im trying to be creative with these


i was bored last night so i decided to make some valentines day cards with the mystic messenger characters (*^ω^*)
lol i hope all of you enjoy them as much as i did making them 💒
some of the sayings may be lame cause of my lack of creativity but you get what im trying to do here :3

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Hi, here’s me trying to write Drarry

“au where harry james potter has a youtube channel in which he tells story times about himself and shit that happens with him and bam one day he and Draco Beauty Guru Malfoy collaborate: Harry tells a story time while Draco does his make up”- @saintdrarry

Harry James Potter started his youtube channel at the age of 18, when he moved out of the Dursley’s and into an old London mansion he inherited from his late godfather.

  • He goes to uni for European History (he wants to be a professor because he’s a neeeeerd) .
  • His first video- “Welcome to this Grim-old Place!”
  • Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and Ginny are constantly in his “daily” vlogs
    • Tbh he’s shit at being daily, it’s mainly when he can be bothered to go outside
  • He loves to walk around the city with his dogs, Hedwig (a Samoyed), and Padfoot (a Great Dane-also called a boarhound)
  • Often, they go to a small bookshop owned by Xenophilius Lovegood (who always lets animals in) and read for hours
  • He likes to put glasses on his dogs while the lay down and drool over “doggy books” (chew toys in the shape of books) and Instagram it
  • He likes to walk around the house and make up stories about the Blacks, and then ends them all by looking at the camera, very seriously, and saying, “Their ghosts will murder me in my sleep, I’m Sirius, goodnight.”

  • Often, though, he just makes videos at the end of the day telling about his life.
  • His best videos are the drunk ones at all the youtube parties-or the ones when he’s home alone
    • An excerpt from one such video, where he is sitting on a desk chair backwards-”you guys, i gotta be honest with you. Boys are hot as fucK
      • He fell off the chair during that last word
  • The channel gains popularity, and he has like 4 million subs by the time he turns 20
  • His most watched video (with like 15 mil views!!) is “My Coming Out Story
    • The Thumbnail is of him and Ginny sitting on his bed
    • The description is, “Hi im not gay. Im not straight. Im certainly not dating Ginny. Yes, I used to. No, I don’t have an s/o atm.
    • Luna pops up about 30 seconds in, kisses Ginny for 10 seconds while Harry very awkwardly looks at the camera, and then leaves with Ginny.
    • Newsflash: he’s bi af.
  • His second most watched video is about his mum and dad, and everyone cries watching it.
    • They died protecting him in an attempted robbery from a gang when he was very little
    • He also talks about Sirius and Remus
    • Sirius died by being killed by a gang member (after spending 12 years in prison for “being one”
    • Remus died from Cancer
  • Another video is where Luna, Ginny, and Hermione do his hair and choose his wardrobe for a daily vlog
    • He lost a bet
    • His hair is long, so Hermione puts it in a french braid and ties it up in a messy bun
    • They then spend a few minutes talking about how Hermione’s coarse hair has a different care process
    • Ginny chooses an orange button up shirt and faded dungarees for the outfit
    • Luna just elects to put glitter/stick-on jewels on Harry’s face because, she says, it will really pop on his dark skin
  • After that video they film a vlog in which they go to the London Zoo, which is quite near Grimmauld Place
  • Harry really likes the glitter, so he searched Youtube for makeup tutorials and found the one, the only, Draco Malfoy
  • While watching his videos, Harry always notices how clean his workspace was
    • Harry’s house was constantly a mess, but he always cleaned on Sundays-he really did!
  • Also, Malfoy was cold, hardly ever expressing emotion
  • He was brutally honest and loved a challenge
    • Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson (two other beauty gurus) often pop up in his videos
  • Malfoy has one video up about the racist comments he receives for his friends being, well, not white
    • He rants for 15 minutes about how real MUA’s should be able to do makeup on all people, not just white people
  • Apparently, Malfoy has his own line of makeup, called, of course, “Malfoy”
  • All of his videos were makeup related, but his other social media (what no, Harry didn’t stalk) shows his normal life-perfectly pristine and flawless in every way, with a hint of crude humor on Tumblr
  • He was never seen in public without a full face of makeup; his eyeliner could cut a bitch.
  • He didn’t have any pets, but his parents owned an estate with peacocks and horses
    • Draco had a Friesian called Atticus (After Atticus Finch, of course)
    • Anyways, Draco lives in London as well and goes to uni for English
  • One day, Harry emails Draco asking if he wants to collab.
    • This was after weeks of obsessing and multiple friends yelling at him to “just find the boy and snog him”
  • Technically, Ron and Hermione wrote and sent the email
  • When Draco reads it, his heart stops
    • Wow who knew that Draco had been low-key obsessed with Harry the whole time?
    • I did. I’m the author
    • Also, you did. This is a cliche and I am loVING IT
    • Anyways, back to the story.
  • He immediately calls Pansy and yells at her to go to his flat
    • They spend 20 minutes crafting the perfect respons
  • 3 days later, a bare-faced Draco Lucius Malfoy shows up on Harry James Potter’s front doorstep. 
  • He steps in, and Harry offers a cuppa
  • He accepts, and they talk for almost two hours before starting to film.
  • Draco sets up his makeup and hair stuff on a desk next to the camera, and has Harry sit down on a stool opposite his own
  • Harry decides he’s going to talk about his godson, Teddy, and tells Draco so
  • Draco just stares at Harry for about two minutes before bursting out laughing and informing Harry that Teddy is his cousin
  • Eventually, they start filming.
  • Draco decided a long time ago that Harry would be golden, and makes him up that way-from bright eyelids to shiny cheekbones
    • His lips were a matte brown nude with a shimmer on them
  • In the meantime, Harry chattered on about his bus ride with Teddy and how the kid’s hair was bright red, and it almost seemed pink in the sun
  • When they were done, Harry saw how he looked and gasped
    • “Don’t you dare cry, Potter, you’ll ruin everything”
  • After they turned off the camera, Harry worked up the courage to ask Draco out
  • Draco, of course, said yes, and kissed Harry softly on the mouth
    • “Oi, you’ll mess up my makeup” “The lipstick is special, it’s made to stay on. Anyways, I can always do it again.”

They then lived happily ever after goodnight.

•18|02|2017• first blog post

hi ! my name is phantom and im a 5'3 agust d diehard in secondary school. im eurasian and i really like music composition, photography and drawing.

my other blogs on tumblr include: @yoongilyrics and @2am-convictions (fanfic blog). i am also the yoongi admin for @houseofbangtaninternational !

im going to try post my notes and bullet journal spreads here and hopefully it’ll motivate me to write and study more because my handwriting needs jesus. ;;

people who have inspired me to begin this blog include @studykouffee @studybuzz @studyjimin @baby-gloom and @tbhstudying, thank you so much for being so creative. ^^

[photo | left to right: muji dotted plastic pocket journal, bts wings yoongi photocard, french connection SUGAr balm, staedtlr black pigment liner 0.5 + muji 0.5 black gel pen]

(i know im no professional photographer but iphones can only do so much >>)

hello 🌸✨

my name is ivy! im a junior in high school & my fave subject is english, but i really enjoy anything that involves creativity/open ended thinking. when i grow up i want to be a wedding photographer, so i plan on majoring in a business field (either accounting or finance) so i can run my own business! i love poetry, flowers, soft music, & the sky ☀️

ive had this studyblr for a while now, but ive always been too nervous to introduce myself or make any of my own posts. i want to try to improve myself this year & next year though, so im gonna put myself out there now & hopefully make some original posts! im currently taking: spanish III, creative writing, us history ap, english III ap, physics, & pre cal.

some of my fave studyblr blogs that i follow & inspire me are: @castillos-co @cmstudy @focusign @lycheestudy @obsidianstudy @peachsstudy @scholarly @studyblr @studylikeslytherin @studymor @studyplants @studyrelief @studysleep @sugastudys @wonderland-studies @yunistudies @journalsanctuary

so yea! i hope this studyblr will motivate me to, well, study more! im also down for making new pals, so rb this post/follow me & ill follow u back so we can be super cool mutuals! 🌷💕💐

cute lil thing at the request of a cute lil friend of mine

Blackpink Reaction To An Zombie Apocalypse

this request IS SO CREATIVE OMFG IM DEAD. Thank you for requesting it! Enjoy.

Jennie: She would wreak all the zombies thay were in her way. She would be like an apocalypse queen. Everyone would want to be by her side and would plead her help. No other survivors group would dare to turn against her and when they did, she would make them regret.

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Jisoo: Would probably try to save as much as fried chicken as she can. Then after she saved the chicken, she would run away screaming. She would get crazy over the zombies and sometimes would probably find funny the way they walk.

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Rosé: Honestly I think if she opens her mouth and singed to them they would be hypnotized and would go home without the need of her having to kill them. But in other case, she would try her best to protect everyone that she loves and cares about.

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Lisa: She would be like that badass girl from the zombie movies. She would kill all the zombies that came in her way and everyone would love her. She would be all badass and stuff but would melt if she saw a dog on the streets. After making sure he wasn’t contaminated she would take him with her.

“ Almost all the dogs are gone so why not?”

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lozerbot  asked:

I just wanted to say I'm a HUGE fan! You're style is so cool and I love everything you do. I'm envious of your creativity but you inspire me to try a bit harder:)

Thank you so much! I was actually not feeling too well about art haha. Im glad that you feel like trying harder! I bet you will do amazing stuff If you just keep pushing!

anonymous asked:

16?! With your quality I thought you were at least 18/19/20/21 what the actual fuck

((Lol i surprise people a lot. Ive taken advice from a wide range of people over my years of highschool and by 16 im already better than the 18-19 year old seniors in my class.

In Animation II for the first semester we do Individual Projects. Basically we are left to our own accord to do our own study on what kind of art we wanna do before presenting what we learned before the class. This individual study basically gives students free will to try new techniques and work at a pace they work best at as well as what style. In the art industry you cant LEARN how to art, you learn how to express your creativity in your own way. There is no one way to draw something and being Self-Taught is the best method in knowing what way of drawing best fits you as an individual. That’s how we work in my class.

Some students chose Background Art, some did Animation shorts, some have written out a plot for a movie or tv series they made. What I focused on was Character Design and Concept art/Anatomy. and as you can see:

My self-taught lessons came in pretty handy))

Art from my instagram: Prizza_Slvt

anonymous asked:

Will you share whats in your meal prep?? It looks great and I really want to try it but I dont think Im creative enough



oatmeal, 1 cup plain nonfat greek yogurt, frozen berry mix (3 days strawberries/blueberries/raspberries/blackberries and 2 days peaches/pomegranate seeds/berries) - I usually blend this with a splash of milk to make a smoothie; tea or coffee


salad with grilled chicken breast, olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing; apple


2 Days: Oven roasted chicken breast, zucchini noodles, caribbean jerk bell peppers

1 Day: Oven roasted chicken breast, brown rice, caribbean jerk bell peppers

2 Days: Ground Turkey skillet (ground turkey, mushrooms, butternut squash, broccoli, carrots, 3 kinds of beans) over garlic mashed cauliflower

I have lots of other healthy snacks (granola bars, almonds, pb & apples/veggies, hummus) in case I get hungry but in the past this has definitely kept me full all day. I try to structure dinner like this: protein, veggies, complex carb. Then I can mix and match and I usually just use different seasonings to create different “flavor profiles” (I clearly watch way too much food network). Pinterest has TONS of great ideas, too!