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the most romantic interaction i’ve ever had in skirmish: when enemy genji used swift strike on me, then ran to a health pack and shot shurikens at it, telling me to use it

Robert: “Is it mine or Ross?”
Rebecca : “I can’t…”
Robert: “Are you going to tell Aaron?”
Rebecca: “ That’s all you care about?”
Robert: “yes”
Rebecca: “it’s yours”



ok but why isn’t anyone talking about this?????? boy gone wild

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The Traitor Meta no one asked for

Will include:

- Major Persona 5 Spoilers

-A look into The Traitor as a Foil to the main cast

-symbolism and motifs galore

- some theories based on subtext

-and the coding of Murderers as having Cluster B Personality Disorders (from someone with a Cluster B Personality Disorder)

word count:2271

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“Watch at your own risk.”  [1]                                                                      Achievement Hunter // Game Play Poster Series

It Ethan. Behold the true @crankgameplays
He a good ice cream boi.
He totally doesnt have drugs anywhere. Look at that pure face. How could that face be anything but lawful.