im turning 16 in 2 months

Is OtaYuri Pedophillioc

I personally do not believe it is (shit on me all you want, you won’t change my opinion). Otabek barely turned 18 around a month ago.

Now Yuri who is 15 right now, turns 16 pretty soon, his birthday being March 1.

Now that is a 2 year and a 5 month age gap. Now, let’s compare that to one of the more popular ships in the fandom, Guang Hong and Leo. They have a 1 year and 8 month age gap but that’s perfectly fine! The age gap for Otabek and Yuri is just 1 year longer. People see the 18 and just scream “IT’S PEFOPHILLIA IT’S ILLEGAL!!” Now, pedophillia is no joke in Kazakhstan. They literally castrate people for it! It is also the same in Russia. The age of consent in Russia is 16, and the same in Kazakhstan. Sure, they wouldn’t be able to do anything sexual for a year, but as long as they don’t do those types of things it’s a perfectly legal relationship. Also, given Yuri’s personality, they wouldn’t just jump into a relationship! If we were looking at this realistically, they probably wouldn’t even start dating until Yuri is 16 or older!

And, just as a reminder there’s different kinds of shipping. There’s romantic shipping and platonic shipping. Know the difference and stop judging people for shipping Yuri, an almost 16 year old, with Otabek, a barely 18 year old!