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It’s been 84 years since I’ve posted a sketch sooOOoOo~~ have an AU where Hannibal and Will actually murder each other in Italy…only to come back as zombies, reconcile, eat their way through the rest of Europe, and give each other loving blank stares for the rest of their unnatural lives :> 


HER NAME IS SAI AND I MADE HER IN LIKE 2015 BUT I LOVE HER SO MUCH?? tbh who deosn’t love a fire powered reanimated mage corpse 
shes my main guardian and i have like 800 hours playing her okay 

hollywood undead verses summed up

charlie scene: legs are dangling off the edge signature on this girls tits in the strip club smoking pot shots i forgot my wallet please leave me lying on the floor with this whiskey woooooo i have five dollars wooo this stone here on the ground represents my hard work black heart 

funny man: YO YO alcohol YO gangsta shit sunset strip los angeles (woah) smoke weed everyday damn girl have my money (oh shit) im gonna knock you out bitch suck my dick

j-dog: you ruined my life ITS NOT MY FAULT my chest is on fire im gonna crash this train now los angeles cocaine yelling fuck you choking on ash and tic-tacs i cant be fixed 

johnny 3 tears: i dont love you because you broke my heart im going to murder you (i love my daughter) sipping on vodka cigarette on my lips dumping bodies into the ground i hate humanity

danny: angels above OOOOOHHHHh WOAHHHHH that cliff is calliiiiing for me and the ghosts inside my bodyyyyyyyYY YYEAHH skirt girls sit on my lap but shes not a whore


The Remnant
For over a hundred years, an incredibly powerful and malevolent dragon ruled the land. Even when it was finally slain and its tyranny brought to an end, its decapitated head retained enough magic to reanimate and persevere. While it is certainly a formidable creature even now, it can never hold a candle to the strength and glory it once possessed, and now lurks deep in the wasteland caves, exiled and bitter.


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| All Souls’ Day |

The 2nd of November was the only day when Maximillian could visit the World of the Dead and meet up with his dead brother and comrades. However, as the years passed, he preferred staying among the Living and celebrate the day as they would. By visiting the graves and lighting up the candles. 

The All Souls’ Day march around the Austerlitz memorials and monuments became his tradition.