im upset at humans and me and me being humans


Oh my fucking god. Oh. My. Fucking. God.

IT HAS JUST HIT ME THAT THE CREATURES ARE LIVING HUMAN BEINGS AND IM ABOUT TO CRY BECAUSE EVEN THOUGHT THEIR LIVING HUMAN BEINGS ILL NEVER FUCKING MEET THEM AND THAT UPSETS ME TERRIBLY BECAUSE THEYRE MY FUCKING IDOLS and I’m just going to cry in the corner as I get hit with the realization that’ll ill never get to know the real creatures but only their comedic side.

i cant bring my self to care about any of this ...

Now you may see that title and go “woah excuse me ?”

Let me explain.

I cant bring my self to care about anyof this because simply put, Im not fucking shocked nor surprised. We have have come to the point in this nations history where im not surprised by the results of what happened tonight. Now just cause i say i dont care about any of this does not mean i don’t think its disgusting. Yea of-course its disgusting and hes gonna be watching his back his whole life. I don’t have enough in me to me outraged or even angry and want to know why?

Because im so used to this being the normal for america and it does not surprise me anymore to the point where im angry over it, and THAT is the most upsetting feeling. When racism is so bad that you just are not surprised over this. Now im sure someone is going to say “oh so you are neutral then?” or “Oh but if it was a white person you’d be pissed”

No no no ill explain more
Race nor gender should be the thing that sparks me caring, for fuck sake a human is a human life. We are humans and race and gender should not matter. If a white person gets shot on the street i wont be shocked either.

We have people that get set free from rape charges after its even been proven , we have people getting let go free after murder or homicide even after its been proven. humans are dying left and right in this country and most of them for no reason.  Yes i know racism has skyrocketed.

But if you ask me “why dont you care? are you heartless? are you racist?”

 I dont care because, i dont have it in me to care anymore…about anything that’s happened or that is happening in this country because its all such a normal…and im so used to it. That is what upsets me, that it was makes me outraged inside. For the generation growing up behind me its not going to be surprising to them either because of how they see everyday all this violence in America at young ages when it SHOULD surprise them and it should not be a normal.

 I support the burning of the American flag that’s going on in ferguson, and why? because if this country cant take care of its own civilians and do the right thing then why should we support a symbol that apparently means “Freedom”.. day it wont be a normal anymore, one day the bad people will get what they should..

One day we will have a real justice system