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I have a college interview today and I'm so incredibly nervous, I'm so bad at interviews. Any tips?

Im also horrible at interviews haha. Just be yourself. Dont be too uptight but take it seriously. Dont show that youre nervous. Be composed and if you need to think about your answer, take a pause. You dont have to answer the question .1 second after they ask you. Be honest about your experience but also boast about yourself. If they ask about your weaknesses, make that into a positive. I.e., “im a perfectionist and always try to make everything perfect”. Lastly, youll do fine! If you dont ace it then its not the end of the world. There will be more opportunities. Youll do great

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who are your favorite minor pro heros in bnha?

I feel like this was incredibly predictable haha if you mean even more minor then Kamui Woods and Edgeshot are definitely faves of mine, I wish I could see more of them !!!


°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°- ALL the jack(s)


i was preparing this in extra with my other S&P artwork for the #septicart event but i maybe pushed me a bit too much and ended up severally sick.  ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ(plz, quick advice, take care of ur body moar than me and mah booty)

ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ im not very happy of this drawing btw,i had a lot of fun but i feel like it’s rushed and messy. so lame!


this aside,I’m also sorry for my inactivity this past week. I was too weak for doing anythin’ except reblogging stoopid stuff that made meh giggled .i’ll reply to the asks and e-mails that i received asap. 


doyoung moments that make me wanna squeesh him (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ♡
↳ happy belated birthday ooma looma @peterpanrenjun 🎂🎉💕

carolina she’s my lady


(( So I heard it was MerMay? I was wanting to do a Mermoogy a little bit ago and then a few of the dailys drew some and I was like “!!!!” she i did a Jellyfish mermaid~ She is still blind, she probably got caught in a trap or something or attacked by another fish when she was smaller so thats why her eyes are all messed up.

Also I know its a little late but for the rest of may if you have questions for Mermoog, she will happily answer them~ :) ))

  • Yoonmin: *cuddling in bed and whispering to each other and being two little fluffballs full of giggles*
  • Jungkook, walking in: what are you guys doing? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Yoongi, shyly: It was t-too cold so we decided to use one blanket
  • Taehyung, peeking out from behind Jungkook: hyung
  • Taehyung: it's summer
  • Yoongi:
  • Jungkook: It's okay to admit that you're whipped, hyung.
  • Yoongi, giving Taekook the death glare: I'll give you 5 secs
  • Taekook: *running away*
  • Yoongi: *continuing being lovey-dovey w Jimin*

I’m sitting on the floor and crying my eyes off. I feel so alone, does anyone even realise my struggle is real? that i’m in so much mental pain, standing on the edge of the cliff. Thinking about jumping, ending it all.
Not a medication or therapy can make me better. I hug my mom and say nothing, I can’t hurt her again, I just want to be with her a little longer.
I’m so scared, so physically and mentally exhausted. I sit under the shower because my legs are too weak for standing.
I’m so full of bad thoughts, full of anxiety and pain. I let part of it out with the blood, but it’s not helping. I’m trapped and so lost.

And again this writing will just fade away, get lost between other messages. And it will mean nothing


Am I still thinking about that one AU? Yes, definitely

Chapter 210 thoughts.

Chapter 210 has become one of my favorites. I love it that we got to see tianshan communicate, be playful, help each other out, flirt and he tian’s loving looks warmed up my heart. The theme of this chapter is trust. 

Let’s dissect it a bit: 

First panel, He Tian has woken bright and early and was already somewhere close to Guan Shan’s house waiting for him. He waits 30 minutes before he makes the phone call to question where Guan Shan is at. For He Tian standards, he’s pretty calm. I think we would have expected He Tian to call him within 5 minutes since we know he has a temper, but this time he kept his cool and actually waited around. His tone is pretty calm as well, maybe he’s worried that something happened to Guan Shan? 

Second panel is fanservice for sure from Old Xian, look at that baby fox just sprawled on the bed half naked. yup, this is a bl folks! check out what He Tian is getting to touch! AnywAys….

Now we officially know who is the the one to sleep in and who’s the morning person. I suspect that He Tian is the one who sleeps very little and it takes him a while to get to sleep while for Guan Shan, he could fall asleep anywhere for hours and is definitely not a morning person. Can you imagine He Tian laying in bed, smoking his first cigarette of the day, watching Guan Shan sleep and thinking he’s the luckiest guy in the world because he has such an amazing boyfriend by his side? ah, my heart <3

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Need (Jaebum Oral Smut)

Sooo I know you guys are getting anxious and impatient with things but I promise I will get to writing soon. So this is for all of my followers but mostly @silhouetted-beauty ;))) she don’t even know I wrote it heh. BUT I hope you all love it <3

You had sat there shaking your legs as you looked at the male flaunt his stuff across the screen. Everything about him was pissing you off and making you extremely needy. How he was teasing, that damn smirk on his lips, the natural hair on the top of his lips that was subtle and not too much. He was sex on legs, his dark hair and broad shoulders. His flawless skin and deep brown eyes. Im Jaebum was your weakness and you knew that he knew so as well. You had been trying for the last past hour to sit cross legged and in different positions to calm the throb down there in between your other set of lips. You had decided to watch different little clips of Got7 a thing you occasionally liked to do whenever he wasn’t there but it seemed your body had other ideas.  Your mind screamed for you to look at anything else but your eyes trailed over to him every time. You told yourself to keep calm but your body screamed raw me with every step he took. Becoming more fed up with yourself and him you quickly jumped up from the couch storming into your room.

You didn’t have time to waste, not really thinking you moved around quick stripping out of your sleeping house clothes and changing into leggings and an oversized T-shirt that his name was plastered on the back of. Maybe you were a little biased but why shouldn’t you be? You and Jaebum had been dating for a couple of years now and at first you hated the idea of dating a celebrity but the more you fought the harder he tugged at you until you were in his world being taken completely with him. You were smitten but you had to admit you did love it. Snickering to yourself, you gripped at your phone and wallet quickly leaving your house. Hailing a cab because you didn’t trust yourself to drive you sat in the back looking out of the window. You didn’t know what you would do when you got there you just knew that you needed him at this moment. You didn’t even warn him about it, that was a risky move indeed but after what you kept envisioning in your mind you felt it would be beneficial for the both of you considering it had been a few days since you saw him. Once you got to the building you paid the driver and left walking into JYP building knowing the halls all too well. You moved to stand beside the door of the dance studio watching all the boys move around as Sign came on. You swore under your breath watching JB glide across the floor, he was so beautiful and your body screamed for him. Without a second thought, you stormed through the door causing all the members to freeze looking at you. The look on your face must have not been friendly because JB standing there with his ripped skinny jeans hanging low on his waist and gray shirt slick against his sweaty body had his eyebrows furrowed as he panted. Watching the sweat drip from his forehead and face to his neck and down to his body you shook your head slowly.

“Baby- “He started but you cut him up gripping at his wrist pulling him to you.

“We. Need to talk.” You said with annoyance in your voice dragging him away. You could hear the silent curses from all the members and how they whistled low in their throats. Your heart was hammering and your head was spinning, Jaebum wasn’t the type to take things like this laying down and you knew he was going to get your ass if you didn’t think quick. Leading him to one of the sound proof studio rooms you opened the door only to slam him against it with a shove of your hands. Jaebum glared at you, full of rage but before he could even get out a word you dropped to your knees frowning up at him.

“I need you.” You whimpered out slowly, your hand moving up to rub against his member. At first you couldn’t feel anything but the more you rubbed at his outline, the more you kissed with your lips and nuzzled with your face- slowly he got harder under your ministrations.

“I don’t have time!” Jaebum groaned knowing that he would be in so much trouble if anyone came looking for him but seeing you do such things after storming in there, he had to admit it was hot and he secretly loved when you did those things.

“I will be quick.” You left no more room for discussion this time. Your hands gripped at his jogging pants pulling it down not surprised that he didn’t have on any boxers. His dick stood hard and tall, proud against the fabric of his shirt. Your mouth watered instantly and you gripped at the base of his shaft pumping him slowly. Jaebum growled at you, his hips bucking lightly and he tried once again to reason with you.

“Y/n. Quit.” He barked gripping at your hands to pull you off him but you had other plans because the both of you knew he didn’t want you to stop. You flicked out your tongue to press it against the tip of his dick moaning softly. Your tongue ground up and down the slit of his shaft, your tongue swirling around the head slowly tapping his dick on your wet tongue and lips you looked at him with big eyes.

“Do you really want me to quit daddy? Do you really want to go to practice with a hard-on when I can use my wet warm walls to get you off?” You questioned wrapping your lips around his head. You could tell from his eyes he was livid but the moment your lips wrapped around his tip his resolve died down. Your mouth slowly sunk down onto his shaft sucking eagerly on everything as you watched him. Jaebum groaned rolling his head back letting his legs spread as wide as his bound ankles would let him go. You moved to nuzzle his nose against the base of his dick choking lightly but you took the burn for him. Pulling back slowly you moaned and slid your mouth back down bobbing your head at a slow pace letting your tongue swirl around his heated shaft. Jaebum was torn, wanting to be mad at you was one thing but when you did shit like this he couldn’t help but fall for you more and want to be with you forever. His hips started to slowly roll against your mouth, his hand at first was stroking through your locks of hair as he relished in the feeling of you sucking him off. You didn’t know what it was about tasting the male when you were needy, maybe it was how he moaned for you, how he cried out for more with a low groan. How his large hands stroked at your hair, or gripped at it for dear life. How he fucked your face until it was hurting and your eyes were brimming with tears. It got you off more than playing with yourself or you would’ve stayed at home to do that. Getting pulled out of your thoughts with Jaebum gripping at your hair harshly he tugged at the locks holding your head still his dark eyes looking down at you.

“I’m sorry baby girl, I know that you want to savor this but I need you to finish what you started and I’m limited on time.” He spoke in a deep voice filled with lust. He kept your head in place as he started to roll his hips forward sinking himself into your mouth repeatedly, listening to the wet sounds of him face fucking you. He loved how your face slowly became wrecked. He loved how the spit dripped down to your chin. He moved his hips roughly face against your face listening to the sounds of his balls slapping against your chin. A knock on the door had him cursing but he cleared his throat sliding you down until he hit the back of your throat cutting off your air hissing quietly. “You better learn how to breathe through your nose.”

“Jaebum. Is everything okay?” Jackson asked leaning against the door. Jaebum watched you fight against him causing him to pull your head back letting you catch air before he surged his hips forward slowly listening to the choking sounds and he knew Jackson could hear as well.

“Yeah man I’m good. Can you stall for me for a few more minutes? We are almost finished.” He spoke calmly as if what he was doing was not sinful.

“You got it man, just make it quick before you know who comes.” He spoke about their manger with a chuckle leaving the both of you by yourself.

Jaebum smirked before he looked back down at you slowly letting his hips build up speed until he was trying to pound at your throat, sinking himself as deep as possible. He saw your hand move down towards your leggings and he knew that you would try to cum so he shook his head speaking out.

“No baby girl. I’ll take care of you.” He said with a drip of lust in each word, your eyes locking together and you wondered how he would when you were rushed but prayed that a quick fucking session would be in store for later. Deciding to just it go, your hand moved to rest at your sides, and within a few minutes of him fucking your face. He smirked at his got closer to a release. “I’m going to cum baby girl. Are you ready?” He asked playfully knowing that you were taking it all. “I want you to swallow it all.” He grunted at his hips rolled against your face, your mouth hurt slightly and your throat felt on fire but you took it all for him. You could feel his dick pulsing against your tongue his veins popping out and the sweet and salty precum slid down your throat. Jaebum hips slowed down lightly until he was holding your head still. “Open your mouth.” He rasped and you did so keeping your mouth open as he pulled out. He pressed his dick back against your wet tongue. “Keep it open.” He made another command and you did so, allowing him to watch as his cock slid up and down your tongue until he was bucking his hips and cumming onto your tongue and some on your lips and face. You moaned in pleasure, feeling your nipples press hard against your bra, your panties were pretty much stained with the wetness that was slipping and seeping into them. He took deep breaths of air as he pulled back and released your hair causing your head to throb. He watched you play with his cum on your tongue and swallowed it before licking it off your face. He pulled up his jogging pants and the moment you got up he gripped at your arms and slammed you against the door gripping at your neck moving one hand down between your legs, rubbing at your pussy his hand gripping at your clit causing you to cry out and squirm.

“You’re such a dirty little slut. Look at you all worked up and shit.” He growled gripping at the fabric of your leggings ripping them open and damn near doing the same to your panties, trying to slip them to the side he plunged two fingers inside of you as he rubbed your clit. Your body was convulsing your hips bucked against his hand and you knew you were close but as soon as it started it ended. Jaebum pulled back to glare at you. “I never told you to react like this, or to be reckless. Needy or not you could’ve got us both in trouble and though I like it, I can’t let you think it’s okay to misbehave.” Jaebum stated pressing a chaste kiss against your lips. “You are to take a taxi home and wait for me you understand? If you cum or even start playing with yourself I swear punishment will be unmerciful. Now clean off your juices slut.” He pressed his fingers against your lips and you pouted but nodded sucking and licking off your juices smiling softly as your tongue wrapped around his fingers. He smirked pulling back as another knock sounded on the door. “I’m coming.” He barked.

“Well bitch I know you did but we need you to start helping us with the beats of this song again. We will be waiting in another studio that one is tainted.” Bambam called out as he walked off. Jaebum rolled his eyes but had a smirk on his lips letting your throat go he pulled you closer to him biting on your bottom lip as you sulked.

“I hope it was worth it.” He said softly nuzzling your noses together as he looked in your eyes, the promise that held in them for the rest of the night had you getting wetter all over and again.