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Yall know the drill. 5 miles, BNHA episode recap

  • Every single one of my Group Project With Terrible Group Members anxieties was on fire within 30 seconds of this episode
  • Me, quietly, under my breath: Clearly Deku is trying to do the work it’s his partner who’s not helping tell the teacher Deku deserves an A its not his fault hes in a shitty group.
  • For real this is almost a tongue-in-cheek commentary on schools handling bullying. Turns to the person clearly only being victimized who’s done nothing wrong. “Now I think you BOTH need to work on your get-along skills hmmm?”
  • They sure like to name episodes as “[Character name]: Origin”
  • I really like how Shonen Logic:tm: works where characters can be smashed through buildings and be fine, but Bakugou whapping Deku in the nose with his stupid gauntlet leaves Deku wincing on the ground.
  • and by “really like” i mean “im really fucking hurt. Deku looked so hurt he didnt deserve that”
  • Look at him. Look at him he didnt deserve that. Someone please kick Bakugou’s ass.
  • Status update: the rest of the episode is All Might kicking Bakugou’s ass. Nice. Prick.
  • Bakugou: [yells]
    Deku: [yelling] stop yelling!
  • All Might proceeds to shut Bakugou up. Nice All Might good job listening.
  • I’m so happy for All Might. He’s having the best time being a villain. You know he’s giggling like a five year old on the inside you know it. He gets to just break shit and be evil. I love it.
  • [Obligatory Sans Undertale joke]
  • That’s not even hyperbole Bakugou got his breakfast beaten right out of him RIP Bakugou yikes
  • NGL the changing angle made it look for a moment like All Might impaled Deku with that fence and like….little dark, All Might.
  • “You will be my successor Midoriya when I pass the torch on oh shit fuck right you needed those internal organs. Ive lived without mine so long I forgot they were there. My bad. ……Should I move the fence?”
  • Bakugou: “I’m going to beat All Might with my own two fists!”
    All Might:
    -punches Bakugou’s breakfast right out of him-
    Bakugou: “Never mind!!!! Turns out I suck!!! Test canceled!!! I quit!!!”
  • Deku: -slugs Bakugou- listen u shit I’m not throwing away my A for this.
  • “We still have to fight All Might!!” Okay Vomit-Mouth.
  • Poor Deku, for the whole alley scene. Bakugou’s just fucking screaming at him 2.5 inches away and Bakugou won’t wipe his damn mouth like damn at least pop a breath mint or something if youre gonna harrass Deku point-blank like that it’s gross.
  • Deku: “Finally, with Bakugou’s gauntlet I can use a quirk without breaking my own arm.”
    Deku: -breaks his arm from the recoil-
    Deku: “Oh fucking come on”
  • I love Bakugou just blast-zooming through the air while he and Deku talk it’s like those long-ass Naruto scenes where they hop 2945 feet between branches. Except poor Deku’s gotta like, actually run. Offer him a ride Bakugou you animal.
  • Deku: “That gate’s fucking kawaii and I’m kinda insulted considering how I’ve been nearly killed to death like four times in this thing but okay whatever.”
  • DORK


  • Bakugou: -uses his quirk to fucking launch Deku toward the goal like a sack of potatoes-
    me, thinking back to the physical tests of season 1: Haha call back.
  • this is physically painful to watch im like upset
  • theyre kids theyre just kids leave them a l o n e
  • also Bakugou trying to bite All Might’s hand as a last ditch effort is just….real sad? It hurts? This all hurts?
  • Im glad Deku punched All Might he was being a real jackass today.
  • Recovery Girl, for the 19375th time: “The absolute fucking shit I put up with because of you people”

lance, trying to know keith because he’s falling in love with him: ok so…whats your favorite genre of music?

keith: country.

lance: uh, yeah!! can be a genre of music of your country of course!!

keith: it’s country.

lance: oh, did i say it wrong? country. country. your country. I’m sorry, my mother language isn’t english, so somet-

keith: no no, my favorite genre of music is country.


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Hey Cherry! Im trying to understand how the houses work. Could you explain/ guide me somewhere where I could understand it better? Thanks!

Hey, the houses are the experiences and life themes we direct the sign and planet through. The four angular houses are the most significant:

The First House/First house cusp - Ascending: My instant, environmental responses
The Seventh House/Seventh house cusp - Descending: Who I attract
The Tenth House/Tenth house cusp - Midheaven: Who I want to be/who the public thinks I am/success story
The Fourth House/Fourth house cusp - Imum Coeli: Where I came from, mother, psychological base

Second House: Values, Finances, Sensuality, Body
Third House: Immediate perception, Communication, Expression
Fifth House: Pleasure, Play, Children, Creativity
Sixth House: Service, Health, Daily Living
Eighth House: Transformation, Magic, Death, Joint Finances
Ninth House: Awareness, Spiritual Search, Philosophy, Pilgrimage
Eleventh House: Friends, Social inclusion, Dreams
Twelfth House: Sacred space, Privacy, Alone time, Infinity

Each of the houses is ruled by its corresponding sign on the zodiac, and you can see how they reflect the theme of the sign, like Aries ruling the 1st house of self expression and identity, and Pisces ruling the 12th house of dream and delirium. The houses bring the signs and planets to life. These are the places on the atlas we express the qualities through. Does your sun Leo dance through the joy of friends in the eleventh house, or is his lion heart put to work and used to serve others in the sixth house? This is one of the great joys of astrology. I have more info on here


Oh yeah, and another thing: no one better ever, ever call Cat Grant a “mother figure” to Kara ever again, okay? Let’s put that shit to rest once and for all. Mothers don’t almost accidentally call their daughters hot while looking up their skirts as they fly away, after trying to tell them how much they’re in love with them, okay? Okay. Glad we figured that out.

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ur blog title's hilarious considering how obviously u're frothing at the mouth while trying to sound intellectual and cool; sadly 4 u, cheap (btw,do u steal all ur arguments from opposing sides,then hit 'project'? the nh fandom came up with 'clique' and 'Sak the self-insert' YEARS ago,lmao),vulgar trash still smells and looks the part no matter how hard u try to mask it-haven't u learned that from looking in th mirror? u rly are a great reflection of ur toxic, abusive otp. stay pathetic,bye : )

Can a mother fucker learn how to type properly and use the space bar when they decide to bring their nasty unwashed ass into my asks? My blog title is a reference to harry styles dumbass. I’m not trying to sound like anything but if you caught cool and intellectual then thanks im almost flattered since I still don’t want to hear it from a person who can’t read a children’s comic properly. Good for you, England, you once had the world until people became woke. Maybe the better side just took over, it’s called development, not that I expect a naruhina to know anything about it. Maybe they are fandom terms that my ass has been seeing in the 1d fandom since 2011 because bitch you ain’t shit, your boring ass, makes no sense otp should tell you that already. I am a great reflection. tbh I like how I look and that’s not a sin is it, I don’t expect insecure self inserters who felt the need to send this message to feel the same however. 

My otp? you mean this?

Thanks man!

anyways guys, don’t you love this scene 

Look at her go wow she is OUT there. My favourite naruhina moment is when naruto did not ask her if she was okay and ignored her confession for years. 

I also love how she was stuck here for 7+ years

and is still stuck here years into her marriage 

before insulting me over your shitty otp and crappy fav, try to remember they both ain’t shit. 

That being said, here is the narusaku hug scene, naruto’s first ever hug. 

And, here is a page from the databook to get on your tit

Can we please talk about my boy, Winwin, during Victory ep. 9 ???

Not only was he speaking SOOO much more than he used to, but he was speaking with the utmost confidence, too! Every time he would say something, the other members would just stare at him and smile because he’S NOT AFRAID TO TALK ANYMORE !!!!!!

The poor thing used to be so timid and so shy because he wasn’t fluent in Korean, but he looked and sounded like a whole new person during their broadcast! Instead of fake giggling because he didn’t understand what had just happened, he was genuinely laughing with the rest of the members when something funny would happen! AND along with this newfound confidence came one hell of a sense of humor! That boy is damn funny, lemme tell ya! I mean, he probably always has been; but before, he wasn’t quite able to share with us that side of him since he was still trying to grasp an understanding at the Korean language.

It brought the biggest smile to my face seeing him interact and genuinely have a good time with his friends…. He looked so much more relaxed and so much more confident in himself than I’ve ever seen him look before, and I’m just so so proud of him (’:

Hopefully with better Korean comes more lines,,,,, ((((:::

I was bombed with asks that Im so cute today ha ha thank you. The camera can lie, just so you know.

Anyway when I was small I was being call ugly A LOT, by both children my age and adults. I still remembered they used to call me one of the ugliest one in the neighborhood. I got all the ugly facial features (in Asian sense): broad forehead, curved lips, bend nose and teeth goes all wrong lol. Even now I still leave my teeth like that it looks like rabbits teeth and people would advise me to fix it but yeah I dont think so.

When I was 18 my face just changed by itself and somehow I look a little better. But guys still think Im ugly, well to be pretty in Vietnamese sense you must have round eye round face and nice smile. But my face is really slim and thin, so overall I can look like someone can kill you sometimes. My friend told me that I should smile more because my feature is really cold and strict. They would tell me I should try to me more girly or boys won’t want me. Not my fault dude, mother made me this way.

Sometimes people still advise me to go through facial surgery and fix my teeth but I dont really care, because I dont care about my look that much. If I was like normal girl with that kind of mean joke since childhood could make me suffer really bad anxiety problem but I think my stuborness just like to rebel. And also I think Im rad af thats better lol

My point is that maybe you actually are very pretty in some senses, just like me, so dont bother by some who cant appreciate your beauty, just wave at them so fabulously and: “I was born this way hey I was born this way hey Im on the right track baby I was born this way hey”

Fairy tales//Shawn Mendes

A/N: Im sorry if this doesn’t make sense, i have a ton of homework and just wanted to post something, give feedback!x

At the beginning of the relationship everything was perfect, it seemed like a real life fairy tale, like the ones your mother used to read to you when you were 5, but you knew better. Life isn’t a fairy tale and happy endings don’t exist.

You knew that Shawn was still hurting from his last relationship, you didn’t know much about it only that it left him in pieces, that was over a year ago, and he’s still trying to put his heart back together.

Shawn had commitment issues, that didn’t come as a surprise, he didn’t trust easily, he had put up these huge walls that even you couldn’t climb, it took months for Shawn to trust you completely, he had to make sure you weren’t going to break his heart and ruin him, like she did.

You aren’t her, but Shawn couldn’t see that. He was so emotionally hurt by his ex that he was incapable of giving someone else his heart, it terrified him, to the point where he shut out anyone who could have possibly cared for him.

He tried so hard to push you away, but you were too stubborn to see that in the end it would only end up destroying you- you didn’t listen when your friends told you to Leave before it got worse. you saw something in Shawn that nobody else saw, potential.

Shawn was extremely Paranoid that you had stopped loving him, he even kept tabs on you wherever you went, at first it seemed harmless but as months went by he became more protective.

He wouldn’t let you wear certain things, you couldn’t see certain people, hell, you couldn’t even send a text message to your mom without Shawn peeping over your shoulder.

After a night out with your friends you had wanted to come home and cuddle into Shawn while a sappy Romance movie played in the background, you just wanted your boyfriend back. You loved Shawn, but he was turning into someone you could barely recognize.

Instead you came home to screaming, Shawn was accusing you of cheating on him-again. And no matter how much you tired to convince him that he was the only one he still didn’t listen.

Eventually it all got too much, the constant fear of Shawn spiraling out of control loomed in your mind, it hurt you to see him so broken.

You wanted to empathize with him because of what he’s been through, but you knew there was no excuse for the way he was treating you.

He was emotionally ruining you, you were drained, most nights you lay awake in the big empty bed you used to share with Shawn- he refused to sleep in the same room as you, that hurt.

This routine couldn’t continue any longer, so you did the one thing you never wanted to do, you packed up some clothes and arranged to meet your friend so you could stay with her, Shawn could have the house; you didn’t want to be reminded of what could’ve been.

Though it killed you to leave, you didn’t have a choice, why would you stay in a relationship that caused you pain? Who would put themselves through that?

Some girls would kill to be in your position, to be with Shawn. But thankfully you knew your worth, your parents had always taught you to make your life worth it, do things that made you happy.

Shawn made you happy, once. But he just wasn’t what you wanted anymore, eventually you’ll move on, forget about how much it hurt and meet a new man.

Your friend had texted you that she was outside, you quickly scribbled a note to Shawn and with one last sad smile, left the place you once called home.

Dear Shawn,

I’m sorry, but I had to leave.

The relationship caused me more pain than it did happiness and was beginning to become unhealthy.

I couldn’t stay with somebody who clearly still loved their Ex. Shawn, you’re hurting, you’re broken and you’re angry, your heart needs time to heal.

One day maybe you can find someone, when you’re okay and truly happy. You can love her the way I wanted you to love me, the way I knew you tried to love me.

I know you did your best, I won’t be returning. I’ll be staying with friends until I get my own apartment. I’ll send someone out to get the rest of my things.

Just know, I truly loved you Shawn, even if you couldn’t see it.


ok so what have we learnt today?

yandere-chan’s mom is pretty terrible, her dad is a beautiful soul who deserves so much better, not to mention that shit those doctors man if i had doctors that took mental illness seriously like that i wouldn’t be a crippling mess rn

and in conclusion today, class, her mother is the real issue bc she obviously doesn’t care enough to try and help her kid, consequently turning this child into a monster. homework’s due on thursday see you assholes then im gonna go drink my weight in apple juice

every single scene that joanna had in season 2, her entire subplot, was just made so meaningless. i’ve been up for 24 hours so i’m going to bed, but i have a lot of thoughts on what went wrong here and what could have been done differently to keep it satisfying. because her death was gonna leave a lot of us emotionally reeling either way. I know shes not for everyone, so ill try and explain what the appeal of her was tomorrow, but the gist of it has a lot to do with her being represented as so masterfully cunning and powerful, as a potential puppeteer pulling the strings of her man, and just seeing this beautiful women, this mother, given such a position of hidden power, and the ability to see straight through elliot our protagonist, she was a femme fatale yes but she was a lot more than that to me too.

joanna deserved better. and i say that about a lot of characters on this show. and im not talking about they deserved to live happily ever after free from consequences.. i’m talking about, the way they were written, deserved a lot more care and attention put into it. a lot. more. 

this was not a plot twist this was a slap in the face and i’m very disappointed. i know sam esmail isn’t infallible. i know i put him on a pedestal. but this season feels like its rushing through its final act, and we’re only two episodes in.

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Im not trying to defend those who wilfully abuse and killed their babies, but I would like to remind you and your followers that both post-partum depression and post-partum psychosis are real things. And many mothers do not have access to neither the medical care nor the societal support they need and deserve. There are sometimes heartbreaking reasons why babies are killed...

You’re 100% correct. It truly is a horrendous disorder that needs to be better understood and destigamatized so that there is substantial help available for each and every person that gives birth if they need it.

Please pray for me, I have so many things going on. For my first year of uni, I was in a program that I did not like much and I didn’t do very well - my mother pressured me into it because of ya know .. expectations. Anyway, halfway thru the first semester, she and I had a heart to heart and she understood that i was unhappy in that program and after a lot of prayers, she found a program for me that I love soo much but unfortunately, I might not get in because my grades are so low… :( I dont know what I’m going to do if I dont get in, i’ve already taken so many L’s this year and its only june.. Another thing im struggling with is my weight, i feel like its spiralling out of control. A year and a half, I pushed myself to start weight training at the gym and I calorie restricted to try and lose weight. It worked for a while, I looked better than I ever had in that time but then family drama, love drama and friend drama led me to start binge eating again and i gained all the weight back and more.. and then things happened to my body that I don’t know how to fix. Basically, I feel trapped in my own body, like people can’t see ME because of all this excess weight and health problems. I know that I shouldn’t self pity because im been blessed with an amazing mother who cares so much about me and an ok brother and a roof over my head, all of that which i dont take for granted but these problems weigh so heavy on my shoulders.. I just want to look .. normal and be able to wear things I like, and feel academic security and all of that. Im so sorry for rambling, thank for reading if you did

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What would it be like to be in a poly relationship with Dr. Schneep and Dr. Iplier? ((Any Dr.-Patient confidentiality thing going on? Idk. Lol.))

Awwww this is such a cute idea! ^v^

-well first off let me just say something that should be obvious but they can easily turn any sick day into an amazing one

-They will pamper you to no end with fluffy blankets, healthy food (so you dont make yourself feel worse) and your favorite movie if you wish! Though they wont cuddle you at the time because hey, you’re sick, but they will try their best to let you know that they do care and wish for you to get better.

-Though Dr.iplier may make a few jokes just to poke fun.

- “im sorry …. you’re dying.” “But i just have a cold-” “shhhhh, accept your fate-” meanwhile both him and schneep are trying their hardest not to laugh

-expect Schneep to be the kind of “Mother” in the relationship, reminding you constantly to take care of yourself and take your meds if you have any. He really cares.

-Both read body language easily so if you are feeling “touch starved” to anyone else it wouldnt be obvious but to them? They have a 6th sense for it, instantly giving you kisses on the head or small hand holding

-Dr.Iplier loves to just hug you from behind and burry his face in your hair (if you have any), the feeling of closeness and your soft skin calming him down no matter how much stress he has been put through that day

-Schneep is more of a fan of you sitting on his lap when you both are relaxing. But not when he is working tho. Poor doc still needs to concentrate and you are too beautiful to not take his eyes off of.

-and as a last lil comment- if you brush your fingers through both of their hair they will and i repeat WILL turn to putty in your hands. Like no joke

-dont be shocked if they dont say i love you too often though. They are both more men of actions than words.

Hopefully this was good enough ;v;

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Do you have any theories about Riverdale season 2? I hope this season is gonna be better than the first one

here are my guesses; 

  • im not sure about Fred’s fate, but either way Archie’s mother will be persistent about Archie coming back to Chicago
  • Archie is going to be traumatised and will eventually become obsessed with trying to find his father’s shooter (which may bring Betty’s nancy drew side out again)
  • Veronica is going to be there for Archie but most likely a few episodes in they’ll have some kind of fallout where both of their lives become too much of a weight to carry. im not sure if they would reconcile or not, either way can happen
  • Veronica’s life in NY will start catching up to her and with her father back in town, we’re going to see a lot of daddy issues slowly rising up as well as her mother’s behaviour changing -Hiram will probably try to dictate them
  • Betty and Archie will become closer to each other in the process 
  • Jughead going to the Southside and meeting Topaz will play the classic Romeo/Juliet thing
  • Jughead will initially pick the southside because of the whole “im a weirdo” thing and with his fathers case, which will put a strain on his relationship with Betty but eventually come back to his old friends and give the whole cliche ‘you’re the one i choose’ kind of speech
  • Kevin is said to go darker so i think somethings going to happen regarding his dad
  • i have no shitting idea about Cheryl which is why i want to see her story the most
  • incest babies
  • more murders
  • Hiram being shown as the ultimate enemy boss but surprising everyone at the last minute with some kind of redemption arc 
  • more serious topics being used as plot points without getting  the acknowledgement they deserve (e.g Cheryl’s suicide and Betty’s ADHD)
  • FP Jones is one character that can go either way too 

anyway those are my guesses. thanks for the question!

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I check your blog obsessively and ive just realised I don't actually know a lot about you ? Like, what are your hobbies, what do you look forward to at the end of the day, what shows do you watch, do you support any sports teams, what food would you kill a man for, what's your favourite animal(s) , what music do you listen to, any inside jokes with your friends, what's your family like, what's a normal day like for you , do you have any nicknames, what are you attracted to in a person ? xx

wow if you want me to instantly fall in love with you ask me strange and wonderful personal questions and also compliment my blog like… uh….. 😍

I guess I’ll take this one question at a time?? I hope that’s okay? what’s the protocol for talking about myself is this thing on

hobbies: lots of artsy obnoxious stuff I love writing & reading & playing piano/flute/guitar/uke/singing & painting & acting I basically only use one side of my brain tbh

I look forward to: putting my hair up which seems weird but I have so much of it and my favourite moment in the day is tying it back and feeling like my brain is free?? I also look forward to cracking a coke zero and checking my notes on and uhhh napping

shows: holy shit…… all. of them. recently I’ve been catching up on sense8, the get down, skam s4, brooklyn 99, voltron. plus I always adore x-files and buffy. I’ve had the obligatory teen wolf phase, doctor who phase, shameless US phase… got dumped headfirst into haikyuu and yoi last year, etc etc 

sports teams: i don’t know anything!!!! literally nothing!!! I respect their right to have that ball and do that running but i.. super don’t care. also here in saskatchewan everyone’s like football!!! hockey!!! football!!! hockey!!!! and im honestly just here to watch a guy get punched on ice

food to kill for: fresh homemade bread my guy……. better than anything on this earth….. also some really good nachos?? yeah. cheesecake?? ye S. thai food? YES

favourite animal: okay don’t laugh……. it’s a fox it’s been a fox since I was eight years old

music: it’s very um eclectic. tame impala & panic! & altj & decemberists & lorde & top & arcade fire & sufjan stevens & mother mother & the mountain goats & frank ocean & the front bottoms & mac demarco & hayley kiyoko bc I am gay and punk and trying too hard but ALSO so many soundtracks! httyd & cloud atlas & sinbad are some of the best scores ever devised by man. so many musicals. lately more bts than you would……….. believe

Inside jokes: idk where to begin w the shit me and ben talk about but I’ll tell you that my group chat was called ‘omega too god’ for a while bc my friend misspelled ‘omg too good’

family: just very good. I’m so ludicrously lucky. my parents are accepting and silly and delightful – doctors & part-time musicians & full-time good people. Both my brothers are big weirdos and I love & fear them. James writes music and talks way too much about sci-fi or board games or astronomy or w/e & his mouth gets him into sooo much trouble. Stubborn as FUCK & won’t hecking listen to me but he means so well. Chris is a real certified genius I’m not joking his IQ is well above 160 and he just turned down the opportunity to go to Oxford or Cambridge for his masters in physics bc he’s focusing on research?? i guess? He’s good at everything but he’s also humble and sweet and strange and fumbling (I’m so proud of him I can’t see straight)

A normal day for me: right now it’s summer and I haven’t landed a job yet so it goes: get up LATE, go for coffee with a friend or my mom, have a lil walk, do some writing, sometimes I go volunteer at the LGBT2+ community centre where my buddy works & look after some youth, make some food, run some errands, learn lots. maybe go out in the evening, maybe retreat to my cave and write some more until it gets dark and I remember to eat. collapse into sleep at 3 am

nicknames: my family calls me Meg or Megs! dad used to call me Meggie Muffin but we don’t gotta talk about that. my name is boring and difficult to adapt wcyd

attracted to: good talkers. sweethearts who are free w affection and good vibes. sense of humour is critical bc I like to be surprised & heard & laugh. people who are accepting and genuinely kind are definitely the hottest people. if they’re smart musicians w curly hair or smth that’s a bonus 😎

Monsta X Reaction To Visiting You When You Have A Bad Fever


-gifs are not mine-

-Fluff alert-


Shownu: When he finds you suffering a lot he would take care of you as much as he knew how to. Then when you started to feel a little better he would cuddle up beside you and allow you to hold on to him while he slept with you. This would make you feel like you are in the arms of a big teddy bear and would help make you feel that much better. 

Originally posted by dokyungseouls

Wonho: “Are you okay? What do you need me to do for you?” He would become your servant as you went through the fever. Anytime you looked uncomfortable in any way he would immediately get up and try to find something that could help you feel better. He would worry by himself as he watched you suffer, trying to search the internet for some remedies for fevers. 

Originally posted by wonho

Minhyuk: While Minhyuk would try to help you medically he would also take the approach of trying to make you laugh or smile to make you feel better. This wouldn’t help completely but you would still appreciate his effort. 

Originally posted by maleidolnet

Kihyun: He would be extremely sad to see you in so much discomfort and he would try his best to make you feel better. Since he is a mother at heart he would cook you porridge and make sure your apartment was clean for when you feel better. 

Originally posted by kihyunh

Hyungwon: He wouldn’t know exactly how to take care of you, opting instead on calling someone he knows to come help him. They would figure out what you needed together and ensure that you felt better before the person that came to help left. When you were alone with him he would cuddle up next to you.

Originally posted by fy-hyungwonho

Jooheon: Jooheon would also try to make you feel better with laughter but he would also be one to search on the internet on how to help someone with a fever. He would try to make porridge or chicken noodle soup and would proceed to try to feed you it. Though he would most likely fail in making these and you would end up with a coughing fit instead. 

Originally posted by kihqun

I.M: He would be so lost on what to do. He would worry for you but wouldn’t know how to help. I.M would call his mother or grandmother to come and help him and while they took care of you he would watch and try to do whatever his family member ordered him to do. He would stay with you until everyone left and until you were finally feeling better. 

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Mother, help me,,,theres this girl that I used to be best friends with but then she got a boyfriend and started being very manipulative/mean to me and my other friend. She treated us like we didnt matter and like she was better than us bc she was in a relationship. Eventually she just stopped talking to us altogether but now he does online classes so shes hanging out with us again. Im trying to be nice but I still feel hurt by how she treated me and I feel bad but I cant trust her anymore? Help

oh no sweetums,,, okay, this is a pretty delicate situation, I’m gonna do my best to rationalize it with you. under the cut because i got rambly,, ily

Keep reading

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my friend killed herself sunday night and my entire body just like, aches. i lost my mother to suicide earlier this year and now my close friend. im in class right now trying not to cry. it hurts so much

Omg girl 😞I’m so sorry to hear your going though all this, I wish I could make things better for you, life can be such a cunt sometimes. I always think when people pass away, if they were hurting before in this life then now they are happier and at peace somewhere else. I hope you have other family members to support you through such a difficult time, there are always support that’s there for you to like councillors and all as they will help you to some extend. My inbox is always open to you 💖

Just got into an argument with my mother about whether “flashy” hairstyles and tats on baseball players draw attention away from their playing and to their physical features and negatively impact the game. Why the hell does it matter how they do their hair? Does having long hair make Syndergaard any less effective? Does having boring hair and no tats make La Stella any better? No, it has no bearing on their playing and shouldn’t matter