im twerking to this rn

LISTEN. christopher nolan is one of the most established and successful directors in today’s hollywood and yall THOUGHT he needed to hire harry for help with sales??????? then yall had the audacity to call out harry???? “he prolly has a small role” “you rly think that kid is actually a good actor lmao” “he’s prolly got like 5 lines calm down” WELL LOOK AT THIS HES ON ONE OF THE DAMN POSTERS yall really think christopher nolan himself HAD to do that? nah. he didn’t. he COULD have given harry 5 lines. he COULD have put him in 1 scene. he COULD have completely disregarded him if he wanted. but he didn’t. so, kindly, SHUT THE FUCK UP 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣