im using this on my next piece!

“Princess Peach” This is the first piece of the second series I’m illustrating featuring female videogame characters in my style, hope you like it!

The next ones will include: Ellie, from the last of us, Chun li from SF, Lara Croft and a couple of more surprises, so if you wanna see more make sure to check out my instagram and youtube where Im going to be posting making of videos and tutorials, cheers!



1. Also edited in are instructions on what to address these guys as, and how they work. Working on the next char ref sheet for the tag.

2. As usual- dont trace/use/redistribute/blah blah dont be that guy. It’s my art, you look don’t touch, basic rule for all artists.  You guys already know that song. 

3. If not super obvious- My chars are queer, be nice to my OCS, yadda yadda etc. Don’t mistag them as porn fetish that refers to trans people by their genitals or I’ll be in ur inbox. (cuntboy, shemale)

4. Don’t use money to get closer to me. I’m not a human being. (I’m talking that one fedora dude who waved 100$ at me and tried to get in my pants and like 50 clients who are clingy after they order)

some of u guys asked how i paint so... screenshot steps!!

I TRIED TO MAKE SOME VAGUE STEP BY STEP under the cut because this is so gross and long and badly formatted LOL…  hopefully this helped a bit and shed some light, sorry its not really detailed T_TTTT if you guys have questions let me know!!


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so I have this photo of Wyoming that I was going to use for this dating sim meme because im a piece of shit memer.

but i was like “damn wyoming. you would look good with a space background.”

cause dont get me wrong. he does. plus its my usual shitty edit so i was like yeeesss. but then i was like “wyoming bro. check it. Space. but in your hair.”

at this point im fucking dying cause look at this dork. he looks like a hipster. which lead me to my next big idea. HIPSTER. WYOMING.

its 12 am. everyones sleep. and im laughing harder than the last person on earth who has laughed the hardest

But, like... (virgin!Michael smut)

This is my first piece back after a writing hiatus and it’s quite nice to be back. I used to be but-im-punk-rock and have since changed my url.  

 Requests are open again, so feel free to do so here


Basics:  Michael and Y/N are studying when Michael gets side-tracked and begins to ask a question or two that leads to an even bigger distraction.  

This semester had been long, much, much too long.  You sighed, continuing to read through your mind maps from lectures.  You mindlessly grabbed a doughnut from the box next to you, awarding yourself with a bite at the end of each section.

You were just about to flip the page when you heard a muffled chuckle and looked up to see Michael thrusting a blue highlighter in and out of the hole of a doughnut.  He was sprawled out aside of you on your bed, dark sweater pulling up a little to expose his pale tummy.  

“How long have you been doing that?”

“About a minute.  You wouldn’t look up.”  

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how to bullshit a paper on a book you have not and will not read

trust me im a professional. i just pulled the most beautiful piece of bullshit out of thin air in literally 2.5 hours, record time for m. its my best work. read it here

OKAY SO FIRST: gather your materials. The most important ones are: a copy of the book (print or e-book), your computer, and the assignment sheet. Other materials i used were a notebook, sticky notes, and 3 colored pens.

NEXT: get some fuel! Depending on the subject and length of your paper, determine what will keep you up for about 3 hours at a time. I ate some mashed potatoes beforehand, and sipped this soda during the next step. Personally i hate soda but i knew i wouldn’t stay awake if i didn’t drink it.

THREE (I THINK): read your stupid assignment sheet and get your mindset into paper writing mode. think about parts that go together and pre-plan your outline in your head. note the length requirement and formatting.

STEP FOUR: make an outline of what information you need from your book, and how you’re going to organize it. I used a notebook to write down my outline and colored pens to organize what i’ll write on the sticky notes: black was for titles/headings, blue was for general notes about the point, and red was for quotations i could use.

PART FIVE: outline your outline. this is the most time consuming part, aside from the actual paper writing. don’t spend too much time getting caught up in cool excerpts and don’t focus too heavily on the first 100 pages of the book. get the main idea and move on.

at this point i numbered my little dash things so i could easily separate which part i was doing on my sticky notes. repeat until all sections of your outline are done.

STEP ???: re read the sticky notes and edit the beginning ones with any info you might have learned while skimming the book. take a break and get ready to start writing.

NEXT: start writing! get your notebook and book and just start bullshitting sentences out of nowhere about betty crocker and feminism and just anything you can generally think of that relates to the assignment. mine was a book review so i had to act like i read it and list off things i liked and didn’t like and all that. you saw my assignment sheet.

FINALLY: after slaving over your paper for a few hours, hopefully you can manage enough bullshit that it seems decent and not written by a child hopped up on mountain dew at 2 in the morning. my favorite thing to do is write in the default font and formatting and then select it all and format it correctly. my paper literally jumped from 2 to 4 pages and it was the most satisfying feeling ever.

YOU’RE DONE. congratulations!!! go take a nap or eat a popsicle or something because you did it! you read maybe 15 pages total and did a beautiful paper on a book youve barely become acquainted with. don’t forget to return it to your library if you borrowed it!! send me links to your google docs of your beauteous bullshit masterpieces. i hope this helped :)

aw man lmao its so dumb when artists are like ‘im not gonna make a tutorial or give tips bc there’s no real learning from it, you’re just copying what i do’

thats not true at all.

yea, part of it IS copying, but thru that, others are able to understand it on their own and eventually move on to doing different techniques to suit themselves more

like, what do u think a classroom is??? what if ur art professor was like ‘im not gonna show u guys how i do it, ur just gonna figure it out by yourself, here’s my finished piece’

like, im sure there are profs who are like that, but my painting prof would take us through it step by step bc most of us were beginners and didnt know where to start. eventually as we gained experience, we were able to break away from the steps he showed us and do things our own way. but we’d still stumble and have to ask him for help on what to do next or how to achieve the look we wanted.

like, there is ABSOLUTELY learning thru tutorials and steps, it is NOT just copying a technique and thinking its gonna work out