im trapped in this place


im sorry i just

A Summary of Gravity Falls
  • Dipper:guys something's up
  • everyone:ah u're just paranoid
  • Bill:hello children time for death

glittergutters  asked:

👼🏻✨🍼🍪 i wanna be trap queen of the gummy bear trap house 🍪🍼✨👼🏻

woo im gonna place my saucepan directly on the stove, add ½ cup cold water and turn the heat to low. Add a tablespoon of MY LEFT EYE and one full package of flavored gelatin to the water. Stir over low heat with a plastic spatula or a wood spoon. Keep mixing until all the gelatin dissolves into the water and there are no sugar crystals on the bottom of the pan. Transfer the mixture into a small measuring cup or a pitcher🐻

im gonna make gummy bear, im gonna be your fetty wap🐻🍭