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get to know me: [5/5] favorite male biases - yoon dowoon

decided to finish up a little thing id started of waylon and @junkiedoodledandy‘s boy weasel, so here it is

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When u have time, HC where Jackal have the arctic condition: in Winter his fur become whitish and grayish! *¬*

so is he like a stoat or

My dwarf fortress adventure mode experience so far:

Im a weasel woman. Spawned in a fortress, got lost for 6 hours.

Random dwarves would come up to tell me how much they enjoyed an argument they just had, but no one would join my quest
Except a goblin diagnostician and a human fighting lady

Stole oversized clothes, pig cheeses and 40 wine.

Finally escape but becauae i stole stuff, i cant fast travel
immeadiately get lost in the mountains.
try to share wine with goblin. He refuses to give it back and we squabble, eventually i trade him a dagger a gem and a lobster for it. Oh, awkward, i was carrying goblin teeth…

We travel for ages, lost once again, unable to find a fort.

I attack a wolverine and the goblin ignores the dagger i gave him to WHACK the animal with A LOBSTER
and injures it

Finally i lick the blood off my everything and carry on

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There are a lot of HCs about the RFA getting jealous of someone flirting with MC but how about how RFA reacts when MC gets a little possessive when someone flirts with them right in front of MC?


• she fake smile and laughs but is screaming on the inside
• interrogates the other person
• gets really touchy with Him, which he doesnt mind
• keeps trying to pull him away from that person
• “Yeah, BABE, Lets go!”

• SUPER passive aggressive
• scathing laugh
• instantly does not like the person
• feely feely FEELY
• always touching him
• calls him a lot of pet names
• will not hesitate to smooch zen then and there

• basically a war
• keeps dropping hints there are dating
• holds her hand the whole time
• goes on and on about how great Jaehee is and how shes so lucky to be dating her
• tells them about Jaehee just yo brag about how close they are
• “Jaehee’s just so beautiful and smart; im so lucky she LOVES me!!”

• she gets used to girls flirting w him for his money and looks, but she is not happy about it
• the minute they get too close, claws come out
• will talk for him just so the girls cant talk to him
• Jumin once told her he thought it was cute and she got v embarrassed
• “pfft, well maybe i wouldnt have to get jealous if SOMEBODY told them to STOP”

• she worked hard to get Seven to let her in in so she’ll be damned before another person thinks they can weasel im too
• straight up ice cold
• one time he was dressed as a girl, and a guy tried to get handsy, And Mc got this close to losing it
• glare is full force and she pouts
• eventually the girls give up

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That really hit me in the feels. For a second, I was like DON'T LEAVE DIRK BEHIND and then I saw the bonus ending and THANK GOD for that. Haha Sunny you may not be Satan but you definitely are a troll.

Anon: sunny. you little weasel im crying from your lyricstuck ahh. that song hits me with feels from personal experience, nostalgia, and combined with your wonderful art AND dirkjake? i am now a mess on my floor, i have unsuccessfully punched away my feelings ;-;


Anon: You’ve managed to absolutely destroy my heart with that lyricstuck but ya know its cool I’m only drowning in my own tears thanks sunny I love you but you hurt my heart sometimes

Anon:Anon: You posted the Lyricstuck the same day as Homestuck updated whAT IS THIS COSMIC MADNESS?!

coincidences B)