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Roxas didn’t really get much affectionate physical contact beyond like shoulder pats so I’m sure hugs are very foreign to him its kind of sad to think about

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Some more commission work in the form of Sliph77′s OCs. 

These were fun to do, mainly because I don’t think I’ve ever drawn the overly dramatic anime glasses adjustment.  


HyungIM carrying their future child MONBEBE

Kyuhyun Smut (First fic of 2015)

A/N: Oh look! A smut I never posted and found on my phone. Sorry. I don’t even know what this is but damn. Once again please blame Kyuhyun because I swear he’s the one who writes it not me, or at least never let’s me control it. I feel bad for not posting lately and apparently I had one on here so why not share. If it sucks I’m sorry. Enjoy though. ^^ WARNING: this has bad words Lol or dirty words, so if you do not like, then DO NOT READ. (Why is the first fic of 2015 a Kyuhyun smut? Like wtf bro -_- Lol sorry. Oh and sorry. No picture.)


“So want to play?” Kyuhyun asked as he held drinks in his hand and stood in front of you waiting for an answer. You only stared up at him not knowing what to tell him when he sat next to you and put the drinks on top of the table. “It’ll be fun.”

“You’ll win.” You said loudly and he laughed.

“Of course I’ll win. Who can resist me? But come on, I seriously want to try it.” He somewhat whined as he landed his hand on top of your leg and gave it a squeeze. You squealed a little as his hand was freezing cold. You stared at him still trying to figure out if you should do it or not until you groaned and he smiled.

“You seriously need to stop hanging out with a bunch perverts.”

“We’re not perverts. We just discuss about different ways to get our girlfriends off.” He said as you gave him a look. He smiled again and helped you sit in front of him. “You know how to play right?”

“If you touch you lose.” He nodded and smiled as he grasped your chin and lowered your head to look right into your eyes. He was trying to get a head start so he could win but knowing his little tricks you definitely knew how to counter them. You licked your lips and stared at his lips then back into his eyes.

“You know you’re going to lose right? And when you do you’re going to be at my complete mercy.”

“Keep dreaming. Hurry up and start the game.” You told him. He smiled and leaned forward and pecked you right on the lips. He smiled as he backed away, then leaned forward again and pressed his lips harder against yours once again giving you another peck. He pulled away and took in a big breath then leaned forward to kiss you again but this time he didn’t pull away.

Your lips locked with his and the two of you sat in front of each other just synching your lips together. You pulled away to get some air but quickly moved back to it as you locked lips together and turned the kiss a bit passionately. He suddenly bit down on your lip making a moan escape from you, feeling him smirk against you.

“That’s cheating.” You whispered against his ear and kissed underneath his earlobe making him physically shudder. He was playing dirty and so were you.

“What? You don’t think this isn’t cheating?” He asked and you pulled away to look at him.

“I’m not touching you am I?” He made a face at you and you smiled as you pecked his lips. He kissed you hard then trailed behind your ear and towards your neck where you groaned out loud as he was using your weak spot against you. He smirked against you again then trailed back up and towards your lips to kiss you again.

“You know you like that and want to touch. Go ahead, I’ll let you.” He mumbled huskily against your neck making you hold back from moaning out loud. He was good but you refused to give in. It was kind of hard to do though when every kiss made you grow wet.



“Is sitting on your lap allowed? I know you really want me sitting on your lap because you and I know both know that that thing inside your pants is twitching and is begging to be touched right now.” Kyuhyun widened his eyes a little and groaned as he in fact felt his length twitch in his pants. He should’ve added rules, now all he wanted was you on his lap pressing down against his growing erection.

“What about you? I bet you want my hands running down your naked torso and towards your core where you want two fingers plunged in you and fucking you slowly.” He said against your neck then into your ear. You bit your lip to hold back a moan. Now this game was turning into who could say the dirtiest thing to get the other to lose first instead of kissing each other.

“Are you sure you don’t want my mouth wrapped around you instead?”

“Oh babe.” He said looking up at you and into your eyes. “You know I’ll always want that pretty mouth of yours wrapped around me any day, but are you sure you don’t want mine sucking on your clit instead?” You looked right at him as he smirked at you when you bit your lip hard and jerked your eyebrows up as if challenging him to do his next move.

He only continued to smirk when you leaned forward making him lean back, making you hover over him. You looked down at his chest then into his eyes moving closer as if you were going to kiss him but instead you brushed your lips against his giving him a smile. “That’s too bad. You would’ve cummed already.” You said against his lips then quickly moved away.

He groaned as the dirty talk was driving him a bit crazy and the fact that the two of you couldn’t touch each other had him rethinking the whole game. Now he was cursing Changmin for convincing him that this game was worth it. Nothing about this was worth it.

You got up to head to the kitchen to get some snacks seeing that neither you or him were ready to give up when you felt him pin you against the counter with both hands against the counter as he kissed your neck from behind. You felt his erection press hard against you and the way he slowly kissed your neck sending shivers down your back had you close to giving in but again you bit your lower lip and held back. He was technically touching you but since he wasn’t using his hands the game was still in play.

“Just give in already and I’ll make your toes curl. I promise.” He mumbled against your ear then bit your earlobe making you gasp. You suddenly pushed your backside against his erection and leaned forward to reach for something at the back of the counter causing a small friction against his erection and making him moan out loud. You had him. You were going to win. You then stood up straight, with your back pressed against his chest, grabbing a handful of his hair as his lips brushed with yours.

“You pounding into me like this. Think about that.” Was all you said and you walked away as you left him standing there with his mouth slightly agape and a long groan escaping him. You were smirking making your way to the room when you felt Kyuhyun’s hand around your wrist, dragging you to the bedroom. He shut the door behind you and slammed you against the wall, cupping your face and pressing his lips on yours hard.

His hands then went down your chest giving both your breasts a squeeze then moving them down to your hips and to your butt where he squeezed hard and lifted you up. He ravished your neck sending vibrations all over your body but mostly to your core when he carried you to the bed and laid you down as he hovered over you.

He removed his shirt as you did the same and before you could take your bra off Kyuhyun was already straddling you and kissing at your neck, down to your chest, and down your tummy leaving a trail of kisses. He pulled your bra down underneath your breasts using it as a distraction from his cold fingers as they trailed down to your panties and to your core where he sneaked two fingers in and slowly started to go in and out of you.

“Fuck, you’re really wet. You like getting teased, don’t you?”

“How about you shut up and just fuck me instead?” You countered back and he laughed. He kissed you one more time, the kiss being hard as he lowered his boxers down and stroked himself a little. He got on his knees to pull your panties down and moaned at the sight before him. He spread your legs and settled himself between them using the headboard as leverage as he slowly entered you, simultaneously making a pleasured groan escape the two of you.

He kissed you as he was fully in and with slow movements he came back out then back in making his head roll back and bite his lip from the small pleasure he was receiving. His thrusts started to get faster and harder now making you gasp and moan out his name and claw on whatever you could get your hands on. He watched your face twist in pleasure begging him to keep going and he smiled as you were completely at his mercy but didn’t want to make a comment on it. Nothing boosted his confidence up more than watching his girlfriend get pleasured by him.

He looked down at you again and pulled on your bottom lip down leaning forward to kiss you. He started to slow down so you wrapped your arms around him, pulling him down to kiss him some more. He suddenly switched positions with you as he laid on his back and you were sitting up.

He was smirking again and you shook your head but you kissed him anyway and straddled him grabbing his length and lowering yourself on it. He let out a loud long groan and as he threaded his fingers with yours, you slowly started to grind against him.

“Fuck, that feels so good.” He breathed out as his head pressed hard against the pillow. You watched him wither in pleasure underneath you as you quickened the pace. He grabbed your hips and helped you move up then slam you back down making him growl. He liked it when you rode him, especially with your breasts bouncing in front of him almost in a teasing way.

He sat up then pushed you back making you laugh as he hovered over you again. He licked your chest, leaving a trail behind as he squeezed your breasts together and focused on sucking and biting your nipples. You took a sharp take of air in as Kyuhyun was definitely all about foreplay. Every touch had you feeling it right between your legs.

He smirked at you then gave you a small wink as he trailed all the way down to your core where you felt his fingers run across your clit. You propped yourself up with your elbows trying to get a look at him as to what he was doing but he seemed to be doing nothing.

“Kyuhyun? What’s wrong?”

“I’m trying to decide if I should use English or Korean?”

“What are you talking abou- Oh fuck!” You couldn’t even finish your sentence as Kyuhyun pressed his mouth right over your clit and began to suck. You were arching your back off the bed, your hand drastically grabbing onto his hair and moaning louder than ever. You never felt this good which was strange since Kyuhyun has done this many times before, but somehow today was different.

“Fuck, Kyuhyun! Don’t stop!” You begged as he inserted his fingers in you and started rocking you against his hand. You were close to your orgasm, you felt it deep in your lower tummy when he stopped then leaned over to kiss you hard on the mouth.

“Fuck, how I like making you grow loud but you’re about to grow even more louder.”

Before you could even ask, Kyuhyun was right between your legs again. He spread your legs as far as they could go and started running his fingers against your thighs, making the touch go straight to your core.

“I’m going to write my name on you letter by letter, and every letter I do I want you to yell it out. Understood?” He asked. You didn’t understand at all but nodded anyway. “Good.” Was all he said then leaned down, pressing kisses on your thighs.

You laid there wondering what he was up to when you felt his tongue right against your clit making you gasp out loud as he did what you felt was a 7 pattern. You didn’t yell it out so he did it again. You whined as it felt really good when you figured it out.


He did a straight line across in the middle then did two straight lines.going down making you clench your eyes and arch.


You felt him do a small line going down, a big line go across, and a circle around you making you grab onto his hair and pull a little.


You were close now. You couldn’t believe that Kyuhyun was using Korean to get you off. You’ve heard of people using the English alphabet sometimes but never in a million years did you ever think that your boyfriend would use that method on you but you were glad he was doing so now. It felt amazing.

One long line down, that sent chills down your back, and two small lines across. One small line down, then one long line across. Kyuhyun reached for your hands that were currently pulling on his hair and laced his fingers with yours.


Then his tongue going into your hole marking it as the period and you finally reaching your orgasm. You cried out as you felt your body stiffen as waves of ecstasy went all over your body. You were a moaning writhing mess underneath him and Kyuhyun was enjoying every second of it. He quickly wrapped his hand around his length and started to jerk.

As soon as you came down from your high you sat up and finished the job for him as he cupped your face to kiss you. He was close now as you kissed his neck when he groaned and buried his face right into the crook of your neck.

“Fuck, Y/N!” He groaned out. He clenched his eyes and mumbled incoherent words against you hearing him groan right beside your ear. You felt him stiffen a little as he finally reached his orgasm, hearing him moan out your name close to your ear made you lean forward and kiss him on the lips. He was breathing hard against your shoulder making you smile a little.

The two of you fell back and you laughed as you felt your body relax underneath him, hearing your laugh boosted him a little as he looked down at you and smiled, moving your sweat matted hair away from your face to kiss your forehead then your nose which made you giggle. You couldn’t help but stare at him as he was practically glowing. Kyuhyun couldn’t help but do the same and think the same way about you.

“We are so doing that again.” Kyuhyun added as you let out a loud laugh.

“I guess I have some apologizing to do. Sorry Changmin.” You added when Kyuhyun suddenly hovered over you again and pinned your hands up between your head.

“Don’t bring him up again. I was the one who thought about it actually.”

“I knew it.” You said when Kyuhyun smirked and crashed his lips to yours once again making your body grow hot with pleasure.