im ver tired

me: *manages to survive the spontaneous release of Young Forever*

me: whew now that all surprises are out of the wa-

BigHit: throws out concept photos out of thin fucking air 

me: *eye twitches*

K so I love how Days/ KH2 Riku kinda has that (wearin’ the black trenchcoat n, combat boots hes got a sensitive side but ‘stay away from my daughter’) vibe while KHDDD Riku has that (stuff him in a handsome sweatervest and take him home to mama hes got good grades but he got his dress-shirt sleeves rolled up ) kind of feel i have no idea where i got this train of thought from but I’m enjoying it immensely 

i know nobody really cares if im not active but FYI, i wont be reblogging much coz im in bangkok for WINGS TOUR!!!

it’s freaking hot here, hotter than my own hot country so i hope everyone and the boys will stay hydrated to avoid from heat-stroke.

let’s have a good and enjoyable concert tomorrow.

anonymous asked:

like if in total it costs you 50$ to make, make sure the things you sell could not only get that money back, but increase it if all of it is sold, like if 5 things are sold, you get that 50$ back (ideally) and so the rest is just icing on a frosted cake (and if other people have better ideas or corrections to this, feel free to add because im ver tire)

Thanks! Looks like there will be math involved with this, oh happy day XD


A disaster is what it is

KAZE trailer part 01 recorded hehhhehh

u & seventeen couple items

you & vernon couple items: his mixtape 
you & woozi couple items: matching guitars 
you & joshua couple items: naruto headbands 
you & dk couple items: kakao talk ringtones of both of u saying soonseok talk
you & jeonghan couple items: hairbands 
you & minghao couple items: a set of dogs…..two live dogs you adopted 
you & s.coups couple items: toothbrushes 
you & seungkwan couple items: laminated photos of ur moms 
you & jun couple items: toasters
you & dino couple items: copies of michael jackson’s thriller 
you & wonwoo couple items: mcr shirts
you & mingyu couple items: pictures of mingyu’s pet dog in matching lockets 
you & hoshi couple items: watches that always say 10:10 o’clock