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bruh you’re just so incredibly creative, like im seeing your Feyre wip and its just amazing! im especially blown away at the clothes you have them wear like they’re so well done and i just. its fabulous keep it up🙌🏼🙌🏼

I try 😎

(Also, thank you, i try really hard and have no other skills )


My Creations ↠ Hogwarts Houses Pt. 2

cartoon network isnt even trying to be slick with its laziness/greed they just keep making spinoffs and reboots of shows and movies that already have a fanbase, watering them down into simple and easy to produce shows, and capitalizing on an already guaranteed audience 

usually i wouldnt complain but it keeps



and over

and over

like. reboots are fine. reboots can be done well. we just got a fantastic one for samurai jack. but after watching all of these shows quite a bit and trying to find positives in them, i still am just left with a bad taste in my mouth and the strong impression that CN is only after ratings, not trying to produce shows that actually have originality or depth or creativity

and that impression is especially reinforced when they give their shows that ARE original and creative erratic airing times, random hiatuses, and choose to advertise for the same episode of teen titans go 100 times rather than give a single preview of anything else

im not here to make friends, which is good because historically my friends are all idiots

social media creates the illusion that artists are constantly producing incredible things every single day since we see so much art on our dashboards and timelines at once…but the reality is that these artists are all individuals with their own lives and struggles, maybe some of them have a hard time making even one decent drawing in a week.

anyway what im trying to say is, theres nothing wrong with struggling making things, its ok to take breaks if you need it…this has been discussed by others but i think its important to Not draw sometimes. art is extremely important to me and its important to me to continue improving what i do, but if im feeling unhappy while drawing i just stop and do something else…theres no need to destroy yourself for the sake of creativity. nothing good can come out of that

BTS Reaction : Helping You Out After Catching/Noticing You Touching Yourself

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jungkook : you and jungkook had been dating for almost a year and it had been about two months since you had sexual intercourse due to his tour. you two had just reached that level right before he left, making it only two times that you had sex. but you were addicted. the only thing that you could do was have phone sex, sext and ‘touch yourself’ for him on video chat. that’s how you reached your high for the past two months, almost three. but, when jungkook told you that he was on his way to your home, you practically lost your shit. you couldn’t even help but to touch yourself at the thought of it being him. the fact that it would be in a few minutes helped you reach closer and closer to your high. you kept an image of him in your mind until you were stopped by a familiar voice. “y/n…what are you doing?” you sat up and met eyes with your boyfriend. “you just couldn’t wait for me huh?” he  chuckled as he threw his bag to the side and started to undress. you watched until he had nothing on, you weren’t even able to speak. he crawled in between your thighs and looked at you. “i missed you.” he said, gripping you. “i mi-” you started to say but he didn’t give you the chance. instead, that unfinished sentence was replaced with moans.

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taehyung : you and taehyung were at a park that was down the street from the art museum that you two had visited. it was getting dark out when you left, so you decided to come to where you were now. luckily, the area was secluded in a way and there was no one around because for some reason, you were horny. maybe it was because he wore a loose shirt that exposed his shirt, or the fact that he had his hand on your thigh, squeezing it a random times. you traced your fingers over your pants line, wishing that they were his. that thought made you squeeze your thighs together and taehyung noticed everything. “is there something wrong?” he asked, looking up from his phone and raising his eyebrows at you. you gave him a reassuring smile, you weren’t ready to go but you did in fact want him. you couldn’t confess that though…he’d get turned on and literally carry you home. “nothing’s wrong. i’m okay.” you replied, receiving a light chuckle from him. “you want sex right now, don’t you? just say it.” he squeezed your thigh, and slowly made his way over to your neck where he left about two kisses, causing you to moan. “no..” you didn’t want to admit but you couldn’t fool him. he cocked his head to the side and eyed you. he could tell that you weren’t being truthful. “well that’s what we’re about to do. let’s go.” he said, quickly grabbing his camera and you.

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jimin : “i’ll be back before you know it.” jimin said to you before he pecked your cheek and proceeded to make his way out of your home. he was going out for 'chicken and beer’ with the boys since they hadn’t went out together in such a long time, so he was dressed well. his hair was slicked back and he wore all black, a lethal combination when it came to him.  he looked so good that you were determined to get him to stay and make you scream his name for the remaining of the night. “but baby..” you whined, along with a frown for the thousandth time. he usually found it cute when you did that but this time, he wasn’t having it. “why are you so clingy today?” he asked you. “i don’t know.” you lied, receiving a hum from him. just that turned you on even more, so you squeezed your legs together, not even trying to hide it. “baby…what are you doing?” he sighed and eyed the zipper of your pants. “please..” you begged him, touching yourself in the process. he broke eye contact with you again, and looked at your hand in your pants. suddenly, he rushed to pull your clothes off and put you on the table. he leaned over you while sneaking his hand in your lingerie. “you’re so fucking annoying.” he said in a low tone, rubbing his fingers against you. “but you like it.” you moaned in his ear. “damn right.”

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namjoon : namjoon was in the room across from your shared bedroom, writing a song. you tried to get him to stay in bed with you but he rejected. he told you that he really wanted to concentrate but you weren’t trying to hear that. you only wanted about two hours of his time and he couldn’t even give that to you. “i’ll just do it myself.” you mumbled after realizing that watching tv and waiting for namjoon was what you didn’t want to do. you relaxed yourself and took in a deep breath, although namjoon’s fingers were much better with pleasing you, yours would have to do this time. in the process of sliding your fingers in your underwear, namjoon opened the door. “baby can you-” he stopped in his tracks when he saw you. “so this is what you wanted? you couldn’t have waited for a few hours?” he asked, as he stepped closer and closer to you. “yes, but you were busy so..” you quietly said, while hiding under the covers. when he noticed what you were doing, he shook his head and smiled. “i guess i can put the song to the side for now.” he got on the bed and motioned for you to come to him. you didn’t hesitate to crawl over to him and straddle his thighs. “you’re really about to get it y/n, but trust i won’t let you distract me next time.”

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hoseok : you rolled your eyes when you noticed that it was a quarter until twelve and hoseok still wasn’t home. he had been coming home late for the last two weeks and it was really starting to get under your skin. he had been practicing a few dances for the upcoming concert, so his absence was understandable, but it still was annoying and you were lonely. there had been a few nights where you had to please yourself because he wasn’t around to do it and tonight, would be one of those nights. you went to your bedroom after shutting everything down and got comfortable in your bed. “this sucks.” you huffed before you sunk your head into your pillow and undressed your bottom half, clearing your mind of everything except for your busy ass boyfriend, hoseok. you used him to reach your high every time you did this. you pretended that it was him touching you. “why are the lights off?” hoseok’s voice echoed throughout the hallway. he stopped at the doorway of your shared bedroom and flicked on the lights, immediately becoming flustered. but turned on. and you were too caught up to move. “you’re really touching yourself at 12 in the morning? really?” he chuckled and put his stuff down. you couldn’t even speak, what you wanted was right in front of you. “your fingers are too short, you’ll be ff* yourself for an hour.” he paused and got in between your legs. “here.” he said in a breathy tone as he slid his fingers into you.

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yoongi :  you were heading to yoongi’s studio with a cup of coffee in your hand and a bag of food in the other. it was going to be another long night and you came prepared. once you got to his doors, you put in the code to unlock the first one and then you unlocked the other with a key. “there you are.” he let out a sigh of relief as he went over to you and kissed your forehead. he sat down and took the coffee and food from you, sitting it down in front of him. “thanks for staying with me tonight.” he said. you pulled the chair beside his out in sat in it. “you say that everytime.” you giggled and got a playful scoff as a response. “shut up and just go with it.” , a few hours had passed when you were starting to get bored. that is until yoongi turned to face you. “you know if we had sex right now, no one would hear us since this room is sound proof. and we both know how loud you can get.” “and…what are you getting at?” you asked, he was being a tease for no reason and that was annoying since he knew that you had told him before that you wouldn’t have sex in his place of work. [he argued a lot about how no one would here but you just weren’t down. you still felt like you would get caught somehow.]  he decided to not say anything else and leave you thinking. so, he turned back around and continued to work. “i can’t believe you did that.” you said in a whiny tone. you couldn’t get the thought of studio sex  with yoongi out of your head now. you squeezed your legs together and got on your phone to try to distract yourself, but that didn’t work. you couldn’t even control yourself at this point, you needed some type of pleasure to calm your nerves. but, right when you were in the process of touching yourself, yoongi turned around. you expected him to be shocked but instead, he was smiling. smiling because you were right where he wanted you. "you have a boyfriend that needs you over here.“ he patted his thigh and waited as you slowly made your way over to him. "fuck you." you said in a wanting tone, you didn’t want to admit that you were excited so you masked it, but you couldn’t fool him. "in a minute, don’t rush princess.” he cockily said, as he started to strip you.

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jin :  jin had went out to the store to get some things for dinner. he would be home for the weekend so you wanted to have as much fun with him as you could. it was a saturday, so he would be leaving tomorrow night and surprisingly, you didn’t have sex yet. so, tonight you were making sure that it’d happen. jin had been gone for almost half an hour and you were starting to get worked up. hell, he had been gone for so long and he was finally here. you needed to feel him and you needed to now. you almost started to play with yourself until he arrived, almost catching you off guard. "honey i’m home!“ he sarcastically and dramatically said in english, walking into the kitchen and sitting the bags down on the island. you followed behind him and wrapped you arms around his waist. "can we cook later?” you asked him, in hopes that he would say yes. “and if we cook later, what would we be doing now?"  he turned around, looked you in your eyes and raised his eyebrows. he had a feeling of what you wanted to do but, he wanted to hear you say it. "our thing.” you replied, breaking eye contact with him. his stare was too lethal and you were on the verge of doing something very sexual, but you held your shit together. “we can do our thing later. let’s cook first.” he decided to be petty and tease you. he, started to take things out of the bags and sit them down until he noticed you, basically touching yourself. “you want me that bad?” he asked, getting worked up himself. “yes.” you paused and rolled your eyes. he knew exactly what he was doing. “so please take me in the room and blow my back out.” , and that he did.

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Hello, friend. I was wondering if you had any advice on adding a creep factor to a story? I'm trying to make a novella I'm writing creepy without it being obviously so. Like, you know how some things are unnerving and you can't explain why? I want it sort of like that.

Congrats, @im-basic-but-ur-the-bitch​, your ask has been selected for one of my Long Posts™!


Hello, friend! The thing about writing with “creep factor“ is the fact that different things creep different people out. A person who might be terrified of old porcelain dolls is can be completely unfazed by masked murderers and vice versa.

Keep this in mind whenever you write scary stories, so that you know that it’s not going to scare EVERYONE. This will help make sure that you’re not overwhelmed or daunted by making your story eerie, since you know that it’s not going to please all of the people that read it.

With that said, let’s launch into two things that will make your scary story even scarier.

1. Setting

Setting is key when it comes to making your story extra creepy; a story set in an abandoned mental asylum during a midnight storm is way scarier than a story set in a pretty garden on a sunny day.

However, the setting of your story doesn’t have to be the classic cemetery or haunted mansion. In fact, those settings in scary/eerie stories are so predictable that they’re almost cliche by this point.

Don’t be afraid to spice up your setting! A part of your story that could make it eerie is that it’s set in a place that isn’t normally scary but can be under certain conditions.

For example, a nursery school is a nice, fun place with happy children, colorful walls and pictures, and arts and crafts. However, it becomes an entirely different place if you’re locked in at night and there are children laughing despite the fact that the last students left over eight hours ago.

Places that seem benevolent during the day transform at night or during a storm, when the shadows stretch across the walls and manipulate what you see.

What places make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up whenever you’re there? What places only freak you out under certain conditions?

In this case with writing, I encourage you to draw upon your own feelings. What factors would make a seemingly harmless room turn into a horrorshow? If you get the chills reading over your story, chances are that your readers will too.

Here are some settings/things that personally creep me out and perhaps will creep you guys out, too:

- Long, dark hallways

- Antique mirrors

- Forests at night

- Abandoned paths

- Literally any fucking abandoned place like highkey get me the fuck out of there

- A room that’s empty except for a creepy thing sitting in the center like a doll or something

- Being alone in dark houses, even if that house is your own

- Living room with the lights off, nothing illuminating it except the TV that’s showing static

- Stuffed animals that have been mutilated

- Footprints belonging to no one

- Disembodied voices

- fucking SCAMPERING like holy shit on those let’s plays I shit my pants whenever I hear a little kid/animal/whatever the fuck skittering around somewhere behind me

- Breathing that isn’t your own

- Old mansions that creak in the wind

- Cemeteries, especially when you’re standing over a grave and expect hands to reach up and grab your ankle

- Deserted streets and alleyways

- Dead end streets lit but nothing but street lamps

- Empty parks at night

- Houses lit only by candlelight

- Normal rooms but you know someone has died in there/ there have been hauntings in there before

- Things looking through the window, especially humanoids with glowing eyes

- Footsteps running toward you in the dark

2. Company

Sometimes, the people within the story can be the deciding factor on it being creepy. This includes both the villains, the heroes, and the morally ambiguous peeps in between.

Some people are creepier than others, and some people are unsettled by different things, and once again you should choose what best fits your story and what creeps you out the most. Would you be more scared of an axe-wielding man in a mask standing at the end of your hallway or two black-eyed little girls holding hands.

Here are some people/characteristics about people and creatures that would personally freak me out and may freak you out, too:

- Large, empty eyes

-Open/gaping mouths

- Contorted bodies

- Fast skittering and crawling instead of walking

- Stringy hair

- Sallow, shriveled faces

- Sharp teeth

- White eyes/ no eyes/ completely black eyes

- Basically look at the illustrations of any “Scary stories to tell in the dark” book and you’ll get what I mean

- Suspicious/eerie dialogue


Holy shit I’m writing this at night and just had to go get up and close my door because it’s behind me and I was afraid something was going to creep up and pounce on me. Thanks guys.