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klance + stars

This has been sitting in my drafts for months, I’m sorry Aki :( I hope this will help you feel a little better <3 

Lance liked to watch the stars. 

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stress relief klance doodle ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

you guys up for a stream session?? i wanna organised some sort of like get tether for all our mutual and just be able to talk face to face with them for the first time!! we can talk about twilight and all kinds of shit together! id i think it could be fun!

also if i can get my streaming softward working we could totally livestream some of the twilight movies together and ye it could be cute?? :3c

             🔵  my skype!

                            feel free to add me ₊·* ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜‧*・ 
                            and send me yours too if thats okay!

taylorswift hey there it’s me, megan. the girl that has tried time and time again to meet you. the girl that has been given two chances to meet you but never actually has yet. im sure you remember the secret session. and im sure you remember chicago but i kind of wanted to just remind you. i was told on my way to chicago that i would be moved up to vip bstage pit (which i was and im sooooo thankful for that) but i was also told i was going to be taken backstage to meet you after the show. that didn’t happen. im not sure why and im not sure how. maybe there was some kind of miscommunication. maybe they just forgot me. i don’t know. but what i do know is that i still want to meet you if you still want to meet me.

Mornings with Gerard Drabble

Request: Could you do a drabble of mornings with Gerard?

  • Gerard refusing to get up when the alarm goes off
  • “Y/N the sun is barely up why do I have to be.”
  • Him latching onto your waist every time you try to get up.
  • Shoving your hand down his pants when he smacks the snooze button for the fourth time
  • Him yelping and immediately letting go, grumbling about how cold your hands are for the next hour.
  • Him bumping you with his hip while you brush your teeth next to each other.
  • Hip bumping escalating to shoving and hogging the sink.
  • Fighting over who gets to shower first.
  • Giving up and just showering together.
  • Dragging him out of the shower because he has a sound check in less than an hour and oh my god stop groping me you asshole you’re gonna be late.
  • Trying to fix his hair but it refuses to stay in place.
  • “It’s suppose to be purposely messy.”
  • Coffee. Just a shit ton of coffee.
  • “Do you think they’ll notice if im late?”
  • Sloppy make out sessions at the table before he has to leave
  • Him complaining about how tired he is
  • “I’m sleeping in tomorrow if ts the last thing I do.”
  • Over sleeping the next day because he unplugged the alarm clock.

For anyone who is/was confused when i say “end?” This is what im talking about!

Ending the multiplayer session(you find this by pressing the ‘START’ button) is much quicker and easier then leaving on you own! clicking it will save, kick any other players out of the town AND close the gates!

(If you’re going to have someone visit right after the person leaves though you might want them to just leave on their own so you don’t have to re-open your gates.)

Hope this helps!