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Tulio: *sigh* I have to fire somebody but who ?? Bodoque is my best friend…Juanin does all the work…Policarpo lets me use his pool…Patana is my niece…the most useless out of all is me, but I can’t fire myself! I’d never forgive myself. I’d never talk to myself ever again.

sooOO me n m’pals at HVAG decided that it would be a GREAT idea ta make a shitty ass jojo meme so Enjoy our shitty ass art

in order: @galaxythenightwing, me, @theyadda, @fioran-conspirator,aaand @ugin-the-spirit-dragon

Yuzuru Hanyu’s (attempts at) Crazy Combos @ 2016 Grand Prix Final Gala Practice (x x)

Includes 3A-3T-3Lo, 4T-3T-3Lo, 4S-3T-3Lo, 2S-1Lo-4S, 3A-twizzles, 4S-1Lo-4S, 3A-1Lo-4S

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Who do you want Varian with if not Amren?

Boy do I have a LIST for you. 

  • Helion
  • Random High Fae from Day Court 
  • Random High Fae from Summer Court
  • Random lesser fae from Day Court 
  • Random lesser far from Summer Court 
  • Remember that soldier Varian was checking on?? Touching his thigh?? That was his boyfriend and that was gay™ 
  • The merman that totally exists and that Varian is totally in love with
  • Random surfer chick who teaches Varian to surf 
  • Random sailor guy who takes Varian out on cute lil boat rides 
  • That one Summer Court warrior who stuck by Varian’s side the entire battle 
  • That cute lil Day Court librarian 
  • An artist from the Summer Court?? She paints Varian’s body when he’s asleep and he wakes up looking like a masterpiece and it makes him so happy?? SIGN ME UP™ 
  • A healer from the Dawn Court make it happen
  • Cresseida’s best friend? Listen normally I’m not for this trope but by all means for Varian I WOULD BE ALL UP IN THIS TROPE 
  • Enemies™ To Friends™ To Lovers™ 
  • Casual hook up and oops I think I got attached to you and ugh I think I got attached to you too 
  • Helion’s Captain of the Guard 
  • A peregryn?? Sign me up™
  • A seraphim? Sign me up™ 
  • Whatever Day Court’s faes with wings are called? Sign me up™ 
  • One of the generals of Summer/Day/Dawn Court armies
  • His childhood friend who he thought would never love him back but DOES love him back and now they have to reconnect and navigate their way around their feelings 
  • Vassa?? Honestly sign me up at this point Vassa is shippable with any and everyone (Vassarian??)
  • Azriel?? THAT’S RIGHT I SHIP IT. 
  • Ngl anyone black please like… I need one (1) healthy black ship that I can get behind and give up my life for. I need parents. I am parentless. 
  • AND MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE: Varian being single because not everyone needs a s/o to be happy and not everyone needs to be in a relationship especially when that relationship is forced and came out of nowhere and reduces him to a love interest that no one cares about but aw he’s kind of cute I guess and I bet he gives mad™ good™ sex but other than that don’t really care about him oops 

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You know I'm gonna come in here asking for pidge hcs<3 ily

macie i would die for u

  • sdgkjaldkgj okay so first of all, shes trans and demigirl. she came out to her brother first, and they immediately bonded over gender identity bc i hc matt as demiboy too and yall can fight me. she uses both she and they pronouns, and her parents are 100% okay with it.
  • she used to go to garrison meetings all the time when she was little. like, literally all the instructors and teachers and practically all the staff knew who katie holt was.
  • colleen didn’t stay at home during the day bc of her work, so sam took her everywhere with him while matt was on school. his coworkers probably do that thing where “oh my god, do u remember me? i used to change your diapers with your dad!” and katie is all like “i cant even remember my own name sometimes.”
  • they all knew who pidge gunderson was the moment they saw her of course but didn’t say a thing to iverson bc they probably hate him as much as her, lmao.
  • she loves skirts. don’t get me wrong, dresses are amazing too, but skirts? so much better. she probably owns like 10.
  • oh man she’s probably that person who gets super annoyed when someone says they don’t wanna watch a movie with subs bc they can’t like hear and read at the same time or some bs like that. “every emotion gets lost if u watch it dubbed, who the fuck are u !!!!”

listen i could keep going for ages bc i love pidge so much u don’t understand shes my precious child !!!! aaaaa

send me a character or ship and I’ll list some of my headcanons for them !! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง


okay so I was tagged by @flower-taemin to do this bias x selfie tag and I tried to be fake cool so here you go. Too bad the only clothes I own are black so..and I only had a dead flower… #low budget

anyways I will tag @choiminoh @leejinklies @blingjonghyun @tofnew @sataeminism @silverznight and.. anybody else who wants to do this c: of course no obligation!!

All these “cuddle and play video games” date ideas are weak. We’re playing mario kart double dash, cuddling is a distraction. Im here to win
The Official Guide to the Summer's Hottest Celebrity Couples
Everything you need to know about Hollywood love over Summer 2017.

Sat, Jul 1, 2017 9:00 AM 

 Love is patient, love is kind, love is…seasonal. Especially in Hollywood. A-list stars aren’t immune to the romantic inclinations that blow in along with the warm breezes—in fact, it seems to strike them harder than it does civilians. While Memorial Day approaches and the summer season, with its promises of vacations, rosé and swimming pool canoodling seasons, looms large, they feel an intense desire to pair off.

Summer love in Hollywood is no average affair: With the addition of practically limitless budgets and a plethora of hiatus’, it makes for whirlwind romances that heat up quickly and tend to span the globe. One minute two celebrities are on a first date in Los Angeles and the next they’re on the beach in Spain or sharing gelato in Rome.

This year’s season of romance has been particularly fruitful so far: There are plenty of couples, both new and old, that are rife for the jealousy-inducing. We’re breaking down what we think will be the ones to watch, whether it’s a brand new pairing that we’re dying to know more about or a set of longterm BF-GFs that we think might make things official before Labor Day.

These two are so under-the-radar that there is barely even any physical evidence to prove that they’re a couple. Of course, it’s impossible to pull the wool over the eyes of the most devoted fans and they were outed as hot and heavy this May. Swift and Alwyn are, by all accounts, head over heels for each other, but they’re choosing to keep their summer love very sneaky. They deploy all sorts of incognito tactics, like using private jets to fly back and forth across the pond secretively, donning disguises when out in public, and just generally staying out of the public eye, presumably conducting all of their activities under the cover of the darkest of night. We know they’re still going strong because they were photographed in June enjoying coffee on Taylor’s Nashville balcony and because trust, we would know if they broke up. (Revenge songs, anyone?)

Of course, there is one annual summer event that has the potential to force even the most secretive couples out into the limelight: Taymerica, the yearly Fourth of July party. Rumor has it that the soirée will be going down this very weekend so all eyes will be trained on Taylor’s beachside abode for a potential Joe sighting. As everyone knows, getting an invitation to Taymerica is the ultimate sign that a person has joined her inner circle, so whether or not Joe joins for the patriotic festivities will be a great measure of where their relationship is heading. To Rhode Island!



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A Breach of Trust: Chapter 5

(Chapter Index: Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Chapter 6 || Chapter 7 || Chapter 8 || Chapter 9 || Chapter 10 || Chapter 11 || Chapter 12 || Chapter 13 || Chapter 14)

Reigen drummed his fingers in nervous rhythm against his steering wheel. His car idled in the parking lot of a small corner shop decorated with grated windows and peeling advertisements for money transfers. He’d cracked the window, but the lot air carried the same stagnant ashy taste as the air inside Reigen’s car. Oil and sodden garbage slicked the asphalt. Chunks were missing where they’d been worn away and never repaved. The whole atmosphere set his nerves ablaze, and Reigen sunk lower into his seat, furtive eyes glancing from the store to the surroundings.

Tetsuo Isari had entered the shop seven minutes ago. The cashier inside, visible from the parking lot, sat at the counter and jammed his thumbs into the keypad of his phone, bored. He yawned once. Reigen took it as a good sign that whatever Tetsuo—or the thing inside Tetsuo—was doing in the store, it wasn’t to the immediate danger of the cashier.

Reigen stiffened. Tetsuo moved into view, setting down a dozen cans of something on the cashier’s counter. The cashier stowed his phone and slid the cans through one at the time. A total rang up. Tetsuo paid, bagged the cans, and turned on his heel. The thing inside Tetsuo neared the door, and in a moment the thing inside Tetsuo would be in the parking lot, standing just in front of Reigen’s beaten up car.

Reigen’s grip on the wheel was deathly tight. For the moment he did not smell the ash in the car, because for the moment he’d stopped breathing. Indecision flooded his mind with a buzz of panic. He debated getting out; he debated confronting the thing while it was here; he debated unlatching the glove compartment and stuffing every packet of salt into his suit pocket.

The bells above the door tinkled. Tetsuo walked out, sagging plastic bag hooked on two fingers. He seemed to be whistling as he checked his watch and moved in slow, easy steps across the lot. Reigen hunched lower while the thing passed, and once again seemed to pay him no mind. It only stopped to loiter by the bus stop opposite the shop opening. Reigen did not know the city bus lines all that well, but he knew from the sign tacked high above the shelter that it was the proper line Tetsuo was meant to take home every day. The thing inside Tetsuo was, if nothing else, headed somewhere in the direction of home.

Reigen twisted his hands against the wheel harder, chest fluttering. He’d soaked the pits of his suit straight through.

“Creepy ghost, waiting for a bus, with soup. Excellent. Great detective work. Glad I could make such an important discovery before this thing…scalds my face off with too-hot corn chowder, or—“

He froze. The bus pulled up at the stop, and Tetsuo vanished into its depths. Reigen could only blink as the doors closed and the bus began to pull away. Then he laughed a single, hollow, panicked laugh.

“—or…asphyxiates me with the grocery bag or slits my neck with the can opener or…yup. Yeah. Whatever.” He hit the gas pedal and swerved out of the lot in close pursuit of the bus. “Can’t wait to find out.”

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