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klance + stars

This has been sitting in my drafts for months, I’m sorry Aki :( I hope this will help you feel a little better <3 

Lance liked to watch the stars. 

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Nct 127's reaction to their s/o procrastinating over their work

Request: oooookay so how would nct 127 react to their s/o constantly procrastinating on homework or projects (bc that’s literally me 24/7)

A/N: can’t relate because im a highkey nerd who always does her homework immediately… HAHA kidding, this was so fun to write thanks for requesting omg



You’re together with a smartass who did so well in his academics why are you doing this to yourself, kidding taeil i love you. He’d probably drag you to the table and start nagging at you to do your work, while he stares at you and makes sure you complete the page in front of him. But most of time it seems as if he’s the one doing the homework, because he helps you with almost every question. and he gets it right for almost every question so, you don’t complain at all.

“I’m so tired-”

“so you find x first and then ….”


*still doing math equation*

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Some days he loves it, because he gets to spend time with you instead, away from all the school work and projects. But he still knows that it’s important for you to do your work, so he always tries to convince you to do your work, which always seems to succeed.

“Babe go do your work”

“I can do it tomorrow in the morning?? and it’s math, im lazy”

“You do it now you get a free night cuddling session later on, deal?”

“Omg you ass- alright”

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Instantly becomes a mother and would start nagging non stop. As soon as he saw you using your phone and laptop instead of doing your work that you had claimed to start doing 2 hours ago, he’d go all strict with you and probably keep your phone and laptop away from you. Doesn’t give in even if you whine and pout, because he wants the best for you and wants you to do your work on time.

“Babeeee when will you be returning my phone”

“Not until you’re done with this worksheet”

“This page please?”

“No shush i love you, do you work hm”

taeyong, why’re you so mean :-(

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I feel like he wouldn’t even care that much and he’s even more happy that you’re actually spending more time with him rather than doing your work. But when he starts to realise that it may affect your grades and academics, he starts becoming more alert and whines at you to complete them. Like Johnny, he’d try to make small little deals with you, which always work too.

“I’m so lazy today, this work’s due two days later anyways, i can complete them later”

“You always say that but end up not doing any”

“I’m trying my best, but i’m really lazy today”

“Okay at least do a few pages, and i’ll give you a surprise”

“i guess i have no choice”

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A louder and even stricter version of Taeyong. Can nag at you for hours and go on about “how important doing work on time is” to “time management in life”, and it’s always the same few words that’d he’d say. He nags so much and takes up so much time you end up always eventually giving in to doing your work because it’s the only way he’ll stop. But after you’re done though, he becomes all sweet and polite again, even cooking you a meal.

“But i’m tired and lazy-”

“No excuses, do your work please”

“Babe you’re so mean to me”

“Only at times like this, now stop talking and do it”

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Like Johnny, he sometimes doesn’t mind and let you do things on your own, not interfering at all. But when he needs to, he becomes a less serious and nicer version of Taeyong, constantly reminding you to do your work and also offering you help if needed. Lowkey smiles to himself proudly everytime because he managed to convince you to do your work.

“Jae, can i not do it today?”

“I wish i could say yes but no, you need to complete it”


“I love you but you really have to hm?”

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At first when you lied to him and said that your work wasn’t important, he believed it at first and didn’t mind at all. But he’d notice how you’d always drag your work till the last minute, causing you to not get enough sleep the night before. From then on he started reminding you to do your work, probably acting cute so you’d agree to completing it on the day itself, which was a success.

“It’s due on Friday!!”

“it’s only two days away, do it now baby”

“Don’t give me that pout- and those eyes- okay fine i will”

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Gets worried and anxious rather than as compared to the other members, and he seems as though he’s the one that’s doing the homework. Would try his best to convince you to do your work and also at the same time, help you out. Probably even offered to help you finish your homework because he’s so nice? And because of that your heart softens and end up doing it because you feel bad towards Mark if you don’t.

“I can do it later though?”

“It’s better to do it now babe, you can rest later”

“Why not you help me complete it?”

“I mean… i wouldn’t mind”

“Omg babe, i’m only kidding, i love you. for you, i’ll do it alrights”

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Probably joins you in procrastinating too that’s why both of your assignments are always not passed up on time. But on days where he’s feeling good and actually completed his homework while you haven’t, he’d started annoying you and asking you to complete your work, while he’s there laughing at you while you suffer.

“Stop laughing and at least help me out or something”

“No way, find the answers yourself”

“You’re so mean, ”

“Well maybe if you actually did it earlier than i would have helped but you dragged it on for one hour so, sorry”

“I hate you”

“i love you too”

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stress relief klance doodle ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

kiho!couple au

coughs happy birthday kihyun + @ my nct followers i still love you and i prOMISE I’LL WRITE SOME NCT STUFF LATER ON </3

also hugehugehugehugehugehugehugehughugehugehughuge thank you to @jeongmini bc dear lord i wouldnt even have finished this without her

-softest couple ever

-like fucking murder me with your softness please

-wonho does dumb things so he can see kihyun’s face squish up when he smiles 

-cotton candy hair duo (as of 20.11.16 ;))))))

-wonho’s contact name is probably hoe honestly kihyun has no time for his bullshit

-kihyun’s contact name is probably something cute like “baby boy” or “kihyunnie”

-wonho calls kihyun “baby” and “baby boy” to make him blush leave me alonE  

-they call each other babe a lot but whenever they’re tired they call each other “wonnie” and “kihyunnie”

-one time kihyun got fucking trashed 

-he was drunk out of his mind smh 

-i mean it was his birthday so iT WAS OK

-wonho had a feeling kihyun was gonna drink way more than he could handle so he decided to be sober that night 

-and when they got home, kihyun could barely stand without wonho’s help

-he was wobbling and shit oh my god this kid

-so wonho managed to get them to their room and he staRTED TO TUCK KIHYUN IN OH MY GOSH

-and the entire time kihyun was mumbling on about something wonho couldn’t quite hear

-and when wonho started to leave to get kihyun a glass of water and aspirin for the morning, kihyun grabbed onto his hand and mumbled something before covering his eyes with his free hand

-“what was that babe? i couldn’t hear you”

-kihyun turns even redder than before but wonho pretends not to notice 

-“i want… i want you to stay with me”

-wonho feels his lil heart burst because kihyun’s voice is so small and timid and aHH

-“i mean… i know i look gross and like im about to throw up any second but please?”

-wonho grins and he just walks over to kihyun to give him a kiss on the forehead before he tells him he’ll be right back 

-when he comes back with water and aspirin, kihyun’s like half asleep and he’s in the same position wonho left him in

-and wonho sits on the edge of the bed and kihyun immediately tries to sit up but wonho makes him lay down

-kihyun mumbles something along the lines of “lay down with me please” and wonho realizes he’s so whipped oh my god 

-wonho lays down with him and kihyun envelops him in a koala hug and he manages to drift off like that but right before he falls asleep wonho whispers “goodnight kihyunnie”


-so you know what this fucker replies with 

-“i love you”

-it’s so quiet and faint but wonho hears it anyway and his heart stops because it’s the first time kihyun’s told him he loves him and aHHH

-“tell me you love me in the morning, baby" 

-wonho says that in the softest voice he’s ever heard himself speak and gosh he realizes how in love he is with kihyun

-kihyun likes sneaking in kisses with wonho during the day

-it’ll be quick, subtle kisses on the cheek or something 

-kihyun never kisses wonho’s lips in public

-he’s learned his lesson smh

-the one time he presses a quick kiss to wonho’s lips, wonho pulled him closer and wouldn’t stop kissing him until kihyun ran out of breath and had to push wonho away

-wonho likes it when kihyun’s cheeks become a dusty pink when he’s embarrassed a lot

-which is one of the reasons he likes kissing kihyun until he can’t breathe :))))))) control him

-honestly kihyun probably sits on wonho’s lap when they makeout 

-wonho insists smh

-"it’s not a proper makeout session until you sit on my lap”

-“im going to bite your lip until it bleeds istg wonho”

-“kinky ;)))))))”

-their makeout sessions are wild y'all istg

-wonho always initiates it 

-kihyun could be sitting on the couch playing something on his phone and wonho’ll slowly drag him onto his lap

-and kihyun’ll be like “lol w/e”

-but then wonho’ll start to kiss the back of kihyun’s neck softly and subtly and make him squirm 

-“if you don’t stop doing that i’ll smack you”

-“make me”

-boom ezpz that’s how all their makeout sessions start 

-kihyun’s legs end up on either side of wonho’s body and wonho holds him still by gripping his waist half heartedly

-wonho’s hands never stay there anyway

-kihyun likes tangling his fingers in wonho’s hair and pulling on it occasionally

-wonho has a hair pulling kink confirmed

-honestly kihyun puts his hands in wonho’s hair because he doesn’t know where else to put them

-shy lil baby omg

-wonho always ends up grabbing kihyun’s thighs bc according to @jeongmini “kihyun’s thicc” sO

-whenever kihyun tries to pull away from the kiss wonho doesnt let him

-kihyun has to tug wonho’s head back by gripping his hair

-and wonho always groans which makes kihyun turn pinker than he already was

-after makeout sessions, kihyun’s cheeks are always dusted with a soft pink and he’s always gasping for air

-wonho finds that so cute goD

-wonho probably likes giving him hickies a lot

-just to make him squirm and whimper

-the amount of times the other boys have walked in on them eating each other’s faces is too mANY

-poor changkyun smh

-after that whenever they makeout on the couch, kihyun always mumbles something about the boys seeing them but wonho doesnt give a fuCK BYE

-kihyun in oversized sweaters makes wonho dIE

-thigh highs too probably bYE I WASNT HERE

-im literally like 13 im going to hell

-kihyun probably steals wonho’s clothes and wonho pretends to be mad

-wonho melts whenever kihyun sings

-honestly wonho is so cheesy kihyun wants to stab himself 24/7

-wonho could open his mouth and he’d have that stupid grin on his face every time he’s about to say something cheesy and kihyun would slap a hand over his mouth so quickly like wow ok sonic has competition

-”if you say some dumb pickup line again im going to lock you out of our room and youre gonna have to sleep on the couch”

-”i’ll just sleep with hyungwon”

-”ok you can fiGHT ME RIGHT NOW”

-their height difference isnt even that big but wonho could probably fling kihyun across the room by accident

-he did it like, once bUT IT WASNT ON PURPOSE


-no one knows how it happens

-kihyun has blocked it from his mind

-the only one who remembers it is wonho and if you ask him about it he gets triggered

-”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP HOE”

-”why do i still love you”

-”lol have u seen my abs kihyun”

-kihyun makes sure wonho eats enough

-like, every time they eat together, kihyun gives wonho a major side eye

-”kihyun why are you staring at me like that”

-”*heavy breathing* *sinks into his seat* *whispers* u need to eat more and stay healthy and im worried for your weight”

-”what was that?”

-”*mr krabs meme* i- i wANT YOUR FOOD”

-”oh here lmaO”

-”*pterodactyl screeches* NO DONT GIVE ME YOUR FOOD EAT IT”

-kihyun just wants wonho to be hEALTHY

-ok we’ve always seen that gif of kihyun sitting on wonho’s thighs while he does sit-ups and i 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% believe it’s just a normal thing that they do

-the first time they did it, wonho said that “it was for motivation”

-kihyun knew it was bullshit but he went with it anyway

-sometimes when wonho gets close enough to kihyun’s face, kihyun’ll kiss him kiLL ME

-”you call that a sit-up my deceased bunny from 5th grade could do a better sit-up than that”

-kihyun is a savage

-”babe dont be like this”

-”my bunny wouldnt use the babe tactic on me, you know why? BECAUSE SHE WASNT A BITCH”

-”ok but your bunny also cant talk”


-wonho ends up kissing kihyun to shut him up


-wonho likes it when kihyun sings for him

-he likes the way kihyun’s voice is airy and light in the morning

-and kihyun likes the way wonho’s voice is so rough and low in the morning

-wonho stares at kihyun way too often but he never realizes

-kihyun likes falling asleep on top of wonho

-he likes when their stomachs press together and how he can hear wonho’s heartbeat

-and he feels so safe with wonho’s arms around him

-wonho likes taking kihyun’s phone so he can spam his camera roll with selfies

-jokes on him kihyun saves them all for blackmail :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

-wonho nibbles on kihyun’s cheeks or bites him in random places

-cue kihyun’s screeching to “sTOoOoOooOoOoOoP”

-kihyun is ticklish and wonho takes advantage of that

-whenever wonho tries to go close to kihyun’s neck, kihyun kicks him and runs away

-”dOnT BreATHe oN MY NEcK”

-whenever kihyun falls asleep on wonho, wonho forgets how to breathe and stops moving bc “iM GONNA WAKE HIM UP IF I BREATHE!11!1!!!1!!1!”

-he ends up scooping kihyun up in his arms and tucking him in bed kill me :((((((((((((((

-kihyun takes care of the boys a lot so wonho likes taking care of him in return

-whenever it snows, kihyun acts like a little kiD AHHH



-”IT’S S N O W I N G”

-whenever the two of them go outside in the winter, kihyun’s cheeks always get red extremely easily

-and whenever it’s really cold, kihyun tends to breathe out from his mouth more often bc his nose is probably stuffy or something

-and it melts wonho’s heart seeing kihyun’s red cheeks and mouth slightly agape like a little kid


-wonho just really likes the feeling of kihyun’s fingers tangling with his own and gosh oh my gosh he loves him so much

-honestly kihyun probably fell in love with wonho during their no.mercy days

-but wonho had had his eye on kihyun for so much longer

-he was passing by the dance practice room and he heard someone singing from the inside

-and at first he was like “wtf why is someone singing in the dance practice room at this hour it’s almost midnight”

-but all he could think about was how fucking pretty the voice singing was

-so he contemplated whether or not he should stay and listen

-spoiler: he stayed and listened!!1!1!!

-he wanted to find out who the voice belonged to but gOD HE’S SO AWKWARD AND IT’S SO WEIRD

-”hey lol i heard u singing and i think im in love”


-he was too busy roasting himself in his head that he didnt notice that the person inside had opened the door

-”um… can i help you…?”


-wonho started mumbling and stuttering

-”no i… i just… nO” AND THEN HE R A N A W A Y

-kihyun didnt even know what the fuck to think so he shrugged it off

-but whenever they crossed paths during their trainee days, wonho would look at him a second longer and blush bye

-when they met during no.mercy kihyun remembered him immediately

-”hey youre that guy that stalked me in the dance practice room!!”


-”well youre lucky i like your face or i probably wouldve called the cops by now”

-wow ok smooth kihyun smh

-and at first they were just good friends but kihyun started noticing how sweet and gentle and precious wonho really was and fuCK HE WAS FALLING IN LOVE SHOVE HIM IN FRONT OF A BUS


-this is getting too long i need to end this but stan monsta x stan talent stan cute babies who dont know how to live properly i love them


For anyone who is/was confused when i say “end?” This is what im talking about!

Ending the multiplayer session(you find this by pressing the ‘START’ button) is much quicker and easier then leaving on you own! clicking it will save, kick any other players out of the town AND close the gates!

(If you’re going to have someone visit right after the person leaves though you might want them to just leave on their own so you don’t have to re-open your gates.)

Hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

Day cares don't just watch the kids, they do activities with them too. So what do you plan to do with those children? Teach them how to be karate bums like you too? Or do that hippie meditation junk. I wouldn't trust my kids around a hippe karate bum. They should be watched by someone who knows how to use the internet and spells right so they can learn to read, write, and use a kitchen.

sit your ass down, anon, class is in session and im about to take you to school.

when i babysit pan, i play with her, change her, make her food and feed her, ive learned to read well enouh to read her favourite books to her, i sing her songs and make funny faces to make her laugh. i cn keep her entertained for an entire day and make sure she’s happy and healthy and gets enough sleep. don’t you DARE imply that i dont know what i’m doing. if i didn’t know what i was doing do you think for one second that goham and videl would leave me alone with their kid. or that chichi would leave me along with her grandkid. do you honestly think that would happen.

yes, i may not be able to teach her scholarly shit whrn she’s older. but frankly that’s not my job. that’s her parents and eventual teachers jobs. im not perfect at what i do but im damn good. when i ask for help with cake shit its because I have never made a cake before and don’t jknow how to do it. not because i haven’t ever seen a whisk before.

when it comes to older kids, i can’t exactly help them with their homework but i have a rigerus physical activity program. not rigerus enough that it’ll kill a kid or anything, i think we all kno how i learned that lesson. but i’ll make your kid a meal whiel they do their homework and then run them around the park and meditate with them, teach them some moves for self defense, listen to their problems and beat the shit out of anyone giving them shit.

what you dont seeem to gdt, anon, is that while i might be ignorant about certain things–technology, cakes, hum an romantic or sexual relationships–that doesn’t mean im stupid. i may have no social skills but i know enough to fuckong function.

now shut the hell your mouth so i can go babysit my fugking granddaughter.

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Do EXO have any sort of photo session dvd thing like BTS does? I heard BTS has summer n another annual dvd thing. That sounds fun, do EXO have anything like that which could help me get to know them better? Interviews bore me so I'm looking for fun content you know? Other than that anything else I can watch that's funny? I'm a noob fan ok pls don't judge ;-;

hmmm im not quite sure what you mean by photo session however if you’re referring to photobooks, exo released one in 2014 titled ‘die jungs’ and one again last year titled ‘dear happiness’! die jungs came with videos (?) but unfortunately i can’t find links of them anywhere online and from what i’ve seen dear happiness doesn’t seem to have an accompanying video :c buttt if you want to get to know exo better i suggest you start by watching them on variety shows; they’re a wonderful group with a lot of personality so im sure you’d enjoy that more! if you don’t mind watching old ot12 videos you can always start with their weekly idols (1) (2), exo showtime (all), mnet xoxo (all), happy camp (1) (2 unsubbed), the strongest group (1), and most recently infinity challenge, and star show 360 !! and no don’t worry we all start by getting to know the group from nothing anyways!! enjoy!

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So, Im never online when you start you Q/A session, Im going to ask you right now and hope for you to answer. Can we ever have a Video of yourself masturbating your ass/pussy at the same time? Off course you can hide your face to keep the anon stuff.

Honestly pictures is a stretch for me already ‘^^, I would never post a video and at very most a gif. Really not my thing videos though, I’ll leave that to the professionals.

Imagine a better neighbor?// Imagine Joji// Imagine Filthy Frank// Imagine Pink Guy. For anon <3

“The move toward realism began in Florence in the country of Italy…!” you try to speak loudly over all of the strange yelps and yelling coming from the apartment next to you. Room after room, you’ve tried moving but it’s just as loud in every room.

“Please just go ask them to keep it down, i really can’t think” Marina says, josh nodding in agreement. This was the worst study group session yet, and you’d tried Josh’s mothers house as well, she has eleven cats and the county was fixing the water main in the basement. The guy next door didn’t seem strange when you moved in… He had gotten in the way when you were bringing up some boxes, and caused you to drop them.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry i didn’t see you” He said, he had a very deep voice. You let him help you with a couple of boxes but he seemed nervous, and that made you nervous, so you told him you could handle it. The guy was cute, he had dark hair, and dark eyes. Slim body, and broad shoulders, as far as you could tell in the grey sweater he was wearing.

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Kratt had me sobbing the my therapy session today. We're supposed to talk about ways to help me overcome autism and get a job. Instead we talked about someone cruel and insensitive that doesn't care about who she hurts or the feelings of others. By the way, my psychologist thinks Kratt is being manipulative just to make people feel bad for her. She told me Kratt is the type of person who thinks playing the victim card with get them what they want.

i think your psychologist is right. also, im sorry that this has affected you so much. that session was for you and overcoming obstacles. you should have been working for a better future for yourself, not wasting it on someone who cant own up to their mistakes. im so sorry that you had to go through that

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you do sessions omg im so glad i cant find anyone who does sessions anymore! can you please analyse one with a kinght of space, witch of doom, prince of life and sylph of time?

Yeah, sessions are fun. It’s interesting to think of what kind of story peoples’ sessions could make. So, let’s take a look.

Knight of Space, one who actively exploits/weaponizes Space. So, since this is a Knight, your session will not have enough Space. Either there won’t be enough physical Space (people or planets being too close together, for example), or there won’t be enough creativity in the session. Not the most problematic Knight you could have, but I’d still be careful. As the Space player of your session, their job is to breed the Genesis Frog to create the new universe. They might shy away from that role at first, feeling insecure with Space, but they’ll be proficient with it when they finally get it together. They’re also the most responsible player, and they’ll help keep everything in line.

Witch of Doom, one who manipulates Doom. Can sometimes change the rules of the aspect. This is a powerful player to have on your side. The Witch of Doom manipulates rules, laws, fate, death, and sacrifice. They can change the rules of a battle, and tweak the rules of Sburb itself at higher levels. Potentially even stopping someone from dying. In major team battles, such as against the Black King or Queen, this is your greatest supportive asset. They can change the rules of battle to fit your team’s purposes. They’re not likely to be a troublesome presence for the team.

Prince of Life, one who destroys or destroys with Life. Oh boy, it’s a Prince. I’ve gotta warn you about Princes. We’re the biggest goddamn troublemakers. You’ve got some major pain and drama waiting for you in any session with a Prince. The Prince of Life is certainly no different. They are frighteningly powerful. They can destroy Life itself, or destroy with Life. Either directly killing someone by destroying their Life, or other shenanigans. I could see them doing something like creating diseases. They can also destroy Life on a metaphorical level. Destroying growth, luxury, and energy. You know the expression ‘destroying someone’s life’? Yeah, the Prince can do something kind of like that if they get the chance. By far your session’s biggest troublemaker, but a major asset. Defeating enemies is a snap for them, and should they choose to apply their powers in a more subtle manner they could potentially create a disease that causes a mass Dersite extinction. Getting all of the game’s major enemies out of the way for good, including the monarchs. But, they’re probably going to want to be a leader, which is going to cause some issues along the line…

Sylph of Time, one who creates/heals Time or with Time. As your Time player, the Sylph helps the Space player breed the Genesis Frog and stops your timeline from becoming doomed. Thankfully, they’ll be proficient in both of these. Sylphs are very capable and talented with their aspect, and they always seem to know what to do. This Sylph can heal Time. Which probably means healing the timeline itself. An almost certain safeguard against your timeline becoming doomed. However, not all is sunshine and roses here. The Sylph of Time, like any Sylph, is a meddlesome and sometimes very feisty person. They’re going to have aspirations of leadership. Just like everyone else in the session.

Expanding on that, let’s take one more look at who’s involved. The Knight of Space is the mom friend, the supportive one, the one who wants to keep everyone out of trouble. The most sane and rational person on your team. The Witch of Doom would run a very tight ship as leader, wanting everyone to do what they said to do. But they could be persuaded to let someone else try. They’re not so much the type to create rules as to change what’s there. They’re a Witch, after all. They’re pretty reasonable if approached by someone level-headed and friendly. The Prince of Life, on the other hand, is a problem. Life is an aspect connected to leadership. All three Life players in canon, Feferi, Jane, and Meenah, liked to think of themselves as leaders. The Prince is going to be very… overbearing. They believe that due to their sheer efficiency in taking out enemies (something that they do have a point about), they have the right to be the leader. They’ll force themselves into the position, and set all kinds of rules and restrictions on the other players to get them to do what the Prince wants. They won’t take kindly to any sort of perceived mutiny or betrayal, and risk lashing out in dangerous ways. It’ll probably take all three of their teammates to pacify them, but it’s a necessary effort. You absolutely don’t want them to go rogue on you. Not a single classpect is better at killing than they are. Assassination, disease, just straight-up slaughter… The Prince of Life excels in destroying and erasing Life. Finally, the Sylph of Time is a meddlesome and sometimes fiery person, but they’re pretty rational. Convince them if they shouldn’t become leader, and they’ll relent.

Overall, your session has a great mix of players, but some concerning interpersonal issues. The leadership squabbles risk leading the Prince to go rogue, which is essentially game over. Potentially Game Over, if you know what I mean. However, if you can get past that, your team has an amazing mix of players. Good offense and support. The Knight and especially Prince are very good attackers, and the Witch and Sylph are fantastic supporting team members. If your team can get its act together and experience some team unity, nothing will stop you. I give it 7/10, because the Prince is the only real troublemaker and the other players are all probably pretty rational. The Prince of Life is the MVP by the virtue of easily eliminating any enemies.

Mornings with Gerard Drabble

Request: Could you do a drabble of mornings with Gerard?

  • Gerard refusing to get up when the alarm goes off
  • “Y/N the sun is barely up why do I have to be.”
  • Him latching onto your waist every time you try to get up.
  • Shoving your hand down his pants when he smacks the snooze button for the fourth time
  • Him yelping and immediately letting go, grumbling about how cold your hands are for the next hour.
  • Him bumping you with his hip while you brush your teeth next to each other.
  • Hip bumping escalating to shoving and hogging the sink.
  • Fighting over who gets to shower first.
  • Giving up and just showering together.
  • Dragging him out of the shower because he has a sound check in less than an hour and oh my god stop groping me you asshole you’re gonna be late.
  • Trying to fix his hair but it refuses to stay in place.
  • “It’s suppose to be purposely messy.”
  • Coffee. Just a shit ton of coffee.
  • “Do you think they’ll notice if im late?”
  • Sloppy make out sessions at the table before he has to leave
  • Him complaining about how tired he is
  • “I’m sleeping in tomorrow if ts the last thing I do.”
  • Over sleeping the next day because he unplugged the alarm clock.