im tripping out


#this just kills me because at this point #bellamy sees himself as completely worthless #and clarke #without hesitation #tells him how much she and the rest of the camp needs him #how they wouldn’t be where they are now without him #she does everything she can to show him he’s not a monster #and then the look he gives her after #omg

“Guh,” Dean doubles over, hands slapped on his knees and breathing hard. “Cas, man, you gotta pretend to be a zombie or something. There’s no other way I’m making it unless something’s chasing me.”

Cas holds a bottle of water out to Dean. “That makes absolutely no sense,” he says. “Besides, you were the one who wanted to do this.”

Dean downs the rest of the bottle in a few gulps, glaring at a nearby tree like it’s somehow at fault for his current situation.

Date,” Dean clarifies. “I said date, and then somehow we ended up in the goddamn jungle.”

“We’re in Montana, Dean.”

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how do i know i can trust you?

                          because i’m  t r u s t w o r t h y

ok but what about cas and plaid………….

because see here the thing is cas moves into the bunker but he just…… doesn’t wear plaid. dean was hurt at first (because he wanted cas to wear his clothes lbr) and then he was confused because it’s just what hunters wear, and cas is a hunter now, right???? well, yes, cas is. but he doesn’t want to wear plaid. he wants to cultivate his own style, blaze his own trail, etc etc, dean rolls his eyes but he’s also kind of proud because he loves when cas talks about the things he loves and it makes him happy to see cas know what he wants.

so they go to the thrift store and cas looks at all the racks and like he’s not sure, suddenly this feels like a bad idea, because that slight panic is creeping up on him that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. he felt ok putting his foot down about the plaid but now that he’s faced with this immense and overwhelming choice he falters, because, well, he’s had to make choices before, and they all seemed like the wrong ones.

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