im way too proud of this one


“And if you maybe-sorta-kinda like me back then maybe we could sort of go on a date-ish?”


I actually stayed up last night thinking about the bros weapons in that solarpunk/steampunk verse and came to the conclusion that I desperately want to keep the hammers. so yeah. hammers.

the way marios hammer is designed he can light it on fire anytime. luigis is actually pretty tricky bc electricity isnt as straightforward as fire, but I imagine it can jumpstart any kind of machine that runs on electricity bc nintendo logic

their secondary weapons would be something they use along with their hammers. marios is a pick (chisel) and luigis is a pair of pliers. 

yes I am invested in this why do you ask

i was supposed to just draw taeyong but my hand slipped so here’s hyung line

Long rant...sorry(:

Hey, so I really hate old ladies!! Last Sunday(of course) this lady came into buy coffee, I asked if she also wanted something to eat. She said no, kinda rudely, but whatever. So I take the next lady’s order, and after she handed me the bills and I typed in the amount, she handed me the change, and I paused, trying to do the math in my head. I explained I’m not good at math if it’s not on paper, and that I’ve gone about half a year without working so I wasn’t sure how much to give her. She didn’t mind, said she couldn’t do it in her head either, and took the change back. We started chatting, and I explained that I just had a baby, which is why I have been out of work, and that we moved to the area right before I gave birth. 

Cue old lady gets back in line. And she wants food. Right then I’m like okay, but why now? She doesn’t leave me wondering for long.

Her-“Have you found a church since you moved here?" 

Me-"No, I don’t go to church." 

Her-"Well you need to take your baby to church.”

Me-*takes a few seconds to respond because I don’t even know what to say. So I decided to pretend like maybe she misunderstood me??*

Me-“Oh, sorry, I actually said I DONT go to church”:):):)

Her-“Yes I know, and you need to take your child to church. [Insert name of church] is a very good church, you should go there”

Me-“Uhm, okay..? I’ll have to check it out…”

My manager was standing behind me(she has bible tattoos on her arms) and she goes “did she really just tell you that you need to take your baby to church??” I was just stunned!! I grew up in the church, but now that I’m an adult and not forced to go, I don’t. And if my child decides(on his own) that he does or doesn’t want to go to church(or practice any religion for that matter) he has my full support. But seriously fuck that lady. 

I also had another lady ask if my fiance is the father of my child(none of your fucking business??). Which I told her yes, and she said “Good, you need to stay with him. You need to do what’s best for your baby, not what’s best for you.” Take a second and let that sink in….I understand you’re from an older generation, but why did anyone think that’s a good thing to tell young people?? 

Also old men are pretty bad too. I’ve had a few tell me they’re proud of me for keeping my body in shape for my husband(im not married) after having a child. My fiance gained the same amount of weight I did while I was pregnant, but I’m the only one who lost it from having the! I’m sure no one makes comments to him that he should stay in shape for me?? I don’t care what he looks like either way I love him. 

Sorry this mostly turned into a rant. I just hate old people and how they are so condescending! The only reason my boyfriend is now my ‘fiance’ is because I wanted a ring when I found out I was pregnant so old people wouldn’t give me as much shit. 

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Do you make some gadgets yourself? If so, what are some things you have made?

Or… at least… I come up with the idea for them and my parents figure out how they would work. I am learning a lot though, and maybe sometime soon I’ll actually decipher how they figured all of this shit out lol

But back to something about the things that I’ve made.

This has proved really useful, especially when there’s ghosts that are way too large to stuff though one of my measly short-lived portals. (don’t worry – i still practice a lot, so this should be a temporary crutch hahaha)

Really, the whole fighting in the ghost zone is good for everyone though. No buildings get demolished, people are safe, and I get to take the ghosts back to a contained place…

BMC characters as things said in GSA

The theater class one did really well so uh have more memes

Jeremy: “Honestly the amount of times I walked into this room and said ‘today will be normal’ and ended up regretting that thought is way too many.”

Michael: “Im a fucking homosexual and I’m god damn proud!” Proceeds to kick over a trashcan.

Jake: “You know being pan has it’s perks because if I ran a kissing booth there wouldn’t be any restrictions. Unless someone tried to make me kiss a chicken. I’m not a furry like some people in this room.”

Rich: “Cats are only for lgbt kids like sorry you hets but I’m claiming the four pawed purring machines for the gays.”

Christine: “If gender was a person, I would not care who it was I would kill them. Send me to jail cops I don’t care I just stopped discrimination nice job me.”

Chloe: “This guy was flirting with me and when I told him I had a girlfriend he laughed so I kicked him and now I’m banned from the mall but worth it.”

Brooke: “Honestly why isn’t there a gay Target? Like a normal Target but just stuff for the gays?”

Jenna: “Buzzfeed is bullshit but fuck if those videos aren’t funny as fucking hell and also depressing and what the fuck Buzzfeed let me be a lesbian in peace without your bullshit.”

Squip: “Everything sucks and I wanna die but at least I don’t have to worry about the gender construct of America-oh wait I fucking do because fuck this country.”


He’s nowhere near done learning anyway… and since he’s incomplete yet… it means he was all the room in the world to grow even more. Today’s experience, too, will translate into strength for him. The way Sawamura is now, I don’t doubt it in the slightest.

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Reddie and stenborough playing uno (they'd be competitive as fuuuuck)

uno and i…..we have an intense relationship ,,i shall pull from personal experiences

+ i feel like the uno addiction started when they were like 12 and bored and it’s now turned into a 5 year long power hungry obsession

+ like it was a hot summer day and no one wanted to go on their bikes to go anywhere so bill was like you know let’s just play a game we have uno and they’re all too sweaty and feeling gross to object

+ but Then! things get out of hand and now they’ve been keeping score for five years and stan is winning and richie & eddie find that unacceptable

+ but as long as his boo’s winning then bill feels like a winner ayyyeo

+ they all carry around a deck at all times just in case they have time for a quick match. they’re that extra.

+ ok so like . richie is obviously a huge fuckinf trashmouth but when he plays competitive games. this man Goes Off For No reason

+ (this is literally my life this is what happens when my friends and i play uno) LIKE RICHIE PLAYS NO!!! GAMES!!! IN UNO!!! if someone gives him a plus 4 or changes the color to something he doesn’t have…..he immediately begins dragging them

+ “I SAID!!! IF YOU JUST PLAYED A PLUS FOUR!!! YO MOM’S A HOE!!!” (love that iconic ass vine) (this is my go to phrase in uno i wish i wasn’t the way i am)

+ “richie it’s just a game” - stan, probably

+ “SHUT UP WHORE IM STILL MAD AT YOU FOR THAT PLUS FOUR FROM EARLIER” (again , this is me ,,,,i’m not proud of who i am in uno)

+ so the game always progresses and gets too out of hand and ben or mike has to come and referee

+ stan and bill are always up in arms bc eddie and richie work in kahoots to sabotage one/both of them

+ they’ll like hoard cards and trade cards so they can destroy stan/bill (depends on who’s winning) (bc eddie and richie never win, let’s be real) and they’re so obvious about it (this happened to me in seventh grade . still bitter)

+ and eddie doesn’t even care about winning that much but richie is so into it he just can’t help himself but have a weird sense of team pride with richie even tho uno is…..not a team sport?

+ and GOD FORBID if richie or eddie wins…..all hell breaks loose

+ stan will throw his cards down and let his head fall into his hands bc God I Should Not Have Given Up My Wild So Early

+ and bill is like comforting him completely unironically BC THESE BOYS ARE SO RIDICULOUS I CANT

+ eddie and richie are of course obnoxiously dancing in victory

+ they don’t even remember which one won specifically bc they were working together to destroy stan the whole time

+ “hey stan the man how does defeat taste?”

+ “screw you, trash mouth”

+ “no thanks bro that’s eddie’s job AYYYEO!” and then him and eddie high five even tho they’re loser virgins codkksjssn and eddie usually would hate jokes like that (or at least pretend he hates jokes like that just to have flirty banter w richie) but the high of winning a game of uno really changes a man

+ after eddie and richie do a stupid high five over that lame joke bev just boredly goes “beep beep rich” as she like reads virgina woolf or something

+ and richie is like “what the hell that wasn’t even that bad. i called stan a literal whore earlier - sorry about that, bud, just can’t control myself in the game of uno - why are you beep beeping me for a lame joke”

+ “bc i’m bored and tired of you guys victory dancing over a stupid card game. it’s been five years”

+ but then they deal beverly in the next game and she’s instantly Hooked as well, snatching the champion title out from underneath richie and eddie’s feet


raphael openly following simon on twitter just to post cryptic things about betrayal and heart simon’s tweets even tho it’s nothing but boring shit like a picture of a cat he passed in an alley or bits of original lyrics

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Your nsfw is 10/10! Prepare yourself for all the smutty asks that will flood your inbox! lol I was wondering if you could do the rfa+v+ Saeran in the middle of getting hot and heavy but then they find out mcs nipples are pierced? Thank you !!!!!

omg im shook. Also, this was requested wayyy before me and admin rowan closed the requests for the reactions
Please understand

[ Admin Jiyeon ] [ Non-binary?? ] [ NSFW And SFW ]

RFA + Cinnamon Duo reacts to an MC who has nipple piercing


  • Holy, zen would kill to have one too
  • he would find it arousing
  • “Naughty princess, not informing master?”
  • It will be such a huge turn on
  • “Turn around and face me, princess/prince, I’d love to see your piercings.”
  • “What a bad girl/boy.”
  • omgimshookwhatamIwriting
  • but for SFW
  • he would literally let you wear heavily padded bras/shirts that are thick
  • “no man will see my baby’s piercings”
  • “only me”
  • but he brags it to others
  • tf zen
  • zen pls

Yoosung: (its mostly SFW)

  • this baby would be so shocked!
  • He would not really expect it, as MC was a sweet person
  • he would look at MC, shocked with big eyes
  • he would accept it
  • but
  • honestly, its also kinda like a turn on for him idk im not yoosung
  • lol sorry
  • Yoosung isn’t really as protective as Zen because he’ll let you wear anything you want to wear
  • he also wants to have piercings but poor baby is too scared because of the pain
  • “Was it painful, MC?”
  • “Did you cry?”
  • “when did you get this”
  • “its soo cool.”


  • thats so cool
  • but its also a turn on for this woman
  • she somehow finds it hot and can, like, subtly lick it
  • she would tug on it when she’s close
  • she loves it tho haha
  • Baehee is such a cutie lol
  • it would also somehow get stuck in her mind like
  • ‘my mc has nipple piercings’
  • ‘goals’
  • and then snap out of it and think
  • ‘why am i thnking about this while im at work and supposed to be doing what jumin told me to do’
  • gets distracted by it easily
  • dont shower together
  • it will turn out to be the frickle frackle if you do
  • kudos to those who know this song


  • daddy likes
  • Daddy loves
  • omg im so cringy im-
  • he would really love it tbh
  • but if he saw it while doing the do, he wouldnt really stop and just when its done, he would confront them about it
  • like yoosung, he would be asking a loooot of questions like a lot
  • “are they certified”
  • “did you pay”
  • ‘how much did you pay”
  • ‘where is this clinic”
  • “what else were you going for with?”
  • “Belly piercings? ear piercings?”
  • “how do you even know these, Jumin”
  • “The web you introduced me to a weeks earlier is actually interesting.”
  • never let him go to the internet pls


  • YES
  • let’s be real, he would also decide to have one
  • if he saw it, he also would continue and just confront them later 
  • saeyoung would be the type to also kinda gets turned on when it’s on his sight
  • also the type to tug on it when close
  • would brag 10/10 to Yoosung
  • “HAh my partner is so cool!”
  • ‘lets see what your partner can do!”
  • although tbh, i see him loving belly piercings too
  • asides from these, he would just plainly love it
  • because its a part of someone he loves dearly
  • He accepts it 
  • but his sadist side would tug on it harshly 
  • and the type to also ask only a few questions, unlike Yoosung and Jumin
  • secretly hacks his way to find out the others
  • he would joke about it
  • like 23/7
  • really
  • this guy would just make a joke or sassy comeback about it everyday 

Jihyun Kim/V:

  • ohoho
  • lets pretend he actually had the surgery pls
  • again, like the previous two, he would be the one to confront about it after the frickle frackle is done
  • because nothing will stop him from fucking you
  • He would also love it 
  • like 110000000000000000000000
  • so much
  • Nude photographs and nice edits? definitely
  • he would have a picture of your torso part, nude with the piercings and its neatly edited with a black and white filter
  • omg think about it its a good concept for those future photographers
  • credit me
  • bites on it 
  • and omg pls love the way his tongue is swirling around the nipple and the piercing im-
  • he would ask a few questions too, just to ensure some safety 
  • lets be honest about the nude one tho, he’s going to be so proud of it
  • but he wont show it to others
  • its one of his private stuffs ;)


  • LOVES! IT!
  • YOU! GO! MC! WHOO!!
  • literally his bIGGEST TURN ON
  • just strip and he’d be hard as a rock lmaoooo
  • “That’s right, kitten, tug on them harder.” 
  • probably a way for him to torture mc
  • “No, bad girl, I’ll tug on them.”
  • “Does it hurt? Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll try to be lighter.” “M-Master, please, spare me!”
  • omg im blushing im sorry
  • “Lift your shirt and show master your piercings. Good girl.”
  • also, about the confronting, he wouldnt do it lmao
  • he’s not that confident
  • plus he likes it
  • he will just ask the safety questions like where did they get this and stuff
  • feels lucky 
  • and it brings emo aesthetic so plus one
  • lets be real, he would have a belly piercing with the designs matching
  • he wouldnt really be comfortable with it in the nipples soo…
  • but he would let you go out with a tank top 
  • but not with a bikini no
  • like zen, he’d be soo protective

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Promise [One-Shot]

Anon Said:  Can you write a jealous harry one shot?

OOC Notes: So this prompt was not specific so I made it Huma (obviously lol) and post-coming to Auradon. It ends kinda abruptly because the ending I wrote felt irrelevant lol. Harry and I are still getting used to working together so we hope this is good enough! Warnings for very minor swearing.

Though he’d always jokingly called it Bore-adon, Auradon was far less boring than Harry had ever imagined. A full month after Ben had accepted more villain kids from the Isle and Harry was still finding new places to explore, new shops to nick cool trinkets from, and the hero kids didn’t seem to hate him yet.

As much as he loved the attention, it could be incredibly overwhelming to be constantly surrounded by strangers asking to hear about his frankly terrible childhood, even if it was “exciting”. Back on the Isle, feeling overwhelmed was rare, and if he ever did, Uma immediately put his mind at ease, reminding him about everyone he had to take care of, herself included.

Here in Auradon however, he didn’t have the same responsibilities and he wasn’t the only one getting the attention. It was growing increasingly difficult to talk to Uma when the puppy-eyed boys were drooling over her. Today it was especially bad, as she’d allowed Gil to fix her hair in public and suddenly every boy within earshot wanted to help.

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“I’ll overcome time, so that someday
I can be proud of that day again.”

@natsumeweek // Day Six:
Favourite OP / ED

so fun fact this is now my fave op tied for first spot with floria! i love the way the scenes changed from being empty to the yokai appearing in them aa
i wanted to do the other shots and the other days for this week
but hoooo boy work has been kicking my butt this week :’)
maybe one day ill do this concept again,,
im sorry i didnt draw u mizuki ur too big

my commissions are open!

History Repeated – A Scott McCall Imagine

A/N: Hey guys! So I was really pleased with the feedback I got with my first imagine, so I was very inspired to write another one! I actually really like this piece I did and might consider making a Part 2 for it! :)) If you guys want to see that make sure to let me know by sending me a message or shoot a message in my ask. I’m really REALLY fond of this one and hopefully you guys like it too :)) Also! I tried to make this fit for both female and male readers so I hope I did it well And finally! Without further ado, on to the imagine!

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Characters: Scott McCall, Reader, McCall Children

Theme/Plot: Scott and You are enjoying your morning together when your children discover something they don’t know about yet.  

Word Count: 1300+


 I stirred in the bed a bit before finally settling on my new position. I savor the last moments I have of shut eye and slowly take in the current state of things. I look over next to me and a smile immediately forms on my lips. Beside me was my husband for 10 years, boyfriend for 5 years, and best friend since I could remember.

 He has definitely changed over the years I’ve been with him. Light creases now have a permanent place on his forehead, his smile lines are now more apparent. However, despite all of these changes, I still see the Scott McCall I fell in love with. The one who wasn’t afraid to risk his life for anything or anyone he cares about. The Scott McCall who would accept you for whatever you are. The Scott McCall I fell in love with who had a big heart, a soul so pure, the True Alpha. Until now, he still carried these traits with him, and that’s why I will never stop loving him.

 While these thoughts were passing through my mind, I see Scott starting to stir in his sleep too. I caress his arm and my hand stops onto his tattoo. My thumb repeatedly glides over it and I see Scott slowly opening his eyes. I smile at him slightly and give him a light peck on his lips.

 “I can get used to waking up that way every morning.”

Scott says with a smile playing on his lips, his morning voice still there. I chuckle at what he said and proceed to hold his hand in mine.

 “You already do, darling.”

 I say to him, my voice barely above a whisper. Scott starts moving closer to me and our legs entangle with each other under the sheets.

 “I hope it never stops.”

 Scott caresses my face as he says this. I place my hand on top of his and smile at him.

 “I don’t plan on going anywhere without you, Mr. McCall.”

 “Good. Because I honestly don’t know what I would to do without you, Mr. / Mrs. McCall.”

 We just laid there. Watching the sunlight dance on the ceiling of our room, holding each other close. I didn’t want the moment to end. I wanted to stay there for a little longer. Reminisce on all the hardships, adventures, moments we had since the beginning. It was amazing really. How we started out as best friends when were children, and now we have children of our own. Three amazing children to be exact.

The eldest of our kids was our 16 year old daughter, Maggie. She was a lot like Scott. She was very protective, and definitely had a big heart like his. We had her a little earlier on, before Scott and I were even married. We were definitely nervous about her coming of course but when she finally did, we immediately fell in love with her,

The next of our children were the twins, Allison and Derek. The twins were both 8, and they were named after 2 people who were very important to Scott and to me as well. The twins were polar opposites. Allison was the more curious and studious one of the two. Derek on the other hand was a big ball of energy, always having a big smile on his face and immensely loved Star Wars. Stiles and Lydia insisted that each twin took on one of their personalities respectively. When they said this, all Scott and I could do was laugh and agree.

While Scott and I were still cherishing the moment, we heard Maggie screaming at the twins. We didn’t pay it too much mind, since the twins always liked to push Maggie’s buttons. But when we heard a crash Scott and I immediately bolt up from the bed. The crash was followed by Allison and Derek’s screaming and Maggie’s sobbing. Scott and I immediately went through the hall quickly and down the stairs. What we saw next made both of us stop in our tracks.

“Mommy/Daddy! Daddy!”  

Allison and Derek immediately screamed when they saw us and immediately hid behind us with their heads only peeking out slightly.


Scott started while walking slowly towards our eldest. Derek hid behind me too when Scott left. I couldn’t believe it. Maggie, our daughter, inherited Scott’s werewolf gene.

Maggie immediately faced us when she heard Scott call her name. She was shaking, clearly not knowing how to handle this situation. We had planned to tell her about the possibility of her getting her father’s gene, we really did. But, it seemed like we were beat to it.

“Stay away!”

Maggie screamed at us, tears clearly sliding down her face. This was the moment I was able to fully look at her. She had hair on the side of her face, eyes glowing yellow, claws protruding from her fingertips.

Scott tried going to her again slowly when I finally snapped out of my trance. I was trying to send Maggie a comforting look, desperate to help her.

“Maggie, darling, please go to your father. He knows how to handle this. Please, darling. For your sake, go to your father.”

I started pleading to my daughter. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. But I didn’t look at her differently. She was still my daughter, Scott and I’s daughter. That will never change no matter what she is.

Maggie started going closer to Scott slowly and when she was finally arms length from Scott, he immediately enveloped her into a hug.

“How did this happen?”

Scott asks gently while they sit slowly onto the couch. I sent Allison and Derek up to their rooms and told them to behave and not do anything that would make the situation bigger, such as calling anyone about Maggie.

“Alli and Derek were pissing me off by messing my project up. I got enough of it and I started screaming at them to stop. But… but…”

Maggie started to break down in tears. She had shifted while explaining what happened and I could tell she was still clearly shaken up. I sit at her side not taken by Scott and I rub her back comfortingly.

“Maggie… just take your time. Your Dad and I are here to listen. You can always tell us anything.”

“We have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff. Too much experience in fact.”

Scott says this then sends me a small smile. I smile at him back and nod my head in agreement. Honestly, seeing Maggie in her werewolf form reminded me of Scott when he was still a beta. Actually, all of this happening right now is what her father exactly had to go through in the beginning. Hopefully this time we don’t have the part of having a maniac like Peter running the streets though.


Maggie whispers while sniffling. Scott smiles at here and ruffles her hair a bit


I look on as Maggie witnesses for the first time her father’s eyes turning red. Her jaw goes slack and I chuckle a bit at her reaction.

“I’m dreaming right? I’m in a bad dream.”

Maggie says to herself while looking on. I laugh and pull Maggie close to my side.

“Maggie, you have no idea how many times I’ve said that during moments where I can’t believe what’s happening. Sadly, it never works.”

“You’ll understand soon what’s happening okay Mags? You have your mother/father and me to help you. We won’t leave you alone through this. You just have to trust us okay?”

Scott says this then holds Maggie’s hand. I can see that the gears in her head are probably spinning so fast right now. I hold her other hand and look at her sincerely,

“You do trust us, right Maggie?”

Maggie looks back and forth at Scott and I. She smiles a bit and squeezes both our hands.

“I do.”

Scott and I look at each other and we smile. I guess you can call this… History Repeated?


A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed that! Once again feedback is always appreciated. If you guys want to see a part 2, notify me in any way you can and I’ll try to go straight to it! Thank you guys! xx


five things you know and one you don’t. {insp.}

songs that remind me of dan howell

• here comes the sun// the beatles

a v soft song about being okay and about the sun and just in general a good song.

• cool kids// echosmith

this is more of a fetus dan song. i think the lyrics in the song reflect upon how dan said he felt in high school.

• is there somewhere// halsey

i know this one might cause a bit of controversy but hear me out; it’s a mellow love song with all the dark meanings and tender vibes. it’s about sexual intimacy to emotional bondings, about wanting someone, but not being able to love them freely. ‘is there somewhere’ has the literal meaning of 'is there somewhere we can love each other’ and i think i see a lot of dan and his personal life reflected in the plot.

• you found me// the fray

dan told us about his struggle with depression, and i think this song communicates the feelings of depression. im not going to go too far into this one, but if you listen to the lyrics, im sure you’ll understand.

• all star// smash mouth

look this is v self explanatory i mean what mMememe lord doesnt relate to this

• happier// ed sheeran

not necessarily the way that ed sheeran portrays the song, but the lyrics 'you look happier’ definitely assosciate with dan. he looks so happy, and i am so fucking proud of him.

dan howell, you made it.

stucksim shitposting entry no. 8: PERPETUAL H8FUL MODE!!!!!!!!

let’s see how many recurrences i can put in one post.

and that’s that.

you dont want to click read more. trust me. it kills the joke.

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