im totally going to ship them


You should call me older brother. 
Crazy bastard. I’m mentally more mature than you.

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What ships from Power Rangers do you ship (specifically the new reboot).

OMG Like all of them? 

- Totally ship Trimberly (is that Trini and Kimberly’s ship name CAUSE IM HERE FOR IT)

-The bromance between Jason and Billy! (Bason? Jilly?)

-Jason and Kimberly (maybe if Tommy is a girl and becomes Trini’s love interest?) 

-Genuinely just the rangers friendships because oml they all love and support eachother and it’s amazing  

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I’ve reached a point in life where I’ll look at my otp and just say “I’ve shipped worse”

Im feeling like shit and Ozqrow is literally my number one OTP out of everything I’ve ever shipped ever so I’m gonna spew some stupid headcanons here we go

-Sometimes when schools on break or out (idk if they have summer breaks or not *shrug*) they’ll go on missions together

-but its like, so easy for them cause they’re such A+ fighters its like some cheesy date

-joking and laughing and running around killing grimm, totally the perfect date

-sleepy, morning time Ozpin is best Ozpin because hes v cute and isnt wearing his glasses and his hair is messy and hes just squinting into his coffee cup and Qrow loves it all

-Qrow is big and strong and much broader shouldered/broader chested than Oz and thus easily completely envelopes him in hugs and during snuggles

-Qrow is such a teddy bear when laying around, he just wants to snuggle

-Ozpin keeps trying to work but Qrow is whining because he wants snuggle-time dammit!

-listen, listen, Ozpin, this old man, he acts all mysterious and serious and stuff but… but you havent LIVED until you’ve seen him laughing

-Qrow will start tickle fights just because Ozpin’s laughter is a blessing

-and his smile, his smile makes him just seem like an angel from heaven

-Ozpin finds its Qrow who can drag his most genuine smiles out of him

-Ozpin has never forgotten the “Qrow in a skirt” incident, he doesn’t let Qrow live it down

-one day whilst teasing poor Qrow he lets it slip, “though I have to agree with the ladies, you DO have nice legs”

-Qrow chokes and stares and Ozpin just smiles innocently

- Qrow is one to say inappropriate shit constantly, true, but when Ozpin says inappropriate shit out of nowhere Qrow is caught completely off guard

-it doesn’t help he just smiles and acts like he didn’t say it afterwards

“Oh, Qrow your face is red, are you alright?” Cue innocent little smile
“*Strangled choking noises cause Qrow can’t HANDLE THIS MAN*”

-Ozpin and Qrow both have plenty of scars from so many years doing what they do, but Ozpin’s are extremely faded and almost hard to see. Qrow’s are very visible, but hes never cared

-sometimes Qrow starts counting scars, wether his own or the ones Ozpin has depends on the situation

-Ozpin refers to Qrow “counting scars” as a sly trick to make him shed his clothes but has never voiced any true complaints

-Ozpin has nightmares and breakdowns at night a LOT, if Qrow is there he’ll do his best to comfort him. If Qrow isnt, sometimes Ozpin will call him. In the worst scenarios, Qrow is somewhere far away with no reception and Ozpin cries and screams into a pillow until he forgets what he’s even breaking down over

-Ozpin, this boy, this man, He has depression. You can’t argue with me, he does.

-Qrow learned how to make tea and coffee specifically for Ozpin during his worse times with depression

-admittedly Qrow can’t actually cook very well in an actual kitchen so if he attempts something that’s actual food for Oz, it leads to catastrophe (but hey, usually Ozpin will smile in amusement at his attempt, and Oz smiling is always good)

Bonus, honorary, Glynda centric ones:


-She literally has helped them cover up their relationship so many times cause people knowing about their relationship could be extremely dangerous

-she literally had to start a rumor once that SHE was the one secretly dating the Headmaster

-Qrow hated it but at least it kept rumors in the air and no truth being spilled


EB: umm…yes?

TG: you werent

EB:  i was! …kind of!

EB: you were saying how that guy was not going to make it to the end of the movie..or something.

TG: …

TG: close

TG: i also said that he could probably pull off a mullet

EB: psshh, i doubt it.

TG: i mean

TG: nic cage did it

TG: to your standards at least

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any good yoonseok posts (with reasons for shipping) or pics?

  • ya omg i have a yoonseok tag that u should check out for a+ content :^)
  • but first and foremost u should totally read THIS post bc it explains their relationship in such a beautiful way!!!
  • THIS is also an amazing compilation post that sums them up perfectly!!
  • THIS is a great post as well!!!
  • THIS VIDEO is honestly my favorite video on entire youtube the way it’s created and the music and the clips just omg im crying when everytime i watch it hagfshfg its so beautiful PLEASE GO WATCH IT!!!!!! 
  • THIS! FKN!! FANCAM!!! of hoseok moaning during yoongi’s part in cypher pt. 3!
  • their first impression of each other
  • they can recognize each other by their sighs
  • just the fact that they’re doing a v app show together and even created a shipname for themselves, sobi :’)
  • even the staff(?) has a picture of them in their office???
  • this bangtan bomb where they got eye contact for like 5 seconds and then both looked away at the same time??
  • SUGA free…? HOPE free!
  • back then when they were trainees, yoongi gave up spending new years eve with his family because hoseok was lonely in the dorm, so yoongi showed up at the dorm with chicken in his hand and decided to spend the time with hoseok instead.
  • their first interaction was based on yoongi caring about hoseok and telling him to go sleep in the room instead of the living room, and he thought hoseok looked pitiful when sleeping with the blanket tucked inside out.
  • one time when hoseok felt dizzy and had to leave practice, yoongi got so worried that he left the practice room earlier than planned to keep an eye on him in the dorm.
  • hoseok used to suffer from stress-induced enteritis, and yoongi often took him to the hospital to get an injection.
  • basically THIS whole interview :’’)
  • “thinking about it now, I have always been receiving energy from j-hope.” – yoongi
  • “if I was a girl, i would definitely fall in love [with yoongi]” – hoseok
  • “whenever im sad, i gain strength by looking at you.” – yoongi to hoseok
  • “jhope. his nice features are seemingly prominent these days.” – yoongi (when answering who matches “the most beautiful moment in life” the most)
  • “im thankful to j-hope for helping me with my stage movements during the rehearsal.” – yoongi (when answering who he’s thankful to in the last concert)
  • take a look at these vines: x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x
  • some nice gifsets: x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x 

and pic spam down below under the cut  :^)

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The Moriel camping one sounds right up my alley as well. Basically all of them are fab and I need them all, Leslie!

Wow, y’all are clearly excited for this (Mor + Cass + Nesta). I didn’t really know it was a thing, I need to pay better attention. Totally going with mestian as the ship name, though.

But I am seriously going to have like… at least four docs open… writing all these things tonight and for a while… so don’t talk to me.

but guys

i loved book of life and i still do 

and after watching rogue one and shipping jyn and cassian


im totally 304% going down with this ship

im gonna explain why rusame is a fantastic pairing because there’s a lot more to it than it’s usually given credit for.

*By no means am I asking for everyone to ship it, I’ve just finally been able to put into words the reasons why I love it and I think that’s important!*

before I go on I have to disclaim, Im not into this for the smut or the romance, I honestly couldnt care less (and as i hc both as ace and alfred as aro about all that could really come out of that is some one-sided flirting from ivan and total obliviousness on alfred’s part). All I care about is watching the two of them punching each other, competing with each other, having a conversation because the reality here is that these two characters are both EXTREMELY intelligent but that side of them doesn’t ever appear until they’re with someone else who can challenge them.

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I just had the most lovely Pharmercy dream. In it, it was not only released that Pharah and Mercy are in a healthy and pure relationship, BUT THAT THEY ARE TOTALLY MARRIED. And there was a joke going around that they always got teased for being so lovey-dovey and that Ana could be found pestering them for a grandchild 24/7.

Good I love this ship, its taken over my life and now my dreams. :D

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Hello yes I have recently been forced into the stucky fandom could you rec me some blogs to follow? Thank

this has been sitting here for while so im just going to go for it? (this is no way me picking favorites, and im totally open to suggestions, im just listing some that I know of)

this got long so ill put these under the cut (also some of them may be nsfw)

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  • Me, on a date: Ughh I can't wait for Queen of Shadows. September is so far away
  • Them: Oh, I think i'm getting it soon, Book Depository shipped them out
  • Me,in rage,shoving breadsticks in to my purse: How dare you get it before me– ughh why are you still sitting there let's go!!!!
  • Them: where...
  • Me, huffing in impatience: Didn't I tell you? I'm camping out at your house until you get it. Obvs

so i got married today to three total memes and i would just like to say im so happy w them and i think we will go far together gen , angelica  , and frankie ily bebs

here are some wedding pictures: 


when it was supposed to be just me and gen

when me and gen proposed to frankie

when alex was the priest


when i tried to dance and then we proposed to angelica


flirting w the new wifey



i’d like to thank some people:

alex for being the emo priest

the squad for bringing us together 

our ship name is frankgenicey btw im tracking that and frankgenicy wedding  if you want us to see anything like art or fics pls drawn and write about us pls omg im literally begging you