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askdfjdsl i always think about how everyone has stories about art teachers that destroyed kids for drawing anime art and like on one hand Fuck that teacher for trying to tamp down on a kids creativity!!! but on the other, theres a good reason lots of art teachers dont like when kids draw anime.

anime has merit as an art style, as being a Wide variety of art styles that range from bouncy boob bowling ball eyes to studio ghibli. and thats not the problem. a highschool art teacher is (usually) teaching basic art, thats whats being taught. basic art. your teacher should be teaching fundamentals of art, proportions, shading, coloring, techniques, the principles, the rules of art. you have to learn how to add and subtract before you get to multiplication, division, and eventually for some, string theory.

a beginning artist needs to learn how (in example of drawing people bc anime is usually about drawing people) to properly build the human figure. if you base your drawing knowledge on how yugioh is drawn, itll be extremely difficult to create your own style, or move past the style because how can you abstract such an already abstracted body?

im not saying people cant copy art styles, esp in the beginning. often time artists always begin by copying other artists, even tracing the art. because the beginning artist wants to achieve that level of art. drawing like your favorite artist is a Huge mood boost and creativity boost. it motivates the young artist to draw more and thats Fantastic! it really is. but one day, that beginning artist is going to hit a wall, a wall that is the border from who they are as an artist now, and on the other side is who they can become. and now they need tools to build a staircase or ladder or flying machine or little suction cups for their hands and feet so they can scale the wall.

so the artist has copied a style, but to move on, they need to learn the basics. they need a tool kit to develop their own style and get over that wall. maybe once they learn the basics they return to anime, and thats perfectly fine, because now they can draw anime Just That Much Better than before, they can know the reason why the artists they loved made the decisions they did about their art style, they can use their knowledge to deviate and build off into a even better style!

after all of this, however i find huge fault with the teachers reported to rip up drawings and in general discourage students from drawing or who fail to understand if a beginning artist has already begun to climb the wall. there are ways to correct and guide a beginning artist to learn the basics and relinquish a comfortable, cool, art style they love for the time being. and there are ways for an art teacher to shout motivation and tips to the artist scaling the wall instead of dragging them down and telling them to do it again. but a lot of art teachers are unable to correctly teach art and deal with students and their motivations. they see “anime” and think the Worst and well, now this student deserves to be punished for drawing badly. there are bad teachers who dont understand how people work, or dont care about the job, or art even! and its a depressing reality that so many beginning artists are turned away and discouraged from art by adults who should be letting creativity blossom. i just want to personally teach and encourage beginning artists to be the very best they can be, and to find that art and creative expression is just. so important.

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dream gal: absolutely beautiful smile and freckles, loves adventures and trying new things, we have a sunny apartment in NYC, she holds my hand in the moma and parks, we can talk without talking if you a Know What I Mean, she's always kind supportive and understanding and i adore her creativity endlessly, calm discussions and debates instead of fights, i maybe immortalize her in cheesy poems, we adopt a few trans kids, she doesnt mind my cold feet and i dont mind her milk drinking. gOD IM SO GAY


cartoon network isnt even trying to be slick with its laziness/greed they just keep making spinoffs and reboots of shows and movies that already have a fanbase, watering them down into simple and easy to produce shows, and capitalizing on an already guaranteed audience 

usually i wouldnt complain but it keeps



and over

and over

like. reboots are fine. reboots can be done well. we just got a fantastic one for samurai jack. but after watching all of these shows quite a bit and trying to find positives in them, i still am just left with a bad taste in my mouth and the strong impression that CN is only after ratings, not trying to produce shows that actually have originality or depth or creativity

and that impression is especially reinforced when they give their shows that ARE original and creative erratic airing times, random hiatuses, and choose to advertise for the same episode of teen titans go 100 times rather than give a single preview of anything else

im not here to make friends, which is good because historically my friends are all idiots

fuck cringe culture honestly. people having innocent fun making sonic and naruto ocs and role playing as their favorite homestuck or wearing dr who shirts will always be cooler than those who try to ‘act cool’ by shaming them. Plus some of em are children or beginner artists like cmon.

If you love something and you want to publicly express it in a non-harmful way than I think everyone else should be supportive and encouraging because those kinds of creative expressions are amazing and unique. 

passion beats cynicism every time.

like fuck im gonna make a sonic oc right now

this is Gust the Crow. he has to wear velcros because he doesnt have fingers

Prompt # 151

“What the heck did you just do?!”

“You know, I’m not entirely sure, but I think I might have just summoned a demon?”

I’m relearning a life without you.
I’m learning how to wake up without a “good morning” text or laying next to you filled with the warmth of your body heat. I’m learning how to go throughout my day avoiding your glance when I see you, even though I’m painfully aware of your passing. I’m learning how to go without your affection, I’m trying to find it elsewhere but it isn’t the same. I’m learning how to desperately try and forget how you kissed me because when he does it it doesn’t feel the same. Im learning how to see you smile and laugh and know it’s not my doing. I’m learning how to fall asleep without you holding me. I’m learning how to go without your comfort.
I’m learning day by day, how to forget everything that made me fall in love. Because all of that has no comparison to the pain you caused me and I have to remember that, each and every day.
—  v.m
… And then it’ll hit you. 
It’ll hit you when you’re shopping for paper towels and it’ll hit you when you’re loading your car with groceries. You’ll sit in your car and you’ll think about who you were last week and the week before that and so on until you finally get to who you were ten years ago,
and you’ll run your fingers through your hair. It’ll hit you.
It’ll hit you when you’re pulling into your driveway and it’ll hit you when you put the can of beans into the pantry. 
You’ll look around your kitchen and glance out the mini window above the sink to see the grass outside.
It’ll hit you.
It’ll hit you that this is your life and you aren’t the person you were. You aren’t screaming into your pillow at 1am hoping it’ll help the pain. You aren’t staring in the mirror picking out every flaw. You aren’t holding your stomach as you cry, trying to muffle the sobs.
Instead, you’re shopping for new curtains and trying to figure out what pillows go best with your couch,
because this is your life now, and it’ll hit you.
You made it.
—  E. Grin