im tripping out


A continuation of this (read that one first pls if u haven’t)

Anonym hat gesagt: omfg u are an angel to accept requests and ending up doing them AAH just wanted to thank you for that first! Hope you don’t mind me asking for one;; like I was thinking since most feanger doodles involve Fear causing the snuggles and other stuff- what about /Anger/ being the one to give him a kiss or something? ;w;

soul-eater-geek hat gesagt: Ok so sorry for the bother but fear x anger >//w//< ♥ ? (Btw your art is just super cute >w<)


sorry not great pictures|DD I NEED TO SHAVE SO BAD 
I am going on a 9 day long trip (leaving tomorrow and getting halfway there then arriving the next) I still haven’t even packed oh my god.
The whole G-Squad is getting together omfg. Stay tuned for pictures, streams and maybe a video or two~ Y’all are gonna see how really unattractive I TRULY AM |D

How strange it is to be anything at all.

Sometimes I really tweak myself out when I sit and think about reality/the perception of reality. And my brain hurts because I basically live in my head and I need a break from it. I’m very paranoid about being careful what I wish for but if I could be a vegetable for just like 5 hours, I would. That’s it, though. Only 5 hours. Don’t get any ideas, God!
I’m seriously tripping.