im using my colors for graphics too

anonymous asked:

your lines are... bendy and elastic, curved, there's a bubbly feeling like they might break out lava lamp style at any moment. strong flat shapes, very graphic.

gosh I’m so happy you think that of my lines!!! this was something I tried to work on for a long while before I got into mp100, like legit I used to be obsessed with making ultra straight lines because I thought that was the only way to make it look clean, goddamn it takes time to grow out of that thing huh

24 Yifan Moments for his 24th Birthday

To the one who never failed to make us laugh with his derpiest gummy smiles, to the one whose cold face may seem like he has a cold heart but in reality, he is a kid with a very generous and kind heart, to the one who took care of 11 boys as far as he can, to the one who showed to everyone that in order to reach your dreams, you must take a big brave step, to the one of the most important persons in my life, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WU YI FAN! 

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