im trapped in this place

huhuhh this was originally for a request for jasper leading a battle and then it sorta just ended up being jailbreak-y lol

the good place is au fix-it fic for french philosopher jean-paul sartre’s play ‘no exit,’ text it

A Summary of Gravity Falls
  • Dipper: guys something's up
  • everyone: ah u're just paranoid
  • Bill: hello children time for death

anonymous asked:

Hello! I am ftm and very masculine. Right now i am in a very bad place and im trapped. I need to come out because being closeted is eating me alive. Im relapsing into self harm and depression because of it. Because im so young (13) i cant come out. I know its not a phase because ive known since 3rd grade. I came out two years ago and last year, the first time i was bammed from most friendships due to “influence” and the second time i was admitted to a mental hospital. (1/2)

2/2 all I-want-need is a binder but due to my republican and over protective mother, I can’t get any from trans friends or lgbt youth websites because of anxiety and probability of my mom finding out. Only my boyfriend knows, and I don’t think he believes me. I don’t want to hurt anymore. Please send advice. P.s love ur blog :) -TAM

Hey there! I’m sorry you’re dealing with all of this. That’s really hard. I have also been in a mental hospital a couple times so I know how scary and uncomfortable that can be, and I also know the tension it can create within a family. If you have a treatment team of some kind, (or even a school counselor or social worker) having them talk to your parents with you can really help. But I’d also suggest having an escape plan (a place to stay, and a bag packed with a change of clothes, meds (if you’re on any), phone charger. And cash) in case your parents get upset and kick you out of something like that. Also Since you can’t get a binder, sports bras are your next best option. Wearing two of them can flatten your chest similar to the way a binder does. That also can help you with your mom because it’s just a sports bra, which is totally normal for a “girl” to have in her eyes. As for your boyfriend, he really needs to understand. Dating someone who doesn’t support you can make it so much harder to just exist woth yourself. I’d suggest talking to him and trying to educate him, and maybe even tell him that you can’t date him for long if he isn’t supportive of you. You deserve better. In our FAQ we tips for sports bra binding as well as general dysphoria tips. We also have some positivity info and coping skills that can help you out too. Hang in there.