice sounding apologetic over the phone u cheerily tell him it’s no problem - you’ll be right down to see what happened 
  • but since the elevator is taking too long u decide to go down the stairs where,,,,you hear voices echoing as you get closer to the floor ur supposed to meet minhyun on
  • and???? they sound familiar,,,,,one is obviously dongho’s,,,,,and the other???? minhyun?
  • and u stop your steps,,,listening to their echoing words 
  • “are you going to ask them? minhyun it’s been two weeks since you decided to say something and you’re still putting it off.”
  • “,,,,,what if they don’t like me-”
  • you blink,,,,wondering if you’re hearing another voice,,,,,and it is,,,,this one belongs to another resident. ren
  • “minhyun, seriously you’re handsome. i dont say that a lot. but ur handsome. very handsome. look at me minhyun does it look like i would lie.”
  • and finally,,,,the calmest voice of the bunch belong to jr: “you should go for it. i think they like you too.”
  • and you’re not sure what else they say because the door opens and a couple of nurses rush by you, their footsteps making noise
  • and in your head you’re wondering,,,,,,who is it that minhyun likes,,,,,,,
  • but not wanting to get lost in your thoughts you rush down coming out into the dermatology dept and seeing minhyun leaning against the wall near the elevators. 
  • you pat his shoulder,,making him jump a bit and the both of you breaking into blushing apologizes but then he mumbles that he’s pretty sure something is going on with the vital monitor
  • and you go inside the room to check it out
  • and as you’re doing your work,,,,you don’t notice minhyun bite his lip,,,,shy eyes trying to avoid your figure in the center of the room
  • quietly fidgeting with his name tag pinned to his collar
  • and when you turn, smile on your face “done! it just got unhooked-”
  • “are you free,,,,,on sunday?”
  • minhyun’s sudden question catches you off guard and you’re like w-what?? and he’s like,,,,,,,, “i-,,,,i have a shift,,,,but i can- it ends at 8 so i could take u to dinner,,,,,maybe,,,,,-”
  • minhyun,,,,with all his pretty features and polite personality cannot seem to stutter out a date invitation 
  • but,,,,you also cant believe ur ears???? the person minhyun liked?????was you???
  • and you’re like “d-don’t you not have many free days? you should rest-”
  • “it’s ok! i want to,,,,,spend it with you.”
  • there’s something of a shy smile on his face,,,,but his eyes are nervous and you’re always feeling your palms sweat
  • because god u really want to say yes,,,,the happiness in your stomach is turning to butterflies,,,,,but you also know that minhyun should rest
  • so you go “ok,,,,,but how about we do something simple,,,,like watch a movie at my place?”
  • and minhyun almost turns cherry red at the mention of coming over and he refuses,,,,,saying it’d be un-gentlemen-y of him but ur just like pleassse it’s fine
  • safe to say you guys do have that date at your place but you purposly pick a boring movie so minhyun falls asleep fifteen minutes in and you let the tired med student sleep soundly on your shoulder as you do your own thing
  • and ofc when he wakes up minhyun is a mess of “im sorrys” and “im not a creep i promise” but u just laugh and tell him it’s ok,,,,,it was a perfect first date because u were able to see him rest
  • which honestly just makes minhyun’s heart flutter even more about you,,,,,on the way home he texts ren and is like “i think they’re an angel,,,,,,,”
  • dating med student!minhyun is slow at first because he’s surprisingly shy about pda or skinship,,,,,to the point where when he first holds ur hand he has to let go 5 minutes later and be like “its not that i dont want to,,,its just,,,,,my hand got sweat and i didnt want u to think thats gross-” and u had to grab his hand back and be like idc if its sweaty i want to hold it forever, minhyun once he gets more comfortable has a habit for always dusting off your uniform or tucking strands of your hair back because he thinks u look cute when ur all neat and whatnot, tbh dongho and jr tell minhyun it might be a lil weird but u like it,,,its minhyun’s personality so u accept it, since he works super long hours u dont really get to see each other often but minhyun really likes it when u text him what ur doing after work esp if u include pictures, at first he’d just be like oh! cool :D or looks yummy! but as you two get closer he’ll kinda be a little sappy saying things like even your silhouette is pretty or i wish i could be beside you right now, a constant struggle is showing people photos of you and minhyun together looking cute in the hospital lobby doing peace signs and ur like that’s my boyfriend! and people are like no no no thats a celebrity honey and ur like,,,no,,,,,no he’s my bf,,,,,,,basically people r just really shocked because minhyun’s visuals are no joke, whenever someone confesses to minhyun whether it’s a patient or a staff he gets all embarrassed but also secretly reaLLY likes saying he has a significant other that he is head over heels for, ren makes fun of him so much for it he imitates his voice and calls out ur name and is like head !!! oveR HEELs~~~!! and minhyun is like pLEASE and ren is just kiss kiss love love u two are sooooo corny, on an anniversary minhyun had work but he sent you a video of him playing on the piano and singing your favorite love song and it legitimately made you tear up, does this thing where when he gets really really tired he’ll never admit it but one kiss from you makes it feel like he can take on the WORLD, an exchange resident named aaron comes to visit and minhyun introduces you to him and is like he’s my bff and aaron is just like “so what base have you and minhyun reac-oK FINE I WONT ASK”, those rare times where residents get more than a day off minhyun always insists on doing the absolute most for you and sometimes you have to literally argue with him to let you do something because he works so hard you want to support him and make it easy, you cooked for him once and you can’t tell if him telling you he LOVED it was fake or real,,,,,,,you guys got matching sweaters from the nu’est boys as a gift and they’re bright pink and corny and minhyun refuses to wear them until you giggled and put it on and minhyun melts for anything you do so he was like ok FINE, surprised you once by pulling you into a storage closet at the hospital and letting a hand slip up your shirt and you were like minhyun?? ?against his neck and he,,,,,couldn’t keep it up you felt his cheeks go hot and he was a stuttering mess like ten minutes in but he was also like i just,,,i really wanted you i dont know what came over me ,,,,,WHAT A FREAKING CUTIE AMIRIGHT THO,,,,promises that once he is done with residency he’s going to get a good job and take you on vacation for never leaving his side through the hardest years of his life and you just kiss his nose and tell him not to worry about it,,,,,but seriously the only thing on minhyun’s mind sometimes (which he finds fascinating) is how much he really rEALLY wants to make you happy,,,,,,,,,,he wants a future,,,,with you 

find others here: ong seongwoo | kang daniel | lee daehwi

Could you do (separately if you want) a Monsta-x , Got7 and BTS reaction about you (their girlfriend) jealously asking them who's Kim Chi (Kimchi) because they love it? Thanks again! (She thinks Kimchi is a person!)

Monsta X:


*confused af* wha? …what do you mean I can’t see kimchi anymore? It’s literally everywhere in Korea and very delicious… you…do you think that kimchi is a woman?

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Never have I ever cheated on you…with anyone…or any food 

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I-…..I do not know what your issue is? I am just hungry?

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Why are you yelling at me?!?!?!?! DO YOU WANT ME TO SHARE?

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Ok…but I’ll share! *gets smacked* WHAT IT’S JUST FOOD! WE’VE DONE IT BEFORE!?

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Ok…but let’s talk about this…You’re telling me…that you are…that you are jealous of some food? Would you rather I eat you?

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Baby why are you crying? Do you want some? Kimchi is super popular here so you should try it!

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BRUH YOU THOUGHT IT WAS A PERSON TOO?!?! I ain’t even mad at you boo

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*In his mind* bitch where?

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*confused and worried* Why are you looking through my messages searching for kimchi? It is in the fridge in the kitchen

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…If it weren’t so cute…I would be mad….

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Ok…but no? It is food…I like food… I love you but I am hungry so…

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….I am so confused. Here eat some kimchi and quit calling me a stupid lying boob. 

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Uhm? What do you mean I am cheating on you with Korea’s delicacy?

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ok but here is where you are wrong.. *tells the entire history of kimchi*

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I-…..Ok I am sorry but….Wha?

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Baby…Are you jealous of a food dish?

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bts reaction: giving them a kiss on the cheek unexpectedly

(* ^ ω ^) request -  BTS reaction to their crush giving them a kiss on the cheek out of the blue

a/n - pls don’t forget to request a reaction if you’d like one !! :D

kim seokjin - it would prob happen one day out of the blue. you just could not help yourself and decided to just kiss his cheek. and knowing him, he’d be like  (⌒▽⌒)☆ and tease you about it endlessly, even though he is very much dying inside. 

Originally posted by bwiseoks

min yoongi - would definitely be like  ( ̄ヘ ̄) upon it happening. being the very quiet and conservative person he is, he kind of just be taken aback by it and look at you and kind of a ‘….’ manner. but inside he’s like  ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ DO IT AGAIN

Originally posted by jeonsshi

jung hoseok - the actual embodiment of second hand embarrassment. you two could be sitting and doing work together and you could have been stuck on a problem and after him helping and in the most god damn sweetest way possible, you pressed a kiss on his cheek as a thank you. knowing him, he would be feeling like (* ^ ω ^) while his heart is going like  (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

Originally posted by jhope-ah

kim namjoon - tenses up in his spot. could be writing some lyrics to a new song and since you’ve grown so comfortable with him and your guys’ friendship you’d think a kiss on the cheek would be nothing. spoiler alert, you were wrong. he basically went like  ( ゚,_ゝ`) , but inside he was like  \(〇_o)/what do i do

Originally posted by mn-yg

park jimin - you know that little nervous laugh he does when he doesn’t know what to say in his v lives? yup. that’s what he would do. just to hear his laugh again, you’d kiss his cheek repeatedly and he’d just sit there giggling while his heart went like   (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

Originally posted by morekpopmore

kim taehyung  - probably the one to yell ‘AHHHHHHHH’ out loud since he’s the one to express his emotions verbally in that situation. he’d cover his face to hide his very prominent pinkish tint growing on his cheeks, and when you would try to uncover his face gently he’d just become more  (つ≧▽≦)つ HE’S SO CUTE IN THIS GIF IM GONNA FUCKING

Originally posted by taesies

jeon jungkook  - he’d definitely be shocked by it since it happened so suddenly. he’d kindly just look over and give you a kiss on the cheek back, happy that he can be as comfortable with someone as he is with you. but knowing him, he’d dead ass be like  (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ  (*/▽\*)  (◕‿◕)♡ all at once

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If You insist// Brett Talbot

Relationship: Brett x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, LOTS OF SMUT, Daddy Kink, Oral (Male), Teasing, Swearing, Orgasm Denial, Biting, Spanking, and a Bunch More.

Prompts: “You’re so cute when you’re mad.” “Bite me!” “If you insist.”

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Brett hasnt spoken to y/n in hours because h feels as if its his fault that you were attaked tonight. It was her first night seeing him completly wolf out and it was intoxicating, she wasn’t abdouly terrified because she knew what she has signed up for when getting involved with him and the oher suprnatural beings in Beacon Hills.

“Brett just fucking speak to me, im safe im fine. its been 3 fucking hours. you cant keep fucking ignoring me anmore i’ve fucking had it up to your long ass neck, now be a man and fucking speak to me.” Y/n yells out steam almost literally shooting out of her ears.

“You’re so fucking cute when you’re mad” Brett chuckles walking into your home simply unfazed by anything you had spoken to him.

They enter the house and Brett pulls his shirt off heading toward the couch and Y/n immediatly feeling the need to be touched and to touch Brett. He sits and places his hands by his thighs while sighing in releif that everyone is safe and so one is horribly injured.

She stood by the door, watching Brett take hi place on the couch practically not moving a muscle and the heat between her legs start to grow. She could still sense the darkness from him still linguring, which is why she probably make eyecontact, speak, or even touch her. She wasnt scared of the wolf inside of him, eah it was intimidating but not scary. There was no reason to be the slightst bit of scared, he disnt even grow fucking sideburns when he turned. He had taken endless care of her, saved her over and over again, and given her chance after chance even when she was afraid and didnt trust him. so why be scaared now?

Y/n knew if she hadn’t yelled at him for being overprotective and stormed out that today would have gone very differently.

She walked until he was standing next to a set of stairs, standing there she dared not to look away from him. he still didnt move. She journeyed into the living room standing dead ceter in his view of the TV than went to her knees so she was facing him eye to eye. He still didnt dare to move, instead he stared into her eyes as if she was looking through her like she wasn’t even there.

Biting down on her lip, she makes a dangerous move by reaching out and attempted to touch his torso.

Brett snatches her hand, holding it very tightly. “You definatly dont want to do that right now.” He warns almost inaudible.

She moves her other hand to try and grab ahold of his jeans but only to fail miserably.

“I am trying to be fucking nice to you right now, What the fuck is your problem?“He growls out placing her arms by her side ” Go. To. Bed.“

Looking up at him she noticed that his eyes where still glowing similar to what she had saw when the pack was fighting. But this glow felt more dangerous, more frightful which so happen to tun her on even more

You don’t scare me anymore.

Her eyes trailed down his bare chest. he had never let her touch him, expore his body, better yet even fuck him back! She knew it was because he couldn’t take it, too afraid that the darkness would come out and he’d rip her to pieces. She had just stopped trying to touch him all together knowing it would be pointless and being afraid herself to meet the darkness.

She shifted herself closer to him careful not to touch him.

“Please, Brett. Let me touch you.”

Brett gave her one last stern warning, “Touch me and there will be no running until i am completly done with you.”

Y/n licked her lip in anticipation, her hands reached out again, She had done it. She had touched him and there is no turning back.

He’s so fucking perfect it hurts.

Leaning down, her lpis lightly kissed over his skin. She gazed up at him through her long thick lashes, once he left a hickey on his chest she noticed tat he didnt move or even give the slight hint that of desire she decided to move lower. She kissed and lickd on his abs, moving her hand down t the botton of his jeans and slow began to unbutton them.

Brett kept his hands to his thighs, not moving his eyes off her as she slowly unipped his pants. once his hard cock sprung free she could finally see what he was feeling.

Lightly grabbing his dick, she almost expected him to move. When he didn’t a wave of wating to pleasure him shot through her like fire.

She began to stroke him up and down, her tongue licking the tip before she swirled it around the head of his dick. Taking it slowly in her mouth, she begn to soflty suck. That was when she could hear his low growl in response. She started to take more and moreof him, wanting to please him. The sounds he howled out only made her want to do more.

He still hadn’t moved. It took for her to pull complely out, blow cold air on his tip and shove himm completly back in for him to move.

Finally, Brett took his hands to her hair, causing her to smile, she began to bob her head up and down faster. As she began he pulled her hair tighter, tarting to fuck her mouth.

Y/n was stunned at first yet found it erotic as he moved in and out of her mouth. She relaxed her throat, letting him slip deeper, which only made him fuck her faster. As he let up for air, lightning hot through her body. Staring at him she began to lose control. That was the only start, And she burnedd in anticipation.

She eagerly took him back into her moth as he started to fuck it again. She felt his cock throbbing for release, and didn’t expect it when he pulled out of her mouth.

“Take off your clothes then get down on the floor on your hand and knees.” he told her harshly, yaking her hair before letting go.

Her reath was heavy as her chest fell up and down whilw he removed her cothes as quickly as she could. The heat and need between her legs was almost painful by the time she made it to the ground. Y/n faced away from him, doing as he asked by going to her hands and knees. Please, Hurry. She felt as if she was going to explode aiting for him to finally touch her.

She could feel him move behind her and when he went to his knees, it made it all the more torturouus.

Brett grabs her ass “ I have waited so fucking long to fuck you like this.” His hand ran up her back and pushed her head to the ground.

“Bite me.” She calls back with her ass sticking straight up.

“If you insist, DO no hold back your screams or moans anymore. i want to fucking hear you scream for me” he pressed his thick cock against her opening “ Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Y/n screamed out, without feeling any physical stiulation she felt as if she could orgasm right then and there.

“Good girl.” He cooed as his hand roughly slapped downn her ass.

“Fuck me. please!” She moaned, the words slip hou as he wiggles her hips hoping his dick would slip in.

His telling her ‘good girl’ drove her inane! He hadnt called her that in what feel like forever.

He gripped her hips, stilling her. “ If you ever run from me, risk your life, or do anything remotley stupid again, this strong feelng you have of me wantin to fuck you will be your punishment.”

Y/n screams out in pleasure as he slides his dick into her fast and har. “Do it again, and next time my dick will not slide into that tight, little pussy of yours. Do you understand?” Brett kept still and ddn’t move the slightst bit inside her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I-I-I understand.” She practically crys out.

“Good girl.”

His message was loud and clear, and exteremly tortorus as it is. That he stops and leaves.

“What the fucking shit Brett.” She calls out

“You have been through alot today, goodnight.” He calls Shutting the lights off

Fucking hell he just likes to leave a girl high and dry.

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oh my gosh i love your writing so much? i always look forward to seeing more of it on my dash ;u; !! would you maybe think about doing a neighbor kihyun if you have time please? i'd love to see you write it asfdpih (also i hope school isn't stressing you out too much and that you are getting enough rest and you time)

find neighbor!wonho (here) ~!

  • is picky about everything, but in a good way. like he wants to keep everything pretty and organized
  • labels his containers
  • likes his pinks, yellows, and whites. that’s what his color scheme is from his white sheets to his pink toothbrush to his yellow curtains
  • “jooheon i know that this is a gift with the best intentions, but you know my thing is stripes. im not a polka dot person. im sorry, i just am not. but ill accept these slippers anyway because i love you”
  • likes to get sewing tips from the old lady down the hall
  • nags at kids who make too much noise in front of the building and he’s always going on about respect and being polite 
  • but once he saw a cockroach in his bathtub and yelled so loud he woke up the entire floor  
  • isn’t afraid to admit that he thinks stuffed animals are cute and therefore has a giant moomin on his bed. it’s cute and yes he hugs it at night 
  • takes care of his skin so well he gets compliments from everyone because he glows like the people down at the grocery are just like omg what products do you use and kihyun will gladly share his tips. he’s a sweetheart 
  • you know kihyun because like well who doesn’t????? the kids call him uncle kihyun because he’s always scolding them and the older people refer to him as the prince of your apartment complex because he’s always dressed so fancy and does his hair well
  • but on the off-chances that you’ve seen him you haven’t ever talked with him or caught his attention
  • mostly because you’re always in a rush to get to work/school. like you’re not a morning person, but kihyun seems just dandy in the morning and you’re like how
  • and it’s on one morning that you find yourself particularly messy because you stayed up all night to finish a long paper and you forgot that you had an interview later in the afternoon but you had no time to get ready
  • so you managed to put on a decent interview outfit, but your hair? your face? your overall moral? your outlook on life?
  • bad
  • and when you get into the elevator you’re thankful that it’s just you till someone comes running down the hall and slips in last second and it’s kihyun
  • looking absolutely perfect and energized and you’re still trying to brush your hair to where it looks acceptable and maybe get something on to cover your dark circles
  • and you don’t notice but kihyun is watching you a bit and he sees you stumbling, tiredly into the train station with your bag half open and when you get into the train
  • kihyun suddenly sits beside you and you’re like uh,,,,,because there’s a bunch of free seats the stop near your house is the first stop for that line
  • and kihyun is like “here let me help you.” and you’re like ?????/
  • and he takes your brush from your hands and moves your shoulders so you’re facing him and he puts his own bag on his lap and pulls out a bunch of stuff
  • and basically gives you a makeover right than and there. and im not talking like full on makeup, im talking just the basics to help you look like you know,,,,,,,,you’re not dYing
  • and he gets the knots out of your hair, the dark circles covered, some mist sprayed on. he fixes the collar of your shirt, and even hands you a granola bar because he’s like “i can tell you didn’t eat”
  • and when he’s done you don’t feel anywhere as bad as you did when you left your house and kihyun grins because he’s like “this is the first time ive seen you smile since we got into the elevator together”
  • and you tell him that you’re thankful, that you have an interview today too and he’s like “you’ll do amazing!!!” and you’re like,,,,thank you,,,,,,,for making me look presentable,,,,,rofl
  • and when it’s your stop kihyun gives you another thumbs up and you get off and can’t help but keep smiling because,,,,,,,wow he’s,,,,,,,,so sweet?????
  • and the day just feels so much easier because of your time in the morning with kihyun and your interview goes well
  • so well that when you’re heading home you get an sns that says you passed the interview and you’re so happy you do a little dance on the platform
  • and once when you finally get home you’re surprised to see kihyun on the bench outside your building and you go over and say hello and he grins and asks about the interview
  • and before you know it you’re telling him everything that happened and when you tell him you passed he pats the top of your head and you’re like ,,,,,,o,,,,oh
  • and he’s like “i knew you could do it, you’re so hardworking - ive noticed that about you” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,he????? noticed me??????
  • and kihyun is like “as a reward, let me go buy you some good snacks”
  • and you try to refuse, but kihyun is like no no you deserve it!! and as you shyly pick something out and head to the counter kihyun is taking out his money and the cashier is like “you two look cute together, has it already been past 100 days?”
  • and you’re speechless because omg what
  • and kihyun looks over at you with a smile and he’s like “nope! this is our first day, you could say.” and the cashier is like AW how cute
  • and you’re like alhdgjfsdds what,,,,,,,,,,,does he mean by that
  • and as you’re walking back home you want to ask but you just nibble on your snack until kihyun leans over to take a bite of your food and you’re like hEY 
  • and he’s like “so, what do you think about that?” and you’re like “what?” and he’s like “about this being our first day,,,,,,i think we can make it to 100 easily.”
  • and you’re like is he???? asking me out???? and kihyun before you guys get back inside is like “so? want to meet in the morning again and we’ll ride the train together?” and you hesitate but in a small voice you go “like,,,,,,a couple?”
  • and kihyun grins and gives you another thumbs up like “yes. like a couple.” 
  • and you’re red in the face as kihyun comes closer and you think he’s going to lean in and??????? kiss you 
  • but instead he goes “i like the messy you even more you know?” and you’re like wh,,what does that mean and he pets your head again messing it up just a bit and going over to open the door
  • and yes the next morning as you’re rushing again, you think yesterday must have been a dream
  • but when you open your door, kihyun is there by the elevator waiting for you
GOT7 Reaction: GF random anger issues during period


He’d cuddle you trying to calm you down.

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Patiently dealing with your anger and can’t wait until you’re off your period.

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“Why are you yelling at me I only walked into the room asking if you wanted some ice cream?”

*ignore the subtitles*

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Scared for his life

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Will try anything to make you happy again. “Jagi don’t be angry, smile you have food”

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“You’re cute when you’re angry”

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stop i can’t stop thinking about being harry’s date to that wedding and you guys have been together for like years and you’re both excited bc he’s been so busy with the album so it’s doubling as a wedding and a mini vacation and you’re so excited to finally get some alone time with him!!!!! BUT THE RECEPTION WHEN HES HOLDING THE BOUQUET IM DYING OK BC MAYBE he decided he HAS to be part of the bouquet toss because you won’t GO even though he’s like begging you to so he’s like “fine then i’ll go” and you’re yelling for him to come back because he’s not supposed to participate traditionally so you’re scared it’ll bring bad luck like lowkey but you end up laughing while you’re watching him and you’re taking pics of him LMAO and then guess what!! HE FUCKIN CATCHES IT!!! and he’s so happy and it’s so cute and everyone is celebrating because “it’s about time” so he’s rushing over to you immediately after and he kisses you and it’s really .. it is not a kiss that is appropriate in front of so many people but he’s so happy and you’re so in love with him that you don’t even CARE. “guess ’s about time i make ya’ m'wife,” is what he finally says and you giggle bc you’re both drunk but not anywhere near the point where you don’t know what you’re saying and won’t remember it come morning and so. you agree and kiss him again and it’s not long before you’ve dragged him back to the hotel suite and he makes you come thrice and you’re crying after the third and he’s trying to calm you down and is kissing your face and your shoulders and being sososososo gentle until your breathing is somewhat even again and you’re not shaking in his arms and the bride’s bouquet is sitting on the bedside table and he’s sobered up by now and so have you and he’s playing with your fingers and then he stops for a second and you look at him curiously and then you realize he’s taking off his rose ring and he’s sliding it on your finger where an engagement ring would go and you’ve got a lump in your throat and wide eyes because what the fuck harry you were joking and he just shrugs “it’ll ‘ave t'do ‘til i can g'ya’ a proper ring” and he’s smirking and you don’t even say anything and just kiss him again because he’s!!! going!!! to!!! be!!! your!!! husband!!! and you tell him you love him and how MUCH you love him and it ends with you sucking him off and him telling you how pretty your hand looks around his cock with his ring on your finger. yeehaw


  • okay but falling asleep on peter in the evening 
  • of course it’s an accident 
  • not that you just wanted to be closer to peter 
  • because there’s no way you could be developing feelings for your best friend 
  • no, not your adorable best friend who makes you so unbelievably nervous
  • but still is always the best part of your day 
  • definitely & completely platonic, of course
  • it’ll just be like you & peter are sitting on the couch 
  • definitely not cuddling just sitting very close to each other
  • watching movies while you have the apartment to yourself bc may’s out running errands 
  • it’ll drizzling a bit outside but it’s nice white noise as you snuggle closer because lord peter is warm
  • and then the rain gets heavier 
  • and it’s so relaxing & so is snuggling with peter
  • and man his shoulder looks so comfy 
  • peter has to hold in his gasp when you let your head lay on his shoulder 
  • no he definitely does not have a crush on you how absurd
  • but yes you’ve discovered peter’s shoulders are like fucking pillows 
  • your eyes just start to droop and… you know…
  • aunt may comes home to peter, still very awake due to the closeness between you two & you, fast asleep on his shoulder
  • he’s so torn between letting you sleep, moving so you can sleep on the couch or taking you to like an actual bed to sleep 
  • but this is PETER 
  • he’s super insecure and is thinking
  • ‘there’s no way she’s sleeping like this at this angle, it’s a really awkward position’
  • but he can’t help but hope this means something?? but also is supa anxious
  •  ‘what if she wakes up and forgets that she fell asleep on me and she’ll think i’m trying to take advantage of her or something oh no thaT IS THE LAST THING I WANT’
  • but now he’s shifting a bit too much 
  • he’s still thinking ‘she definitely can’t be comfortable on my shoulder i should let her like lay down on the couch’ 
  • but then you stir and he freezes instantly like 
  • he’s adorably afraid about waking you up because you’re so peaceful when you sleep 
  • aunt may walks by again and sees peter has barely moved 
  • he obviously still have no clue what to do with this cute girl he has a crush on snoozin on him 
  • he’s like wide eyed at may like HELP ME
  • may just whisper yells at him she’s obviously tired! go, like, i don’t know, put her in your bed! 
  • peter gets so pale
  • thought overload 
  • i-in my bed? really? what if she thinks it’s creepy?? what if she think i’m a creep????
  • may is facepalming at peter and all his little worries
  • no! stop overthinking it, she’s just sleeping!! plus i’m pretty sure girls swoon over this type of thing!
  • but you, a lil sneak
  • you’ve been awake this entire time 
  • you definitely awed silently at how worried peter was about being a creepy 
  • like how many times do i have to say what a gentleman
  • you’re definitely hoping that he’ll actually take you to his bed 
  • because one that’s adorable 
  • and two, you are a little cold out on the couch 
  • three, sleeping with peter yes please but strictly platonic of course
  • peter, nervous out of his mind but with may’s encouraged nod
  • slips his hand gently beneath your knees and the other around you waist till your practically curled into him 
  • he can’t help his little heart jump when you snuggle closer 
  • & to peter you’re the lightest thing ever like what 
  • he walks so softly & slowly, trying his best to make sure he doesn’t wake you 
  • slipping into his room, he’s suddenly faced with an entirely new problem
  • “oh no do i put her under the covers or on top?? is it creepy to put her under the covers?? what if she’s cold???” 
  • you’re still awake but getting sleepier by the second
  • because peter is like a goddamn space heater and you could completely fall asleep right there in his arms
  • but peter’s already moving, as delicately as he can, putting you under one of his blankets 
  • smiling when you curl up instantly
  • he’s really fucking surprised when you whisper out of nowhere 
  • nooo, now i’m cold 
  • peters just like what yOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING
  • oh, um i can get you another blanket? or you can, uh, y-you can get under the covers if you–
  • you peek your eyes open, grinning before you grab his sleeve and tug him towards the bed
  • peter, blushing but extremely pleased, gets the message and like awkwardly scoots in beside you 
  • are you sure?? i don’t want to make you uncomfortab– 
  • shhh, you’re warm and i don’t think you’d ever be capable of being a creep peter parker so shhhh and sleep
  • it’s silent for a couple more minutes before you notice peter keeps shifting nervously
  • so you just grab his hand in a silent message like “it’s fine, you’re fine, you can sleep” 
  • you give it a little squeeze and get one in return, not knowing that peter was watching as you smiled at that
  • he wants to tell you then
  • he wants to blurt out how much he loves every little thing about you & would be happy to even watch you talk about the dumb things
  • like your strong opinion on that flavouring of gummy bears or something
  • because he’s just a loveable dork who loves you too much 
  • and he desperately wants to tell you
  • but instead
  • this is enough for him at the moment
  • so he just closes his eyes & sleeps, breathing in the heavy rain outside, the glow of the streetlights and the smile of girl he’s in love with 
best bts lyrics
  • “adios middle school”
  • “abcdefgh hakuna matata”
  • “your face is fresh like a salad”
  • “you dont need your airplane mode”
  • “domain”
  • “if time is a stock called you i would invest”
  • “im not even drunk but i pretend to be drunk and act cute”
  • “please call me ill buy you food”
  • “after fighting my hormones all day ill pop my pimple”
  • “stop playing hard to get before i kick you in the butt”
  • “she is my religion so i can call her she-sus”

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I would rly appreciate a johnny neighbor!au when you have time! He has such a big personality and I think you would rly make it fun and interesting...ALSO re selling ur soul to too he's so cute somebody put him in the 97 line gc

you wouldn’t believe how many people asked me to write for johnny!!! 
tw: this has a mention of hook-ups 
find mark + jaehyun (here) / taeyong + ten + haechan (here) / winwin + yuta + taeil (here

  • seems like the type to spend good money on some good bedsheets. has like 14 pillows on his bed. loves being comfy
  • full length body mirror too,,,,,one of those racks to put together tomorrow’s outfit,,,,,,he’s very particular
  • organizes his clothes by season, color, and ‘johnny’s handsome scale’
  • how did this become a thing? well you can ask doyoung who was roped into sitting there next to ten for 6 hours as johnny tried on every outfit and made them rate it. ten had fun. doyoung DID NOT
  • probably has a pet cat,,,,,,definitely like a cat person,,,,,,,,,you know what fuck it he has 2 cats named peanut and jelly or Something he thinks is super clever 
  • bumps his head on things a lot especially when he’s leaning down to get his mail and comes up real fast and hits something because he’s all long limbs and all the neighbors think it’s hilarious 
  • all the teenagers on the block want to know how his hair is so nice. johnny whats your secret,,,,,drop your barbers name,,,,, [lil fact: i like to think taeyong gives johnny his haircuts, that’s why they’re so nice and precise]
  • but anyway you meet johnny at a mandated building meeting for all tenants about how apparently the elevator needs to be fixed so people need to vote on it being shut down on a tuesday or a friday
  • and people are already getting into fights over which day is more convenient but both you and johnny don’t mind either way and you keep rolling your eyes and when you catch each other you giggle
  • and you keep like locking eyes until johnny kidna tilts his head signaling that you two should leave and you grin and nod
  • and when you’re out of the lobby where everyone met up you’re like “what a bunch of kids, yelling at each other like this is middle school or something” and johnny chuckles and is like “it’s wild, for a second i thought i was in a zoo!”
  • and you’re both laughing and you notice, now that you’re closer, that johnny is incredibly handsome to look at it. his eyes are such a pretty shape, and the way his mouth curls at the edges is so unique and charming
  • and it’s hard NOT to stare,,,,,and well im not trying to be blunt but johnny is also staring back you because hey,,,,,you’re also super cute up close
  • and the elevator arrives and you and johnny both step in but the second the door closes wE LL
  • let’s just say you guys go from neighbors to something more real fast,,,and you don’t know what it is that pulls you toward him,,,but it’s something and you and johnny are making out until you get up to your floor
  • and even after that he goes “your place or mine?” and you can’t resist, he’s sooooooo cute (+ a fantastIC kisser)
  • and so you can kind of call it, instead of friends-with-benefits,,,,neighbors-with-benefits 
  • and it’s all cool because you and him share a sense of humor and you both like to be affectionate and touchy
  • and johnny always gives you space when you need it and you can go weeks without seeing each other but if you want him then he’s there
  • and it’s convenient and johnny makes you laugh it’s nothing sErious
  • until it’s,,,,not because johnny comes over and he’s holding you close and as he’s kissing against your neck something finally snaps in you because you blurt out a,,,,,,,, “i like you”
  • and johnny stops, lips hovering over your skin and you’re like shit oh no i ruined this it’s over it’s done for
  • but johnny just resumes kissing up your neck and towards your lips and then your cheeks
  • and, as usual, he puts on a bit of a teasing voice but he goes “really? you should have told me earlier,,,,”
  • and you sit up and johnny pulls you into his lap and you’re like “johnny - im serious i don’t think i can just be something on the side. i like you seriously-”
  • and he’s like “i know! that’s what i mean by you should have told me earlier because then i could have taken you out,,,,,,and we just missed the premier of that movie that would have been suCh a good date, it’s ok ill plan a better one anyway”
  • and you’re sitting with his arms wrapped around you and you’re like wait. so do you like me back
  • and he’s like “yep. i like you,,,,,,,” and he pauses pressing his forehead to yours and adding “only you. i like only you.” 
Undercover{ Pt.5}

Steve Rogers x Reader 

 Warnings: semi smutty, swearing, NSFW Gifs 

 Undercover Masterlist      Marvel MasterList

 After two hours of dealing with Steve arguing with the CIA agent you learned a few things

1.) even the CIA was dumb enough not to see past Steves terrible disguise
2.) the CIA believed you and Steve were hydra
3.) they bugged your house
4.) the CIA would be better off run by monkeys .

How could they not know about shield sending agents U.C? Communication skills are really that shitty now? After the pissing contest stopped , you decide to join forces ,agreeing that this hydra operation needs to be taken down , and the more hands the better . The house is debugged , and you call Coulson to inform him of everything that’s happened . When your new Allie leaves , then you both let out sighs of relief .

“ atleast now it’ll be easier .” You comment , and Steve shakes his head
“ no, now we have more chances of getting caught . The more of us , the more risk of someone figuring out we arent who we are ; it’s more room for error. ”

“ okay captain pessimism”You snap . The last thing you need is negativity ; you’re already worried enough.

“ it’s realistic y/n.” The sound of your real name is almost foreign now. You realize that being debugged means things go back to normal while in the house , real names , you don’t have to put on a show ; that means no sex . Well damn.

“ yeah no shit Steve. What the hell do we do now ?”

 “ we have one less suspect,but we have to be even more careful. With three of us not being who we claim we are, the chances of a slip up is increased . We have to up our game a little,keep our cover in tact for as long as we can. ” 

“that means we can’t be seen being too cozy with the other agent , keep your relationship with him at work the same it’s been. No weird looks across the room to each other and no odd coffee room interactions steve . Keep it normal .”

He nods as he grabs his clothes and heads to the bathroom . You expect him to make a comment inviting you to his shower , like he has previously , but when the bathroom door shuts your knocked back into reality. Your little undercover dream life with Steve shatters around you, now only being allowed in public . You sigh, silently wishing the house was still bugged . Ridiculous , I know

 Days pass, you both spend time with people from Steves work when he’s off , making sure to up the amount of PDA infront of others . Which ofcourse , you try not to take advantage of. But you did yourself pulling him into long, sweet kisses any chance it’s appropriate, and he doesn’t seem to hesitate at all, almost as if he was as desperate for them as you . The feeling of Steves plush lips on yours is something you’ve grown addicted to . While you two are still sleeping in the same bed , you fall asleep on seperate sides , waking up and quickly moving away when you both find your limbs tangled together . Your friendship has grown though, you laugh together , taunt each other and treat each other like people who have known each other for their entire lives; even when you’re not Public, so that’s a bonus . 

 “alright guys, we should get going , some of us have work in the morning .” Steve laughs as he playfully pulls you into his side . You just finished your 4th glass of sangria , and everything is a little blurry . You giggle , shoving your face into his shoulder . 

“ awh she’s so cute when she’s drunk ! “ Katie yells with a laugh. 

“ im not drunk! I’m just- shut up Katie youre bombed!” You retort slightly slurred , making everyone burst into laughter . You wave goodbye and allow steve to guide to you the car . You Keep your eyes out the window for the drive , not looking at steve at all until your home , and in the house . You send him a smile and send him a wink( your code of letting him now what you’re doing.)

 You go to check your burner phone to see if coulson has made contact , and he has .

 “ the house has been rebugged, cover needs to stay intact 24/7, be safe-P" 

 Oh shit . You take a few breath and wobble down the hall, the sangria hitting you a little harder than you expected. You enter the kitchen seeing steve leaning against the counter with a glass of water to his lips. How do I let him know about the bugs ? OH . You stand infront of him, taking the glass away and setting it down . You trail your fingers up his chest , sending him a shy smile . It feels odd doing this now that it’s just the two of you, but you can’t deny that you’re excited to be this way all the time again. It’s so unprofessional, and you’re aware of that, but you honestly don’t give a flying fuck.

 “ Chris , I feel a little .. dirty .i think I’m going to hop in the shower, care to join me?” Please get the message , please

 He doesn’t speak, he just leans down and lifts you bridal style as you giggle . 

He sets you down when you enter your bedroom, pushing you against the bedroom door as he closes it . His lips crash against yours in a needy kiss , his hands roaming your body and lifting your sundress off you . He moves back, taking in your bare chest and blue lace thong . You see a flicker lust in his eyes , but you don’t get a chance to comment on it , his lips successfully quieting yours . He lifts you once again, this time wrapping your legs around his waist as he walks you to the bathroom . He slams the door behind him, dropping you to your feet as he turns on the shower . 

As steam billows around the two of you, he removes his clothes and you slip off your thong. You are into the shower, steve close behind . The second you’re both in he finally speaks ,

 “ bugged?” He whispers, his hand landing gently on your waist . You nod , biting your lip as you do. He runs his thumb over you bottom lip, and you release it from between your teeth . His lips are on yours again, slow this time, like he’s drawing out the kiss. You follow his pace, slowly gliding your hands up his body until they wind around his neck .

 His hands move down to your ass, kneading the cheeks as his tongue rolls against yours . You pull back, gasping for air , leaning your forehead against his shoulder as his hands grip your waist to turn you to face the shower head . His hands slide from your waist down to your clit, gently massaging with one hand while the other tugs one of your nipple in the other . 

 “ fuck- please .” You whimper, letting out a low moan when he finally plunges two fingers into your pussy. He keeps the pace slow , but hard and has you teetering over the edge in no time . 

“ I missed the sounds you make .” He whispers into your ears , his finger still gently pulling you through your orgasm . 

You whip around , connecting your lips in another desperate kiss. He was totally hoping we’d get bugged again too. Fuck yes . As he moves his lips down from your lips to your neck, your mind wanders to other things . Things that finally make you push away from his as his lips seal around of your nipples. He sends you a confused look, and you voice your thoughts .

 “ who wasn’t at Peters today? ” you quietly ask, moving closer so you mouth is near his ear . Your hands stay on him, roaming over his toned body as you converse 

 “ uhm I- I think max and his girlfriend were the only ones not -”

 “ weird how they aren’t there on the day our house gets bugged,huh?” You nip his ear , and he releases a sigh. 

 “ anyone ever tell you you’re a genius ?” 

 You hum in response , dropping to your knees infront of him. You lick the underside of steve hard cock, moving to swirl your tongue around his leaking tip , moaning at the taste of his salty precum on your tongue . You don’t bother teasing , you dove right in and set a steady, quick pace as you bob your head . You relax your gag reflex , taking Steves long length as far in your Mouth as you can, earning strangled groans from the man above you . His hands thread through your hair, but don’t push you , they just relax there . You move your hand to cup his balls, and you feel them tighten immediately. 

 “ doll I’m - fuck -”. His warning is cut off by his climax suddenly ripping through him , both of you moaning as his cum coats your mouth . You manage to swallow all of it before you stand , sending steve a small smile . 

 “ how much do you know about max?”

 “ not too much, but I’ll get on it .find the right time, and text Robert Off the burner and inform him on this, and see if he knows anything about max. He’s been here longer than us, he’s gotta know something .” 

 The rest of the shower goes on as normal, and your cover stays up as soon as you leave the bathroom . 

 A couple days later 

 Agent Robert  Bart didn’t  have any further information on Max , he said max usually Keeps to himself and another officer, Dave cooper and sometimes peter since they get paired together on duty sometimes . Steve has been observing them , noticing they whisper quite a lot , and seem slightly aggressive. 

 Peter and Katie are holding an anniversary party this weekend , they invited most of the precinct that wasn’t on shift , including max ,his wife and Dave cooper. You managed to find out that they  all rsvp'ed to the party , and you immediately begin formulating a plan . Most of your planning has to be done in the shower with Steve , the sound of water disrupting any bug that could be near . After Steve shooting down numerous ideas, you’re only left with one . 

“Alright, how about this : we go to the party for a while , I’ll plan a fake call to my phone , saying something about a family emergency and I’ll take off. We have max and daves addresses, and since they’ll be at the party, I can scope out their houses , have coulson check for cameras before i go in, then see if I can find anything . ” 

 “ you want to go in, alone ? With our luck they will come home while you’re there.Are you out of your fucking-” 

 “ I’m an agent steve, this is our job, why we are here. Going in alone isn’t out of the ordinary, and it’s our only option. If we both leave , it’ll cause suspicion .” You snap . What the hell is up his ass, why is he shooting down all my ideas? Then it hits you, most of your ideas included you going on your own. Anger flares at the thought of steve trying to control everything , almost as if he doesn’t think you can do it by yourself . This isn’t going to fucking fly

“it’s not safe-”

 “ of course it’s not fucking safe, but that’s the job steve . I can handle myself , and if you don’t think I can you should of asked for a new partner when I fucking got here.” You bark .“ This is the plan , and we are doing it . End of discussion.” You slam the water knob off, and step out of the shower , leaving a confused, aggravated steve naked in the shower stall.  

 You feel him come behind you as you stand Infront of the bathroom mirror, his arms winding around your waist and and his head moving to rest on your shoulder as he speaks 

“I don’t want anything to happen to you doll. I-”

You turn around in his arms, placing a finger over his lips. You can’t focus on the danger, as much as you want to hear what he’s going to say next, you know if you do you might rethink your plan to ease his mind. You pull him into a sweet kiss beforehand leaving  the bathroom  .it’s not your job to keep Steves nerves at bay, your job is to keep the world safe from things like hydra, regardless of the danger for yourself .

 The day of the party .

  You walk into the party and immediately are greeted by everyone , and introduced to those you didn’t meet yet ; including max, his wife (Kat) and Dave.You immediately get a bad vibe from each of them , the kind of vibe that screams ‘hi, I work for a a group of neurotic psychopaths, hail hydra!’ 

 The fake call comes in about two hours into the party , you recognize the voice over the phone as daisy johnsons , and you have to bite back a smile at your friends voice. When you hang up you frantically grab onto steve , explain the ’ situation’ to him and those standing around him ( Peter, Katie, Max, kat(his wife), Dave, and a few others ) , telling them about how your mother fell while at your sisters and is in the hospital , you include how you are going to grab a flight and head back home to be with her. Peter offers to take steve home later so you can take the car to go pack and get to the airport asap. You say your goodbyes , Katie wipes away the fake tears when you hug her and wave to the others as you hurriedly take off . Steve sends you a worried glance , and you run back to give him a quick kiss, silently trying to quiet his fears. 

He hasn’t been shy about voicing his dislike of the plan, he even made a bet with you earlier , whoever was wrong has laundry &  kitchen duty for a week. He bet that one of them will come home and jeopardize everything , & you opposed saying you can get in and out undetected . You reassured him no matter what happens , you’ll handle it . 

  You hop in your car and head off . You grab your burner from the Glove box, calling coulson . 

“cameras?” You ask right away 

 “ none that I can detect, I routed the addresses I into your gps, the houses are 3 minutes apart . Don’t be reckless agent , if they are hydra-” 

 “ yeah yeah , I know the speech Phil. I can do this .” 

“ that’s my girl . Stay safe.” 

  With That you hangup, and pull into your garage.  You grab your hidden utility belt  and dump the  contents into a mini backpack. you tighten your thigh holsters high up on your thighs, loading the guns as you tuck them in place on both thighs.  You grab your phone and tap into the gps. This town is relatively small, the neighborhoods within reasonable walking distance of each other making this so much easier. You maneuver your way through yards in the shadows,trying to map out the quickest route for you to get between your house and your destination.  Daves house was 6 away from max’s, which will hopefully work in your favor. Thankfully the walk was only 14 minutes, when you’re a few houses down from max’s You  set yourself on high alert  . Here we go. 

The sun has just set , the darkness making the perfect cover for you to slip up Max’s front steps . You pick the front doors lock, quietly shutting it behind you. You pull your flashlight from your purse , not wanting to have the Neighbors see lights on in the house . You snoop around, not seeing anything stand out besides the cheesy pictures of him and cat kissing all over the place. That looks so fixed, I bet they aren’t even married!

You make your way around the house , landing back at the front door with zero evidence . You relock the door then head to daves . The second you step into his house , you notice a small side table in the entrance hall. You shine the flashlight on it, catching a gleam off a small odd shaped pin. You slide on a pair of gloves (gotta keep your prints off everything !) and lift the pin, eyes widening when you realize what you’re holding . A fucking hydra pin.

 “ holy shit .” You pull your phone out, snapping a picture . You creep through the rest of the house , coming across blueprints , and a painting , that flips over into a white board, filled with pictures of everyone at the precinct. Holy hell, he’s good. You snap pictures then get ready to head out . You approach the entrance hall to exit, you freeze when you hear the door handle turning on the front door . You eternally groan, and curse steve for predicting this . Of course , of fucking course he’d come home. 

You bolt back to the kitchen , panic flooding your body when you hear the door clam closed. You grab a towel from the kitchen counter and use it to open the back patio door. You sprint out of the house, not kissing the sound of a gun cocking from behind you . Shit shit shit . You hear the echoe  of the gun before you feel a sharp pain shoot throughthe top of your arm. 

“Son of a bitch” your pace barely falter as you run through the neighboring yards, the pain only intensifies when you have to climb over multiple fences until you’re a safe distance away from Daves and you’re sure he isn’t following you anymore. 

Jumping a fence in a sundress, not the most comfortable thing. you finally end up in yours and Steves backyard , and you can see him pacing from through the kitchen window .  He’s not going to be happy about this . You nearly fall over as a surge of dizziness sets in in now that your standing still. Fucking he’ll, I can’t believe I got clipped by a damn bullet .you pull out your burner, dialing phil. When the other end picks up you sigh

“ Can you knock out the cameras for 2minutes?” 

You hear clicking On the other end and use he time to You look yourself over , taking in your appearance; your legs are cut up from the fences, your dress has your blood splattered all over it, and your at, is still currently pouring blood from the gunshot wound. It was only a graze, but from the amount of blood you know it’s deep. 

Coulsons voices steadies you a bit,” you got 2 minutes starting now.”

You  cover the graze with your hand and  move to the back door, leaning your weight against the door as it swings open. Steves eyes widen when he sees your state

“ Get me into the shower, now. We don’t have much time.” Your words fade out towards the end and your vision goes hazy. Your eyes go shut as your body gives out, barely landing in Steves arms instead of the floor.

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Conversations I had with my friend last night watching DEH
  • Before
  • Me: this is my FAVORITE musical but it makes me cry A LOT
  • Friend: you cry all the time!! I definitely won't
  • Act 1
  • Friend:
  • •that's why I never go to school libraries
  • •Jared is such a lovely meme I also love to hate him yah know?
  • •(during Sincerely Me) this is a spiritual experience
  • •little Benny you can get through that speech
  • •oh no!!! Someone give him his cards!!
  • Act 2
  • Friend:
  • •is everyone gonna hate him
  • •wait wait WAit waIT HE LET GO
  • •oh no buddy it's oh no he is crying so much!
  • After
  • Me: how did you like it?! Did you cry?!
  • Friend: *looks over at me with tears down her face
  • I feel like I have just been through Broadway emotional hell and it was so worth it
Got7 Reaction To You Getting Randomly Hyper/Playful

Request: hi ! could I request got7 reaction to their s/o randomly getting hyper/playful? thank you! 💓

A/n: I’ve been so dead lately, I’m so sorry about how inactive i’ve been and hopefully I can start to finish my requests!~Joy


Originally posted by tuanpumpkins

“You’re too cute Jagiya!”


Originally posted by suga-pills

“Jagiya, let’s be cute and hyper together!”


Originally posted by crying-in-korean

*Heart explodes from cuteness overload*


Originally posted by pepi-junior

Get’s super happy seeing you all hyper.


Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

“Jagiya, please let me sleep I don’t want to get out of the house I want to sleep, let’s go out later” 


Originally posted by isabelle-c-r

Is always hyper so when you suddenly became playful he started to grin “Welcome back to the fun side”


Originally posted by zenithzinc

He would probably try to calm you down so you would stop yelling or running around while he was trying to practice.