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So I've read all your Supercorp stuf on ao3 and if you were going to recommend other fics to read what would you recommend?

okey dokey kiddos buckle up. this list includes fics im currently subscribed to and desperately awaiting an update on and fics i have finished but loved. i did a literal rec bc i wasn’t totally sure what you wanted. if i forgot to mention you or your fic i still love you im just poorly organised pls forgive me.

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since i’ve watched it a million times, here’s my personal list of highlights from seeso’s first MBMBaM episode Tarantulas & Travis Did A Hit:

  • the intro theme making me cry with pride and weird nostalgia
  • the titular hit being unscripted but turning it into an Overarching Plot Point anyway
  • “one time i saw a rancho molt its skin and my eyes went to hell.”
  • the endearing second-hand embarrassment awkwardness of three extremely socially anxious boys attempting to interact with ppl
  • justin giggling uncontrollably at his own jokes before he finishes them
  • “Eight legs of justice.”
  • travis apparently being unable to decide between red or blue nail polish for the show so por que no los dos?
  • “my name is………. zach” “no, hang up.” “you did so bad.”
  • justin had absolutely no reason to make up a fake name, he just panicked, and he’s my hero.
  • griffin being Peak Little Brother and immediately telling on travis to their dad for hitting justin
  • justin being Peak Big Brother and both antagonizing his brothers but also assuring them spiders aren’t that scary
  • griffin and justin on either side of travis, holding his arms reassuringly and talking him through his Spider Exposure Therapy.
  • “this is the most dangerous spider in the world-” travis: *fucking sprints out of the room*
  • Hey everybody, welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy the experience of simply cybersex blast off into cybersex Joe Biden.
  • griffin laughing really hard and leaning into travis’s arm. cute bros.
  • “ah, local teens!” “look at all those thought influencers!”
  • monster factory reference. A+ pls continue crossing the mcelroy empire streams.
  • “end of the parade!” “now go home! it’s important you don’t all leave in the same direction, or that is just a continuation of the parade!”
  • genuine apologies = selling out to hollywood, according to clint mcelroy
  • “you got foot water on the spaghetti!”
RFA sneeze headcanons

Yoosung always sneezes 3 times consecutively. His sneezes are always pretty average, although he tends to accidentally press his lips together, so they’re a bit like raspberries.

Zen - literally has the loudest, most dramatic ones on the planet. Like, he’ll double over and accentuate the ‘ooooo’ at the end of his sneezes, and its completely by accident ! He hates sneezing because he thinks his sneeze is really violent (which it is).

Jaehee - SOOO HIGH PITCHED. Like it’ll sound like ‘a-ptchu !!!’ its such an anime girl sneeze its unreal. Someone will always point it out and she’ll get super embarrassed ;( leave Jaehee alone.

Jumin - he’s got a REALLY deep sneeze, and it’s hilarious. 'ah-PHOO’. So instead of an ordinary sneeze, after the 'ah’ it turns into a really loud sigh.

707 - his sneeze always changes !!!!!!! And he does it on purpose !!!! No one knows what is default sneeze really is !!!!

Hey, it’s the 4th anniversary of the day I started LOST


i made a lot of mistakes in my blog, relying HEAVILY on asks when this blog has a story that really doesnt need asks to go forward. I was to make this a more story driven blog that interacts with other blogs, as opposed to NEEDING  other people to interact in order to go forward. This blog wasnt even accepting proper interactions until the turn around, and technology shouldnt even be a thing in this world as there arent remains of human life to get it there. 

Im gonna private all the old posts, and keep some of the interactions- i.e. the one with asche- canon since they seem very good for zach to have friends? it just. IDK shows her knowledge and where she got it from!!

TL;DR Im rebooting because i want to drive this forward alone, not through asks. I feel like it’ll give me an easier time trying to motivate myself to update the blog. 

I thank you for your support, and I promise I’ll try to get this out as soon as I can. It’ll be so much better, I promise!

First Time (Kihyun) SMUT

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Request: Hello there 😊 just found your blog and saw that kihyunie isn’t really in request(hope you understand what i mean)so i would like to request a kihyun smut where it is your first time 😊 You are just legal so a few years younger than him😊 thank you💛

Im so sorry this took so long

Hope you like it~~~

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Here’s the last video I have saved of Blu on my phone.
I apologize if I sound very depressing today, it’s just I don’t think it’s a day to “meme” on this blog because my lil’ bud passed.
Treasure your pets and close ones wile you still have them, trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t-

So why not upload a video of him fucking around w/ a bell I got him for Christmas then turns his head once he realizes he b bein’ filmed. I lov him

update: since i’ve been gone…

…a few things happened.

  1. I have been accepted into Hillsdale College and will be attending there in the fall. This alone is a huge development–I’ll be travelling several thousand miles away from home. And for those of you who are wondering, my proposed major is Music Performance. :) 
  2. I finished Certificate of Merit level 10 and got excellent marks on my repetoire and theory. hALLELUJAH IM NOT A FAILURE AND I HAVEN’T WASTED ALL THAT MONEY MY PARENTS SPENT FOR 12 YEARS OF MUSIC LESSONS
  3. I got into kpop. not quite sure how. It just kinda sorta…happened. And no, I’m not going to be turning into a kpop blog–i’ll be keeping that primarily off tumblr–but i figured I’d just put it out there in case y’all wanted to ask me about my favorite members/songs/groups/etc. (psst jackson wang is a literal ray of sunshine) 
  4. I have a pinterest account and use it pretty regularly. you can follow me here! It’s mostly aesthetic boards at this point (including a very nice Perciavl Graves one I’ve been curating for some time now).

aaand that’s about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

i got some new followers recently, hello new friends!!
my names chassi, im turning 23 in a few days and im lov orcs

i know most of you are following cuz of art so, if your one of those ppl who just want to see that n not the boring shit posts in between, my art blog @makkochicraft is where you probs wanna be!

GOT7 Reaction - When You’re Obsessing Over Another Idol

Thanks for the reaction! Here you go @hipster-shiz, i hope you really like this! <3 


Youngjae - *He’d feel a little awkward with having to see and hear you obsess so much but he’d take your phone of you and cuddle with you to calm you down*

JB - *He’d get quite annoyed at the constant squealing that he hears off you and would try his best not to get jealous, just trying to stay calm, telling you that no one is better than him in anyway and would try to clam you down by taking you out for food or something*

Junior - *He wouldn’t know how to feel about it but would do anything he could just to stop it for a while, cuddling you, buying you cute things and just being a sweetheart overall* 

BamBam - *He’d get really jealous and would try to get your attention with his powerful aegyo but when that didn’t work, he’d go through a list of ideas to try calm you down*

Yugyeom - *He’d try to clam you down from fangirling so much and would run his fingers through his hair and bite his lip just so you’d stop obsessing over another idol*

Mark - *He’d be reasonably calm about it all at first but then jealousy starts taking over then the snarky comments are made. He’d try to talk you into doing something with him with his low, deep voice, telling you how much he loves you to convince you to go with him*

Jackson - *He’d be a jealous one and also a very sarky one also. He’d turn off anything that could intentionally have the idol on and would pick you up, take you to the bedroom and would cuddle with you until you got the idea that he’s jealous* I’m the perfect oppa! I’m the one you should be obsessed over! 


Mobile Masterlist

None of these gifs belong to me… credit to the owners!

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Ha ! U think they actually love u? Im laughing so hard right know! Tommroe theur gonna turn their backs on u without u even knowing! So just delete your blog it will make glitterlots happy , goldenbird happy, inksterjack happy and everyone else!

Dont tell me things that I already know , and if I want to delete it I will , but if I dont want to delete it then I won’t , got that ?

Alright alright alright.

Well. I’ve got a few fics drafted and am working on them as often as possible.

I’m turning the personal into the only active blog. I will still keep Daryl and all my babies for inspiration and reference. (Plus since I don’t really want anything to to pop up on my dash, I still have those I am going to stay in touch with on here and other various social medias.). If you’d like to shoot me a personal to follow or fb info, the ask/IM is always open.

That being said, the new blog is


Please be kind. It is under major construction since it has done nothing but collect dust the past three years.

I’d love to get some prompts/imagines in to do in the mean time while I work on the fics.

I appreciate all of your guys and I will miss writing with my partners. (I love seeing replies to super fun threads. Not gonna lie.) But I’m afraid my time in the rp world has come to an end. Things have just become to toxic for me and anxieties I’d long wrestled into control are starting to creep back. And I hate it.

My hope is that I can renew my love for all these great characters, continue the friendships I’ve made during my time here, and to make new connections for fangirling outside of rp. Anyone wanting to trade contact info should HMU over there. (Btw, any of you guys can follow me, but don’t take it too personally if I don’t follow back the rp blogs.) I’m out. *drops mike*

The Whore Queen.

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Pairing : CrowleyxReader, Dean, Sam, Amara.
Word count : 1,523
Author : Mel

Part 8 of Hell’s Queen

You didn’t go to your room that you shared with Crowley. You didn’t even go to your old room. Instead, you found yourself in the one you had see Dean go into. You could still smell him there. His room, still untouched, shared a view with yours. You looked out into the garden and cried. He had literally killed just so you could sit outside for 10 minutes.

A half drank bottle of whiskey sat on his table, next to a glass. There was a book by the window. The one he had been reading when you almost got caught in the library. He had an armoire, the door open and you could see some flannel shirts hanging there, waiting for him to come back.

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my worst habit on earth is constantly comparing my art to the art of like 20+ year olds i see good art and im like why cant i draw like that am i just dumb and i got to the blog and its like “im a 22 year old professional comic artist hi” and im like Ah…but it still doesnt stop me from getting mad at myself even though i turned 16 back in november

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I read a Negan story a while back, it went like this: Negan and the reader were in a relationship before the turn and they had split up because Negan's wife found out and confronted her at her job. Negan found her again at the lineup and said he was going to take her. Do you know what story im talking about, I've been trying to find it.

Unfortunately i don’t have anything like that…maybe you got the wrong blog XD What i have is Reader being tired of Negan and escaping but him taking her back as he sees her at the line up

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do you have any blog recommendations?? i've got two accounts and i sort of turned the second one into a scenario/headcanon blog and i was wondering if you knew of any good accounts (besides yours, of course!!) i didnt really know how to word this so im sorry if it sounds a bit weird :(( thank you in advance!! -nathan

Hey there friend! Don’t worry, it doesn’t sound weird ^^ 

If you mean other kpop writing blogs, I honestly don’t follow a lot rn, only like 2 or 3 (which I should probably change, but I haven’t really had the time to check others;;) but I absolutely adore their writing:

@17mounteens (they’re the first writing blog I started following and I love them a lot, super high quality writing and they update a lot #blesst - they may or may not have inspired me to start this blog :^)), @pjimims, @saythename17scenarios 

There are sooooo many more wonderful blogs, but like I said, I haven’t really had the time to check out others, aaahhh sorry I couldn’t be more help!!