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and now, finally,,  shiro in a nice!! skirt!

TUSEN TAKK! I know it’s not a lot but it means so much to me :’) I’m still pretty new to the fandom (I started watching the show in January) and I’m so glad to be watching the fourth season of a show that means so much to me with all of you lovely people!!!!!

Now I’d like to mention some of my favorite blogs (in no particular order, and mutals are bolded):

@skamfairy : Mikki, thank you so much for being one of the first people I actually talked to in this fandom (and listening to me when I was freaking out about Simo messaging me lol) , and one of the first Skam blogs I ever followed. ily <3

@altfordeggirl : Kate!!! Muchas gracias por ser mi amiga, y por ser alguien a quien puedo mandar chistes españolas ;) I love talking to you (and I love your harry side blog too) <3

@tessalabessa : Thank you so much for being my friend! I love your blog and I love talking to you :) Much love!!!!

other favorite blogs:

@smol-isak @sapphic-vilde-lien @valtermeme @skamzy @evakardemomme @evakoorhelm @eksild @evenandsana @monstermonstre @isakvaltr @loooreleii @sanaseva @adrianeksettt @josteninski @kjaereisak @mikaelboukhalls @evasmissingcharacterdevelopment @pansexualmahdidisi @julieandem @psychickittenfox @skamenglish @skamforfaen @stardefiant @betchnaesheim @skamz

Thank you all sm!!!

Something I continue to be impressed by is how very adept ONE is at manipulating the emotions of his readers. I think it’s especially fitting for Mob Psycho 100, a series where the emotions of the main character are pretty much the key plot point.

(referring to keith supposedly wearing lance’s jacket in the images floating around)

what the fuck i really dont want to offend anyone and im super into klance but ?

1. i dont see it

2. its quite a stretch but ok im here for that

3. the artist/person who posted the pictures explicitly asked to delete anything they posted because they actually werent supposed to ?

anonymous asked:

how about possession AU where instead of being evil spirits its just ghosts of long lost lovers who want to finally be united (and maybe bone down) and choose g and sid for *handwaves* reasons. and instead of being all ominous it just results in the team finding the two in compromising positions, talking like some sort of bodice ripper romance characters. also g would totally be possessed by the lady ghost. because imagine him swooning into sid's arms.

om g LOOOOL okay tbh when i first read long lost ghost lovers I immediately thought of a ghost who latches onto sid because Sid looks like his lover, and he thinks that his lover has finally come back to him (his lover died - either killed by angry townsfolk or at sea, i haven’t decided yet), and the ghosts sees geno as someone he must get rid of