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except for the humor in book of mormon is completely different. they’re not making fun of AIDS or people dying of AIDS, they’re poking fun at the fact that privileged people who don’t live in 3rd world countries think that 3rd world problems like AIDS can be solved with religion and asking God to make it better and saying “oh yeah, you’ll be fine if you just read the bible”. whereas people in the falsettos fandom are making jokes about whizzer dying of AIDS and nothing else.

there’s a huge difference. 

making fun of people who don’t see the seriousness of AIDS - book of mormon

making jokes out of someone who died from AIDS and not taking it seriously - (bad) falsettos fans

@hopeyou-findthatswimmingpool i hope this helps!!! it’s a weird type of humor so unless it’s in the proper context it’s easy to misinterpret but! i hope this helps!!

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Roy@dolly: So you said you're looking for a place to live with your wife. Where's she now?

Dolly: “Our, ehm… dear new neighbors went from just a rowdy bunch to actual violent, threatening pokemon. While I search for a new place for us, she remained home to keep the other residents safe as they evacuate.”

Dolly sighs dreamily at the mention of her wife. “My beloved is a fierce, capable fighter, but oh, how I miss her…!”

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Recall tips??

I AM SO SORRY for your 19 day wait anon, if u even around. I’m really sorry, I just get so busy and I wanted to give u a nice thoughtful write up and then…life????

Here is some shit I suggested to @pointy-pup a bit ago

tldr; try to practice it multiple times a day. just randomly call ur dog and then have a party with preferred reward (toys, treats, praise, squeaky voice etc)

  • when they resting in another room
  • when they cant see you
  • when they clearly distracted by a smell in ur house
  • turn it into hide and seek
  • expand it to ur front yard or some fenced yard with minimal distractions or long line + harness
  • start taking it to other places. UR NOT DRILLING THIS OK, just let them walk along doing their thing THEN suddenly call…then 5 more minutes doing their thing, THEN SUDDENLY CALL
  • slowly build it up to them being distracted by things, but start when they naturally looking ur way
  • use happy excited voice!! always! do not bother with serious HERE voice for this, this is ur excited party recall and u want it to reach into the very fibre of their being and have them running to u before they even finish hearing it. ur tone, ur enthusiasm, they matter. u will look like an idiot but ohmygod when u recall ur reactive dog from a strange dog that approached her it is WORTH IT
  • try to touch their collar. just treat and collar, treat and collar, so touching collar = good thing, not the fun is ending. u can do this exercise separately.
  • separate to all ur COMMAND practice, randomly reward them checking in on you. just looking at u. could be treats, a game, praise, going over to sniff something - whatever it is u think ur dog would like that moment. u want them to look at u more often, just good skill to have.

Remember, this is built on repetition, practice and reinforcement! and nothing gonna be 100%, keep an eye on ur environment and try to anticipate “bad” distractions - and call your dog BEFORE they notice the distraction

here’s the shitty bit.

do this couple of times every day for a couple of months. ur dog will get better and faster. dont give them opportunities to run off until a couple of months in, breath, go somewhere safe and not too distracting and only recall when u think the odds are good or preventive measure (ie a potential distraction u noticed first). reward…then let them go back to doing the thing they were doing.

after that couple of months, you can dial back…and u won’t lose points for skipping a day here and there.

don’t expect 100%. strive for it, aim for 99% and acknowledge that 1% of the time it will be out of ur hands. keep working at 99%. vary it up, put ur own twist on it as u work out what works best with ur dog. do touch ups as needed (the grounded incident last year lmao)

e.g here is me, playing some game with thistle. i try to do this game once a week…at dog school…with all the other dogs around…because this is an environment i really want to reinforce turning on the dime to me. this game doubles as a reward, cause she gets to chase and bite the treats.

that’s my high prey drive low impulse control didnt know shit when i got her at 1 year old rescue. 2.5 years later with lots of work, not so bad, hey? we’ve got some crittering issues, sure, and i still need to manage carefully…but i take her offlead to bushes, reserves and even some less populated city parks. with all that training and reinforcement, comes freedom and fun!

and she still blew me off a bit later for what turned out to be week old abandoned steak ;) win most lose some

and here is us playing actual hide and seek. ive started doing it with thyme, on easy level (just standing in a different room/behind objects) to build reinforcement in the desire to find me when he cannot see me!

tldr tldr i believe in you anon! and in pointy-pup! some dogs need more work but keep at it!

hello this is just a reminder to not send messages to your fav celebrities saying youre going to hurt/kill yourself bc it is super manipulative!! i know it is tempting and i know you look up to them so much and anything they say can help you but pls remember they are not your friend, to them you are a stranger and putting them in that position is super crappy so pls just dont do it

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Please note he killed her in the same manner he killed Kuro-mama.

oh my god 

ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

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do you have any favorite build cc?

ok so i don’t really have that much build mode cc so i just picked a few of my favorite things from buy mode

1. Neon peace sign

2.  S2 Ikea Chair

3. Old Mill Ivy

4. Bubble lamp

5. Trunk coffee table

6. City living posters

7. Wall microwaves

8. Potted-piary Plant

9. Felt letter board

10. Faceted floor lamp

seeing liberals responding to conservatives with “actually the founding fathers would see our policy as promoting liberty” or references to reagan or whatever literally makes me want to die.

like you can’t criticize conservatives for nationalism when you use the same arguments flipped back.

it doesn’t matter what past presidents and/or historical figures want. it doesn’t matter. at all. by making these arguments you’re doing the same thing as conservatives: painting american history in a good light by disregarding what the fuck actually happened.

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the yogs fave activity is to randomly scream 'what team' and listen for whose around to scream 'wildcats' although it gets out of hand and they turn it into a game resulting in oneo f em shouting 'what team' in the hallway an d another accidentally running into an in sesh class and shouting 'wildcats'

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What kills me about Snaggleton is that he reninds me of the old hannah-barbara cartoons so i always imagine him in those scenes (like the infamous long tongued character having their tongue pulled down and it shoots up and rolls in their mouth like old-school blinds on a window scene)

excuse the crappy animation but omg this is probably my favorite message ive gotten abt snag……. wa.… ..thank you kind anon,,,

HEYYY it’s Jinx back at it again with another character, this is Marlene McKinnon and I’m happy to play her here!! 

SOFIA BLACK D'ELIA? No, that’s actually MARLENE MCKINNON from the MARAUDERS ERA. You know, the child of STEVEN MCKINNON and ARIELLA SELWYN? About to begin SEVENTH YEAR, this RAVENCLAW student is sided with THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. SHE identifies as CIS-FEMALE and is a PUREBLOOD who is known to be DOGMATIC, ARGUMENTATIVE, and STUBBORN but also ADROIT, PROGRESSIVE, and LOYAL. — &&. ( JINX, PST, SHE/HER, 22 )

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bts reacts; their s/o fangirl/boying

aye ladies and gentlemen!

request; reaction to their s/o fangirl/boying?

hey guys, how are ya all?
so, im back with another react. sorry if it’s god awful, I still have massive writers block but I really am trying my best.
thanks so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy, my love.
note; non of the gifs are mine, credits to the owners.


he’d find it really cute. your favourite band/group just brought out a new album and this is your first time listening to it, you’d literally be screaming {me when love yourself; her came out}. jin would just walk in on you pretty much having a massive fit because of these people. he'd just smile and leave you to continue.

External image


yoongi would find it a bit weird, but secretly love it when your like this; mainly because when you’re fangirl/boying, you’re fangirl/boying about him and something he’s done.

“ah, _____, you’re so weird. it’s only a picture,” he’d say, trying to hide his blushing for you.

“oh, shut up yoongi. im trying to compliment you. take my compliment,” you’d reply, pouting jokingly.

“why do I date you?” he’d ask, leaving the room and feeling his face flush, remembering everything you said.


he’d just sit there, watching you get super excited over this one thing. he couldn’t help but chuckle under his breath at how funny he though it was, casually glancing over at you every once and a while to see you with you mouth hug open; like you have for the past 5 minutes; over a photo your celeb crush {that ain’t him} just did.

External image


he’d obviously tease you about it. and i mean for like weeks after, every time the person you fangirl/boyed over is mentioned he’d start squealing and jumping up and down in fake excitement, just to se your reaction.

“leave it out, namjoon,” you’d say jokingly, sticking your tongue out.

“but it’s {insert artist that isn’t them}, i can’t help it,” he’d reply, quoting you from weeks before.

External image


just like jin, he’d find it so, so cute. he’d just sit there giggling because of how adorable you look, smiling at all your little squeals and shrieks.

“you know you could be squealing and giggling because of me, but know you chose to giggle over {insert famous guy},” he’d laugh,

“jimin, you can’t say that,” you’d say, eyes opening wide,

“what? i didn’t mean it like that, you’re the one who took it like that,” jimin replies, getting up to walk out the room, “but yeah, that too,”

External image


he would tease the fuck out of you, but this is taehyung. what do you expect?
he’d run round the dorm yelling at all the guys about how great {another band/groups}’s new song is and that {your favourite member} is so hot.

“taehyung! stop it,” you’d whine at him, pouting playfully,

“but {the band/group} is so cute! i can’t even- ah! my heart,” he’d say dramatically, trying to act  like you.

External image


“what the hell, _____?” he’d ask, “are you okay?” he adds rushing into your shared room after the loud screaming that came from within. “what happened? why did you scream?” he questions, looking at you seeing your fine.

“{another band/group} just posted a selca all together,” you explained, showing his the picture off your phone. he’d role his eyes, and chuckle.

“im just gonna leave you to whatever you was doing, goodbye,” he’d saying, laughing whilst he did, before exiting the room.

so, there ya go!
thanks to the anon who requested this, and i really hope you liked it.

inbox - requests are open.

love ya all!
- kala
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