im trying to get it right since yesterday


I played through the wedding yesterday (GUYS I C R I E D) but since it was so late and there was SO MUCH going on I stopped before getting to all the after-wedding activities. Im on spring break right now which means I’ll be with friends at the beach, but im going to try and update tommorow 

fingers crossed!

Ahh sorry about the lack of activity today, I’ve sort of been feeling tense since yesterday after some fam shit happened. I just got home from work so I’m too tired to do anything right now.
Also, I want to shout out to my lovely @the-excisionist she is an absolute angel and I love her, she really brightened my day today - but she does it every day because she’s so precious and sweet and did I mention I love her- I love you Danna, thank you for existing, I don’t know what I’d do without you ❤︎
Everyone send her some love, too, okay? She deserves so much, I’m so grateful.