im trying new shit out alright

Star Lords a girl??

new recruit leaning against the wall near quill whos out of uniform.

new recruit: “ hey hows it going ?”

quill looks at the rookie and smiles: “ im fine thanks.”

New recruit: “ you know what i probably shouldn’t be telling you this but…. im actually a ravager.”

Quill gasp and leans a little bit closer to the rookie: “ you mean the out laws !? have you meet the ravager called “star lord” ?”

new recruit: “ Yea me and him are totally best buds we have gone on SO manyy dangerous raids together.”

Quill trys to not laugh at his stupidity: “ you dont say well you should introduce me to the amazing star lord” she places her hand on his arm

New recruite: “ yea! i mean no problem.”

Kraglin: “ HEY star lord were heading out.”

Quill turns to face kraglin: “ alright im coming.” looks back to the rookie “ well it was nice meeting  you.”

new recruit face is now a bright red as he watches Quill leave. “ shes thats star lord?!? one of the famous ravagers is a girl?! a teenage girl?”

Yondu standing behind the rookie: “ and the captains daughter.“

new recruit: “ shit”

  • me, standing at the head of a long table, around which several men in nice suits are sitting: alright boys i feel like shit anyone got any ideas for what to do
  • suit man 1: well, some of us were thinking you could kill yourself.
  • me: interesting concept.... no, that won't do... it would make my friends sad, not to mention we forgot my crippling fear of the void that awaits us all once we die. new idea, boys.
  • suit guy 2: you could try self harming maybe? that's just like suicide lite isn't it?
  • me, pulling out a pen and a notepad: ooh, im jotting that down right now, we'll save that idea and come back to it later. i'm thinking scratching myself til i bleed and punching a few walls maybe.. let's keep this flow going, guys, c'mon!
  • suit guy 3: you could get up and run away into the night, never to be seen again.
  • me, tapping my chin with a pencil: very tempting, very compelling, but it's cold out and i'm a bitch. i'd probably get tired at the end of the street.
  • suit guy 3: well then maybe instead you could try passing out in an attempt to sleep all your problems away?
  • me, pointing my pen at him: now THAT'S what i'm talking about! great work, i knew i could count on you!
  • suit guy 1: okay, hear me out... now i know you said you weren't going to kill yourself but what about instead you just get hit by a truck or something. accidentally.
  • me, rubbing my temples: no, that doesn't solve any of the previous problems with suicide... plus i don't think i can make myself accidentally get hit by a truck.... that kinda cancels out the accidental thing..... any better ideas?
  • suit guy 4: you could try taking responsibility for once and actually attempting to deal with your emotions in a healthy, positive way
  • me: HA! wow, serious suggestions only, man. good one though. anyone else?
  • suit guy 5: you could shut up forever
  • suit guy 6: you could punch a mirror
  • suit guy 7: you could rip out your hair
  • suit guy 8: you could die
  • suit guy 9: you could die
  • suit guy 10: you could die
  • me, sighing deeply: ... guys..... we've been over this