im using this on my next piece!


                    !♥!  !Casual Luna is here!  !♥!  

I thought I’d change it up a bit and try something out for Luna!
Big thanks to @sailor-mochi for helping me out with her outfit choices here—-
        I was kinda stumped on what to put her in this time,
        but we managed to come up with something together! 

       ~~~She’s totally beating Noctis and Prompto at Kings Knight  ♥  
      ~~~ After doing Prompto and NoctisThis is definitely a companion piece to them ♥

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How's that 12 page English comic goin?

sketched out the pages, still need to get a feel of the characters before I feel confident enough to do ink right away

I dont know if the last pages would work - honestly its a bit of a risk since its tied to the number of pages I took - but once its inked itll be apparent I guess

that was a dumb move on my part

I’m sick of being there when someone wants something or needs a shoulder to cry on, when I need someone no one is ever there I’m just left to deal with all this on my own, they say they’re there but they’re not, well I’m sick if being replaced, second best, it’s all I’ve ever been, when there’s no one better to hang around with or if they’ve fallen out with someone I have always been there for everybody all through my life that’s all I’ve ever been someone who will help put the pieces back together but when they’ve made up with that person or have something better to do I get dropped and forgotten about until the next time they “need” me well you know what I’m done

Signs as Mac DeMarco's lyrics
  • Aries:
  • honey, the stars keep on calling my name
  • but don't worry, I've told you again and again
  • when I'm down, you're always the first one to know
  • skipping town, I'll take you wherever I go
  • Taurus:
  • Try to keep myself clean for no one I've seen
  • Wearing all kind of shit that really don't fit
  • Five hundred and ones fit for this son
  • A pair of Levis jeans, you know what I mean
  • Gemini:
  • Blue boy, worried about the world's eyes
  • Worried every time the sun shines
  • Worried about his haircut
  • Calm down, sweetheart, grow up
  • Cancer:
  • Will she love me again tomorrow
  • I don't know, don't think so
  • And that's fine, fine by me
  • As long as, long as I know she's happy, happy
  • Leo:
  • Later in the evening, dipping in the tub
  • Washing, wearing Wranglers, I think that I'm in love
  • Straight leg or a bootcut, legging, darling, please
  • Stay with me forever, don't take off those jeans
  • Virgo:
  • No use looking out
  • It’s within that brings that
  • Lonely feeling
  • Understand that when you leave here
  • You’ll be clear
  • Of all the better men
  • Libra:
  • Then come on give this lover boy a try
  • I’ll put the sparkle right back in your eyes
  • What could you lose?
  • Scorpio:
  • That's all right with me
  • It's really no fuss
  • As long as you're next to me
  • Just the two of us
  • Sagittarius:
  • Watching my life, passing right in front of my eyes
  • Hell of a story, oh is it boring?
  • Can’t claim to care, never been reluctant to share
  • Passing out pieces of me, don’t you know nothing comes free?
  • Capricorn:
  • Oh mama, actin’ like my life’s already over
  • Oh dear, act your age and try another year
  • Always feeling tired, smiling when required
  • Write another year off and kindly resign
  • Aquarius:
  • up out of bed at 3 and i feel like im dying
  • but if she's there next to me, then theres no use in crying
  • cause she's really all i need, its true my heart is flying
  • life can be such a breeze, as long as its just her and me
  • Pisces:
  • Sit down beside me
  • Let me confide in you
  • You know when I'm blue
  • You know when I'm lonely
  • And honey I'm lonely

So the thing is…I’m busy af, full of problems because of all the bullshit that is going on in Brazil and yet…I REALLY wanted to make something for this sweet sweet person. heh’ ♥

I remember how happy I was when I discovered that his fav game was the same as mine, and I’m so glad I found you on youtube man…You cheer my days and the fandom is the best one out there.

So when this game came out, and I saw Jack play, i was so hyped! And i got full of feels when my cousin (who played with me when the SoC came out for the first time and he was around 8 at that time) came to me, now older and crying while saying how happy he was that this game came out and that we should play together. SO MANY FEELS! ♥

Aaaanyway, this was saddly just a quick 10min doodle. I’ve been planning to make something for ya a long time, but things used to get in the way and still do. I even started a big piece but never finished. Weeeeellll….

I still hope you like it @therealjacksepticeye, Im loving your gameplay!! And I love all your work! ♥ 

Well thank you guys and I will see all you dudes…IN THE NEXT VIDEO ARTWORK!!!! :D

so I have this photo of Wyoming that I was going to use for this dating sim meme because im a piece of shit memer.

but i was like “damn wyoming. you would look good with a space background.”

cause dont get me wrong. he does. plus its my usual shitty edit so i was like yeeesss. but then i was like “wyoming bro. check it. Space. but in your hair.”

at this point im fucking dying cause look at this dork. he looks like a hipster. which lead me to my next big idea. HIPSTER. WYOMING.

its 12 am. everyones sleep. and im laughing harder than the last person on earth who has laughed the hardest

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i just don't understand my mom. one second shes cooking me a separate piece of chicken because she knows i don't like the spices she uses and the next second im scared to be near her. i've never been able to confide or trust in her, but she's a "good parent".

It doesnt matter if she does nice things!! You’re scared of her sometimes. That is n o t okay and not something a child should ever feel about their parent. Even if the parent does nice things.


The Imperial pattern is done!

Each pic is sized for 8.5" x 11" (regular sized) printer paper, ready to print off and start sewing! Keep in mind there’s no seam allowance so be sure to add as much as you need. The undergusset, body, and wing pieces have been separated to be printable, so just match up the tick marks and tape them together!

Use non-stretch fabric for the dragon, and I recommend felt for the wings.

Happy sewing!

Imperial Plush / Wildclaw Plush / Wildclaw Pattern

some of u guys asked how i paint so... screenshot steps!!

I TRIED TO MAKE SOME VAGUE STEP BY STEP under the cut because this is so gross and long and badly formatted LOL…  hopefully this helped a bit and shed some light, sorry its not really detailed T_TTTT if you guys have questions let me know!!


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In 2015, being a girl can still be a hurdle, but you can choose to do something other than jumping over it. No one can stop you from walking around it. No one has ever stopped me from knocking it down every single time someone tries to stand it back up in front of me. I’ve got places to go, and they’re more important than a misogynistic child trying to make me play some game.
—  An excerpt of something I started writing today (January 16, 2015) that was originally supposed to be a 30-60 second speech I was writing for my English class about who I am and what I believe, that turned into a messy 2-page feminist rant with all sorts of symbolism that I didn’t know where I was going with. I liked pieces of it, though, so here’s one.

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Im an aries (male) and this capricorn (Female) is throwing obvious signs but acts a different way when i approach how do i get her in my hands

To rush into plotting to ensnare a female is ill advised. The best practice before entering any romantic relationship is to take some time to meditate. After the standard 30 days of silent, fasting meditation on a river rock, your heart and your head will be fully aligned to help you plan your next moves. This is when you may begin constructing your snare, using flotsam and other pieces you may have unknowingly gathered during your meditation. Aries, do not let your fiery spirit cause you to rush through this crucial step of courtship. Place a lock of her hair within. She will follow its call. Do not keep her in the snare for more than 2 nights, and if she does not agree to love you within that time, it is best to look for romance with another. If she does, release her and never let her go.


Cryptic Clarity

But, like... (virgin!Michael smut)

This is my first piece back after a writing hiatus and it’s quite nice to be back. I used to be but-im-punk-rock and have since changed my url.  

 Requests are open again, so feel free to do so here


Basics:  Michael and Y/N are studying when Michael gets side-tracked and begins to ask a question or two that leads to an even bigger distraction.  

This semester had been long, much, much too long.  You sighed, continuing to read through your mind maps from lectures.  You mindlessly grabbed a doughnut from the box next to you, awarding yourself with a bite at the end of each section.

You were just about to flip the page when you heard a muffled chuckle and looked up to see Michael thrusting a blue highlighter in and out of the hole of a doughnut.  He was sprawled out aside of you on your bed, dark sweater pulling up a little to expose his pale tummy.  

“How long have you been doing that?”

“About a minute.  You wouldn’t look up.”  

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One Last Dance

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Pairing : Gabe x reader
Words : 482
Author : Mel
Request: I don’t know if either of you speak french(or feel like looking up the translation) but there is a really pretty french song (called Derniere Danse by Indila) that I think would make a good fic (maybe with Gabe?) if not I would say it’s worth a listen anyway much love xx & (Anon who sent the ask w the french song Derniere Danse): I like that idea! Maybe w like memories of them together(the song talks about flying & dancing a lot so something like a fluffy memory w those could be cute) but even if you guys just wanted to go with the feel of the song whatever you guys wrote im sure would be great! (I really should start signing my anon messages w something because I have sent a few & I am on this page like everyday /-\ idk im just shy so i use anon) -Bee
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You went about your days as if in a daze. All the color and joy sucked out of your life. You were just going through the motions, until the next breakdown. You’d fall to pieces, and eventually pick yourself back up and start again.

You closed your eyes as you walked past the chocolate shop.  You always closed your eyes when you passed it now. You had brought him in there once, and his face had lit up, as if you had brought him to the Wonka factory. He had actually found a kind of chocolate he had never tried before. “twelve.. thirteen.. fourteen.. fifteen.” You took a deep breath. 15 steps and you were past it. Your eyes opened again and you continued on. You were getting better at avoiding things that reminded you of him.

Somewhere along the way, you heard music. You glanced in a window and saw a couple learning to dance. Your breath caught in your throat.

“Hey sweet heart, what are you listening to? Is that big band?”
You chuckled as his arms wrapped around you from behind “I’m a sucker for trombones and trumpets Gabe, what can I say. I wish I could dance to it though.”
“I can teach you sugar. Easy peasy.”
You turned and raised an eyebrow. “You dance?”
“I’ve been hanging around here for centuries. Of course I dance. Come on, I’ll teach you to Foxtrot.” His eyes lit up as he held out his hand.

A tear ran down your cheek as you pulled yourself away from the window. “Fuck.” You headed to the park that you knew was just a few blocks away.

You remembered how he had held your hand and waist, as you both moved across the floor. They way those whiskey coloured eyes shone as he looked down at you. You groaned. The only Whiskey anything in your life these days was a bottle of Jack.

“You can move Sweetheart.” He beamed one night. “Best dance partner I’ve come across yet.”
You laughed. “I did the Charleston once in school as a kid. My mom sewed me this cute little flapper dress.. I’ve been hooked since.”
“SWING!” He practically shouted it, he beamed with excitement. “Let’s do swing!”
You shook your head. “I don’t know Gabe… I only ever did it that one time.. I was like 7 or 8..”
He pulled you to him making you laugh. “Come on.. I’m having so much fun. Dance with me.”

You found a quiet park bench and dropped into it. You watched birds  fly over you. As your head went back to look up, you found yourself watching the clouds. He had told you all about heaven. You Wondered if there was a heaven for him.

If heaven was your good memories. Your best memories, would he be there waiting for you? Would you get one last dance.

“Princess Peach” This is the first piece of the second series I’m illustrating featuring female videogame characters in my style, hope you like it!

The next ones will include: Ellie, from the last of us, Chun li from SF, Lara Croft and a couple of more surprises, so if you wanna see more make sure to check out my instagram and youtube where Im going to be posting making of videos and tutorials, cheers!

The Dirtier the Better...


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requested- si

Michael smut where you tell him ur ex could give u like 4 orgasims and stuff gets heated…youre bothe drunk and yore best friends and he gives you more…

 Warning SMUT! I always do love coming back with a BANG! 


Michael was pretty much my main bitch. Being best friends for as long as we have been we were always there for each other through the good and bad. So when your long term relationship ended with your now ex boyfriend, you broke. It’s about 2 weeks later and youre pretty over it, but you still cant help but find the small things you miss in that relationship…
Mikey povBeing in love with the girl Ive known my whole life is pretty shitty if im gonna be honest. She’s finally single, but I know her like the back of my hand. I know she misses him, and I know she thinks about him a lot. Why couldn’t it be me? Why can’t I be on her mind all the time like he is? Well, lets make a dream into reality…
Your povMike called and asked me to come with him to the movies, of course I said yes. Now we both are in the theater and grabbing our seats, our hands both holding jumbo drinks and large popcorns for ourselves (even tho we have 20 packages of candy hidden in our jackets and bags…). We sit in the back of the dim theater, seeing as not many people are here and theyre sitting in the front. We take our seats and pull out the boxes of candy and snacks we brought in.“Dude, nobody is even in here… Only like 5 people in the front..” I whisper to Mike as he stuffs his face with the overly buttered pop corn.
“I know right, guess we’re probably some of the last people to see it..” He says with a chuckle.
I let out a small laugh as the lights begin to lower and the room becomes lit by only the screen in front of us. 
The movie was pretty good so far, the only thing that seemed pretty weird was when the sex scene came up and Michael kept looking over to me. I never thought of him in that way, but the more I thought about it the more I pictured him over me.. Well fuck..
I kept remember when my ex would fuck me, giving me the most mind numbing orgasms multiple times…
After the movie…
Michael and I decided it would be cool to head out to the nearest bar and get shit faced. So after shooting down many shots and chugging a couple beers for the competitive sides of ourselves, we found that we both had to walk home and lean against each other to not fall straight on our asses.
We get home, both kicking the door shut and stumbling over to the couch and falling face first on the cushion.“That was a cool movie..” Michael says drunkenly.
“Ya, it was cool..” I say as I lean against his shoulder.
“Hey y/n?” 
“Do you think about your ex sometimes?”
“Ya… Like how he was in bed was amazing..” I say without a care.
I look over to see Michael with his jaw clenched and face stern.
“And how would he be different from anyone else in the sack?” Michael asks as he looks straight ahead.

“Well, he would go real hard and so deep.. And after I came he’d keep going till I came again and again… I was just amazing..” I say as I feel my core grow wet from the memories.
Michael looks at me with a mix of 2 emotions, one I know as anger and the other I don’t recognize.“Whats wrong Mikey?” I ask.
He just looks down at his lap, then gets up and walks surprisingly fast for a drunk guy out of the room.“Michael!” I yell, surprised by the sudden silent outburst from his stomping out of the room
I get up, stumbling over a bit before I start chasing after him. I takes careful, yet fast steps up the stairs and walk through the already open bedroom door to see Michael nowhere to be found…“Mikey?” I say curiously.
I then feel myself being turned around and a soft pair of plump lips pressed harshly against mine. I sink into the new feeling, the touch of his skin against mine making fireworks shoot off in my head. “You ok with this?” Michael asks me, looking me in the eyes as he massages his hand through my hair.
“Yes.. Yes, Michael. Please..” I beg as I place fast and desperate pecks to his neck and cheeks.
He lets out a low growl as he picks me up by my waist and roughly pins me to the bed. He makes many marks around my neck and collarbones, making a trail to my waist as he nips at my skin.He starts to pull down my jeans, taking his time as he teases me.“Please..” I beg him, bucking my hips forward a bit so he can take a hint.
“As you wish..” He replies with a smirk.
He practically rips of my jeans as he places his thumb to my covered clit. He begins to rub fast circles, placing kisses around my inner thighs. “Who knew you were such a tease, my ex would have already had me in any way he wanted..” I say with a smirk, wanting to get him to fuck me with all he had already.
He stops what hes doing completely and looks at me with dark eyes, taking his shirt off in a fast motion and unzipping his black skinny jeans and pulling his pants and boxers down past his waist. His length was perfect, the tip red and swollen, oozing pre-cum and his shaft rock hard and throbbing. He pulls my panties down, almost ripping them in half, and then he doesnt hesitate as he gets in position and thrusts into me with force.“You think your ex would fuck you this good..” He says as he thrusts deep inside me, hitting my g-spot multiple times.
I can’t even reply from how good the feeling is, his cock stretching me out as he thrusts into me with all his might.“FUCK! M-M-MICHAEL!!!” I muster out, clawing his back as I already feel my orgasm coming.
I cum.. Hard, and expect him to stop and finish, but he just grabs my leg and lifts it up so my knee is to my chest. He keeps thrusting, the sound of skin slapping and my gasps and moans with his dirty whispers and low grunts.“You like getting fucked? Like having someones cock shoved deep inside you, bet he couldnt fuck you this good. Im gonna make you cum till you black out..” He says imbetween harsh thrusts.
I feel my next high creep up, the sensation making me know this is gonna be a hard one.“OH GOD!!” I scream out, my walls clenching around Michael’s dick as he slows down his thrusting.
I lay my head against the pillow, shutting my eyes as I take a few breaths from the overwhelming sensation. Michael pulls out and he backs up till his face is in front of my used core. He looks at my pussy as if it was the last piece of candy in the candy shop. Michael dives in, holding my legs apart as he licks up my wetness with his tongue. He sucks on my clit and grazes his teeth against it as he darts his tongue in and out of my core. I t doesnt take long till I cum again, the last two orgasms making me sensitive.“Michael, oh my god..” I mutter as I close my eyes in ecstasy.
“Oh, we’re not done yet babe..” He says as he takes his fingers and plunges them into my pussy.
“MICHAEL!” I yell out as he moves them in and out in swiftly, making a come hither motion with his finger as he rubs my clit with his other thumb.
“He attaches his mouth to my clit again as he sucks harshly on it, making loud noises that would make your parents be ashamed.
“OH-OH GOD YES!” I yell out, moaning and bucking my hips wildly as he continues his movements.
I don’t even have time to warn him as my high hits me like a bag of bricks.I come down from my high, Michael looking at me in aw as I catch my breath.“You gonna finish up?” I ask him, seeing his throbbing cock twitching.
He gulps and crawls over me, lining up to my entrance and he pushes in. Michael thrust slowly, yet hard, making each movement amazing yet meaningful.“You- Have no idea-mff- How long Ive wanted this..” He says softly, placing a passionate kiss to my lips.
I don’t reply, I just let my eyes do the talking as I look at him in pure love. He doesnt take long as he pulls out and moves his hand in up and down his cock, looking me in the eyes and i sit up and lay my forehead on his, reaching over and grabbing his tip and rubbing my thumb over it in circles. Michael’s mouth hangs open as he cums on my hand, his moans a low groan with grunts and cracks.After he finishes he pulls off his pants and boxers and throws them on the floor. Michael grabs the sheets and lays down next to me, pulling the blankets over the both of us as we fall asleep in our own sexual mess…____________________I am so sorry I didnt post the day I was supposed to, Im so damn busy during the school year so its just really hard to find time.. Also I know that Im missing punctuation, but thats because I usually go back and edit when Im done, but I cant rn because I gotta go.. Love ya my beans!!!
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he really tries not to focus on the fact that the girl in front of him has not stopped sucking up to him incessantly for the past 5 minutes. sure, he loves a nice compliment as much as the next guy, but for someone with the attention span of a damn fruitfly, it really gets monotonous. the bonfire so far been a dud, he couldn’t find anything harder than a shitty beer or a weakly-rolled blunt. it felt like the hours had dripped by until there was the familiar face, one he could tell was frighteningly out of her element. he wonders who she came here with, if she was still with them, he wonders what the hell she’s doing out and about instead of studying, crashing a greenfield bonfire nonetheless. he doesn’t notice he’s practically glaring at her until his girl sadly bids him farewell after a ‘super incredible conversation’ (her words, not his obviously.) she goes in for a hug and normally, he’d bluntly tell her he’s not quite interested in having really anything to do with her. but a sober mind does not equal a sober heart and the wells girl is the only thing he can really focus on with all that’s going on around him and— before he knows it, there’s a pair of arms snaking around his neck. hard mahogany orbs flicker, almost by instinct, over at the girl he really couldn’t even call his friend; she’d have to actually acknowledge him in public for them to be friends.  but yet he stays in the embrace, staring her down, his eyes offering up a challenge he’ll probably come to regret: ‘your move now, princess.’