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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #43
  • Dan: *sacrifices Phil to Satan*

get to know me: [5/5] favorite male biases - yoon dowoon

akira-ran  asked:

When u have time, HC where Jackal have the arctic condition: in Winter his fur become whitish and grayish! *¬*

so is he like a stoat or

My dwarf fortress adventure mode experience so far:

Im a weasel woman. Spawned in a fortress, got lost for 6 hours.

Random dwarves would come up to tell me how much they enjoyed an argument they just had, but no one would join my quest
Except a goblin diagnostician and a human fighting lady

Stole oversized clothes, pig cheeses and 40 wine.

Finally escape but becauae i stole stuff, i cant fast travel
immeadiately get lost in the mountains.
try to share wine with goblin. He refuses to give it back and we squabble, eventually i trade him a dagger a gem and a lobster for it. Oh, awkward, i was carrying goblin teeth…

We travel for ages, lost once again, unable to find a fort.

I attack a wolverine and the goblin ignores the dagger i gave him to WHACK the animal with A LOBSTER
and injures it

Finally i lick the blood off my everything and carry on