im vegan lol


Happy 75th Birthday Linda Louise Eastman (McCartney)

1941 - 1998

The one and only beautiful part I can think of when your idol doesn’t live to see an old age is you don’t have to see them in pain. You don’t have to watch them age too harshly and grow frail. You don’t feel pity in your heart, only peace because you know wherever they are, they are okay. I’m sure your family will be thinking of you all today like every other day, Linda. I wish you were here but I think you are happy.

We love you Linda!

Sydney xoxo 

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i wanna be friends with you but we're not even mutuals but!! you're super cute and nice and im v gay for you

omg message me bean! thank u for this gay ask!!

at first i read the last part and thought it said “im vegan for you” lol

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What do you think about vegans

Bitch im dead lol they’re annoying but I do follow a vegan diet for the most part

I want to publicly apologized to @vegan-under-poverty for hijacking their thread. Although for the most part we kept it amicable I realized later that there is one fundamental difference between our philosophies in veganism that would have never allowed such a discussion.
You see my vegan friends, after years of yelling at you people there was a peace treaty signed. I can support veganism as a healthy alternative lifestyle. So in a debate on being able to be vegan and live below the poverty line of course I would oppose such a notion of we are talking about eating healthy. But as I read all these comments about just eating can foods and pasta from the dollar store I realise that you people need to go check your BPA and sodium levels before you die

vegan cream of tomato soup


-passata (sieved/blended up tomatoes)

-coconut milk

-salt, oil, garlic, hot sauce (optional)

method: heat 2 cups passata with ½ cup of coconut milk til simmering, and season it how you like :)

((if you’re not vegan (im not lol) i highly recommend a tablespoon of thai fish sauce, gives it a really cool fancy flavour))