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hello! can i get a 29 + 32 with i.m??? and i love your drabble games and your sailor moon pics ❤😇

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

Changkyun had agreed to come over to test out the baked goods you’d been trying out all day. He wrapped his arms around you when you opened the door while his lips pressed all over his lips. “Hope you don’t mind me passing out on your sofa after you stuff me full of cake.”

“You can stay but your clothes must go,” you giggled against his lips before leading him to the sitting room. He didn’t hesitate to sit and began to tuck into the range of food you’d made. “I made you a cookie but I ate it,” you murmured, taking a piece of cake. “I think they’re the only things that tasted decent,” you heard his muffle laugh. “It’s okay,” he spoke through his mouthful of food.    

*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive

steve & his gf’s wisdom teeth removal - headcanons

this dope ass idea was requested by @greasers-with-glitter - thank u & i hope u like them!! anything for ma boy steve.

  • for the first 5 minutes after surgery, you’re so quiet, like you’re not even talking 
    • “IS SHE OK”
    • “WHA T  HAPPEN D
  • and then u fucking lose it ???
    • “steve, she’s on laughing gas. it might last for a while.”
    • and then u can see the tension leave his face while a lil mischevious smirk sets in and he’s just like
    • “oh.”
    • ;)
  • he totally just wants to mess around w u now
    • “WHAT. IS. MY. NAME.”
    • “stheebe”
    • and he’s being an ASS SO HE CAN HEAR U FUCK HIS NAME UP AGAIN
    • but after a while it gets annoying lmao
    • like in the car on the ride back home, he’ll be driving and you’ll be like
    • & you’ll have him glance ur way while he drIVES & stick the middle finger all up in his face
  • u stick ur head out the window while he’s driving and he is conceRned
    • u open ur mouth while ur out the window (??) and one of the gauze things flY OUT
    • “IT FELL OUT”
  • but when u get ur head back inside, u yawn cause now you’re tired for some reason ???
    • “AH”
  • you’re sporadically falling asleep
    • like even in the middle of you talking
    • aaaand ur sleeping
  • steve brings u to the Curtis house bc he cant do this by himself
    • ^^ *voice crack*
  • except the gang really isnt of much help cause they all wanna do is mess with u
    • “Y/N THE FUZZ IS CHASING aFTER U” (dally)
    • “dallY NO” (steve)
    • “i swEAR IM INNOCENT” (u)
    • “BUT THE BLOOD” (dally)
    • cue the waterworks!!
  • soda & two are trying way too hard not to laugh
    • but two is deadass walking off into the kitchen cackling LIKE A FUCKING WITCH
  • johnny, pony and steve are the only ones concerned for u, like they’re trying to help u stop crying
    • johnny and pony got u tissues and steve got u ice cream but u start crying more
    • “why cant you eat the ice cream????” (my man is stressed rn)
  • steve is so spent lmfao he needs a nap

you’re always going to see me advocating for compassion, accessibility, and communication when trying to educate other people. what’s the point of trying to share information with people who are unaware, uneducated, or even part of the opposition, if you can’t do it without alienating those people?

this is of course not to say that we can never get angry, can never lash out, can never express frustation when trying to explain things to the people who oppress us and who refuse to listen to us. i’m not saying that sea-lioning must be met with kindness, nor am i saying that people owe a goddamn thing to their oppressors – nobody is entitled to your work, your labor, your time, or your energy, and it’s absolutely your prerogative to let them know as much.

but at the same time, nobody is born with all of the information we know. and even though people should be going through the slow, painstaking process of self-education selflessly, doing all of their own research and not getting easy answers, that’s just not how people work. i’m thinking about the opposition to redneck revolt, about offering sociopolitical discourse on social media but then consistently and angrily spitting “google is free” when someone so much as asks for clarification, about immediately demonizing anyone who commits a microaggression without factoring in the possibility that they truly, genuinely didn’t know better, about refusing to make academic language easier for working class people to follow (which is the whole point, no? empowering and liberating the working class?)

so again i’m not saying anyone MUST kindly explain anything to anyone ever, especially to people who have power over them. but i believe that an approach of compassion and accessibility will allow people who don’t currently know, understand, or agree with our beliefs to become more open-minded and eventually agree with that we’re saying. if we try to approach them with constant aggression (even if it’s 100% justified!) it’s only going to alienate them further from our cause, which doesn’t help them and certainly doesn’t help us.

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Person: I'm a lesbian and I only love girls, Other Person: but like people are amazing! People are beautiful and amazing! Namaste!

honestly tho this happens all the time and like,,, i Get that when people who arent a part of a specific marginalized group see that specific marginalized group they have to Make Sure We Remember Everyone Else!!!!! but like,,,,,,, lesbians have historically been raped and murdered for not liking men, commenting on my lesbian post about my lesbianism telling me that i shouldnt be focused on girls, that i should be thinking about EVERYONE :) is homophobic like let lesbians exist, let us love women, stop trying to force us to like everyone else

the idea that lesbians should “open their minds” to being with men is the oldest joke in the homophobic book, it isn’t “revolutionary” or “progressive” its homophobic and im tired of it!!


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  • wee woo wee woo weE WOO WE OE EW
  • for this request, the rest will come when they do
  • i really love jackson and i really love the idea of boyfriend jackson so this… this was honestly coming sooner or later
  • i think if anyone in got7 were to get/have a girlfriend while in the group i think it’d be jackson
  • i mean he’s a social dude so he comes across a lot of different people all the time, is constantly making friends and i mean come on, look at him
  • he’s gawjus
  • but back to the point at hand!!

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37 for tree bros??

Evan had full intentions of going to prom. He bit back all the nerves in the world, he stared down the gnawing anxiousness that reared its head at him as he bought the ticket and (metaphorically) flipped him off. He was going to prom. His mother was excited for him, Evan had decided to go as a group with his friends. It was going to be fun! It was going to be great! It was… 

“Honey? You almost ready?” Evan’s mother called at around 6pm, the prom started at 7 and went on until eleven. She looked at Evan’s door, locked shut unsure what had happened between him eating his lunch with vigor and excitement. His hands busy texting all his friends to now? Silence. He came such a long way but even with all his great lengths somedays were just harder than others. 

Evan was dressed in a blue suit with black trim. He looked sharp, hair done and shoes tied. He looked down at himself and felt the tears roll down his cheeks. He couldn’t seem to …move. He wasn’t sure what changed in him. Everything was fine when he was taking a shower. He was idly scrolling through facebook and instagram while he was getting dressed. Connor and Alana had taken selfies of their matching tuxes, Jared photobombed Zoe taking a picture with her parents. Everyone was looking so nice and happy, Evan felt that way too then it was all ripped out of him. Unexpectedly and all at once his chest caved in on itself. 

All at once his hands were shaking and his breathing was uneven. All at once his heart was beating out of time and his mind was aching with the same repeated thought that started as a whisper during lunch, grew to a buzz during his shower and now was an all out cry bouncing around the walls of his skull. 

‘They’d have more fun without you.’

Evan placed his hand over his mouth, he wanted to force it away. He fought back with logic, he fought back with facts and memories of his friends loving him. They wanted him. But he couldn’t fight the what ifs. “Honey?” his mother called again this time knocked at his door. He jumped out of skin for a second then slowly turned, what to say to his mother? How could he tell her that after all the steps he took forward he was walking backwards now. “Are you ok, Evan?” 

“Uh.” He opened his mouth, he wanted to say no. He wanted to say he needed more time, he wanted to talk about it. He wanted her to tell him that it was going to be ok. “I think I came down with something…I-I-I…” He gulped stammering as he conjured up an excuse. “I-I’m sick.” 

“Oh…no Evan I’m sorry are you going to be ok for prom?” 


Evan didn’t unlock his door, he sat defeated in his tux for hours as his mother continuously knocked on the door to check on him. He became a broken record of ‘I’m fine, just stomach or something’ and ‘I’m going to try to sleep’ sayings. After a while his mother gave him space, thank god. She probably figured it out by now, Evan just didn’t want to go. 

That would have been a lie. He wanted to go. 

He made the mistake on his part to check his phone which he had purposely left on silent. He had 76 missed calls, 15 messages, and 4 unread ims from their group chat. He didn’t bother to check them, his mind had other things in mind. As if controlled by a demon he opened up social media and was met with pictures of his peers all at prom. One in particular made his heart sink. It was taken outside the Murphy’s home. A picture of Connor, Alana, Zoe and Jared all dressed and standing side by side. A perfect picture of friends with no Evan in sight. “Heh” a small choked chuckle escaped his lips, as his redden eyes found room for more tears. 

He wanted to go but it made no difference if he — 

“Yo.” A voice came from other side of his door. That was not his mother’s voice. Evan was frozen on his bed, half aware he could be going insane if he was hearing voices. “Evan, open the door or I’ll kick it in.” Connor’s threats were empty but Evan didn’t like to take any chances. He bounced to his feet and opened the door finding it was in fact Connor standing there. 

Connor looked great, in a black velvet suit and loopy ribbon for a tie. His hair was pulled up into a bun with a few stray curls flopping over his forehead. “Uh…how was prom?” 

“Fine, but you wouldn’t know.” Connor shrugged. “Everyone was worried about you so …we made the collective decision to check up on you.” 

“O-Oh but–” 

“But I told them I’d go instead. That way they know you’re ok and no one misses out prom.” 

“Except you.” 

Connor shrugged it off, “I wasn’t planning on going until you and Alana made a big fuss about it. When you weren’t there I didn’t see the point in sticking around to watch Jared body roll on literally everything.” 

Evan smiled at the thought of his friends having fun. “Still…sorry you wasted your prom ticket money…and your suit money…and…” his smile began to shrink into itself as the dread began to build, the guilt meant to stack up. He felt a hand gently grab his. 

“You can pay me back” Connor began then slowly pulled out his phone and placed his spotify on shuffle. A Sleeping At Last song came up, a group both Evan and Connor had come to like together. “Dance with me.” 

Evan still dressed in his suit (though wrinkled from laying in bed and crying in it) was dazed at the offer. Connor’s hand didn’t loosen, he pulled Evan a bit closer waiting for his answer verbally though his body had already said yes. He placed his clammy hand on Connor’s waist and awkwardly swayed in a slow dance in the middle of his hallway. He pressed his chest into the velvet of Connor’s suit, completely unaware of the camera flashes going off as his mother took photos of Evan’s prom.

A Deal With The Devil (Darkiplier)

Requested? Nope, this is my first one shot from this tumblr account so I don’t think I’ll be getting requests for a while, I do accept them though!!

Fandom: Teamiplier (Mark)

Prompt / Summary: “We can’t go in there…” (prompt)

Pairing: Darkiplier x Reader

Warnings: None that I know of??

“Guys,” I start, hearing my voice waver and give up how nervous I truly was. “We can’t go in there… It’s dangerous. I mean, we’ve all heard the legends. That place is haunted.” I try to persuade. All I get in return is a chorus of loud and obnoxious laughter.

“C’mon, Y/N, we’ve already made it this far! We might as well just go in and see what the place looks like. Besides, you said it yourself, the stories are just legends! There isn’t any real harm.” My friend tries to talk to me. I sigh and look over the place again, the old asylum has been abandoned for many years. It hasn’t been used since the 1960’s and the only sign of humans being here in the last couple decades is all the graffiti covering the outer walls. The place has supposedly been haunted by an evil spirit since it shut down. My friends decided it would be fun to go, considering none of them believe in ghosts and all just wanted to find a new place to get high without being caught. I cross my arms defiantly and shake my head. Another friend sighs before snatching my car keys out of my hand and throwing them over the fence. I gasp and scream out a small ‘no!’ but it’s too late, the keys are on the other side and all of my friends are moving forward to cross over the fence.

“Now you have to at least cross over the fence. And what’s the point of crossing over but not going in? Come on, live a little!”

With a dramatic sigh, I shake my head and cross the fence. Well, I’m here now, might as well take a look around.


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six words

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

Summary:  Six words, exactly a year ago, had changed your life and now six words were changing your life again.

Genre: Angst

Author’s Note: Firstly, I don’t know why I am doing this, whether this is a one shot or if I want to continue with it, but here it is anyway. Secondly, @greasygyeom started doing playlists with her work, and while I love the idea I suck at making playlist...However, this entire fic was inspired by songs, so I only figured it was right to borrow Greasy’s idea for a playlist. 

Playlist: l o s i n g  p e t u n i a s

Enjoy! <3

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College!AU Hoshi
  • major: acting 
  • minor: sociology 
  • sports: tried out for baseball team with seokmin but dropped it freshman year 
  • clubs: on campus dance team, theater ensemble 
  • like his best friend seokmin, hoshi is incredibly popular on campus. everyone knows him because he’s always being goofy w/seokmin or reciting lines from his memory in the quad while standing atop on of the benches
  • anyone who’s walked from one class to another has probably met hoshi on their way and hoshi probably gave them a flyer advertising the theater ensembles next performance and then made them pinky promise to come
  • and like people always go because hoshi is a natural born actor who manages to captivate people like magic and it’s obvious he’s going to make it 
  • choose sociology as a major to better understand human relationships and situations brought about in the real world and how to display them accurately through the characters he plays 
  • people are always telling him to audition for movies or tv shows and the thing is hoshi is much more in love with theater than he is with being on tv. his favorite thing ever is musical theater and aside from being the lead almost all the time , he also choreographs a lot of the dancing in the college productions 
  • everyone in the acting major calls him ‘genius 10:10:’ and one of his classes starts at 10:10am and the second he walks through the door he’s just like *finger guns* “it’s hoshi time”
  • the professor: no it’s ‘contemporary women playwrights’ class time. hoshi sit down
  • sometimes he’ll do method acting and come into class with a british accent or he’ll come in wearing a hakch’angui and everyones like ???? but hoshi has literally no sense of embarrassment 
  • makes business major mingyu practice his lines with him during lunch and mingyu’s like “literally. id rather be studying finances right now.” and hoshi’s like “read your lines.” and mingyu *trying to mimic a high pitched voice* “o-oh prince of my dre-” hoshi: “no no no, say it more romantically.” mingyu: “…….i will kill you.”
  • the theater majors have parties every time they complete one of their shows and honestly it’s like the most lit even on campus because everyone’s dancing around in the empty theater drunk out of their mind, playing around with props, and still in campus and whoever told you theater majors don’t know how to have fun is a LIAR hoshi tried to climb the curtains at one of the parties while still wearing his outfit from ‘peter-pan’ and claiming he was searching for captain hook, who, coincidentally had passed out in one the dressing rooms. tl;dr: theater majors get WILD
  • but otherwise hoshi’s the outgoing guy on campus who everyone wants to befriend or hangout with because he’s funny, cute, can dance, and will imitate your favorite actors if you ask him 
  • and you know him, you’ve been to a couple of the college theater’s shows and you’re impressed by him like everyone else. you never really think about approaching him though because his circle of friends is big enough so it’s more of like you know the name hoshi, but beyond that you two are strangers
  • which is why when you drop by the theater to ask if anyone has seen your friend who’s also part of the ensemble you’re surprised to see that hoshi is alone there pacing up and down the stage in a panic
  • and you call out to him like ask if he’s seen your friend around
  • and hoshi turns to you and jumps off the stage and makes a damn beeline to where you’re standing near the last row of seats and like
  • you’ve never seen him up close but now he’s standing like 4 feet away from your face and hurriedly he explains that your friend canceled on practicing with him because of a test and now there’s no one here to practice with and opening night is tomorrow and he’s basically like a frantic mess
  • and you’re like ?@@?@?!?@?!?!?/ “im sorry????? can’t you ask someone else-” and hoshi is shaking his head like “mingyu’s at study hall, wonwoo’s not answering his phone, minghao never reads lines with me, and seokmin- that rascal - he’s got a baseball game!” 
  • and then ………. and then hoshi snaps his fingers and his face completely changes and he’s like “are you free right now?”
  • and you can tell where this is going and you want to lie and be like “oooo i have lab gtg” but then again you don’t have lab and also you don’t want to lie to this person whose obviously in need of help and so you swallow and nod and hoshi smiles 
  • and stretches out to take your hand and put the script he’s holding into it 
  • and that’s how you find yourself standing on stage. alone. with hoshi. 
  • and out of all the plays it’s pride and prejudice (the musical version apparently) and the lines hoshi needs to practice the most are from darcy’s famous confession and like
  • as he’s getting into character you’re like sweating stammering over ur lines as elizabeth and like when ur done hoshi suddenly changes from a lively smiley boy you know him best as to this cold look in his eyes and he takes a step forward confidently and like 
  • the lines of the confession are really mature and use a lot of large words and hoshi sounds so eloquent and his tone drops to be lower and you’re honestly spellbound when he reaches out to touch your face and you’re supposed to smack his hand away but like ,,,, you can’t 
  • this serious side of hoshi, although it’s for the character he’s playing, has you basically starstruck and after a minute of just staring at him with your mouth open hoshi backs away and starts laughing like 
  • “are you frozen??” and you feel yourself turning red and you’re like “n-n-no!! i just- you got close so-” and hoshi points to the script like “yeah, i have to get close. but…..ill let you off since this is your first time doing a read-through. let’s try it again?”
  • and so you stand there on the stage with him and time passes and after a while you find yourself having a lot of fun, mostly do in part to how playful and encouraging hoshi is
  • like you’ve never acted in your life and all he needs you to do is read the words on the paper and do basic movements, but hoshi makes it fun and he compliments you on even the slightest thing and you’re like “he’s being friendly, don’t fall for it.” buT HOW Can you not 
  • his smiling face, his ability to make you feel at ease, the way he’s just so so so nice about everything
  • your heart just,,,,,,it just cracks 
  • finally you check your watch and see that’s already past 8 and you’re like fRICK i need to get to my dorm and start studying for tomorrows class and so you bow to hoshi and say you have to go
  • but before you grab your bag and run he takes a hold of your hand and pulls you back and is like “remember how i said tomorrow is opening night? promise you’ll come? the shows at 10!” and you nod like yeah yeah but you’re not thinking straight because you’re in panic trying to remember if tomorrow’s class has a quiz or not
  • and so you run out after he lets you go and you don’t see because you’re busy trying to sprint across campus but hoshi grins to himself and thinks he needs to put on a really good show tomorrow, better than usual, since someone he likes will be watching 
  • but the next day the fact that hoshi’s show is opening completely escapes your mind because it turns out there was a quiz and you’re so tired because you got to the dorm late and ended up studying the wrong section of your book and now you’re like im getting a ZERO its over and like everything else escapes you
  • it’s only when it’s around 10 pm and you get a text from your roommate that’s like “im gong to be late, @ the theater for pride and prejudice (:” and you’re like “ahhh sounds so fun………”
  • and then as you’re literally in bed in your pajamas about to Knock Out your eyes open and you’re like 
  • but before you rush out in your mickey mouse pj’s you fall back on your bed and mumble that hey, you two aren’t even that close, he won’t mind or care
  • and with that it’s light out for you
  • but at the theater hoshi keeps scanning the crowd and seokmin’s whose backstage to wish him luck is like ??? my dude what are you looking for ?? and hoshi’s like “do you know this person……” and he says your name, describes how you look and seokmin’s like yEah i know them but why - you’re friends?? and hoshi’s like “if you see them, tell them to come backstage after - i owe them a thanks.” and seokmin shurgs like ok got it
  • but the show comes to an end and seokmin’s like sorry they didn’t show and hoshi’s smile falters and it’s the first time the rest of the theater ensemble has ever seen him look so defeated after opening night
  • and for the week after hoshi keeps thinking maybe you’ll stop by one of the shows but you never do because you think hoshi’s long forgot about your favor for him
  • until you’re sitting in the campus cafe with your laptop and someone taps your shoulder and you turn around to see minghao who you know from one of your classes and you’re like ??? and minghao gives you a note and he’s like
  • “hoshi told me to give this to you. i don’t know why he couldn’t do it himself, but he paid me so here i am.” and you take the note and open it and its tickets to the theater ensemble’s show + a message that says for you to stick around after the show is over and honestly you’re Confused
  • and you ask minghao if he can tell you where hoshi is right now and minghao’s like “sorry, hoshi paid me not to say that either.” 
  • you: how much 
  • minghao: 25 bucks. you wanna best the offer?
  • you:……………nvm then
  • and like minghao waves and leaves and you’re looking at the tickets and the note and you’re just like maybe he did notice the fact that i didn’t come to opening night?? 
  • but like you don’t want to jump to conclusions so you’re like you know a little hesitant in even going but you decide it’d be rude to pass up so you go
  • and the show, as expected, is amazing. hoshi does such a good job he makes the audience cry and people are going up at the end to hand him flowers and praise him and everyone’s chattering about hoshi and his parts
  • and you nervously stand around near the back row, unsure of what exactly you’re supposed to do since hoshi told you to stick around when suddenly the girl who played elizabeth comes up and takes your hand and is like “c’mon!” and you’re like AH?? and she’s like giggling and dragging you beind the stage
  • and the rest of the students, still in costume, greet you and finally she stops in front of someone with their back turned and she’s like “i brought them - Mr. Darcy!”
  • and you’re like ????? what the hell is this a movie?? am i dreaming?? am i on prank’d-
  • and the person turns and it’s hoshi still in costume (this story takes place in 18th century england so please imagine hoshi in breeches w like those coats and a puffy neck scarf p l e as e) and you’re like holding back a laugh and suddenly he starts speaking lines from the confession 
  • “in vain I have struggled. It will not do. my feelings will not be repressed. you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire-” 
  • and someones from the back is like “WE GET IT DARCY JUST ASK THEM ON THE DATE”
  • and hoshi is like im GEtting TO it 
  • and tbh like it’s hoshi he wanted asking you out on a date to be dramatic and extra by literally asking you out in character but you know his theatermates are right he needs to get to the point
  • and so hoshi is like “im glad you could make it this time, but because you technically broke the promise you made to meeeeeeeeeeee how about making it up with dinner??”
  • and you’re Shocked to say the least 
  • because you’re not sure /why/ he’s asking you out like the only time you ever got relatively close is when you helped him and that was just the case of being in the right place at the right time 
  • BUT it’s not like you’re going to say no because hello it’s hoshi and you shyly nod and the entire ensemble breaks out into applause and hoshi tries to say something again in his character voice and you’re like “please don’t come dressed like that to dinner, i will pretend not to know you” and hoshi’s like “noted”
  • the dinner date is nothing like the actually invitation, it’s surprisingly nice and in this cozy little restaurant and hoshi tells you about himself and asks you about you and you’re like this is so calm and ………..unexpected
  • and tbh you’re a little like “this isn’t what i thought he’d be like.” and as hoshi is walking you to your dorm he’s like “listen, seokmin said that i need to tone it down sometimes so i hope this date was ok and i didn’t annoy by blabbering or something-” and you’re like 
  • “did seokmin suggest you take me to the restaurant?” and hoshi’s like “yeah, how’d you know?”
  • and you bite your lip to not laugh and you’re like “it’s just……it’s just so not your style!” and hoshi breaks into his own chuckle and he’s like “i kNOW right! i wanted to take you to dance practice with me but seokmin said that’d be too overwhelming or something like that!”
  • and you’re like “hey, second date - how about you teach me some dance movies or theater lines?” and hoshi grins and leans in a bit closer and he’s like “this is why i knew i liked you!” and he’s close and you’re kinda like akhflekjw but then you lean in and peck his cheek like “the date was still fun because it was with you anyway text me bye”
  • and you run inside and hoshi touches his cheek and like five minutes later you get a text 
  • but when you open it it’s a selfie of hoshi and he’s drawn a little heart on his cheek and he’s like “thank you~~ see you soon~~you’re the cutest~~ im gonna tell seokmin im taking you with me to dance and that he’s always wrong about everything~~”
  • after the second date, in which hoshi introduced you to everyone on the campus dance team and then proudly threw his arm around your shoulder and was like “you all better not get any ideas, they’re mine.” and after dancing for like two hours straight tackled you in a sweaty hug, it was safe to say that you two were a thing
  • hoshi telling anyone you guys are dating: “yeah, we’re dating. i made up a victory dance for the occasion, wanna see it?”
  • hoshi? you mean king of pda 
  • kisses on campus, nuzzling your face with his own in the library, surprise bear hugs when you visit him during theater practice, holding your hand under the table when you’re out to eat with the theater kids or seokmin, swinging your hands happily as he walks you to class
  • let me repeat: KING OF PDA 
  • everytime he’s got theater practice he like calls you to ask your opinion on his emotion through the phone like he’ll make everyone stop what they’re doing, just to call you and repeat a line and be like “is it good? do i sound emotionally distraught about my ship sinking?” and you’re like “yeah, you sound great captain hook.” and hoshi’s like im nOT PLAYINg captain HOOK thO
  • you’re his go to person to practice lines on and everyone in his friend group is so damn thankful until once when you were away on a trip and seokmin was like “hey, mingyu listen-” and mingyu was like oh god oh no oh god
  • makes jokes all the time that nearly give you heartattacks like he once was like “im gonna get a nose piercing for my next role, maybe dye my eyebrows green too to really get into chara-” and you were like “if you do ill shave your eyebrows off.”
  • whenever you’re sitting beside each other hoshi has to have his arm around your waist and he always tries to get away with putting his head in your lap to sleep
  • lots of people perceive hoshi as this endless ball of energy and at first you did too but then you learn that he deals with not only theater practice, but papers for his sociology minor and also competitions for dance and ontop of that he’ll take weekends to teach dance afterschool at a local middle school
  • and so when he is dead tired and literally just flops down and falls asleep with his face against your arm or in your lap you can only brush his hair from his face and whisper that you’re so proud to be dating someone so selfless 
  • he does this thing where he’ll be gently kissing down your neck and you close your eyes onLY to fEEL him lift you up over his shoulder and start running in circles and you’re like H O S  H I and he’s laughing like “are you dizzy??” and you’re like are we fIVE 
  • minghao voice from somewhere: yes, yall are five
  • hoshi will sometimes be like “im sorry i cant take you on more fancy dates” and you’re like “im fine just watching you rehearse for a show or practice dancing, it’s fine as long as im with you.” and hoshi just tackles you and kisses your face all over and everyone’s like grOSS except dino whose like !!!!!! TRUE LOVE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!
  • you come over to his dorm and you guys steal seokmin’s + jeonghan’s blankets to build a fort and they’re both like can you not but you and hoshi in your blanket fort you built in the communal living room: “you’re just jealous and lonely. we’re gonna cuddle now.”
  • hoshi surprises you by getting tickets to a musical in the city and you get to see his fanboy side come out as he excitedly names all the actors and singers in the musical and like when the dance parts come on you see his eyes like flash with stars
  • and once you saw a musical with this singer from one of hoshi’s favorite groups, and when you get the signature hoshi can’t stop talking about it he’s like “babe….BABE……onew signed my fan with his face on it….BABE”
  • sends you selfies of him getting fitted by the fashion majors for the costumes for their next show and he sent a selfie shirtless and then was like “oops!! accident!!” 
  • (it was not an accident lmfao)
  • sometimes when he’s sleepy and trying to stay awake he becomes super like serious and charming and he’ll just sleepily look at you and be like “you know you’re stunning right, like i could look at you all day.” and you’re like akhgoew hoshi read your textbook and he’s like “ok………but seriously i love looking at you.” 
  • puts notes into your books when you’re not looking that are like cute reminders that he loves you and it’s sentimental because this all started with a note and it’s just,,,,, it’s cute
  • you: hoshi where do you get this cute as hell stationary?
    hoshi: steal it from dino
  • now when hoshi has an opening night you make sure to be there in the front row,  cheering him on! you always get him flowers to give afterword but he’s like “you know what else i want?” and you roll your eyes and kiss him hehe
  • everyone on the dance team keeps trying to lock you two in the dance practice room overnight but hoshi’s like you rascals what the hell do you think we’d do and he always scolds them for it (while blushing a  L O T)
  • hoshi: let’s take slow dancing lessons together
  • you: we don’t have time hoshi
  • hoshi: well we’re gonna have to know for when we get married???
  • seokmin: that’s so corny. It actually hurt me
  • when you finally get around to asking hoshi what it is that made him like you in the first place he’s sitting with you on the stage after rehersal and everyone’s gone and he like pulls you so you’re sitting in his lap and he’s like “you’re the only person kind enough to not lie to me when i asked for your help, and even when you just had to read the lines you put in effort for me - someone you barely knew and i thought to myself this person is a lot like me.” and you’re like ??? a lot like you and hoshi kisses the side of your face and he’s like “willing to help anyone and everyone out, even if they’re some weird boy who asked you to rehearse romantic lines with him for a play.”

college!vixx (here) & college!bts (here)
find college!woozi (here),  college!wonwoo (here)college!seunghceol(here),  college!seokmin (here) , college!jun (here) college!mingyu (here) & college!jeonghan (here)
find special college!jb (here), college!mark tuan (here)
and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

I’m trying to be the girl that takes your breath away but some days I dont even think I’m worth breathing for.
Maybe I’m being hard on myself
and a little selfish,
but I want to be the girl who convinces you that not all girls are the same, that one day you can put all your trust in me and not have to worry about getting your heart broken, that promises can be kept.
I wanna be the girl that opens your eyes and steals every little piece of your heart so I can fix it and show you what love is. I wanna be the girl who makes you never want to think about any other girls. I wanna be the girl that blows your mind.
Im trying so hard, but sometimes I ask myself if I could ever be good enough for someome who deserves so much.
If that is the case, then im gonna continue to be hard on myself.
Cause in the end, all I really want is to be your babygirl forever.
—  He’s mine.
SEVENTEEN : MTL to enjoy being teased by their S/O

I’m sooo sorry i forgot posting something yesterday but i has school till 6 PM and i fell asleep right away.
I hope you enjoy it sweetheart! And thank you!




Like i said before Mingyu is just a big switch. Teasing, overstimulation and edging are one of his favorite kinks so he is a professional when it comes to these things.

Joshua is just pure sub so anything where you have the upper hand gets him off. At first he was pretty weak and would reach his limits really fast but with time he got better and better and now he has a high stamina and wants to be wrecked asap.

The8 is just like Joshua. The small difference is that he also enjoys teasing you and seeing you squirm underneath him fuels a dark side of him.

I once said that Hoshi might not be into BDSM but that doesn’t mean he can’t get rough. He also is a switch but with more dom tendencies. He’d really enjoy you tracing his body with cold fingers and touching him lightly.

Seungkwan seems rather vanilla to me but he would really enjoy teasing with some twists. What you understand under twists is up to you.

Dk would be alot like Hoshi but he wouldn’t mind being tied to the bedpost. I don’t think he would have something against BDSM but he’d only enjoy it when you do it with teasing him.

I struggled with Vernon. I didn’t know where to place him. Soo i think he wouldn’t have something against teasing but not too much or it will make him angry?

Wonwoo would be cool with it but only with a bit of convincing. He seems like an open dom so he would try things you like and enjoy.

Woozi would be just like Wonwoo maybe a bit harder to convince.

Jeonghan would be quite skeptical about it. He seems like a dom to me and i can imagine him wanting to stay a dom. Maybe he’d let you ride you but not tease him.

While Jun is also rather open minded im these matters he wouldn’t enjoy you teasing him. But if you do it with bondage he’d maybe enjoy it?? Not sure about it.

S.coups wouldn’t enjoy it. He’d would always want to be the dom so i don’t think that you’ll be able to tease him. Even when you’re riding him he’d still control you.


It was just a normal day. The Markiplier Team had spent a long day at the office editing videos and had finally come to relax. After dinner, they all split off their seperate ways for the night. Ty and Eth ended up in the living room watching TV, cuddling on the couch.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Eth got up to answer it while Ty paused the show they were watching so Eth wouldn’t miss anything. Right after he heard the door open, Ty heard a sudden shout that had unmistakably come from his boyfriend, so he decided to head to the door to make sure everything was okay. When he got there, he realized what all the ruckus was about. Apparently G had decided to come to L.A. to surprise Ethan with a visit. He watched at his boyfriend hugged the man and instantly started rambling on and on about how surprised he was. G just stood there listening and occasionally laughing at Eth.
Ty couldn’t help but feel the slightest tinge of jealousy, but tried to brush it off since he knew what good friends the two men were. He decided to walk back to the living room and wait for Eth so they could finished watching the episode they were on. After what felt like forever, but was really only a few minutes, Eth and G finally walked into the living room, smiling and laughing like children. “Hey Eth, are we going to finish this episode?” Ty asked his boyfriend.
“Actually, G hasn’t eaten in a while since he was travelling, so we’re going out to eat. Wanna come with?” Eth offered. As much as Ty didn’t want to be around the two of them, he knew it would only feel worse if he knew they were alone. He reluctantly nodded and stood. They told Mark they were leaving before heading out, eventually just ending up at Denny’s.
When they were seated, G sat down first on one side of the booth. Ty expected Eth to sit on the inside other side so Ty could sit on the outside, but instead Eth sat next to G, leaving Ty alone on his side of the booth. Ty again felt a pang of jealousy but still tried to ignore it. However, his jealousy only got stronger as the meal progressed, as his boyfriend practically ignored him the whole time to talk to G. He had no choice but to sit there and listen to G and Eth talk abiut anything and everything while he just messed around on his phone, not even bothering to try joining the conversation. Not that it mattered, the two barely acknowledged Ty’s presence.
After G had finished eating, he got out his wallet to pay, but Eth insisted he wanted to pay for G’s meal. He said it was “repaying him for his surprise visit.” Upon hearing this, Ty couldn’t help but roll his eyes, his jealousy flaring even more. Eth paid for the meal and they headed home.
“Where are you staying G?” Eth asked once they had arrived back at Mark’s house.
“Nowhere yet. I figured I would rent a hotel room somewhere around here,” G answered.
“You should just stay here! Im sure Mark wouldn’t mind,” Ty heard his boyfriend offer enthusiastically.
“Nah, I’d rather had a bed to myself than be invade someone’s couch,” G said with a laugh.
“You could stay in my room, you want.” Upon hearing his boyfriends offer, Ty finally gave up on trying to be civil, walked out of the living room, and headed to his bedroom where he slammed the door shut and sat on his bed. It was barely a few seconds after he sat down when he heard his door open and close again.
“Ty?” He heard Eth say timidly. He didn’t respond, but Eth continued anyways. “What’s wrong Ty? Why are you mad at me?” Eth asked innocently. Ty couldn’t help the fact that his heart melted when Eth used his whiney voice, which made most of his anger go away.
“Nothing, just go back with G. I’m sure you have to set up your room so you two will be comfortable in there,” Ty said bitterly.
“What?” Eth asked dumbfounded. After a few seconds of silence, Eth asked, “Are you jealous of G?”
Ty stayed silent, not wanting to admit the obvious.
“Ty, c'mon, don’t be silly. You know G and I are just friends. You are my boyfriend and the only person  I ever want to say that about. I’m sorry I didn’t pay much attention to you tonight. It’s just that I haven’t seen G in a while and wanted to catch up. But you know that you’re the one I love, not him. And just for the record, I wasn’t planning on sharing a room with him  I was going to stay with you, you doof,” Eth reassured Ty before leaning over to kiss him. Ty kissed his boyfriend back, all thoughts of jealousy replaced with our love for his amazing blue boy.

Sorry if there’s a lot of typos I’m this! I had to type it all on my phone and I usually do fics on my laptop. I might go through and edit it tomorrow, but I hope you like it!

OT4 Nonsense pt 4.

YES IT’S BACK! (I am reposting this without the art this is inspired by to make it easier to link to the others later.) This is set about a month or so after where part 3 left off. I might go fill in the gaps later. 

This chapter is based on the following art:


“GAAAHHH!” Nino shrieked, spinning towards his open window to see a distraught looking Chat Noir poking his head in. “Dude! I… Jeez, you cannot just sneak up on me like that!”

The hero hunched his shoulders, his cat ears flattening ashamedly.

“Sorry, I just… I needed to talk and I thought it would be ok…” Chat Noir began in what might have been the most pitiful voice his friend had ever heard from him.

Nino sighed, shaking his head slightly and trying not to laugh at the pathetic picture clinging to his window sill.
“I don’t mind that you are here just, I don’t know, knock or something,” he said, gesturing for him to come into the room.

“Sorry.” Chat said again, his transformation dropping away in a flash of green light to reveal a sheepish and somewhat disheveled looking Adrien. His small black companion immediately darted into the corner of the room where Nino had turned one of his old toys into a kwami den the last time they had stopped by.

Nino got up from his desk chair and sat down on the edge of his bed, patting the mattress next to him in a beckoning gesture.

Adrien wasted no time climbing up onto the bed and curling up into Nino’s lap, his arms wrapped securely around his boyfriend’s waist.

Nino began softly carding his hands through Adrien’s hair, knowing that the easiest way to get the severely repressed boy to open up about anything was to simply say nothing and wait.

It didn’t take long.

“Have you ever thought that something was one way, and then found out that you were completely wrong and that everything you thought was true is a lie?” Adrien said, his voice somewhat muffled as he buried his head into the fabric of Nino’s tee-shirt.

“Huh… I donnow. I mean, two weeks ago I was a normal guy with just a normal- well, somewhat normal- girlfriend. Now I find myself in a complex polyamorous relationship with both said semi-normal girlfriend, and my best friend, who apparently I have been unconsciously dating since November- who, by the way, decided for our one week anniversary to tell me that he has secretly been running around saving Paris for the last two years in a skin tight leather cat-suit. Nah, that is a completely foreign feeling. Your own your own my friend.”

“You’re so mean,” Adrien whined, squeezing his arms tighter and shaking his head in irritation. “I am going through a profound and deeply distressing emotional epiphany and all you can do is make fun of me.”

“I am not mean, you are just melodramatic,” Nino teased, eliciting an irritated huff from his boyfriend. “So do you wanna tell me what happened or are you just going to be vague and depressing?”

Adrien stiffened slightly.

“It’s stupid,” he said softly. “I’m just stupid. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“If it matters to you than it isn’t stupid. And if it matters enough that you are going to come chasing me down, after midnight, less than three hours after I got home from my trip- which you already knew- then clearly you should say something, regardless of how stupid it is. So talk to me, what’s going on?”

Adrien muttered something incomprehensible, burying his face further into the fabric of the tee-shirt.

“What was that? I didn’t catch a word you just said.”

“I said I don’t want to make you mad at me.”

“Why would I be mad at you?” Nino asked, scratching at Adrien’s scalp with his fingertips in the way he knew never failed to relax the boy.

“Because I am an idiot,” Adrien sighed dejectedly, his muscles going limp.

“Did you kill someone?” Nino asked calmly.

“No…” Adrien replied, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Did you suddenly decide to join up with Hawkmoth in his quest to seize the miraculouses in order to achieve… actually what does he want out of all of this?”

“Honestly? No idea. He wasn’t really up front with his motivations. And no.”

“Did you start dating Chloe?”

“God no!”

“Then I can’t think of anything stupid you could have done in the last 48 hours that would make me hate you,” Nino said smiling. “So, what horrible cat-astrophy brought you scampering to my window at one in the morning?”

“Did you just make a cat pun?” Adrien asked, his eyes lighting up and a hint of a smile playing at the corner of his lips.

“Well, I have it on very good authority that you like them.”

For the first time since his arrival Adrien seems to calm down and Nino smiled to himself. Score one for the boyfriend.

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Out to Lunch

Request: Hi, I love your write! Can I ask a 19 with Jaebum? lot of love!

19) You and your bias are rival idols forced to work with each other on a collaboration

Member: Got7′s JB x Y/N

Type: angst/fluff

The catering table was relatively bare as you glanced over what the staff had prepared for lunch. You rolled your eyes as you searched for any sort of protein you could put into your body after working three, consecutive, 15 hour days in the studio. Admittedly, it had been a rough week for work and you were hoping to calm your emotions with a nice, healthy dose of calories. 

You grumbled to yourself as your shuffled along the table, eying anything that you could eat at this point. The staff has mentioned they brought in lunch only about a half of an hour ago, so you were surprised by how little was left in such a short amount of time. You cast a weary eye toward the one thing you really wanted on the table and sighed. 

“Fuck it,” you grumbled, lifting up a cookie and placing it into the waiting napkin in your hand. You deserved it considering what you had been putting up with.

You moved back toward the studio, surprised by the growing noise of what sounded to be a small crowd. You tugged open the glass door separating you from the noise and nearly choked on your own saliva as you surveyed the room. Suddenly, every member of Got7 had appeared. 

All with plates full of food. 

You closed your eyes for a moment, trying to separate yourself from the hanger flowing within you. You opened them again to eye the leader of the boy group, who doubled as your collaboration partner for a new OST the two of you were working on. Im Jae Bum. 

He lifted his face, eying you as well with a sly smile on his sickeningly handsome face. “Ah, Y/N, a cookie? Don’t you think that’ll go straight to your hips?” 

You and Jaebum had a complicated story. 

Well, saying it was complicated may be easier than having to drudge up the unpleasant memories in your mind.

You had both begun at JYP at tender ages. Although you hadn’t won first place in the open auditions as he had, you were a pretty notable trainee. From the moment you had been introduced until you had both respectively debuted, he seemed to find a need to compete with you. From the snide comments, to the needless challenges during monthly reviews. You never had a comeback in the same cycle, you had never been nominated for the same awards, yet still, Jaebum still had some sort of chip on his shoulder when it came to you.

You had never understood your relationship, but just learned to deal with it and harbor some sort of rivalry with him as well. Initially you thought he was simply competing to be the favorite in JYPd-nim’s eyes, but it seemed to be more psychological than that. His members had laughed it off as helping you build character, but even they had grown uncomfortable at times. JB was fierce and hadn’t toned down in almost ten years.

With this OST included.

When your manager initially approached you with the opportunity to do a song for the most talked about drama of the year, you were excited. You were over the moon at the idea of being able to put your name on something as your own. That was until she had mentioned you would performing the OST as a duet…a duet with JB. In that case, you told her that you would in no way be participating. But ultimately, no matter what his or your feelings were, you had been overruled and this came from JYP himself. He had a vision for the song and you were the two he insisted would carry it out.

And that’s how you were here. With clenched fists and a burning face as you stood before Got7 and it’s leader.

“Considering I haven’t had anything to eat in the past two days,” you hissed. “I was kind of hoping for it.”

Several of the members of Got7 were still talking happily, ignoring the increasingly awkward conversation mounting. Jinyoung and Mark however, immediately stopped eating, setting their eyes warily on their leader.

“Hyung, you said everyone had grabbed a plate,” Jinyoung said quietly.

Mark immediately set his plate on a nearby table and looked toward you. “Please, have some of mine. We didn’t know. You’ve been working hard.”

“I’m fine,” you nodded. You looked down to the cookie in your hands, your appetite completely lost. You nodded to yourself. “Matter of fact, why don’t you have my cookie JB.”

You lifted your glare from the baked good in your hands and up to JB. He looked surprise at your informal speech. You felt the tears beginning to well up on your lashes, more of a sign of frustration and anger than actually being upset.

But you would be damned to let him have the privilege of watching you cry.

“I…no Y/N,” he stuttered, pushing his own plate away. “I…look…I’m-”

“Have it,” you growled, tossing it toward him. “Have it all because I’m done.”

This had gained the attention of everyone in the room. All of the mouths previously speaking had gone silent and most had their jaws on the floor. You turned on your heel and stumbled out of the room, at your emotional breaking point for the situation. It had ridden on your shoulders silently for the past eight years, but it wasn’t silent anymore. You did not want to let him think he was the reason for your failure, but you wouldn’t be failing alone.

Making you quit was a failure for him as well.

You emerged into the stairwell that led to the front doors of the JYP building and huffed, collapsing onto the top most stair. You let your face fall into your hands and a loud groan escape you. You were exhausted. Years worth of fatigue and anxiety flooded over you. As if the one exchange had been the key to unlocking every struggle you had incurred since becoming an idol. 

You jumped as the loud bang of the stairwell door being slammed open echoed down the hallway. You looked up, under the impression that one of the Got7 members had followed you out. Well…you weren’t completely wrong. 

Jaebum plopped down beside you, exhaling deeply as he avoided all eye contact. You were close enough to where you could punch him, and considered the fact, but were amazed that he still managed to act like you didn’t exist. 

“I’m sorry, but can I help you?” you finally muttered after nearly five minutes worth of silence. 

“Oh thank God,” he sighed. “I thought you would never ask. Yes, you can help me by coming back into the studio.” 

He stood, dusted the dirt from his jeans, and went to grip the door again. He looked back down to you, his expression one of surprise. “Come on.”

“I know you’re an asshole, but this is a bit much,” you chuckled bitterly. “I’m not going back there. And especially not with you.”

JB sighed as he sat back down again, wrapping his arms around his knees. “I figured it wasn’t going to be that easy.” 

“You’re ridiculous,” you scoffed. “Let me formally ask you Jaebum, what is your issue?” 

“In general? Or with you?” he asked, lifting his brows. 

You lifted yours as well, mildly taken aback by his response. “…I…uh…well, both.”

JB bit his lip as he looked away again. “To be honest, I’m not sure if my issue is with you.” 

“Comforting,” you grumbled. 

JB rolled his eyes as he turned toward you. “I guess…I guess it’s some weird issue I have with myself. I have to compete…I feel like I work harder if I am battling someone.”

“You couldn’t battle yourself?” you croaked. “Eight years! Eight years, Jaebum!” 

JB’s cheeks grew red as he looked away. “It has been that long hasn’t it…”

“That’s a long time to have to battle,” you sighed. “Ever heard of friendly competition? A rivalry in good spirit? You didn’t have to be mean to me…”

“You’re right,” he nodded. “And I’m sorry for that.” 

“You…you are?” you croaked. 

“Sincerely,” he said with a small, yet genuine smile. “But I want you to know…I didn’t decide to treat you this way because I disliked you or anything…I…well…I decided to engage in this mental battle because I liked you…probably a little too much.”

“JB, I swear if you start that stupid argument that boys pick on and bully people that they like-” you hissed. 

“In a warped way,” he chuckled. “You were talented…and you were gorgeous…and as soon as I set eyes on you I knew you’d be a problem for me…so if I started to challenge you…and push you away…”

“Got a bit carried away over the years, eh?” you spat. “Just ten minutes ago, you literally kept me from eating. That’s not a challenge, that’s you being a jerk.”

“I lost myself somewhere in the middle,” JB nodded. “And I’ll say it again…I’m sorry.” 

“And I’ll say I’m not ready to forgive you,” you whispered. “It’s taken us a long time to get here…so it’s going to take a little while longer to turn it around.” 

“That’s fair,” he sighed. “In the mean time, let’s go.”

JB stood, but this time began to walk in the opposite direction of the studio and down the stairs. 

“Excuse me…go where?” you asked, slowly pulling yourself to your feet. 

He smiled, crossing his arms as he waited. “I’m taking you to lunch.”

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stellahatesyou  asked:

*I LOVE YOUU 💖🙏 Could I request a scenario where Katsuki's being suspicious of everything after watching a horror movie and at one point he makes his s/o watch him while he washes his face bc he feels that if he closes his eyes for just a second, like the ghost is behind him, staring??? S/o makes fun of him while his eyes were closed like *whispers* "Katsuki. *turns off lights* What if I'M Sadako?" Boi opens his eyes but he was soaping. Pain™. I don't know how I thought of this 😂😂 thank you!

IM DYING !!! Sounds like a personal experience ??? Lol Honestly this is golden all by itself so let me just add aftermath hc’s !!!


  • The boy is livid !!! “WTH HAVE YOU LOST YOUR GODD*MN MIND???”
  • He’d flail around trying to reach for a towel, bulldozing through the small room in the process. He’d clear the countertop sending soaps and makeup stuff flying, pull the curtain off it’s rings and trip over himself. His s/o would have to come to his aid and wipe the soap out of his eyes themselves
BTS Reaction to You Having a Crush on a Girl

This is their reaction to you liking a girl while dating them; requested by Anon. 



Originally posted by forjimin

Namjoon would find it cute. He wouldn’t mind your crush on her, he would think that your crush would be temporary and would blush and smile everyt ime you talked about her or got enthusiastic about her. Whenever she would come around, he would giggle and snicker because he was aware of your little crush on her. 

Ya, Jagi, I think she’s staring at youuu~”


Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Hoseok would try to act like it didn’t mother him, but he would be lowkey jealous. He would tell himself that it was just a petty crush and that he would have nothing to be worried about, so he would probably get over it pretty quickly. Hoseok would also try to distract himself from ill thoughts about it by dancing. You can expect him to spend hours in the practice room in order to help him get over it.

“Oh, so you iike Y/C/N? That’s cute, Jagi. Welp, I’m going to the dance studio to work on my isolations. I’ll see you later. Love you.”


Originally posted by jjks

Yoongi would either be jealous, or he would not care. Either he would not want you around the girl in question, or he would literally not care at all. He knows that if you were to act on your feelings for the girl you like, he would have to be included either way. But you can expect his reaction to be dead pan, and unreadable expression.

So, what does that mean for me?”
“So, what do I care?”


Originally posted by cmtae

I’m not completely sure how Taehyung would react to you liking a girl while dating him. He would most likely be upset about it, and think that just because you have a crush on someone else, you will leave him. He probably would feel like he isn’t enough for you, and would try to do more to make you like him better than her. He wouldn’t really like it, but he would try his best to deal with it.

“Does the girl you like make cereal as good as I do? NOPE! She probably puts the milk first. Pfft.. That’s why I’m better.”


Originally posted by mvssmedia

Similar to Tae, Jimin would find it to be a competiton and he would try his best to appeal more to you. Jimin would take it upon himself to think that you would like her better for really small things such as lame jokes or the ways she smells. He would douse himself in her brand of perfume lmao. He would try to be more like her because he really believes that it’s a competition between himself and her. 

So what does she do that you like? I bet I could do it a thousand times better than she can.”


Originally posted by jungkookiescookies

Jin would pretend to be jealous whenever the girl you had a crush on presented herself, like death glare at her and make the atmosphere slightly awkward. He would find it amusing to do that, and to embarrass you about her. He would ask really embarrassing questions about how a sexual relationship between the two of you would go.

Oh, was I supposed to glare? Okay hold on. *fake glaring*”


Originally posted by thirstyforjeonjungkook

JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUSSSSS! We all know how protective Jungkook tends to act over some people *cough cough Jimin cough*, so while dating you he would be SO jealous about the fact that you developed a crush on someone other than him. He would GLARE at her from across the room, or right in her face. He don’t give a shit. He would make it CLEAR to her that he is with you, and would sit in between the two of you AT ALL TIMES. Every time he would greet her, he would remind her that you are his S/O

“Hey Y/C/N, how’s it going. You remember me? Y/N’s boyfriend? Yeah. We’re in love. Y/N is a GREAT partner whom I love very much. NOTHING would ever come between us. I guarantee that much. How’s school?? *Glare*

Dropping By (3/?)

Helping hunters with research and patching them up brings them to your house at all hours of the day & night. But what happens when your close friends , the Winchesters, are the ones showing up? What happens when a certain Winchester crawls into bed with you ?
 Warnings : swearing, flirting, slight smut.

Pairings :  Dean x reader

 It’s been a couple hours since you had your little show for Dean. It’s been normal since, he hasn’t made his move yet , which scares you . Within the last day you’ve grown slightly addicted to Deans attention. Now that he wasn’t giving it to you , you’re starting to miss his lingering touches & random winks. You settle onto your couch , cup of tea and remote in hand . What a perfect way to spend my night You relax into your couch, sipping on your tea , when Sammy enters the room, he flops next to you . He stays silent for a couple minutes, watching greys anatomy with you . One of the things that makes your friendship with Sam so perfect is that he likes the same things as you . Even if he doesnt, he’ll atleast give it a chance, & you do the same for him. The peaceful silence is broken when Dean strolls in .

“ This really what you two are going to do tonight?” Sam rolls his eyes at his brother , while you let out a little laugh. “ What else do you have in mind Dean , its a tuesday night . Not exactly a thrilling thing.” It comes out a bit full of attitude. “ Come on, get up , we are going for drinks. I’m not letting you two act like you’re 90 years old tonight. Its 6pm & you’re both in your pajamas, watching a show for middle aged women.” I cant believe he just refered to Greys as a middle aged women show. What a douche.
Sam laughs, but you throw Dean a glare. “ Don’t hate on Greys anatomy Winchester, it’ll get you a black eye .” You warn him, resulting in a grin on his face. “ Oh sweetheart, i’d like to see you try” as you open your mouth , Sam cuts you off ,“ Alright, knock off your guys weird foreplay . Im going to change, y/n I suggest you do the same. He wont let this go .” Sam slowly exits, leaving you with Dean. Why is he being so pushy about this, usually he doesnt mind sitting on the couch with .WAIT, maybe this is part of his move. But how?“ What are you up to Dean ?” He sends you a wink , 

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“ Nothing sweetheart, just want a drink .” Mhmm, hes lying, I know him too well. Instead of calling his bluff, you play into his game. You go and change into a pair of yoga pants, with a tight maroon v-neck, that shows off a little of your midriff and a little bit more cleavage . You check yourself out in the mirror, Not to shabby, I look pretty damn good. You settle with your hair in waves , & apply a little eyeliner & mascara. When you step out into your front room , you see both boys already ready to go . Sam’s in a green flannel with a white shirt underneath , paired with darker jeans. When you look at Dean , you automatically pull your lip between your teeth . Damn. He was in a tighter black shirt, showing off all his muscles, and a lighter pair of jeans. When you finish staring at him, you notice both boys eyes on you. “ Well boys, how do I look ?” You ask , twirling yourself in a circle. You hear a whistle, assuming its from Dean , but when you look to see , you find out it was from Sam. “ Damn Y/n, you look great !” Sam says ,sending a wide smile at you . You feel a blush crawl over your cheeks. “ Ah thanks Sammy, You guys ready to go ?” Dean doesnt respond ,just goes for the door. Weird, he seems annoyed? You make your way outside , deciding on seperate cars incase someone wants to leave sooner than the other. When you get to the bar, you go get the first round ; Beer for Sammy , whiskey for you and Dean. You all settle at a booth , talking about the case they just came from . You talk the boys into staying for the rest of the week, they don’t really put up a fight about it though. Dean was up for the second round when you catch Sammy staring at you. “ Can I help you with Sammy , or you wanna just keep staring at me ,i mean I know I look -”“ When are you and my brother going to stop acting like teenagers?” What the hell? “ What are you -” “ Dont even deny it y/n, the sexual tension is ridiculously visible whenever you guys are together. What was up with you two this morning when I came back from my run? Why can’t you guys just tell eachother how you -”“ You’re wrong Sam ,we arent like that. Dean doesnt see me like that .” I hope he does, Sam rolls his eyes, “ yeah okay Y/n . You guys are such babies.” You realize Sam is right, but you arent going to admit to anything until you know forsure on Deans end. You turn to look for him , realizing its been a while since he went to get your drinks . Your eyes land on him, with his hand on a blondes waist ,keeping her against him, while she whispers in his ear. You feel your heart drop, you rip your gaze away I knew this was just a game, nothing to get upset over. Just relax ,and have fun with Sammy. “ You think so Sammy? Where’s your brother right now?” Sam takes a minute and looks to see what you did. He just shakes his head, cursing under his breath . “ y/n ,-” “ Sam , it’s nothing . Just drop it .” Your phone starts ringing , you look to see a familiar name appear on the screen. “ I gotta take this Sammy , give me a minute .” You answer the phone, while you slide out of the booth to head outside.You don’t miss the way Dean watches you as the blonde has her lips on his neck, but you dont even acknowledge him. “ Chris ? “ You ask, “ Yeah y/n its me, are you home right now?” Chris is a hunter you patch up and help from time to time. “ Not at the moment, but I can be . Whats wrong?” “Could I stop by, I need to take a look through some of your books for my hunt. ” “ Of course, I can be home in 10 minutes. Meet you there .” You hang up ,starting to make your way back inside. When you get to the booth , you grab your purse and keys from the table, when you turn back around to look for Sammy ,you walk right into someones chest. A arm wraps around your waist to balance you , you finally look up to see who you ran into .Of fucking course it’s Dean . “ Where you going sweetheart? "You roll your eyes, pushing yourself away from him . As you walk away , he shoots his hand out ,grabbing onto your wrist to stop you . ” What the hell do you want Dean? “ You spit out, shocking him. His eyes widen at your reaction, a smug smile blossoms on his face. ” Something bothering you Y/n? “Before you respond, Sam finds his way to you . ” Are you leaving y/n? “ You sigh , you barely ever get annoyed with the boys, but you can feel yourself about to snap right now.” I’m meeting a hunter at my house, he needs help with his hunt. You know where they spare key is, let yourself in IF you decide to come home.“ You direct the last part at Dean , letting him know you saw him and the blonde, and that you weren’t amused. You all but storm out of the bar. 

   You made it home, it takes you longer to get there since you had to deal with the boys. When you pull into your driveway , Chris is waiting for you , with a man you’ve never met. You get out , saying your hellos, and lead  them into your home.  You show them to the room you store all your information ,

&begin helping them search for what they need.  You all sit around your table, looking for weaknesses for vampire-werewolf hybrids, when you hear your front door open.  Chris stands, hand on his gun, but you shoo him away . ” It’s the Winchesters, I was out with them when you called me you doofus. Put the damn gun away.“ You laugh, the boys make their way to you & the other two men. You introduce everyone, Sam offers to stay& help research  . You take his offer , deciding to go grab beers for everyone . You find Dean on your couch , playing on his phone. You don’t say one word, just keep on your path to the kitchen . You feel his eyes on you the entire way ,  Why the hell is he watching me. Why didn’t he go home with blondie.   He shows up in the kitchen behind you , still watching you . ” You know, watching someone is a little creepy Dean. You should probably get a new hobby.“  Your tone is cold, no trace of humor anywhere in it. ” You didn’t seem to have a problem with it earlier today sweetheart.“ Without looking you know he is smirking. You let out a scoff, moving past him with the beers in your grip.  He lightly grabs onto your elbow as you pass ,” Whenever you’re done playing this game, the fun can really start Y/n.“  Yeah right asswipe, not after what I watched at the bar.  You put the beers down on the counter , turning so you’re chest to chest with Dean, barely anyspace between you. Have it your way Deano. You start to trail your fingers up his chest , until one hand laces through the hair on the back of his neck, pulling a moan from his mouth. You use your other hand to cup his cheek , pulling his face down to yours so that your lips are almost touching. He pulls your body tighter against his as you speak .” If you want to have fun ,” you trail your lips up his jaw until you reach his ear, “ why don’t you go finish what you started with Blondie back at the bar, Sweetheart. “  You pull his earlobe between your teeth, then release it. You push yourself off him, grabbing the beers and going back to help the guys research .

   It took a couple hours, but Sam finally discovered some helpful things for Chris and his friend.  They left soon after, thanking you with a kiss on the cheek.   As soon as the front door closes behind them, Sam excuses himself to bed, and you do the same. 

  You walk in your room, stripping as you make your way to the bathroom. You take off your makeup and brush your teeth . You hear your door open, but dont bother to look ,you know who it is . You’re leaning against your counter now, only in matching maroon bra and underwear. Deans now leaning against the doorway , just watching you.

 “ The couch is that way Dean.” You point towards the front room.

“ Im aware of where your couch is sweetheart. We both know i’m not sleeping there.” Oh yes you are. Jackass. “ If you dont want to sleep on the couch , I suggest you either go snuggle up to your brother, or find the blonde from the bar . I’m sure she’d be thrilled to let you in hers.” You realize how jealous you sound, but you dont care. He was all over another women, and now he wants to sleep in your bed? No way .
A devious smirk plants itself on Deans features. “ Do I hear jealousy in your voice sweetheart? “ he moves closer to you , boxing you In against the counter. You roll your eyes, “ I’m not jealous . Fuck off Dean.” You return to getting ready for bed, Dean wraps his arms around you, resting his head in the crook of your neck , leaving kisses against it. “ it looks like my move worked sweetheart, You’re all worked up .” You’ve got to be kidding me. What a fucking ass. Anger is boiling through you , Its time to step up the game. You turn yourself around in his arms, snaking yours around his neck

“ You’re plan was to make me jealous ? For what? Angry sex , Dean?” His smile brightens, meaning you were right.

You lean up, hovering your lips close to his, but not quite connecting them . You gently place your lips on his, baiting him. He pulls you closer, smashing his lips to yours. You feel fireworks exploding within your body as you melt into the kiss . Holy Hell. You feel Deans tongue licking along your bottom lip, you open your mouth letting him have access. When he does, he moves his hands under your knees, you instantly jump into his arms.  Your lips dont leave his until he drops you on your bed. You bounce a little, letting out a small giggle as you do. Deans stripping out of his clothes,while you do the same. In record time you’re both 100% naked, Dean catches your lips with his again in a heated kiss. You pull him on top of you , he leaves your lips, trailing kisses down your neck until he gets to your boobs. He takes one in his mouth , swirling and nibbling at your  hard nipple while his hands massages the other. Moans are slipping out of your mouth, loud and needy . He starts moving again, kissing down your stomach to your clit. He licks at your clit once, then sucks it into his mouth.  A whimper escapes your mouth before you can stop it. “ you have to be quiet sweetheart, Sammys not too far away.” He dives back into you , alternating between sucking & licking at your entrance. He inserts two fingers, rapidly thrusting them into you as he eats you out. You lace both hands in his hair, holding his head against you as you slightly move your hips against him. He gets you to right on the edge, and then pulls away. His lips and chin glistening , he leans down to pull you into a deep kiss, you can feel yourself giving into it . Almost just forgetting your plan, and letting this happen.

   Dean breaks the kiss , as he does a scent catches your attention . It smells like strawberries, and something else you can’t place your finger on. Then reality sets in, If that isn’t my scent, and its not Deans. It’s Blondies. You instantly feel anger bubbling in you , Fuck this, I have to stay with the plan, im not sleeping with him when he smells like her.

You push him over, rolling on top of him. He looks shocked at first, but quickly recovers. You take his dick in your hand, proceeding to rub the tip through your soaking folds.Holy fuck, he might fucking break me with this thing. “ Dean “ you moan , “ Oh God, y/n please stop teasing me and do something sweetheart.” A dirty smirk makes its way to your face ,

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  “ Is that what you want Dean? You want me to fuck you?” You ask in a flirty tone.

“ Yes , I want you to ride me Baby .” Oh Dean, you poor,poor man. With the smirk still on your face, you sink yourself down onto Deans hard cock. You slowly start to pull yourself up ,doing that couple times until you stop. Leaning forward, almost pulling yourself completely off him you place your mouth next to his ear“ You think im going to fuck you after that little stunt at the bar ? That girl was all over you ,  I can still smell her perfume on you. The games only going to get worse from here .” You pull yourself completely off him, making your way back to the bathroom to put on your pajamas. Before you close the door, you catch a glimpse of Deans face. It was angry , mixed with confused & upset. Did I go to far? How did I even do that, he felt so good. I should of kept going , dammit. You change, going back to bed you find the lights off already , and Dean turned facing the other way . You crawl in bed, pulling the covers up. Dean moves after a couple minutes, he turns to you ,& pulls you toward him, Exactly how you two were laying last night. “ I may have went a little too far, and I’m sorry  . But believe me when I tell you I never planned on leaving with her, she isnt the one I want. If we are still playing this game, I don’t plan on losing darling.” You ignore what he says , slightly pulling away from him. You know you two are just playing, but seeing him with another girl bothered you more than it should.You’ve been able to keep a lid on your feelings for him this long for a reason, Dean Winchester doesn’t get attached. If he wasn’t interested, would he even be playing this game?  ” Y/n?“ Dean whispers, like he was making sure you were still there. ” Goodnight Dean .“ He plants a kiss in your hair,  ” I’m sorry .“ Its barely above a whisper, but you still hear him.  He wouldn’t be sorry if he didn’t care. Right? Oh my God, maybe Sam’s right.  You finally make a decision on your next move.  I’m not quitting this dumb game until I can figure out if this is more to him .