im too quiet


tag meme: name ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms.

am i the only one who feels like bpd is lowkey a mix of all the other personality disorders bc like idk it just seems that way to me


new doodles of old trolls,,who i kinda miss but unsure if id ever bring em back properly,,,feral deep sea dweller kirefu on the left, feral forest wendigo witiko on the right. i miss witiko a lot but idk if i wanna bring him back,,,


always shows up 2 hours late 2 class lol u lucky they showed up @ all: sagittarius, pisces, aries

stays havin they papers hanging out their folders: scorpio, gemini, libra

be roasting the teacher whenever a sub comes in: aquarius, capricorn, leo

the kid that u think is shy and quiet but actually be talking shit about u on the low: cancer, taurus, virgo

That Deaf Feel when people at work have no idea quite how deaf you are because you exhaust yourself everyday trying to make sense of the sound salad you’re presented with.


“They said he’s always alone. He’s always in the dark by himself. No one can recognize him. Why? Because he has to be alone.

That feeling… you can’t even imagine it, right?

I know that feeling a little bit. When I was little I was in that situation.

I wished that no one would look at me, that no one would know me, then I would be alone.”

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Cute fluffy scenario with kuroo (I'm shamelessly in love with him)

we’re all shamelessly in love with him

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there are so many