im very proud of dis one

signs as temmie quotes
  • aries: AAAA
  • taurus: NO!!! so hungr... (dies)
  • gemini: hOI!! im temmie!!! and dis is my friend... temmie!!!
  • cancer: tem... WATCH EGG!!! eg... wil HATCH!!! tem... PROUD PARENT!!
  • leo: Is this a joke? Are you having a chuckle? Ha ha, very funny. I'm the one with a degree.
  • virgo: NO!!!!! muscles r... NOT CUTE
  • libra: tem back from cool leg, tem learn MANY THINs!!
  • scorpio: You will regret this.
  • sagittarius: Hi. I'm Bob.
  • capricorn: tem go to colleg and make u prouds!!!
  • aquarius: p!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pisces: awawawawah!! humans... such a... CUTE!!!!!
My Thoughts About FT 499 Spoilers

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