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What would lair tabs do?

Basically they’re meant to help in organizing the lair. If you’ve ever seen, say, Magistream’s Keeps, I’d like something like that! In function, not necessarily style, I mean.

As a lore lair with multiple clans/kingdoms/subfactions/etc. I’d love a way to more effectively separate them. That way I could direct people who want to see a particular group toward a tab rather than saying “this dragon to this dragon” which is less convenient, and I could more easily focus on just a specific group without the clutter of seeing the others.

It’d also make pointing out dragons for sale that you haven’t listed on the AH easier, and in the case of hatchery lairs it could be easier to, say, organize your pairs by color/theme/other quality. 

This thread has some really good ideas! Making the tabs a treasure sink is a really good idea imo, as with more players the value of treasure decreases, resulting in this wacky 1g:1kt exchange rate we’ve got going on, and it might do a little to fix FR’s broken economy.

(Admittedly I’m not a huge fan of the way the examples there look; I think I’d like something a little more… present? Like an actual tab rather than just text.)