im trying to be funny but im kind of bad it

 the interwebs is up in arms about the pewdiepie anti-semitism thing and people are trying to defend him saying it’s a joke and he was using language and terminology surrounding anti-semitism to poke fun and other things/people (ie. not Jewish people)

and im not going to pass judgement because i dont have the time/patience to sit here and watch all the videos and defenses and such, but even if it was a joke, it’s in very very poor taste, and using vehicles/phrases of anti-semitism, even if you’re poking fun at someone other than Jewish people, is just??? not funny??? and your *joke* gets lost in all the negative connotations of the words you’re using

like???? wow im using racist terminology but not to poke fun at race!!

in general, just dont do it???

this is the last thing im gonna post on the issue bc talking about it is giving me really bad anxiety but for all the people who think tagging food is stupid or pointless im going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you just dont understand. just off the top of my head i can think of these reasons why tagging food may be helpful

  • for people who have eating disorders (exposure therapy is only beneficial when in a controlled setting and the person subjected is willing, and even then it isnt always effective)
  • for people who are fasting
  • for people who cant afford to eat much right now (people can have access to internet and technology without having access to food)
  • for people who physically cannot eat right now (sickness, surgeries, dental work, etc)
  • for people who have food aversions to specific kinds of food (for example, the sight and smell of freshly baked, gooey cookies makes me sick to my stomach because i got violently ill when i was a kid from eating cookies that werent baked enough)

so please try to consider things like that when you form opinions. if you still think its stupid then idk, you’re probably just an asshole void of empathy