im way too proud of this one

otayuri ep 11 ♡

hehe yuri kicking his way in he wants to make sure he can watch his babe x3

cheering him on like i knew he would ; u ; 

if he smiled too i would have lajsdflasf 

i was so mesmerized by his performance i loved it 

he even left yuri speechless x3 

he looks so proud of him im like alskdjflasdf i love them so much 


so proud of him cant wait to see his free program!

also hehe look at them with their plushies how can you not love them 

and bonuses 

look at how beautiful he is *^*

aww dont say that cutie because i think you won yuris heart years later ;3 

YO so its been way too long since i last did this and i have made new mutuals n such so i decided to do this! also i really love you all so much and its time to give back and show yall my love!

so im going to do a lil message to some ppl im close to and have been talking to regularly and later will be all my other loves in as best alphabetical order as i can lmao!

also if i forgot you im following WAY too many people and you can gimme a message if we mutuals lmao but im so sorry if i did ill try all my best w this!

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shoutout to all the not extremely popular bands who open for very popular bands, it cant feel too fantastic to play for a crowd thats not all there for you and doesnt always cheer for your set or know your songs but im proud yall made it far enough to tour with/open for bigger bands who may even be ur idols, you deserve that and you deserve to get way more popular so one day you are the headliner with other bands opening for you

my mind wasn’t built for the human experience or it developed in a way where i just feel too much too often

it genuinely brings me a lot of pain seeing my circle of friends and how much we all struggle to get through the week/year but im proud of each one of them for not letting the environment we grew up in bring us down

i question the path my life is heading in a lot but at the end of the day i can’t see how any lack of struggle would have made me strong i know myself better than to wish i had hand outs because i don’t like asking for shit

i wasn’t meant to live an easy life and anything i achieve will be earned from the grind ive dedicated myself to

when i die ill die knowing i hated life but content with the effort i gave to make it worth while

melyssamusic  asked:

hi Mama! i could use a hug. school is stressing me out, i have a difficult spanish oral test next week, and my anxiety and depression gets the better of me. im not sure how to handle it all. thank you for also blessing me with Attack on Titan as I am a huge fan and it is one of my favourites! it cheers me up a lot :D <3 thank you for being you! love you lots

Oh no. That sucks… Is there any way you could maybe get medication if it gets too bad? Please study a bit for the exam, but don’t overdo it and just do your best! If you can do that I’m already very very proud of you! Always remember that!

stucksim shitposting entry no. 8: PERPETUAL H8FUL MODE!!!!!!!!

let’s see how many recurrences i can put in one post.

and that’s that.

you dont want to click read more. trust me. it kills the joke.

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Borderline Backlash
A playlist for borderlines, about borderlines (listen here)

Versa Emerge- Burn | Twenty One Pilots- Doubt | Gotye- Easy Way Out | Mew- Cartoons & Macramé Wounds | Carpark North- The Beasts | TeddLoi- Me!Me!Me! | Apparitions- Burn Alive | Sia- Chandelier | Panic! at the Disco- Miss Jackson | The Offspring- A Lot Like Me | The Killers- Smile Like You Mean It | In This Moment- You’re gonna listen

anonymous asked:

Matchup? Im 154cm ENTP girl with long black hair with silver endings. I have blue eyes with tunt of green. I play volleyball and icehockey (im libero and defender) Im very energetic, sarcastic, stubborn and brutally honest. When i play sports im very rude and sassy. I really enjoy listening to music and dancing and when im alone im passionate singer but way too shy to sing infront of everyone. I have also this big surgery scar on my knee and im trying to hide it bc im ashamed of it lol

I ship you with Iwaizumi Hajime!

Iwaizumi tries to be at every single one of your matches if he can make it.  No matter how it turns out he’s always very proud of you and let’s you know.  He always makes sure that you’re taking care of yourself, since you play to very active sports.  He also enjoys being able to watch you sing and dance.  It makes him feel special that you’re willing to sing in front of him like  that.

It takes Iwaizumi by surprise sometimes with how sarcastic you can be, but he’s easily able to be just as sarcastic.  And while you may be stubborn he’s always trying to figure out a way to get around that.  When Iwaizumi finds out about your scar on your knee and how ashamed you are of it it makes him slightly upset.  He will tell you all the time about how something like that doesn’t matter and how he actually thinks it makes you even prettier.  

Bit of an update. I chose this one dude on taxi to be my main go to with raw fur bc he seems to be the most open and non intimidating older trapper on there

And he is hes awesome! He actualy called me and we talked about hunting and fur and animals for like an hour? Hes a bio professer (wich is the class i want to take one day) so we talked about that too.

Hes just really cool. But omg hes giving me too much stuff. Lol he offered me coons and a ton of bunnies (ganna maybe make bags out of them?not sure) on top of all the other stuff hes sending but like

Hes just sending me way to much stuff. And he told me i could oay him back whenever. And that hes proud thag im a younger person whos getting into this field and he likes to help. Im just like why is this dude so nice lol

So just an update. Getting lots of stuff and im happy. Love this dude.

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‘00 liner edition! NCT DREAM - WARNING, KINDA LONG-


  • is clearly the best at everything
  • very proud of themself
  • doesn’t care for the world
  • literally on the verge of cocky (but not in a bad way ofc)


  • knows how to do certain things
  • pretty mundane
  • known to smile
  • knows they’re the better dancer, ( i love jisung ok)
  • prone to being exceptionally giggly-ish


  • no one ever knows what they’re up to
  • laughing, but for no reason
  • living life dangerously (like staying outside the lines when coloring)
  • know haeroast is too proud of their ego


  • love teasing chencute
  • actually good at everything
  • knows they’re precious, and don’t take advantage
  • loves everyone and they all love you



  • you’re known for being thug
  • you’re not actually cute, you definitely own swag
  • you have 34392289234 medals, trophies, albums, and such to show your success
  • you hate renchu, but you low-key enjoy the teasing


  • constantly nervous, giggling, or confused
  • has random pauses, trying to remember what’s going on
  • too good for their own good sometimes
  • trying to do everything, since they’re absolutely fully capable


  • sounds mature, actually isn’t
  • can pull a stunt, and everyone backs up in awe
  • holds the best dancer position
  • actually a really shy and cute puffball

to celebrate getting 100 followers (THANK YOU ALL!!) i drew this meme. he looks way too kawaii but oh well (edit: kawaii phil here!)

i really hate doing backgrounds particularly really stylized backgrounds like SU has but im pretty happy with how this one came out!!

Stevonnie wearing (partially thats not all there is to it tho) the armor i designed for rose which im just now realizing ive not posted here?? i mean its just a sketch and thats just so i have a reference for it when i do a cosplay with it i guess ill post pics of the cosplay when its done ANYWAYYYYY i tried to emulate the style of the show i hope it came out decent??

i  just wanna take a second to acknowledge the fact that halsey spent over 3 hrs meeting over 400 fans today even tho she was really sick and very tired, and made sure every single one of them got to meet her and take a photo with her and like that’s just the kind of person she is, and im so proud of her and i really love her 

‘why can’t people just be proud of bts and boast about what they’re doing?’ 

  • because that’s the same damn thing kpop fans make fun of vips for doing so most of you are just being hypocrites
  • there r ways of being proud without being condescending 
  • everyone knows armys are one of the worst fandoms in kpop so forgive me for not really trusting anything any of u say
  • armys are always inserting themselves into spaces that aren’t for them
  • armys aint shit n r getting too big for their boots n they need to chill w the whole ‘look at how amazing and groundbreaking bts r no one is on their level !!’ thing tbh