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Blind // Yoo Kihyun - 03

Blind Chapter Two/ Three

The next evening had arrived much too quickly for Kihyun.

His heart was pounding in his throat as they drove up the mountain as they did normally, except this time he knew it was for him and not somebody else. He’d always listen to Jooheon chirp about the revered mountain, notorious for leaving no survivors. Wonho said he was giving Kihyun a chance, but that was overthought most of the night.

Minhyuk parked the truck in the same spot he always did, only he was incredibly confused as to why they were even here.  The two boys got out from the truck, the others filing from the trailer. Kihyun looked off into the distance, to the sunset, his right hand fiddling his knife—he had to put up some type of a fight or they’d bust Wonho for telling him.  

The moment was serene as the sun warmed Kihyun’s face, his eyes closing for just a moment to bask in it before a hand wrapped around his left arm, violently swinging him around.

“What the fuck!” Minhyuk called, moving towards Jooheon but was quickly restrained by Shownu and I.M.

Kihyun’s quick right hand drew his knife, the spring assisted blade leaping from its cage as he swung his right arm up, the blade catching Jooheon just above the eye, the wound immediately bleeding profusely. In that moment, he thought of running. With Jooheon incapacitated for the moment, someone would have to tend to him, and none of the rest of them was fast enough to catch him. The only problem was the dangerously slanted and rocky terrain he would have to navigate to get away.

He caught Wonho’s eyes for a moment, they stared at him warningly. Kihyun almost stared too long but caught Shownu moving out of the corner of his eye, dodging a tackle just barely to step out of the way, his knife then catching on I.M’s hand before finally being subdued by Wonho and Hyungwon, the knife ripped from his hand. Kihyun’s eyes quickly darted around, noting Minhyuk unconscious before a dark blindfold covered his eyes, a rope sliding across the skin of his wrists so tight.  

“Mind explaining what the fuck is going on here?” Kihyun had to force himself to ask—it would have looked much too suspicious otherwise.

“You’re not in it for the long haul, Kihyun. You’ve become a problem and we have to get rid of it.” It was Shownu’s voice coming from his right but he didn’t dare fight, didn’t dare struggle, and didn’t even give the effort to turn his head to look in the elder’s direction.

“I’ve stuck by you for years, and suddenly you’ve just decided you’ve had enough of me?”

“You’ve been a bystander, Kihyun. It was a matter of time before you ran.” It was Hyungwon’s voice this time, too close to his ear.

“And we really can’t have that.”

Kihyun didn’t even know what to say, but he could feel the pit in his stomach settling for whatever strange reason. He just stayed silent, moving his hands to try and adjust the rope which felt like it was cutting off his circulation, bad enough it already gave him a nice burn.

“I see,” Kihyun finally replied in a low growl as they lead him to what he assumed was the clearing. His knees hit the grass soon after, the metal barrel of a gun pressed into the back of his skull and the pit in his stomach was back. Wonho said he had a chance—did he play him and BS through the whole thing?

“The agreement was the trees, Jooheon,” Shownu growled, grabbing the wrist of the younger boy and attempting to pull the gun away from him, but Jooheon wasn’t having any of it.

“That was before the little shit slashed my eye!” Jooheon yelled in response, shoving Shownu’s hands off him and the barrel was pressed once again into the back of Kihyun’s head, finger so close to the trigger it could have gone off at any minute if it weren’t for Wonho standing right there, taking the nod from Shownu to reach over and force the gun from Jooheon who was much too weak to defend himself against the much stronger older boy.

“You couldn’t live with the blood on your hands,” Hyungwon reminded him.

There was some shuffling in the grass, many pairs of feet moving around for the moments of otherwise utter silence that passed, nobody saying a word before a cold blade touched Kihyun’s cheek, to which he flinched slightly. “Happy hunting,” spoke a dull growl in his ear before the blade turned, “If she doesn’t finish you, the wolves sure will.”

A sharp sting on Kihyun’s cheek, a soft hiss falling from his lips and he could feel the warm blood trickle down his face to his chin. A few doors slammed; minimal words about Minhyuk spoken among the group before the engine turned over, choking as the vehicle pulled away, leaving Kihyun out in the middle of the grass, bloody, tied up and blindfolded. How long did he have to wait before he could get up to run? It didn’t matter, his pants legs were steaked into the ground—he wasn’t about to go anywhere.

He wasn’t sure whether to scream and yell for help, or just accept his fate and submit to the forest. Kihyun shifted his body a bit, trying to reach over to grab one of the steaks to see if he could pull it loose, the sun long set by now. Those steaks were in deep, rendering Kihyun unable to pull them out from the awkward angle.

A heavy sigh fell from his lips after he turned his face to wipe some of the blood from his face on his shoulder, still bleeding pretty good as he sat down on his feet. It was only a matter of time—the wolves could undoubtedly smell the blood.

More time passed, but Kihyun couldn’t be sure how long considering the blindness. He assumed awhile, just by feel and how hungry and thirsty he was getting. The crack of his neck echoed to himself as he tilted his head. For whatever reason, he wasn’t worried, wasn’t nervous until a soft pair of hands touched his cheeks, one very careful of his fresh wound. Then, and only then, did he jump.

“Who’s there?” he asked, slight panic tinging his voice.

“You’re one of them…” a soft voice trailed off.

You examined him; the cut on his cheek didn’t need stitches, thankfully. He was in need of water for sure and tending to his wrists.

“One of who?” Kihyun asked.

“The group of boys who always bring battered old men to my woods,” you responded, your thumb trailing across his chilled skin and over his dry and cracking lips which quivered under your soft touch.

“Y-your woods,” Kihyun stuttered.

“I feared this,” you said, tapping a foot on the ground, unearthing the steaks in his pants, freeing him.

“Yo-you’re the tr-trees,” Kihyun uttered almost inaudibly as the ropes fell from his wrists. “The stories Jooheon always told us were… true,” he continued curiously.

“What do you know of me?” you asked him.

“You control the forest. The nature, everything from plants to animals, earth to the weather, power limited to this mountain, to these woods; stark white hair and piecing ice eyes,” he described as your hands fiddled with the blindfold, untying it to bring it away from his eyes, which opened slowly.  


(( So I heard it was MerMay? I was wanting to do a Mermoogy a little bit ago and then a few of the dailys drew some and I was like “!!!!” she i did a Jellyfish mermaid~ She is still blind, she probably got caught in a trap or something or attacked by another fish when she was smaller so thats why her eyes are all messed up.

Also I know its a little late but for the rest of may if you have questions for Mermoog, she will happily answer them~ :) ))


Am I still thinking about that one AU? Yes, definitely

I’m sitting on the floor and crying my eyes off. I feel so alone, does anyone even realise my struggle is real? that i’m in so much mental pain, standing on the edge of the cliff. Thinking about jumping, ending it all.
Not a medication or therapy can make me better. I hug my mom and say nothing, I can’t hurt her again, I just want to be with her a little longer.
I’m so scared, so physically and mentally exhausted. I sit under the shower because my legs are too weak for standing.
I’m so full of bad thoughts, full of anxiety and pain. I let part of it out with the blood, but it’s not helping. I’m trapped and so lost.

And again this writing will just fade away, get lost between other messages. And it will mean nothing

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Hi! Hope things go well for you in the future! I really like your modern day The Get Down headcanons, would you mind doing one for Shaolin, if you haven't already? Thanks!

thank you so much for liking my headcanons ^_^ and im feeling better now

Modern Shaolin:

• watches entirely too many animes

• automatically hates anyone that watches dubbed animes instead of subbed (cause like lol that’s a weak ass move)

• was adopted young by his very abusive legal guardian Miss Annie

• he doesn’t go by Curtis cause that’s what Annie called him

• moved far as fuck away from her as soon as he was legal and has been living on his own ever since

• Annie tries to come and see him but he ain’t havin it

• works part time at a martial arts facility teaching little kids

• also works part time as a dj at some dingy ass club

• loves music and produces beats which is actually getting him some some attention on soundcloud

• he is lowkey replacing metro boomin

• he’s a great artist but he doesn’t wanna do anything big with it he just really likes to draw

• doesn’t like social media cause he don’t like everybody in his business but has a twitter just so that he’s not completely lost

• he is gay and acknowledges that but he still doesnt get into relationships cause has trust issues and emotional trauma from Annie

• he met zeke at record and hated him on sight cause 1) he was too pretty and 2) he snatched the last ‘the low end theory’ (tribe called quest) vinyl right before he saw it

• followed zeke out the store and tried to fight him for it

• zeke thought he was cute tho so he gave him his number and said that they could listen to it together whenever shao wanted (basically he smooth clean asked him on a date)

• shaolin didn’t call until exactly 3 days later


there is a part of me only you get to see.

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Can you do GOT7's reaction to you looking hot while working out? Thank you~ 💖

Mark - It’d catch his eye to see you working out. To him, there was just something quite attractive to see you working out. Mark would be very smug and wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. 

Jaebum - He would just stare at you without shame, enjoying every second of seeing you work out and would ask if you’d like him to help you burn some more calories. 

Jackson - He’d be mesmerized with seeing you work out and doing your best to stay in shape. Jackson would be nervous to see you being warm and sweaty, the images making him go slightly crazy. He would also love to join in on the workout and therefore asks if he could.  

Jinyoung - He would find it very attractive, an immediate smirk making it’s way onto his lips. He’d gently bite his lip as he watched you, his mind wandering into certain thoughts. 

Youngjae - Would be amazed at how you’re doing a bunch of exercises and would hope you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. Youngjae would then notice how hot and sweaty you look, slowly growing nervous with his thoughts. 

BamBam - Definitely would be turned on. Him seeing you sweating and your facial expressions whilst your work out would make him weak. 

Yugyeom - Would enjoy the scene of you working out, he’d get quite turned but would keep quiet, he didn’t want to bother you during your workout. He would also get very shy if you caught him staring.

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Do you have any at-home workout routines to get in shape? I have limited time and energy but im also too weak to win in a fight against a nazi and id like to change that

1) Like we’ve said before, the overwhelming majority of antifascist work is not about getting into punchups with nazis; it’s about doing a thousand other things to protect communities targeted by bigots; it’s about building an authentic anti-fascist/anti-racist youth culture; and it’s about doing everything possible to fuck up fascists’ plans as much as we can.  So your physical condition should not be preventing you from doing 95% of the things that antifascists do day in/day out.

2) On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with getting into shape and improving your physical condition.  Getting stronger and faster has myriad benefits for you, and not just in an antifa context!  See our previous post about getting into shape for some ideas about how to accomplish this.  But if you’re specifically looking for something to do at home,  try googling or searching on youtube for “home bodyweight workout beginners” and you’ll get a ton of results.  Here’s one example.  They’re all going to include some form of push-ups, squats, lunges, planks, and other exercises you can do at home with just yourself or maybe a few common household items.

You should aim to workout about every other day when you’re starting out.  Probably 45 minutes - an hour per session.  When you are starting with any program, focus in the beginning at getting your form right.  Proper form keeps you from hurting yourself and allows you to max out.  Write down what you do every time you workout, so you can track your progress.  The idea is to do a few more reps every time.

Being strong is great but don’t neglect cardio, either.  Put in some road work once or twice a week @ minimum.  As antifa found out in DC this weekend, nazis like Richard Spencer can run fast and for a long time when they’re being chased by the likes of us!

Get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, and make sure you’re getting enough protein (min. 1 gram per kg of body weight).  Maybe try to make small tweaks to your diet so you’re eating better generally while you’re at it.  Keep this up for just eight weeks and you’ll notice improvements, we promise!

Eventually, you might want to get a set of dumbbells for home use or start going to a gym.  If you go the dumbbell route, there are lots of dumbbell-based workouts on the intertubes you can do at home that will help you level up strength-wise.  If you can find a gym with strength training classes, ask to try out a class to see if you like the instructors and the class before signing up.

3) If you’re specifically trying to get in better shape so you are more physically able to defend yourself & others against nazis, we’d highly recommend taking a martial arts class regularly!  See our previous post about the kinds of martial arts training we think are most street-effective.  Most of these styles have the bonus effect of improving your cardio and getting you in better overall physical shape as well.  

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How do you think Black Hat would handle an existential crisis if he ever has one.

Oh man #relateable. Let’s see. Tbh I don’t think BH would have a whole crisis about “who am i as a person, what’s my purpose, what happens when we die, etc.” He already knows, he’s a smug, edgy villain and he’s here to get $$$$$$$

but if one of his sidekicks died. well. that would be more interesting. bUT IM TOO WEAK TO KILL OFF ANY OF THEM SO LETS GO WITH GRIEVOUSLY INJURED INSTEAD.

Black Hat doesn’t really worry about his own death anymore, and he’s completely not used to worrying about other people in general. So if Flug, Dementia, and/or 5.0.5 got hurt, Black Hat would be stunned. He’s so used to being untouchable; this isn’t what’s supposed to happen.

then he gets angry. not his normal violent, explosive rage. but a cold anger that quietly electrifies his veins and spawns mouths and teeth and tentacles from the fabric of his coat, as his shit-eating grin slowly vanishes.

Neither him nor the heroes that hurt his friends employees are smiling by the time he’s done.

You break it, you buy it. And you pay for it in blood.

Much later, he’d probably be waiting at their bedsides until they woke up. So that he could yell at them for being stupid. Yeah. That’s why.

He’s not getting soft. No way. That’s ridiculous. So what if they die? They’re just humans. Well, and a bear. Still, they’re all the same, replaceable.

…Fuck. Has being around humans this long made him sentimental? Disgusting.


“..Boss are you giving us a vaca–”

“̸͚̘̠̭̝͍͐͒́͗͝͝D̵̛̹̲͈̪͂̅͊̓̎͜ͅÓ̴̼̠̝̬̪̈́́͊̔̕͜ ̶̢̠͎̖͓͍̿̊̓͗̒̐Y̶̻̠̞̻̯͕̽̈́̂͂̒͘O̸̢͕͕̗͔̭̓́̋̚͝͝Ű̸͓͍͎̼̦̼̑͛̈͒̾ ̷̨̨̛̻̭̲̏̓͒͋͝ͅȖ̵̡̞̻̭̙̱͊͐̾͒͝Ň̵̢̲̘̻̰͉̃͒́̚͠D̸̛͖̱̣̟̺̤̐͑̀͐̕Ḛ̶̡̢̨̟̜́̿́́͋͋R̵̢̠̜͎̮͔̍̀̓̔̒̓S̵̛͇̟͚̺̯͊̽̊͑̕ͅT̸̟̝̬͍̭̝̈̌͗͛̔̕A̸̼̱̮̯͎̰̿̈̂̽̑̈́Ṇ̸̡̛̘͇̦̺̑̄̇̈́̆Ḑ̶̰̙̼̠̝̇͆̾́̀́ ̸̡̢̛͔͔̜͊͗̇̄͝ͅỜ̵̧̱͎̹̣͌̄͂̋͜R̴̙̘͕̘̗̤͂͐̽̀͑̽ ̴̨̖̰̠̬̗͗̄͒̐͂̕N̷̖͎̩̬͎͂̑̐̌̌͘ͅȎ̴̻̲̬͖͚̒͊̓̊͜͠T̸͚̫̱̻̟͙͑͋͒̂̑̐?̷͍̤̝̖̬̺̄͑̈́̍̓͆!̶̰͖̳̻̝̳͌̾̀̎̋̔”̵̡̝̘͚͖̣̐̀̂̿̚͝

“Y-yes boss!!”

None of them are dumb enough to say anything further on it. And no one sees Black Hat wipe the corner of his eye as he angrily stomps out of the room.

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Something that pisses me off about the way fandom portrays Gladnis is, just the sheer number of requests on the kinkmeme for Gladio having to rescue or protect Ignis from harassers and the like because apparently Ignis is too weak or helpless to take care of himself? He's not a fucking damsel in distress, stop treating him like one. If someone gave him shit he'd probably shove a dagger in that person's face himself. He doesn't need Gladio to do that for him.


but this goes the same for noctis and prompto (fanon!prompto suffers from this so bad. SO BAD. please.)

i mean im all for making the bias suffer (im a BIG slut for hurt!noctis) but you can absolutely do that without stripping that character of all their strengths and making them weepy and feeble and defenseless. unless they’re like that in canon, there’s no point. it’s just disrespectful of their actual characterization and character growth.

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you saying baku's laugh is loud and explosive.... MY HEART IM WEAK TO MY KNEES

I can’t imagine him openly and genuinely laughing in any other way, anon! He’s a boy that demands attention in everything he does haha

Anon said: Do you think if Tamaki ate enough butterflies he could turn himself into a fairy basically?

You mean if he could grow butterfly wings, right? I think he’d only need to eat one tbh!

Anon said: what do you think bout the delinquent kirishima theory

Hmmmmmmmmmmm I like how it’s written out and the general idea behind it isn’t too baseless, and given how everyone who’s got a past in bnha has a sad past one way or another I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were true, but whether or not I think it’s true I still can’t say… might be, might not, I’d prefer it if it weren’t but who knows!

Anon said: what are ur thoughts/beliefs on who the traitor might be? student or teacher? also, ur art is hella cute. u have blessed my life. bless ur soul. the way u draw kirishima and his stupid face is killin me slowly, too precious.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I guess I still haven’t changed my mind about it being Tsukauchi  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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