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could you do headcanons for Alex on his wedding day? the Kurt one was so good!!

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ahhh thank you so much! im really glad you liked those, i’ll have to try writing kurt again (im using this gif again because alex and his long hair gives me heart attacks)

  • Alex thinks he’ll be cool and collected, but he’s lowkey a nervous wreck.
    • His most childish fears seem to be corrupting his mind like you running away once you’re asked if you want to marry him, even though he knows you’d never do something like that, you’re just as in love with him as he is with you (which is a lot).
      • You end up sneaking away from your crazy bridesmaids to go and see Alex for a minute and that definitely makes his insecurities go away for a moment when you kiss him
        • “I love you, I’ll see you soon.”
  • Scott is his best man and teased him the whole way through about how whipped Alex is on his soon to be wife.
  • You’re not even sure why you stressed so much on the wedding when you start walking down the aisle because this moment is all that really matters to you
    • Alex isn’t sure what to do with himself when you start walking down the aisle and he’s sure he looks like an idiot grinning so big.
      • When you finally make it up to him and everyone sits, he wants to kiss you already and it takes a lot of him to hold that back.
        • He’s almost sure he wasn’t listening the whole time until it was time for him to read his vows because he was too busy looking at you, smiling.
  • Alex was worried about his vows because he’s not really a words guy and it was hard for him to attempt to fit how he felt about you in a page of writing so he attempted to go short and sweet.
    • “I love you. You’ve supported me through just about everything-” He stops for a minute to look at you. “I promise to be there for everything too, like you are for me. I’ve never met someone like you, someone who just fits with me. I love you.”
      • When you both kiss you just about forget that there’s a room full of people watching the both of you. When you pull away, you’re just resting your forehead against his, grinning like idiots.
  • Your first dance together is silly and you’re all touchy-feely and Alex is spinning you around more than he needs to, but every time you spin back in he gives you another kiss so that might explain it.
  • You both aren’t sure how long your reception even lasted, but you had a fun time and you weren’t really rushing to get back to the hotel you both were staying at
    • Alex kinda wishes you both would have rushed once he’s got you there.
      • This time you’re both needier than ever and it’s more smiles and giggles than anything when you have sex, you feel so close and happy, content, and Alex is sure he made the best decision of his life marrying you.