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Nitya here! I’ve had this blog for 900 years and some of you guys have seen me through one direction, years of regret superwholock, marvel and dc, the 100, sense8, star trek, star wars, and my final form: kpop. the best part of this has been seeing all my old favs also turn into kpop trash blogs  how we’ve stayed together for so long through all this.  anyway here’s me being gross and loving my mutuals (long post ahead)

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multifandomexplorer  asked:

I know you did Punk!Nico and Jock!Will but would you maybe do the reverse? Or with Nerd!Nico? Or Jock and Nerd Au?...

  • nico is a super shy nerd who basically doesn’t talk to anyone and is closeted bc he figures if anyone ever finds out hes gay then he’ll get beat up every single day and is not about that
  • he has a huge crush on will solace who is basically the school’s bad boy who looks really good in black and is openly bisexual which for some reason adds to the whole bad boy idea which nico doesnt understand??? why does being bi make him cooler but being gay might get nico killed????
  • so one day nico’s eating lunch in the library where he always is when someone slams a backpack down on the table across from nico and drops into the open seat and nico flinches at first and then completely shies away from will solace bc that’s who’s across from him now
    • will’s like “ur a nerd right?? i mean, youre smart?? i need some help” and nicos like “im not doing your homework for you and would like you to leave me alone thanks” and will goes “i just want someone to proofread a paper for me but i nobody i know is smart enough for that so what do you say?”
  • nico with his giant crush cant say no and tells will to come back tomorrow after nico reads his paper and its??? pretty good??? he didnt realize that will was actually smart???? sure theres a few grammatical errors but the content is really solid??? and when will comes back the next day to pick up his edited paper nico tells him that he’d be happy to proofread will’s other papers if he needs it
    • ofc will absolutely comes back but this time instead of dropping off a paper and leaving he sits down and tries to talk to nico but nicos like “i need to finish this before lunch ends” and gets back to his math homework so will digs an apple out of his backpack and starts eating and watches nico finish his homework
    • will finishes his apple and tosses the core into a trash can thats like 10ft away and then leans forward on the table and goes “youre really cute u know that?? i think its the glasses. not everybody looks good with thick frames like those but u do”
    • nico immediately assumes that will’s messing with him and is real blunt when he asks what will wants from him and wills just like “dude the only thing i want is a date maybe but if youre not into that then whatever” and nicos like??? isnt dating me gonna ruin your reputation or whatever??? but will says “do i look like someone who cares about a reputation???”
  • obviously people find out pretty quick after they start dating that nico’s gay but nico doesnt care anymore bc if someone gives him a hard time then his boyfriend will protect him
    • also???? nico in will’s leather jacket???? its like 2 sizes too big and adorable

thank u for the suggestion!!! i hope you liked it!!!

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hello my fellow mullet fans :))) 

ok this is technically my like 4th follow forever but my first with this uRL so yaaa i recently hit another goal which astounds me cuz my blog is beyond garbage lol BUT i want to thank all of you who have been following me for the past couple of years!! and i am so grateful to have kept such amazing friends and made amazing new ones along the way as well~ I hope you know i cherish all of you and i adore seeing all of you on my dash every single day! I’m really bad at expressing my feelings and I know im bad at keeping in contact sometimes but thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart, I love you all 💛💛💛💛 p.s i hope u like my trashy edit :)) graphic design is my passion lol 

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Kim and Trini watching Supergirl together.

Thanks for the prompt!

Monday nights were sacred. On Monday’s they had a rule: if the world wasn’t at risk of ending and there were no imminent threats, then they had to be over at Trini’s - mostly to show her mother she did in fact have friends - to watch Supergirl.

Trini, of course, blames Kimberly for getting her into the damn show. She had been fine with messing on her phone or with doing homework while her f=girlfriend watched it, but Kimberly would just complain they weren’t doing anything together. Trini had rolled her eyes and had let out a deep breathe, but had gone to join her girlfriend, nonetheless, scooting herself down the bed so she could sit next to her.

“We have to start from the beginning.” Kimberly had said as she messed around with her phone for a couple seconds, her eyes furrowing in concentration. 

“Wait, what? What are we watching?” Trini asks, trying to peek over Kimberly’s shoulder. It didn’t take long before the starting monologue of Supergirl blared out in her room. Trini groans because she’s heard this before - Kimberly talks about it every chance she gets - and she knows the other girl is already on the second season.

“Just give it a chance.” Kimberly whines next to her as she rolls her eyes. 

“Fine.” Trini says, a small huff escaping her lips. She doesn’t complain further, though, because Kimberly smiles at her with that really big smile she gets when she’s really excited, so she figures she can indulge her in watching the firs few episodes until they fall asleep. Also, the small kisses she gets from her girlfriend throughout the night don’t hurt either.

But she didn’t realize that’s how it starts, and she hates herself for being so weak. It didn’t take long for Trini to be invested. In fact, the next morning, when she woke up with Kimberly’s dark hair in her mouth and the girl curled around her, she hadn’t remembered how or when she had fallen asleep. Kimberly had laughed and given her a knowing smirk before pulling her out of bed a few minutes later. 

Then, she finished the first season. All of it. It took her three days of almost no sleep. She had been glad she had finished, now she could move on with her life.

“You know there’s a second season, right?” 

Trini wants to shoot lasers at her girlfriend. Kimberly laughs as Trini glares at the wall above her head, Trini’s hand tightening around her pen, trying to control the urge of snapping it in half in the middle of chemistry. She didn’t need to see the second season, though, because she was fine, she was almost an adult and she didn’t have an addiction to fictional characters. No, she didn’t.

“I have them on demand, wanna come over tonight?” Kimberly says from across Trini, a smirk playing on her face as she waits for a response.

It takes her a total of thirteen seconds before she lets her shoulder sag. “Ugh, fine,” Trini concedes, still glaring at the wall as she curses herself for being so weak.

She doesn’t sleep that night. She had gotten to her girlfriend’s right after school, secretly thanking whoever it was for not having to save the world - at least tonight - and she didn’t leave until the next morning for school - she tried to ignore the weird looks she got…mostly because she was wearing her girlfriend’s clothes.

Trini had the biggest TV, so when she had invited her girlfriend over to watch the latest episode, who was she to dictate what they watched. It wasn’t a secret Kimberly never missed an episode - it made it easier on her to have an excuse to have to watch it. And everything would haven been fine if she wasn’t so…invested.

“Can you believe this prick? Who does he think he is?” Trini says outraged as she glares at the TV, making gagging sounds every time the white potato crossed her screen. “Kara could do so much better than him - she’s got two choices for crying out loud: Lena or James. And she went with this guy?”

“They’re not real, babe.” Kimberly whispers in her ear, pecking her neck before running her fingers through brown hair, caressing her neck every so often when Trini would curse at the screen. 

“It doesn’t matter,” Trini whines as she let herself lean back against her girlfriend’s chest. “My little brothers watch this, and look what he’s teaching them.”

“Baby,” Kimberly says with a sigh, a small chuckle escaping her lips, “just ignore it.”

“I can’t,” Trini points out, turning to look at her when the commercials began, “he’s shoved in my face every two seconds. Why can’t we go back to season one and add Sanvers? My babies are suffering, Kim.”

Trini glares at her girlfriend when she sees the tell-tale signs of a smile on her face. 

“Don’t,” Trini warns as she watches Kimberly cup her mouth, her smile big enough to spill over. “Stop it,” Trini says again as she shoves Kimberly’s shoulder lightly, but it only causes Kimberly to laugh out loud faster. Trini hates that she can’t actually be mad because she can’t help but think how beautiful the other girl is. She watches with wide eyes as Kimberly’s eyes squint and her lips pull upwards enough to see her white teeth. The melodious laugh making her heart speed up as a shiver threatens to run down her spine. Ugh, she hates her.

“Stop,” Trini says again, a smile now forming on her face. “Babe, stop or I’ll go watch with Zack - at least he doesn’t judge.”

That makes Kimberly laugh even harder. Trini huffs and crosses her arms, willing Kimberly to stop laughing with a seriously look. She’s not surprised when it doesn’t work, so she pushes herself up and crosses the room to the chair near the corner.

“I’m sorry,” Kimberly says between laughs, trying to pout but her laughter got in the way. The show comes back and they both quiet down. Trini tries to ignore the pair of eyes looking at her from across the room because she laughed at her when her smol children were in distress. She huffs again and it doesn’t take long before commercials begin again.

“Come on, babe,” Kimberly says with a pout as she stands and makes her way to Trini, extending her hand out for the other girl to grab, “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t mean it.” Trini says with a scoff as she squares her shoulders and moves her jaw to show her irritation.

“I do,” Kimberly says, tugging on one of Trini’s arms until she pulls hard enough to stand her up, wrapping her arms around her waist as she tugs her in closer. “I mean it, I won’t laugh anymore. And I agree with you - Kara can find someone better.”

“Like Lena-”

“Or James.” Kimberly says and Trini can’t help the twitch of her lips as she stares at her girlfriend, her brown eyes hypnotizing. She tilts her head when Kimberly cups her cheek, her thumb rubbing softly against her skin. Trini rolls her eyes when she feels a shiver course down her spine because, really? Is this what love sick feels like? 

“Can we just get back to watching Supergirl? Maggie is going to be on soon and I can’t miss my wife.” Trini says as she pushes her way to her bed, climbing it and making herself comfortable.

“Excuse me?”

Hitman!Katsuki Katsudeku AU idea based on this post // pt. 2 for this au

  • Katsuki is a famous hitman working for a secret agency (kill first, don’t ask questions kind of deal) and whenever he gets hired to kill someone, he has to directly ask the person which one they want to check off in their bucket list, such as traveling to Italy or climbing up Mount Everest, before he kills them. Sometimes he even gets strange requests (“Are you fucking kidding me?? You want to break into someone else’s house because you want to steal their underwear? No wonder someone wants to kill you.” “It’s not for me! It’s for a friend I swear!”) but of course, each job has a deadline.
  • One day, he gets another job and his request was the strangest of them all (“Izuku Midoriya, you get one thing taken off your bucket list before I kill you, what would it be?” “I-I … I want to fall in love!” “… what?”)
  • Katsuki’s deadline is a week at most and he usually finishes the job after 2 to 3 days, if it doesn’t involve traveling to another country. He desperately tries and tries to make Izuku hook up with different types of people, whether it be a guy or a girl. (“Just fucking choose one! Falling in love couldn’t be that hard” “It has to be the right person! I can’t just pick someone at random and hope to fall in love with them at first sight!”) Sad to say, Izuku was a closet romantic.
  • It’s almost near the deadline and Katsuki was furious, how the hell does one person fall in love so easily in a span of less than a week? He never experienced such emotion for another person through all the years he’s been as an on or off hitman and it’s even the primary rule of the agency, finish the job with no strings attached. He suddenly came to a conclusion that could change the way he operates in his career for the first time in his life. (“Look, how about you.. try falling in love with me instead?” “W-what? Who would fall in love with someone who’s going to kill you?” “Fuck, I mean.. you said you want to fall in love right? It’s an experience so at least, in the end, you’ll know how it feels like?” “… Try me.”) When Izuku said that, it sounded like a challenge and Katsuki never backs down from a challenge.
  • Katsuki actually shows a different side of him to Izuku (It’s for the job!) and takes him out on dates based on his knowledge of what it is even though he doesn’t really know what couples do or how does one fall in love?? because he wasn’t really a romantic person unlike Izuku (“Since we’re going out.. can I call you Kacchan?” “What the fuck?” “Please? You can also give me a nickname!” “… If it gets you to fall in love with me quickly, do whatever you want.. Deku.” “D-Deku..?”)
  • Sometimes, it comes to a point where Katsuki gets impatient even though they’ve only been going out for less than a day (“Have you fallen for me yet?” “No! That’s like the third time you asked me that today, and it doesn’t go like that at all Kacchan!” “Tch.”)
  • Date after date, Katsuki almost gave up (almost!) but he doesn’t because that’s not what hitmen with a good record do! Instead, he offers Izuku what he wants to do (“I’ve always wanted to watch the new All Might movie that just came out a week ago.. but it always gets sold out..” “You like All Might?” “Yeah! I think he’s super cool!” “Yeah he really is..”)
  • From that day on, he learned more and more about Izuku and his weird obsession with All Might, who Katsuki actually also looks up to since he was a child, until he realized… Izuku’s actually not so bad? 
  • As few of the days (2 or maybe 3 days) go by, he became painfully aware of Izuku’s presence that he suddenly realizes that he actually looks forward to the next day he takes him out on another date with Izuku’s choosing. He even has an unusual urge to squish Izuku’s freckled cheeks and do other things that he never even thought of doing to the people he was going to kill.
  • Time goes by so fast that it’s already one day left before Izuku’s final day and Katsuki is getting weird feelings for a certain someone (”What the fuck, is it possible to go into a cardiac arrest at this day and age?” “Kacchan, what are you talking about?”) He realizes too soon that he was the one who fell in love with Izuku and not the other way around. 
  • He begins to panic because who would ever like a nerd like Deku? but looking back through the moments he’s spent time with him, he actually cherishes them and decides to make every memory with Izuku last to the point where he’s having second thoughts up until the last day. 
  • It’s the last day (”Deku, have you finally fallen for me yet?” “Kacchan… have you?”)

anonymous asked:

"i need a hug" said by morality to anyone? please?

Poly Sanders cause I’m trash! Hope you like it hun!

((Edit: this is really really long and I apologize for that, its probably worth the read tho!))

Warnings: Crying, that thing where you say shitty things about yourself (I can’t remember the word) and tell me if I missed something!
Morality was always there.

When Prince needed to stitched up after a long day in daydream mode, Morality was there with a first aid kit and a glass of hot chocolate in his arms.

If Anxiety had a nightmare and tears falling down his face and the fear twisting his stomach in knots, Morality would be there with a glass of warm milk and a softly sung lullaby to lead Anxiety softly into the warm safe hold of sleep.

If Logic was still awake deep into the night, scribbling endless notes with blurry eyes, Morality would swoop in with….some kind of warm sleep-inducing drink and one of Logic’s favorite books, the only thing guaranteed to put the brainy side to sleep.

Morality was always there when they needed him.

Morality was…….

….not fine.

Not at all.

Tears streamed down his cheeks and he held his blanket close, burying his face into the soft fabric, a particularly loud sob bubbling out his throat.

They hate you.

They want you gone.

They never loved you.

Morality flung himself out of bed, knocking into the nightstand and curling into the corner, walls comforting against his back.

Logic was very tired. It wasn’t often he stayed up this late without Morality interrupting him with a copy of… Where was Morality??

He stood up, stumbling slightly at the vertigo and walked to his bedroom door, walking through the hallway only to find Prince and Anxiety also there, quietly talking.

“You go in there.”

“No you, he likes you better anyway.”

Logic stepped forward. “What are you two doing?”

Then he heard it.


In an instant Logic had flung open the door, scanning the room for Morality. He was curled in the corner under the blanket they had gotten him for his birthday, shaking and repeating the same thing over and over.

“I’m sorry.”

Prince and Anxiety walked through the door, standing around Morality like they were looking at a zoo exhibit.

In Morality’s eyes they weren’t themselves. Everything was blurry through the film of tears on his eyes and words repeated in his head, each voice piercing his mind and his heart.

First Prince stepped forward, a cruel sneer on his face. “You don’t matter, Morality. You’re just a nuisance.”

Then Anxiety moved even closer, putting a hand on Morality’s chin. “You act like a child, there’s no way we could ever love someone as stupid as you. ”

It seemed as if Morality could never stop crying.

He waited for Logic to step forward,for the sting and bite of bitter words and hateful tone.

But no.

He just turned and walked away.

Logic ran down the stairs in a panic, crashing into a wall and moving into the kitchen, searching through the fridge.

What did Morality give them??Hot chocolate?No…Warm Milk?? Ugh, that wasn’t it either!Warm Juice? That didn’t even make sense!

Logic put four glasses into the microwave, pressing the one minute button and prancing anxiously on his feet, hoping Morality hadn’t gotten any worse.

Morality wailed, desperately pushing into the wall, trying to get away from this Anxiety that wasn’t the one he loved.


A strange and not very pleasant smell reached his nose and his lamp flicked on, washing the room in a golden warm glow.

The light washed away his fears, a dark and cruel dream replaced by tear stained Prince and Anxiety and a panicked Logic holding onto a tray.

“L-Logan.”Morality whispered shakily.”Please im sorry I don’t mean- I don’t want- I don’t I don’t I don’t!”

Logic set the tray down, lightly resting his hands on Morality’s shoulders and leaning close to place a soft kiss on the older’s forehead.

“Take deep breaths Morgan.In and out, like you have been your whole life.”

While the command didn’t seem to do much, the stream of tears seemed to get slower and slower until finally all that was left was tear stains under big, still watery eyes.

Logic leaned back, grabbing the tray.Morality could’ve laughed when he was what was on it.A glass of hot chocolate with a literal mountain of whipped cream, a glass of his fruit punch and a glass of milk, both of which were releasing curls of steam into the air.And a glass of water, with the glass fogging and the water evaporating slowly.

“This is what you usually do for us but I forgot what you usually bring me so I heated every liquid in the fridge.”

Morality chuckled shakily, wiping his eyes.”I u-usually give you water with sleeping pills d-dissolved in it.”

Logic blinked, opening his mouth to comment but deciding against it and shook his head.”Well, I can do that if you need.”

Morality looked up at Logic slowly.”You would?”

Anxiety butted in from the side.”Of course Mo, we would do anything for you.”

Tears started to well up in Morality’s eyes and he could see the other three start to internally freak out, unsure what to do.

Logic spoke first.”Morality, wait! Please be okay it’s uh…you’ll be…What do you need?”

Morality swallowed the lump in his throat and spread his arms open wide.

“I need a hug.”

When Morality woke up the next morning he would find himself on the bed, surrounded by his three loves in a huge cuddle pile that none moved from until mid afternoon the next day.

Let Me In

Originally posted by basicmarvelnerd

Characters: Natasha x fem!reader

Summary: You’re an empath, able to feel, comprehend, and share in the complex emotions of those around you when you touch them. Natasha is the only member of the Avengers that you haven’t yet empathized with, mainly because she won’t let you. Even though Fury recommended you for the team for psychological aid, Nat refuses to let you touch her and you can’t help but wonder if there’s more to her coldness than what meets the eye.

Warnings: Insecure!natasha, angst, mentions of death, nightmares, making out, BAD EDITTING IM SO SORRY

Words: 2984 (aye longest one so far!)

A/N: Okay seriously why do I never see any nat x fem!reader fics??? I decided to make one for your reading pleasure. So here. Enjoy and PLEASE WRITE FEEDBACK YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH IT HELPS!! ALSO MY REQUESTS OR SO WIDE OPEN THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE WHERE THEY BEGAN SO REQUEST SOMETHING.

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GOT7 ⇝ You Drunkenly Confessing to Them

betchbettahavemypizza said: Got7 reaction to their BFF drunkenly confessing to them¿

A/N: I love the cliche of “BFF to Lovers” thing, so, feel free to request more stuff like this!

❀ Requests open for GOT7 AND BTS ❀
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)
Masterlist ^.^
I get all my prompts from this lovely lady

This one is rather long so that’s why I added the Keep Reading splitter

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nice try | jughead jones x reader

Originally posted by immortalle


written by: kelly

edited by: emma

anonymous said: hey rosie🎀 can you do one where jughead and the reader are dating and walking together and chuck and his gang comes up to them. chuck tries to make a pass at the reader but she says no and then they beat the reader up in front of jughead. have a nice day ❤️

note from kelly: hey guys. so we pretty much got the same request 3 times just worded differently, so i hope its okay if i change this one up a bit and make it a 2 part story about family, feuds and love. hope you enjoy :)

chapter song: american teen / khalid

i was the black sheep in the family.

there was no secret, i wasn’t like the rest of them. i was different and yet i still felt loved by everyone in my family, everyone except chuck that is.

chuck was my older brother. he was a year older than me and we were on completely different planets. 

he was popular.

i wasn’t.

he had a large group of friends.

i only had 3. 

it was never competition between chuck and i, because he would win. 

he was chuck. 

and i was y/n

“y/n! chuck! garret! come and get your lunch please!” my mother yelled from the other room, her voice booming throughout our otherwise quiet house.

for a small lady she certainly had a loud voice.

“im coming mom!” my younger brother garret responded, causing the beast to rise.

“g, shut up. you’re so loud.” chuck complains, his voice deeper and more scary in the morning.

“sorry chuck.” my little brother whined.

and with that, i grab my backpack and i head downstairs.

“morning mom.” i mumbled, still half asleep.

“hey baby, your fruit is in the fridge.” she replies, kissing me on the cheek. her sticky red lipstick almost gluing her lips to my face.

“sorry about that sweetie.” she giggles, licking her thumb and wiping the lipstick off of my face.

i see my brother sitting by the kitchen table, eating some cereal.

“morning chu-” 

“yeah.” he interrupts me mid greeting, clearly not interested.

“okay..” i roll my eyes. i shouldn’t even try.

“chuck, i need you to take your brother and sister to school.” mom recalled in passing. 

“what? why” chuck hesitated, looking at my mother and then over to me.

“all of the school bus drivers are on strike and- you know what? i don’t need to explain anything to you mr.” she states, placing her hands on her hips.

and that was that. garret and i were in chuck’s car, driving to school. it was a short drive to the elementary school, and once we dropped garret off we were on the way to riverdale high. 

riverdale high was a very complex school. lots of different cliques, lots of different personalities. over the summer things had shifted within the dynamics of the school. cheryl blossom showed some kind of vulnerability, which is strange because she had always been so stoned faced that i was completely convinced that she was a robot. so when she had her mental breakdown at the football game everyone was left quaking.

the most significant change though? jughead jones becoming a serpent, leaving our high school and moving back to the south side.

“what the fuck is he doing here?” chuck says to himself as he pulls into an empty spot.

“who?” i ask, looking over at him super confused.

“him.” chuck spits, his eyes filling with rage.

i glance over and i see jughead jones. hair slicked back, leather jacket hanging lazily off of one shoulder. cigarette behind one ear, hand placed firmly against a motorcycle.

good god.


im totally staring. like i can’t look away. he was waiting for someone, but who?

“yo jones!” my brothers voice booms across the quad, alerting everyone.

as my brother walks closer to jughead, the ‘oohs” and ‘uhhs’ are audible from the student body, watching chuck walk along the path. 

“chuck don’t.” i plead, like he needed to get into any more fights.

“stay out of it.” he warns.

the crowd begins to separate as jughead turns around to face chuck. he looks over at chuck and then at me. it was like time stopped when we looked into one each other’s eyes. 

“heyyyy y/n.” jughead nods at me, his raspy voice sending shivers down my spine.

“hey jughead.” i wave awkwardly.

he steps forward, smiling at me. completely ignoring my very angry brother.

“step back donnie darko.” my brother voices, steping in front of me and between myself and jughead.

“oh come on chuck, i was talking to the pretty lady.” he remarks, smiling over at me again making my stomach flip.

“yeah, unfortunatley she’s not interested.” my brother chuckles.

“who said i’m not?” i pipe up, immediately regretting what i said.

the crowd all of a sudden burts up into gazes and whispers. the words exchanged between jughead and chuck now got personal. family was involved.

my brother was silent. staring at me, shocked.

i glance at jughead and he shoots a look back at me with a smirk.

“yeah y/n why don’t you shut the fuck up.” chuck swore, his words sharp.

“no, i’m okay.” i shrug.

the next few moments were a blur.

my brother turns around and faces me.

“you’re a fucking worthless piece of trash, im honestly ashamed to be related to you.” he scoffed.

all of a sudden there was a lump in my throat.

the crowd goes back to the ‘oohs’ and ‘uhhs’, i can even see cheryl laughing.

“but the irony of this is, you think that these people care what you have to say. they don’t. you’re a nobody and-”

before my brother could finish his speech on 101 reasons why y/n is a loser, i see him fly across the quad into a crowd of tstudents, landing right onto the floor. 

jughead lunges on top of chuck, throwing punches left right and centre. 

everyone runs to group around the two, except archie. he ran up to jughead and snatched him up off of my brother, leaving chuck lying on the floor.

“jug, cool down.” archie begs, trying to calm the serpent down. 

jughead looks over at me, his gaze intense. 

“nobody will ever talk to you like that again.” he says through heavy breathing,

i’m frozen in pure shock.

“i promise.” he says re-adjusting his leather jacket, getting onto his motorcycle.

from that day, i wasn’t aware of what i had just gotten myself into. a world full of sex, lies, drugs and what I knew was pure love.

part 2 coming soon..

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Virgil working overtime on trying to keep Thomas's stress as managable as possible considering everything that's going on, with Thomas on an intense video making schedule, some of his friends moving, and Virgil and Roman not being on good terms for whatever reason, all of which results in a nervous breakdown (not panic attack) in the middle of a sanders sides vlog. If you don't wanna do it because it's a longer prompt, that's cool. I just thought I would send it and see if you wanted to do it.

Note: I’m so sorry this has taken so long? Also, this probably sucks since I started it MONTHS ago and finally just finished it tonight and tonight I feel like a garbage bin that’s been peed on seven times then flung into a murky pond. Anywho. Yeah. 

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LMAO RIP QUALITY OF GIF. HELLO ALL!!! This is my thank you to everyone who decided to follow me and help me hit 3K+ followers!
So this is my second followers forever. Since my first one a few months ago, this blog honestly grew a lot bigger than I ever imagined it to. You guys really fill my day with joy, regardless of how negative my views on life can get and I really thank you all so much for dealing with my ass. This is also a post to say that I’m probably going to be a lot less active (as some of you may have noticed) because school is starting soon and I’ll be focused on my college apps and getting good grades for the next 4 months. IF I FORGOT YOU WERE A MUTUAL PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE IM BAD AT THIS

Mutuals | I love your blog | Message under cut 🍠  | emoboiz 🍍 :

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Wow! So I can’t believe I’ve hit this milestone, but I hit 1000 followers this week! When I first started this blog I thought I would be lucky to get even 200. I am so excited and happy to share fandom with all of you beautiful and wonderful people!

I have gone from being mostly Mass Effect to mostly Star Wars to mostly GoT content so I feel pretty lucky to still have so many awesome mutuals from across fandom! To celebrate my milestone and all of you, I decided to list and say something nice about EVERY SINGLE ONE of my gorgeous mutuals!

I put a couple of my ultra-faves up top first to give my best fandom friends their time to shine. After that it is alphabetical, but just know that I love and adore all of you so, so much.

I just want to thank everyone, mutuals, followers, and blogs I follow, for making this blog what it is and allowing me to share my thoughts and emotions with all of you. I am so happy to be here :’)

P.S. I will probably do some sort of small gif or drabble giveaway as well sometime in the next couple of days so keep a lookout for that!

@sweetorganza MY BEST FRIEND ON TUMBLR! The love of my life. I am so grateful for our friendship. I sometimes sit back and think that if I hadn’t had the courage to share my embarrassing boatsex fic, we never would have met. Talking to you every day keeps me sane and I thank the old gods and the new for helping me find another sassy Scorpio Jonerys lover who supports my writing, makes me laugh, and reminds me of what’s important. You’re seriously one of my favorite people in the world Jenn and one day when we’re rich retired ladies we’ll travel the world together sipping wine and reflecting on the war for Jonerys in 2017 hahaha <3

@oadara The queen of Jonerys and Dany defense. One of the first Dany-positive and Jonerys-positive blogs I found. I am so lucky to know you, Yara. You’re smart, you are kind and respectful, and you tirelessly defend our faves and our ship in an ocean of negativity. I’m so glad I met you here on tumblr and am so grateful to share in this ship with you. Being mutuals with you is an honor :D

@angels-are-robots One of my best friends from tumblr. I love you Jeannie! Thank you for beta-ing my atrocious writing and being a good and supportive listener and friend. I hope you are having fun at Comic Con because I am literally dying of jealousy haha. Long live Spider-Man and Jonerys friends XD

@ellimomo One of the kindest and most positive people on tumblr. The queen of reaction gifs and Jonerys AUs. Always supporting me and cheering me on. You’re beautiful inside and out EJ and I love you so much. Thanks for being a good friend.

@annabelleebythesea You make the most amazing gifs and I am so grateful for them. You showed me so many Jonerys parallels that I hadn’t even thought of during Jonerys week last year! I am so glad to share this fandom with you, Tiffany, and every time you say something nice on my gifs it makes me so happy because I aspire to your skills! So glad we are mutuals <3

@luvd80s2 One of my best Jonerys friends! I love chatting with you about our faves and our love for 90s hunks and alternative music haha. Keep being wonderful!

@batfleckwaynes I love your content! You make the coolest gifs and edits and your blog shows the best stuff in the DCEU. Cool url too!

@bellarkes100 We share two controversial OTPs haha. I love Bellarke and I’m so glad to have you in the Jonerys fandom with us XD

@blackfyre-queen We have only been mutuals for a short time, but I am always happy to see notes from you! I love your beautiful icon and that URL—SO COOL!

@blackleias One of my favorite blogs. Epic mix of discourse and humor, and we both love Star Wars, GoT, and a lot of the same ships. You’re amazing.

@blue-roses-in-a-wall-of-ice You are the actual sweetest! And such a good writer. I will never stop being amazed that you’re a young whipper snapper, because you are wise beyond your years. You have a great future in writing ahead of you. I just know it. Your fics are a gift to our fandom!

@cataclismnoir A great blog! Thanks for supporting my content and loving Jonerys with me!

@clairelessly One of my favorite humans. We just became friends this year but already I feel so close to you and trust you so much. You make me smile all the time and I am so grateful that Alex worked with you so that we could meet. You’re a beautiful person in every single way. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

@daenerystubborn You make some of the most beautiful edits I’ve ever seen! I am such a big fan. And your blog is so beautiful omg.

@daisysy You make my blog feel so loved! I always love getting notes from you on my answers! And I love your blog too and your awesome icon. Long live Emilia love <3

@danykinkfic The official Jonerys stand-up comic. Makes me actually lol at least once a day. You writes great fanfic and are a good friend :)

@doublehex The king of snark. I can never tell how you really feel about anything but I know that most of the time it’s good haha. You’re a good writer, a fierce defender of Jonerys, and some I’m happy to share this fandom with. It turns out we don’t disagree on everything.

@dreamofspring My favorite GoT gif maker. I love your trademark style, your colorings, your fonts. You are the actual best. I am so honored that one of my favorite blogs ever follows me haha. And it always makes me happy when you share my content on one of the fandom blogs you’re a member of!

@elephantirrelephant One of the hottest women in the world. The queen of Hannibal discourse. A cinnamon roll of perfection.

@eliamartvll Okay I mean this when I say it—you are the nicest person I have met on this website haha. I have never seen a negative thing from you, only kindness and love for every person and ship in this fandom. You are a gift and ilysm.

@emison-evak New follower but I love love love your blog! You have the funniest and most excited reactions to Jonerys, just like me. I love reading your asks and answers :D

@fbdarkangel I never get to hear from you but I always love seeing you on my dash! We share a lot of the same fandoms and I am so happy we are mutuals!

@gendryatrash One of the nicest people I know. You leave nice comments on my embarrassing selfies and I am so blessed to know you haha. I love Gendrya and all of your Gendrya content. You’re amazing.

@gendryxaryatrash A great blog. I love your Gendrya content!

@gera-3-blog Weirdly enough the first time I saw the boatsex leak wasn’t even reddit. It was your blog with the flailing Kermit gif hahaha. I instantly followed you and then wrote my first Jonerys fanfic. I’m so glad we love BioWare and Jonerys together <3

@guileandgall Another one of my oldest and fave mutuals! Even though my content has changed so much I’m honored you still follow me. I love your writing and your BioWare stuff. You’re a great writer and a good friend and you’re always positive and nice to everyone!

@heylowday You make the cutests sort of fanfic/gifset hybrids for Jon and Dany and I love them! The one of Jon introducing Dany and Sansa was SO SWEET. I love them :D

@hileywwe Always able to make me laugh. A hardcore Jonerys defender and hilarious women I adore.

@i-likecalibrations We’ve been mutual so for long now! I hardly ever post Mass Effect anymore so I am so honored and grateful that you still follow me. I still love your blog!

@insomniarama Honestly one of my favorite people on my dash. You are the khaleesi of funny and interesting tags and like your descriptions says, you have some quality shitposts haha. Excited to watch your live blog of the episode tomorrow night XD

@jon-snuuu A fellow Jonerys lover and defender. I love sharing this fandom with you and you’re blog is wonderful!

@jonvalyrian Badass url and wonderful blog. I am a proud follower haha and love seeing notes from you on my content!

@junsnuh One of my fav mutuals. Thanks for always giving interesting input on my posts and also for giving me a laugh with that icon haha.

@jxlight Your art is so good and I miss it so much. Please make more Nat I miss you!

​ Such a nice person and great blog. Your blog title is very fitting for you because you seem to be a multi-shipper who treats EVERYONE with respect and kindness. It’s rare and I’m so glad we have kind souls like you in the fandom. Also it always makes my day when your reblog my mediocre gifs and tag it “beautiful edit.” You’re kind of the best <3

@khaleesiwhitewolf I love seeing the funny stuff you add in reblogs haha. Glad you love Jonerys with us <3

@ktwrites One of my first Jonerys mutuals! I love having you in the JonerysChat! You’re so friendly and kind and I love talking fandom with you!

@lightning—farron You’re awesome! I’ve seen your edits in the tag for months so I was thrilled to get a follower from you. Cool url, too! Love Final Fantasy.

@lindsattt My friend in real life. Spent too long in China so now I am sad. I miss you and hope I can see you for the wedding. Love you forever.

@lizstargaryen Such a sweetie! I love seeing your commentary on Jonerys and your side blog is great! So glad we have you in our ship.

@maitsiak Another one of my real-life friends who is trusted enough to see my trash side. I know nothing about K-Pop or K-Dramas but everything on your blog is adorable, as are you. I love you so very much. You’re an angel.

@misshoneywheeler The person I can go to when the wank is too much to bear haha. Thanks for tolerating me and providing pep talks sometimes. You write freaking amazing fics, too. Oh and I love your blog and all the beautiful people on it.

@mpaty1475 A Jonerys veteran! One of the first Jonerys blogs I followed. I love seeing your comments and kudos on my fanfic because I have a lot of respect for you. Thanks for following me :D

@mrsharington You’re so kind! I love seeing you on my dash and in my notes, and I love your delicious Kit content haha.

@msariayoureakiller The queen of my inbox hehe. I love getting asks from you. They are always so interesting and you give me such great ideas and valuable insights. And you do all of this as yourself instead of anon so I know who to thank for the awesome discussions. So grateful to have you as a follower!

@mudinyourlungs Idk how you got left off the first time! I am so sorry! But you know I love your blog and your analysis of Dany and Jon! You’re smart and you take no shit haha. I love it <3

@naerysv Thanks for doing so much for our fandom! I love our JonerysFics and JonerysOnline blogs so thanks for all you do! You’re the best! Your blog is so beautiful! I’ve been following for a long time and I am

@princessdany One of my fave blogs! Your edits are great and your blog is so cute. You’re the best <3

@repeat-script Love talking with you about Jonerys and sharing your love of Jon. You’re the best!

@sansastarkthequeen I really enjoy your blog :) I’ve read some really interesting metas/discussion AND you make cool edits. What’s not to love?

@seleya A quiet mutual but someone I still love to see on my dash and in my notes. Your blog is beautiful :)

@she-3p0 This is my real-life best friend guys. She never uses tumblr but I’m including her because she’s one of the most important people in my world, my maid of honor, my closest friend, and one of the only people from my real life who has access to my embarrassing fangirl side hahaha.

@sleeplessme Another Jonerys veteran! I can always count on you for the latest content and to defend and love Jonerys with me. You’re amazing Irina!

@soulisthirsty One of my fave mutuals. So funny and awesome, and you love The 100 and Vampire Knight with me! I love chatting with you and freaking out over fandom wank with you haha. Your blog is amazing. Stay wonderful!

@starsandskies Another one of my oldest mutuals! You have the best Dragon Age and Mass Effect content! Thanks for always tagging me in stuff and being so sweet and awesome. You’re so wonderful and I absolutely love your blog and you forever.

@stray-arrows I’m new to your blog but I really like it, especially your defense of Jon.

@tayl0crow I am so glad you still follow me after all this time haha. I know you’re mainly a J/S shipper so thank you for tolerating my constant Jonerys hype. Your blog is beautifiul!

@thatgirlnevershutsup I love your blog! You provide some much-needed humor to my dash and you always throw a like at my personal posts and other crap I think no one will care about haha. I love being mutuals with you :)

@thatryderasshole Your blog and icon are so funny. I’m glad you follow me even though my Mass Effect content is few and far between lately!

@thefairfleming My actual fave. Your blog is so lighthearted and fun. I can always count on you to bring some positivity when the fandom drama is too much. You also wrote one of my favorite Jonerys fics EVER. The best :’)

@thepathtovalhalla I love your blog! Great GoT content. Thank you for following me and supporting my content!

@thereddoorhouse Your blog is so beautiful! I love following you and I love your URL!

@tiramisu-with-dorianp We’ve been mutual for a long time and I’m so glad you still follow me even though I don’t post much gaming content lately. You’re so kind and your blog is amazing!

@truegodofthearena Awesome content creator with beautiful gifs! I love talking Jonerys with you! I feel like I’ve really made some awesome friends in this fandom and you’re one of them.

@trueloveforeverbeautyandthebeast One of my oldest mutuals! I love your beautiful blog! We share some of the same fandoms in addition to Jonerys and I love all of your content! You’re just wonderful and so kind to everyone. I love following you <3

@tudorstuart A real-life friend haha. I am so lucky you still follow this trash blog. Also embarrassed that you have access to my absolutely filthy fanfic. Oh well! Hahaha. Still the best professor I’ve ever had. I try to be like you as a teacher and I don’t think I could have had a better role model :’)

@unapologeticreylotrash I am so honored that you still follow me even though I am a primaril GOT blog which has nothing to do with ours haha. I love your Reylo content and your sense of humor. I hope we get some Reylo love in The Last Jed!

@valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl One of my top favorite GoT blogs. Your tags are always hilarious and your content is such high quality. And your writing! That Jonerys fic you wrote for the contest gave me LIFE. I love following you so much :D

@vorchagirl The first person I followed on this blog haha. I LOVE your Mass Effect content. Your love of Shenko made me love it even more and your fanfic is some of my favorite of all time. Your blog is amazing and your content is wonderful. I am so honored to be someone you follow after all this time and even though I have basically become a place for GoT discourse haha. You’re so cool Lena and such an awesome writer and person in general. I admire you so much.

Lazy Day~Jack Maynard

A/N: this was requested like a million years ago but bc im trash im writing it now. sorry if this isn’t what you wanted but i havent written smut in forever and im a sinner so it was time.

     I woke up on my day off hoping and wishing for a beautiful sunny day, full of warm weather and fun plans. Then I realized that was not going to happen. I jumped out of the bed and opened the curtains to nothing but gloom and sadness. I shuffled back to the bed and sulked. Good ol’ London just didn’t want to cooperate. I looked over to the other side of the bed to see if Jack was still asleep. Funnily enough, he wasn’t. I had to admit, I was surprised. On any average day, Jack was a fan of hibernating during the day and being a nocturnal energetic bean for the 8 hours he was up. For some reason, today was different.

     I made my way to the living room where I saw my boyfriend in nothing but sweatpants. Laptop in hand, cereal to the side, and completely focused, I knew he was editing. I plopped down next to him, staring at him until his attention gravitated towards me in any way. “Just 2 minutes and-” he began, his eyes glued to his screen. “9 seconds.” I took a peek at his screen to see the video. “A collab with Conor,” I said. “Gotta bring in that revenue somehow.”

     “Oi!” he exclaimed. “This is quality brother bonding.”

     “I’m sorry, what was that?” I asked jokingly. “Quality content? Bills? As in dollar bills?” He just rolled his eyes and scoffed. “Clearly,” he retorted sarcastically.

     “I’m glad you finally admitted it,” I said with a smile. He leaned over and gave me a quick peck. “30 seconds,” he said, turning his attention back to the computer. He then clicked a few times and closed his laptop. “So, now that that’s out of the way, whadya wanna do?” he asked.

     “I have no idea if I’m being honest,” I replied glumly. “Have you seen it out there?”

     “Yeah,” he said in an equally non-enthusiastic manner. “Weather app says it’ll be like this all day.”

     “Well what do you suggest? Maybe a lazy day?”

     “I mean… there’s one thing I’m thinking of.”

     “And that is…?” Jack just looked at me, giving me a smirk. “Oh,” I said finally understanding. “I’m always down for that.” He leaned in to kiss me, and I followed. We began to make out on the couch, him on top of me. I moved things along by grinding my crotch against his. He moaned into my mouth and I smiled triumphantly. I sat him up as I placed myself onto him and straddled his lap. I continued to grind on him, feeling him get harder underneath me. I was getting wetter and wetter in return. I broke our lips apart to take off my shirt, then his. Even though I stopped grinding, he continued as I unclasped my bra and threw it somewhere else.

     I stood up, and Jack almost whimpered after losing the friction. I took off the rest of my pajamas and underwear as Jack watched me intently. I pulled down his sweats and began to tease him. Pumping my hand slowly, I lined myself up over his dripping cock. “Jesus fucking Christ (Y/N) don’t tease me anymore,” Jack growled. I smirked and inserted his hard on. Almost immediately, he began to pound into me. I was seeing stars, moaning like a mindless zombie. I was bouncing up and down as Jack drilled me. 

     Just as I felt myself climbing to my climax, Jack stopped. “What the f-” I was about to complain when Jack smacked my ass. “On your hands and knees,” he demanded as he pointed to the other two cushions on the couch. I complied, and I felt his hands rest on my hips. Without warning, I felt him re-enter me and I was on my way back to seeing the whole galaxy. He began to smack my ass as he went in and out at an extreme pace. What felt like both hours and seconds later, I was cumming like never before. Jack followed almost immediately, but was having an equally strong orgasm. 

     After we both calmed down, we both collected some of our clothes and returned to the couch. I went to our bedroom, grabbed a blanket, and put it over both of us. We took a well deserved nap, then put on some dumb movie we mostly made fun of and overall ignored while we cuddled and ate some Domino’s. “Best lazy day ever,” he said, snuggling closer to me.

trying to be fancy with my banner but my editing is shit

Heey! It’s Ivy! 
Well I’m here because I decided to make my very first follow forever! I’ve been blessed with 8k followers which makes absolutely no sense and even though I had my veeeeery long hiatus, you guys still sticked with me. So I just wanted to take a moment and tell each and every one of you how thankful I am for making my experience on this site as amazing as it is <3 

I had to choose between life and school, and as stupid as I am, I chose school…which is the main reason for my hiatus.. But I’m finally back again with my shitty edits, gifs and rants and I won’t disappear on you like I did last time! I’m atm actually scared of having so much time as I do..

Back to the ff –> I wanted to show some appreciation to all the blogs who made my lovely dash into this amazing place I can absorb myself into, allowing myself to get lost in both place and time… .Which is why you’re seeing this pose!

If we’re not mutuals or if we are but you forgot about me please don’t be scared ;; I want to thank everyone regardless of being a mutual or not :) And so I decided to write a little message to each blog because I love you all <3 

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200 follower —> Follow forever.

I know this is soon— like. Way too soon for me to be doing this. But.  I feel the need. I actually managed to reach this milestone. With my jerkface, unpopular, unBEARable muse. And. It means a lot to me. I’m no editing wizard, I’m no Picasso, I’m no literary genius. And I’m a minor. I just. To think so many people would take time out of their day to bat an eyelid at me just. Shocks me.  And. I’m grateful, thank you all so much.

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i m   j a e b u m // j b

word count : 1.5k

[ a ]

bio : only after you walk out of his life does he notice the color you brought to it

author’s note : I was just feeling angsty at midnight lol. this was a spur of the moment post and not good at all oops!! but somehow people liked it so it’s staying…

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remsjlupins  asked:

I look at ur shame edit and i'm crying because i love it and i want it to be true but also this is the american media we're talking about and i hate life

god I Know like tbh i dont wanna be pessimistic but…i feel like we’re probably gonna get some tired old reiteration of the same story about the same group of friends and im. a bit angry in advance.

but at the time time i’m too fucking HOPEFUL, like, they have so many options? even if they stick to their plan of reusing the same characters, they can reinvent them, they can rebuild them, they can take old concepts and twist them so they tell different stories? and a part of me is chanting that i know it’s gonna be trash, but, like, imagine—

a latina nora who is blatantly a lesbian, who comes in strong, falters, and then picks herself back up. who corrects her spanish teacher and ignores the stares. who feels like she has to conquer everything alone (bc since when has the world ever handed her shit) but who remains strong in her convictions and is more than fiery, more than a stereotype, more than a sex object. 

a half-chinese vivian, who lives with just her mom. who just wants to be one thing, but is instead two—who has been told all her life this is what beautiful is and slowly learns to love herself as she realizes that’s bullshit. who is not initially an out-and-proud lesbian, but instead hides herself, tries to be a girl she’s not until finally she sees a glimpse of the girl she could be.

a Black chris who is actually given narrative focus. who is unapologetically funny and happy, who jokes and laughs and doesn’t back down to people who would rather her stay quiet, but who won’t tolerate anyone making her the joke. a chris who is more than all of those things. a chris who is loving and has things she is angry about and who is allowed emotional depth and range.

a jewish (and bi+trans?) eva, who has always looked at herself and thought not good enough. who has made mistakes and has loved and fucked up, who has felt stupid and not worth it and adrift. an eva who isn’t religious, necessarily, bc her mother is so absent and not very practicing, but who comes to terms with antisemitism and learns to find solace in her new friends and her old religion.

and a sana who is muslim and doesn’t have to apologize for it, who reacts to those who mistreat her and who is not narratively placed in the wrong. who is smart and who is not demeaned. who has a vibrant community who she loves dearly and who she learns from. who finds strength and love in her religion, who uses it to stand tall in the face of a country that increasingly shits on her. 

imagine a girl squad who could be nothing like this, who could be whoever you need to find yourself reflected in, and just. imagine not wanting to explore this? to see these stories? the stories that are like. the most important ones in america today? like this is such a chance i’m.



Joel x Reader #1

Warnings: nope just a few cusses, but nothing else

Requested: yussss this was for my bby @simon-and-joel-trash​ and she asked for it a while ago but I have only got it done now

Notes: not really, besides that this took me forever and im so so so sorry Aleks, I hope the wait is worth it. Also this was supposed to go up in like 15 mins but I got out of cleaning so I could post this for yah! Enjoy my dear! ~K


You were driving back to the flat that you shared with your boyfriend, Joel. You had been together for 3 years when he asked you to move in with him, and since then you two had an agreement that you would switch between who would buy groceries each week. You had just reached the flat, when you rang Joel to help you bring the groceries up, but when there was no reply you knew he was probably just filming a video. You sighed lugging all of the grocery bags up to the flat.

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You gUYS I LITERALLY JUST HAD A SHAWN CONCERT DREAM AND ITS BASICALLY A TRIPPY ONESHOT i dreamt that for some reason my dad got tickets but it wasn’t a real show, it was extremely intimate (like 50 people tops) and i didnt even know i was going until that day. I remember pushing against the masses with my brother and running to the front row (we ended up getting to sit jn the front row) and for some reason in the dream, Shawn had like a little room to himself and it was right across out little corner so we were able to see him get in and out of the room before the show started (so i basically got access to his dressing room but i couldnt get in but for some reason in my head he was hot pressing t shirt prints not even his own merch just prints lmao im wildin)
And he played lil playlists and for SOME REASON UNBEKNOWNST TO GOD he likes the angus, thongs & perfect snogging soundtrack and he has a dog who’s a lil female pup and when he plays good songs she dances and he talks adoringly to her and he’s all like “oh, you like this song, don’t you?” while picking her up (ik he’s allergic but the man of my dreams is a dog kinda man)
And he sees me watching the lil moment and he blushes and looks down but notices me mouthing the words and he looks at me curiously. Then we exchange little moments (bc for some reason the show wasnt gonna be another hour or so and he was literally just chillin in our corner, by his own dressing room) (also he had a white bike? That he didn’t use? But it was propped up against the wall so?)
AND i dont remember much of the words i said to him but i remember me and my dumbass who couldnt contain her banter and had to subtly jokingly insult him AND I TOUCHED HIS ARM (TWICE) (altho for some reason he was a lil skinnier in my dream than in irl i hope all is good and he’s not losing unhealthy weight)
And then i take a toilet break bc my family being my family brought way too many snacks and then finished everything before the show even started. When i came back, my dad was asking me to help clean up the mess my siblings made and he was talking to shawn!!!
My dad: “don’t you get tired, what with tour and everything?”
Shawn: “yeah, but I always get so excited because my home is nothing compared to traveling everywhere and seeing the things each new place brings, especially here. I mean come on,” (i live in Indonesia and for some reason i just knew he was talking about Bali)
And while this is happening im cleaning the trash like a fucken modern day Cinderella ok wtf but its all good cuz my dad then helps me and shawn walks away a little bit but then turns around (im convinced he does this w everything) and asks “can I help you with that, guys?” And my dad says yes, obviously.
Im nervously apologizing for my siblings who eat like absolute horses and he’s all smiling and amused eyes and he’s like “nah, i totally get it.” while picking up Indonesian candy wrappers.
I also distinctly remember the nerves i got, i was so excited my heart actually hurt and it felt like it was a lil sea urchin (like a ball with spikes tryna stab at me from different directions all at once)
Then the show starts (before the show he gives his dog a bowl of water 😭) and the stage was literally only like 2 meters away from the front row it wasnt even a proper concert hall, it was just an indoor plaza. So obviously we could make eye contact while jamming but i didnt rlly try as much anymore bc i just wanted to enjoy it and stop passive aggressively trying to make Shawn Mendes fall in love w me lol . The show was hella short and the mic stopped at one point so he just screamed out w his guitar and i’ve never heard anything better, even in my sleep
So anywho the show ends and my dad is literally like “lets go. I’m hungry. We need to eat. Now.” And i was trying not to rip my hair out in frustration like UGH dad! I’m trying to linger here until Shawn realizes that he needs my number!! Hello?!
But my dad being my dad decided to be a total cockblock and usher me into the car. I strapped myself in the front seat and we drove to the minimart right next to the venue. At this point my dad’s ordering street food to go (Martabak, for those of u who are indonesian or who just wanted to know. Its delicious, look it up) and its taking a long time, obviously. By then the venue was clearing up and i could see families drive away in their cars. I remember kinda just melancholically resting my chin on my crossed arms that were propped up on the dashboard of the car, me looking out through the huge front window.
“Do you think Shawn digged me?” I sighed, asking my siblings. (Also apparently dream me only speaks in 90’s slang idek).
My lil brother, bless him, was all like “i don’t know, totally possible!!”
We went back to comfortable silence until my dad opens the door to hand me all the food. He takes his time and he’s lecturing me about not dropping it because apparently i’ve done so twice before (i’ve never dropped a single piece of martabak in my entire life) but his voice becomes background noise as i look up and see Shawn coming out of the lil mini market in a white hotel robe and slippers (as if he wasnt on the fucking side of a jakarta street jesus white people).
Im holding my breath as he passes by my car but i can tell he’s trying not to let the familiarity wash over his face as he recognizes my dad’s voice (who is still going on and on abt that time i dropped martabak, dont know why my subconscious thought this was important) and much to my dismay i see him continue to walk away so i look up at my dad from my seat and nod at him, focusing on the food so i dont ruin my dad’s only hope of me not dropping the damned thing.
Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, i see shawn’s head pop up beside my dad’s shoulder (he’s leaning, he’s a fucking giraffe compared to my asian self) and he’s got that searching look on his face and it makes him look kinda dumb but so so cute and i could see that his hair was real glossy, like Pantene commercial glossy, and that it was a chestnut brown (like the exact color of the sole dark brown crayon you would get back when we only bought a 24 crayon pack) and that his cheeks were a lil less rosy in the jakarta heat but his skin was hella white, esp for me who’s used to seeing asian or mixed kids, and he’s got a bit of texture around his cheeks, near his mouth and nose, a telltale sign of how young he actually is. His brown eyes (same color as mine, kinda gold in the light, but no actual gold flecks) find mine and he gives me that signature Nice smile (which was so much goofier in real life, well dream at least im so in LOVE) and he’s about to open his mouth and ask me for my number or twitter handle or insta acc or someTHING but i literally jolt awake bc someone is ringing the hotel room doorbell and im scrambling in the dark bc its still 6:00 am in Bali and i open the door to find none other than,,, my dAD. This man actually cockblocked me in real life!!!!!! I tell him that Shawn was just abt to ask me for my number and he ruined everything and mumbled grumpily while crawling back into bed.
Ok y'all, hope u liked that literal godly dream i just got, congrats if u’re still reading this. Im a psycho. Goodnight/morning :-)