im trying out a new psd!!!!!

elk-bees  asked:

Hi, Im new to your blog and have been enjoying your random scenery posts. If you don't mind me asking, how do you edit your photos? Are you using a Topaz clean Psd to get your leaves to liquify like that, or something else. You don't have to answer if you don't want to, thanks for being awesome regardless.

hello! thank you for checking my blog out, i’ve been trying to improve my editing so that’s means a lot! for those scenery photos i used this psd and i sort of just adjusted the brightness and all that stuff, then i used topaz clean and played around with the settings until i was happy and thennnn i used topaz denoise on the preset strong. i hope that helps, it was honestly just a lot of playing around with things until i was happy!

cyyphr  asked:

angela i just read the whole convo and kudos to u for being a saint rly.... i would have lost my sanity (btw i lost it when they called the psd a recipe.. i srsly laughed out lout) anw i hope ppl leave and ur gifs alone (well, i hope u get reblogs but not reposts)

aaa ty aastha and yes in the beginning when they were trying to fluff out proof fgeinoragtnoge, terms just thrown around trying to piece together the lie


Made a Sombra bundle to try and raise some money for my car to get fixed! $30 USD, includes the above in .psd files (to easily edit your info in) and 9 more panels (12 total). Contact me for more info/questions! If you don’t have photoshop I will put your info in for free as long as you give me all the details with your payment! Thanks!