im waiting for my friends

Anti: I made him so hes MINE. Back off, Dark!
Dark: You absolute petulant child. He’s not some toy that you can just claim for your own and play with until you break, He is a real living being. He doesn’t belong in your custody just because you decide it.
Anti: Oh sure, youre only saying that because you want your little “boy toy” all to yourself. Well if you want him, EVEN BETTER, I get to take something from you, ya fuckin asshole! I’ve got him and you can’t have him!
Uh guys? Am I wanted now???? Do I get a say in this???
Both: Shut up, Crank.

(you can delete my extra story development from this point if you like!)

I don’t know if I mentioned it yet, but Anti was the one who did the botched spell to create him. He wanted some backup to help him kill Dark for getting him stuck with Jack. But very quickly after making CC, he realized that this frail little thing wasn’t going to help him do anything. But its also starting to piss him off that CC and Dark seem to get along so swimmingly. (”I MADE YOU TO HURT HIM NOT PLAY KISSIE KISSIE” ) and Anti is also a bit jealous like “Fuck you, Dark, Im stuck in Jack because of you and you’re a complete dickbag to me but you’re all pleasant and lovely with my junkpile” “thats because he is delightful and kind and you are nothing but a constant thorn in my side. Maybe If you weren’t such a “complete dickbag” yourself, I might consider my manners.” 
But Anti doesn’t HATE CC, just has a lot of negative feelings because of his relation to Dark. ouo I have a terrible comic planned to get a little further with CC’s and Anti’s relationship. 


I came across these two weeks ago and I think it’s the best day to post them haha 

Happy Birthday TaeTae  ♥


Taehyung - Heist AU (Las Vegas Job)

Part 1 of ??

Other people: “Omg! Have you heard One Direction’s brand new single?! It’s so good!” “Oh my god how is this One Direction??? This is really good!” “Wow One Direction is actually pretty good!!!” 


kogi nendo would like to congratulate all the winners

kogi nendo then suggests the next giveaway should be the things behind him

kogi nendo can shut the fuck up

im sorry u guys must be so sick of this but look i grouped the partners

ok thats all sorry

AU shenanigans with @princecanary where Ryland bumps into Theo during his college days, and later becomes best buds as they go through hardship and stuff that students experience nowadays.

Meanwhile at the other side:

JB is probably off to get some tissues for these sobbing weebs


I think this song [All My Friends] is really special because it is just a different perspective on a party song than you typically hear. It’s usually like a ‘we’re going to go pop some bottles’ perspective. This is more introspective, like ‘I actually don’t really want to be here, This really isn’t that fun for me right now. This is just stupid. The fact that we are just here just getting wasted for no reason, why are we here?’

My sun sets as yours continues to shine.
I guess i’ve been feeling pretty lonesome for a while.
Days go by as I keep hoping for the day where i’ll be once again by your side.
I promise i’ll be fine, I promise i’ll be fine.
—  Ten words story: i’m so far away.
92 truths tag game

ey my bro @paradoxicalpsychic​ tagged me!! and this was a great way to unwind while i had some food and drink so thank you my friend!

i’m putting this under the cut because it’s a little long.

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i saw the girl i had a MAD girlcrush on in senior year high school when i was out to lunch today and i’m glad i’m conceited confident enough in my physical looks that i can say I feel as hot as i used to think she is

How’s my love life going you may wonder? Well today at Walmart I didn’t get the Reese’s eggs that I wanted because @douchebag guy was right in front of them and I zoomed