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can you do some hcs for pony being your roomate at college? thanks love ♡ (i'm sure you know who this is lol)

A/N: Sure! Sorry if these are bad or not like you wanted them to be? I honestly thought this is what it would be like so… haha yeah. Hope you like them though! And see guys? I told you I was gonna write. I’m gonna mother f-ing write okay? IM TRYING MY BEST.

- OKAY this kid stays up studying. A LOT.

- “(Y/N)! Shush will ya!? I’m trying to study!”

- “Turn the damn music off!”

- If he isn’t studying or reading or watching a movie by himself he goes to bed around 10pm.

- “Lights out (Y/N).”

- Mhm, you read that correctly. Even if you’re not going to sleep he wants the lights out.

- Ha! Prank wars.

- Whenever he can, he takes the opportunity to watch movies and read. Sometimes inviting you, but for the most part, he thinks you’re annoying, so nope.

- Bathroom problems…

- Whenever he wakes up late, it’s the cutest thing ever.

- By that, I mean he falls of the bed, and is all frustrated, and trips over everything, and his hair is a mess, I just-

- Ha! Wakes up earlier than you most of the time, and makes you coffee and breakfast.

- Falls asleep studying and probably drools all over his notes. (like me)

- You take pictures of him okay? (it’s part of the wars you have together. He does the same to you so I mean-)

- Back to the “bathroom problems” HE TAKES FOREVER ON HIS HAIR! So I mean…good luck.

- He doesn’t grease his hair as much anymore, which leaves it nice and fluffy, but that doesn’t mean he’s not gonna take a bunch of time looking at himself in the mirror in the bathroom.

- “Pony, hurry up!”

- “You take forever putting shit on your face, so no. You look better without it anyhow.”

- “So what about that grease you put in your hair?”

- “THAT’S DIFFERENT!” (lol me)

- Accidnetally has walked in on you getting undressed.

- But you’ve done the same so…

- He quit smoking a bit during his junior year in highschool, so smoking isn’t a problem anymore.

- You both got drunk once, (you kinda like tested him…) and ended up making out on the couch.

- After this he opens up to you about everything. (You know? The Dally and- I CAN’T GO ON)

- He starts crying on your shoulder, which leads to sobbing.

- After this he ends up cuddling close to you with a bottle of Vodka still in his hands pretty much empty.

- When he wakes up and sees you he’s like “Fucking hell…” and accidentally drops the bottle on the soft carpet so it doesn’t make much noise.

- He goes to the bathroom without waking you up and finds a hickey on his neck. “Shit…shit. SHIT!”

- He has a huge hangover btw so WHOOPS.

- Once you wake up he sits down with you and you both talk about it.

- You both swore to never get drunk at the same time.

- If he’s going to drink, you dont. And if you’re going to, he doesn’t. To be safe.

- He warms up to you after this.

- Holiday break? That shiz is lit.

- Matching onsies may I say?…

- Random wake up calls year round.

- Your realtionship with him is so platonic, you both walk around in your underwear and it’s great.

- Random gifts at random times.

- “Happy Tuesday! Here I got you this! :)”

- Military crap.

- Like you know when they wake you up super early and make you do push ups and etc? Well yeah thats Pony. He makes you. WHOOPS.

I don’t have anything else, but i think overall it would be amazing to have Ponyboy as a room mate :)