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I cant wait for Stiles to return home to his wife Lydia and their son Mason.

ok but like. can we discuss a stydia/mason friendship trio?? because it’s kind of everything i’ve ever wanted and i’m sad that we’re not actually getting it. consider

  • mason originally hangs around them because he wants to help figure things out, and stiles and lydia are The Ones that always do
  • their late night detective sessions end up in fast food runs and long talks in the car and they learn mason is actually just a smaller version of them and they’re like. okay. yeah. we’re adopting this one.
  • they pick mason up from school sometimes and grab coffee in an attempt to be Normal and they have a strict “no supernatural talk” rule
  • mason and lydia being super nerds together discussing physics and wild mathematical theories while stiles sips his sugary frappucino in content confusion
  • just mason and lydia being nerd companions in general. when stiles isn’t at her house (and sometimes when he is) mason is there, doing homework or talking to lydia about the latest Nerd News or just chilling and watching tv and eating her food because that’s what friends are for
  • mason gets super comfortable with them and feels like he can confide in them, and they really are like cool, young parents that don’t give him a curfew or tell him to clean his room (well, lydia does sometimes, but she can’t punish him so it doesn’t count)
  • Stiles is constantly cracking jokes about him being their son. his immediate response to mostly everything mason does is “that’s my boy”
  • when stiles and lydia eventually move go to college, all 3 of them have skype sessions at least once a week (separate from the weekly Pack Skype Call they all vowed to make time for) 
  • stiles and mason totally have an ongoing star wars marathon over that they come back to whenever they’re both free 
  • their groupchat is full of the most random shit ever. they genuinely check up on each other, but there’s also memes galore, links to weird youtube videos, song recommendations, rants about their roommates/people at school, cheesy inspirational quotes (sent ironically, but they all look for ones that they know the others lowkey need to hear), blurry annoyed face selfies. only they truly understand what is ever going on in there
  • just lydia/mason/stiles being! best! pals! a little family! i’m emo! we could’ve had it all!

It’s 4 am and I wanted to know how tall true end Dolphi and Memoca are so I tried to find out.

I took the official true end art work and used the line tool on MS paint to draw the line from the top of Dolphi’s head to where it matches up with Fukami. We will be using both past Memoca’s and present Fukami’s height to deduct this.

Also, for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to assume Memoca and Dolphi are still the same height in the true ending (Memoca’s just bending her legs in the pic after all)

Here I’ve stacked two past Memocas on each other

But, as we can see, Dolphi is a Memoca and a less than a half Memoca tall.

That’s a problem. So, I took the bottom half from where it got cut off from the line and placed it ontop the, er, Memoca domino(?) on the bottom. This way I can find the part we have to subtract.

I copy that tiny bit of the hat and place it in MS paint along with Memoca’s full sprite.

Now, I have no real way of deducting this, so I decided to size both Memoca and the hat to 110 pixels vertically. Memoca is 110 cm. Each pixel is a centimeter—simple enough.

The hat is 10 cm.

Now, we subtract 110 from 10. That gives us 100 cm. Now we cut that amount in half: 50 cm.

We add 50 to 110, which is 160.

This means true end Memoca and Dolphi are roughly 160cm. aka 5′2″.


I’m tired so these are just doodles but uhhhhh this is based off a convo between my brother and I

Dolphi tends to speak childish and simplistic sentences, but we thought what if Dolphi actually had a huge vocab and was an extremely good writer, and even publishes books. ‘Course, nobody believes it’s Dolphi based on how she speaks.

Tsuribari gets a hold of one of her books and upon meeting her in the red sea and finding out she’s the author he treats her like a fucking g o d

And now Dolphi and Tsuribari are friends


me: *manages to survive the spontaneous release of Young Forever*

me: whew now that all surprises are out of the wa-

BigHit: throws out concept photos out of thin fucking air 

me: *eye twitches*

K so I love how Days/ KH2 Riku kinda has that (wearin’ the black trenchcoat n, combat boots hes got a sensitive side but ‘stay away from my daughter’) vibe while KHDDD Riku has that (stuff him in a handsome sweatervest and take him home to mama hes got good grades but he got his dress-shirt sleeves rolled up ) kind of feel i have no idea where i got this train of thought from but I’m enjoying it immensely 


A disaster is what it is

KAZE trailer part 01 recorded hehhhehh

u & seventeen couple items

you & vernon couple items: his mixtape 
you & woozi couple items: matching guitars 
you & joshua couple items: naruto headbands 
you & dk couple items: kakao talk ringtones of both of u saying soonseok talk
you & jeonghan couple items: hairbands 
you & minghao couple items: a set of dogs…..two live dogs you adopted 
you & s.coups couple items: toothbrushes 
you & seungkwan couple items: laminated photos of ur moms 
you & jun couple items: toasters
you & dino couple items: copies of michael jackson’s thriller 
you & wonwoo couple items: mcr shirts
you & mingyu couple items: pictures of mingyu’s pet dog in matching lockets 
you & hoshi couple items: watches that always say 10:10 o’clock