im trying to make these pretty

ksjfhsdhf the thing is. is that i dont think its self image issues really. like im an objective person and what i see when i look in the mirror is someone fairly ugly. like im not the ugliest person around i dont think, but by no means do i find myself pretty and to me it isnt like a self image thing its just fact i guess? i dont wanna say people lie to me when they say im pretty but sometimes it feels like theyre just trying to make me feel better bc of how much i struggle with my appearance 

first pull on the heavy paper!! there’s a bunch of stuff i gotta clean up (and also i gotta get that Printing Technique down and make a register/lining-up system) but it’s my first linocut ever and im pretty pleased w it!!

its supposed to be some hot fresh morrowind scenery but idk how well that came across. apparently if i let the ink dry for a week, i can paint over the top in watercolors? might try that out

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hi seo, i'm very sorry for asking about this but i don't really know if you have a compiled list about math advice. this coming school year im on grade 10 and i'm pretty sure math is going to get more difficult, and last s.y i did the worst, scoring only around 20s-30s over 60s. i know, i'm very stupid and i want it to change–but it's just that memorizing the next steps in a long problem really makes it hard for me. i don't know what to do but i want to get better, desperately.

i have a tag for math that might have something helpful in it??

also, here’s a little tip: stop trying to memorize every step in a problem because each and every problem is different. instead, view it like a toolbox. you have a wrench that’s called factoring and a screwdriver that’s called completing the square and all these other tools to help take apart a problem and find the center. it’s a lot easier to “memorize” your “tools” than it is to memorize the exact steps to a long problem + it’ll be easier to adapt to other problems.

but anyhow, i’m probably not the greatest person to ask about math stuff because i’m not the greatest at math either + i don’t know what i’m really doing most of the time oops ;; good luck!

auli’i cravalho’s name

for those of you having difficulty pronouncing her name, the apostrophe in her first name is not actually an apostrophe! its a bit of hawaiian punctuation called an ʻokina. because hawaiian tends to be very vowel-heavy and can have multiple consecutive vowel sounds with no consonants dividing them, the ‘okina serves an indicator of a pause between vowel sounds (a glottal stop if we’re being technical).

so auli’i would be pronounced like OW-LEE-EE rather than OW-LEE. cravalho is likely an anglicization of the portuguese surname, carvalho, which makes sense because hawaii has a pretty large portuguese population. (for example, i have a friend who’s last name, loui, is a messed up attempt at anglicizing the chinese name, liu).

usually the ‘okina is removed from hawaiian words outside of hawaii to avoid confusing people who are unfamiliar with the language’s conventions. for example, hawaii would actually be hawai’i, ohana would be ‘ohana, and luau would be lu’au (there’s actually supposed to be a straight bar above the first ‘u’ called a kahako, which lengthens and emphasizes the vowel, but im too lazy to try to format that lol).

and that concludes this linguistic primer on hawaiian punctuation, have a great day y’all.


Rewatched Madoka Magica and realized akumas and witches are really similar. Both make contracts believing they’ll become heroes/champions in exchange for a wish, only for it all to go horribly wrong.So I thought I’d try and draw some as witches. and I used some existing witches as inspiration/ref

also bonus pic cuz im too lazy to do them all


Hello! My name is Ami and I’m argentinian. Yesterday it was my dad’s birthday and my mom, in the way of buying a cake, she was robbed. Her cellphone was stolen.

My mother is deaf. So the cellphone she had  was pretty much her only way of comunicating with friends and family. 

I don’t want to ask anyone for money so I’m willing to do artist commisions for money. Even poetry commisions. I’ll try to make them as cheap as I can but I really need to buy her the phone and these kind of things are crazy expensive over here!!! 







Bee & Puppycat AU! I havnt decided whose gonna be puppycat but im thinking the blue lion?

so lance likes to make things with keith, whether it be cooking or making actually working small airplanes to play with, but soon shiros like “hey keith when are you gonna go to the garrison?” and hes like “um i kinda wanna stay here with lance. the garrison is so far away…” and lance finds the blue lion and starts doing small jobs throughout the universe to get money cause he poor. he likes to watch cooking with hunk (pretty patrick) and lives on pidges property (idk how she owns it tho) and pidge is trying to wake her brother and father who have been alseep for a while (from the new episode if u dont get it) ill probs add more stories and comics later but yeah this is what ive got so far!

I’ll be tagging all my Bee and Puppycat Voltron AU stuff as #bapvoltronau

I think the hardest part about losing you
was that I didn’t just lose the boy
who called me pretty even when I hadn’t showered in 3 days,
the boy who once kissed me in the rain with tears in his eyes

I lost my best friend
the only person who knows what my favorite time of day is
and why
the only person who’s calmed me down after a day of nightmares

I’ve lost so much more
than anyone can imagine
and I hear what youre asking
I’m just trying to make it easier on you

—  Conscious//kayla

b l u e s a r g e n t.
“all the women came to the same conclusion, blunt and inexplicably specific. what they all agreed on, in many different clairvoyant languages, was this: if blue was to kiss her true love, he would d i e.” -the raven boys by maggie stiefvater

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hi!! i just wanted to know, when you paint, and you've done your blk/white values, how are you switching to color? a new layer with like Overlay settings or?? and then you paint on top of that right (but when i paint on top of layer settings and merge later, it loses the effect..)?

This example is from the WIP files of Morrigan here but it’s the process I pretty much apply to any digital painting I do. Here’s how my layer sets tend to look like (I color coded them just for u anon):

Breaking it down, first I have my b&w painting that I’ve usually done in a separate psd file (because if I keep it all in one file it gets kinda messy and difficult to manage after a while) and merged together and ported into a new file for coloring.

Then it’s just a matter of coloring stuff in and messing with blending modes until it looks nice. And yes you can’t merge alpha layers (i.e. any transparency) set to different blending modes because the mode will default to none and you’ll get some funky results. keep those on their respective layers. leave em alone. don’t touch em.

And then I make a new separate set of layers on top to get some more painting action goin on. Try different things to see what works best for you, but I find this sorta three-tier process pretty easy and natural to follow.

so someone had this response to my retold mulan and im fucking crying





i’m sorry i’m not trying to be mean but this is the fucking funniest criticism i’ve ever received. like - in the original mulan she want to war for like a decade and became a general, and also there was no shang no talking dragon and no lucky cricket. and like even if she was a historical figure there definitely wasnt a talking dragon involved??

i mean if we want to be very specific, then legend or folktale is probably a more accurate description for mulan than fairytale. but it sure aint history.

i love this. i’m going to print out this comment and frame it.

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i rr like ur art and i was wonderin how you pick out your color schemes when you draw? like do u just kind of yolo it or do u have like a thing u do lol

thank u !!! actually i already tried to explain one way i pick colors here , tho thats pretty old and only refers to analogous color schemes so… im gonna try to update it a lil bit! (btw everything ill say from this point on is just based on my own experience, im no art student and im sry if anything i explain makes no sense….!! ANYWAY moving on)

1) probably the thing i use the most are analogous color schemes bc theyre easy to do and look very calm and harmonous:

the two colors i show on the color pick thing are the ones farthest to the left and right, every other color is somewhere between them! bc of this the drawing looks calm and natural. most of the different colors u can see are created by playing around with the saturation!

2a) something i only recently started using frequently is the analogous color scheme with a highlight:

the most part of the drawing is done in analogous colors, but i added a highlight to kinda of… “break open” the closed off feeling that analogous schemes usually have! for that highlight i tend to use a higher saturated color on the other side of the color wheel, or at least one that doesnt “match” the other colors.

2b) most of the time i do the highlight not like this tho, but in the lineart:

thats a lot more subtle !

3) and sometimes i just do…..whatever lmao

Overwatch Ladies as Gays Ive Met
  • D.Va: Sleep deprived hoodie gay, encouraging af, texts long ass i love you messages to gf at 3am because shes wants her girl to smile
  • Mei: COZY blankets drawn over shoulders, hot cocoa and cuddle gay, softly reads books out loud to gf as she plays with her hair
  • Mercy: Wants everyone to chill gay, doesnt give af, wears gfs clothes cause cute, cleans when anxious, lowkey kinky af heckin tease to her poor gf
  • Pharah: Could kill you hot gay, gives best massages, at bar suave as heck but trips 2 secs later, the tank top gay
  • Sombra: No pants at home, loves to order food an request the cute delivery girl, the gay that girls experimented with in college that got her feelings devastated, softie
  • Symmetra: The gay you see on the when your growing up that makes you realize how gay you are, the hides feelings gay that pins gf to wall, heckin powerful with stare
  • Tracer: Beanie wearing, flannel, guitar playing at 2am in the quad outside gay, once cried over a puppy that was small as heck, the funny gay who everyone wants to play beer pong with, The GAY (tm)
  • Widowmaker: Had a scene phase, cant be bothered to care gay, will smirk to make others nervous, fairytale kind of sensual gay in reader fics
  • Zarya: Found true love on first round gay, gym gay who wheezed first time she saw a pretty girl, nearly set fire to her house for trying to bake, the gay who is confident and hot af for it

hi i wanted to write a post about BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) because ive never ever seen it discussed and i would like more people to be aware of it and maybe, some other people will realize they have it and not feel so messed up like i did for a long time

BDD is a disorder that makes you hyperfocus on your appearance, a lot of times its a specific part of your appearance. you obsess over a perceived ugliness and it preoccupies a lot of your time & makes daily functioning/social interaction very hard. its linked with other anxiety disorders (specifically OCD which i also have) and sometimes is thought of as being a subset of OCD

heres some symptoms in no particular order:

  • hiding/masking yourself (needing to put on a lot of makeup, always wearing sunglasses or baggy clothes, in my case i have to wear band-aids on my face and sometimes have to wear a literal face mask)
  • intense anxiety/suicidal feelings if “mask” isnt available
  • need for reassurance about appearance, but then immediately disqualifying any compliments you receive (”theyre just saying that to appease me, its because this picture was in a certain lighting/edited, i was wearing makeup” etc)
  • self-worth largely tied to appearance and thus feeling worthless very often. as a consequence it becomes really hard to talk about symptoms because preoccupation w/ appearance is seen as “vain”
  • withdrawal/fear in close or intimate relationships for fear of being seen as ugly
  • avoiding social situations for fear of being seen as ugly
  • looking in the mirror a lot (or avoiding mirrors), analyzing appearance daily, picking at skin/face/etc
  • comparing your appearance to other peoples (excessively and constantly: “people think this person is pretty and i look nothing like them so im ugly. people have called this trait ugly and i have it so im ugly” etc)
  • missing school, work, other events bc you feel like everyone will be staring at you and judging your appearance. this contributed to me dropping out of school
  • obsession with changing appearance or “fixing” perceived defects (personally i was obsessed with skincare for a long time and was always trying to find the perfect skincare routine and spent so much money on products trying to make my acne go away)

theres probably more but yea, this is getting really long! i would really really appreciate if people reblogged this so other people can know about it, also if you have any questions or just want to talk about your experiences feel free to shoot me an ask!

When I was little, I thought love was about red roses and expensive dinners. Truth is, love is giving him half your fries when he said he wasn’t hungry. It’s waking up at 4am to him snoring and refraining from shoving him off the bed. It's talking in accents just for shits, and trying to embarrass one another in public. It’s going on adventures, and making fun of each other. It’s stupid fights and memorable make ups. Love isn’t always pretty and romantic. Love is just stumbling through life with your best friend.
—  one of my favourite love quotes - Unknown
  • *in the future*
  • jisung, the oldest: mom why do most of us have korean names
  • sungwoon, 2nd oldest: why do you want me to find a guy named noh taehyun
  • minhyun, 3rd oldest: why do you always tell me i'll reunite with minki, aron, dongho, and jonghyun
  • seongwoo, 4th oldest: what is a slate
  • daniel, 5th oldest: why do you always get me a kitten for my birthday *surrounded by 13 kittens*
  • Jaehwan, middle child: stop calling me a vocal legend mom i like to rap
  • Jihoon, 5th youngest: why are you calling me winkboy and saying jeojjang or gugugaga whenever i pass you
  • Woojin, 4th youngest: why do i have an eyepatch on
  • Jinyoung, 3rd youngest: stop calling me and jihoon winkdeep
  • Daehwi, 2nd youngest: why are you trying to get me to befriend someone named somi
  • Guanlin, youngest: i'm not a swaggy rapper, i'm a vocal legend. why do i have a pet chick named seonho
  • me: *sweats nervously*

do you feel that too?


Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)