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Hey, I made a profile picture for facebook that is Valentine’s day themed because love everyone. Feel free to use it!

Edit: this is about not condemning or hating groups of marginalized people. Individuals can be horrible, and I’m not saying you should support that, I’m just saying I support these groups as a whole. 💖
Dating Calvin would include

For the two anons that requested this, enjoy!

  • Letting him vent to you about youtube drama
  • Staying up with him when he can’t sleep, even though it’s 4 in the morning
  • Him not letting you leave the bed without him
  • Telling him dumb jokes and puns that leaves him laughing and wheezing
  • You comforting him when he is stressed and tired which always ends up with cuddling
  • Forehead kisses while cuddling
  • Sleeping on his shoulder on long plane rides
  • “I want to keep holding your hand but my arm is getting tired”
  • Him calling you princess and sweetheart
  • Skyping him when he is traveling
That moment when you're trying to study

But you keep thinking about your otp fucking

Untranslatable Word Prompts

Hey kiddos, I know I haven’t posted anything new in a while and i sorta took a hiatus from writing but I wanna get back into it again, because I miss it dearly, and so I thought I’d start by doing drabbles (though knowing me they’re not guaranteed to be short…)

Anyway, send me a number and a character and I’ll write something inspired by the word!

1.) L'appel du vide (French) -  'The call of the void’, or the instinctive urge to jump from high places or jerk the car a little to the left into on coming traffic.
2.) Tingo (Pascuence) - The act of taking objects that one desires from the house of a friend by gradually borrowing all of them.
3.) Schadenfreude (German) - The feeling of pleasure that derives from other’s misfortune.
4.) Shlimazl (Yiddish) - A chronically unlucky person.
5.) Duende (Spanish) - The magical power that a work of art has to physically/emotionally effect someone.
6.) Gurfa (Arabic) - The amount of water that can be scooped up in one hand.
7.) Cafuné (Portuguese) - The act of tenderly running fingers through someone’s hair.
8.) Torschlusspanik (German) - The fear of diminishing opportunities as your life goes on.
9.) Fernweh (German) - A strong longing to go away, or a homesickness for a place you have never been.
10.) Komorebi (Japanese) - The scattered, dappled light effect of sunlight shining through trees.
11.) Pochemuchka (Russian) - A person who is always asking questions.
12.) Gökotta (Swedish) - The act of waking up early in the morning to go outside and hear the first birds sing.
13.) Backpfeifengeschicht (German) - a face badly in need of a fist.
14.) Waldeinsamkeit (German) - The feeling of being alone in the woods.
15.) Hanyauku (Rukwangali) - The act of walking on tiptoes across warm sand.
16.) Iktsuarpok (Inuit) - The feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if anyone is coming.
17.) Culaccino (Italian) - The mark left on a table by a wet glass.
18.) Sobremesa (Spanish) - The time spent after lunch or dinner talking to the people you shared the meal with.
19.) Jayus (Indonesian) - A joke told so poorly and so unfunny that one cannot help but laugh.
20.) Pana po’o (Hawaian) - The act of scratching your head in order to help you remember something you’ve forgotten.
21.) Dépaysement (French) - The feeling of not being in one’s home country.
22.) Goya (Urdu) - the transporting disbelief that can occur during, for example, good storytelling.
23.) Mangata (Swedish) - the road-like reflection of the moon on water.
24.) Friolero (Spanish) - A person who is especially sensitive to cold weather or temperatures.
25.) Won (Korean) - reluctance on a person’s part to let go of an illusion
26.) Philotimo (Greek) - a philosophy of personal conduct involving personal pride, dignity, courage, duty, sacrifice and above all else, respect and deep personal freedom
27.) Abbiocco (Italian) - the feeling of pleasant sleepiness you have after particularly heavy and fulfilling meals, mainly lunch
28. Saudades (Portugueses) -feeling that people have when they miss someone or something

(I just wanna add in that I may not get around to writing all of these, it depends on how inspired I am by the prompt or how tired I am after work etc etc etc. If I don’t write it, please don’t be offended! I’m just a piece of shit writer that’s hella lazy, so it’s nothing against you guys ♥)


i’ve captioned these photos if anyone wants to read them lmfao

anyway lmao my mouse is a little bit alive, it’d still gets disconnected by it’s own sometimes but it’s fine imma try to use it till i get a new one cause i can’t draw properly with it

however, i actually sketched this on valentine’s day cause i really don’t know i should’ve draw something nice and sweet but no i ended up drawing nightmares????? what even

it’s late in the night and im too lazy to give their infos, so maybe later?

hope ya like it! and excuse my horrible sketching don’t know what is sketch cleaner lol ok

you know what tumblr fandoms should consider more?


there needs to be more lesbians 

Uncharted characters and their tumblr blogs.

Nathan: Pictures of puppies. Reblogs people’s history posts to correct them. Doesn’t tag. Posts pictures of donuts.

Sam: 90′s fashion but not the kind that looks good. Doesn’t really know how this blog thing works, which is why he never uses tags. Follows back porn bots.

Elena: Posts her photography. Writes long posts about politics that either get 200k notes or 3. Sometimes posts about video games.

Harry: Meme king. Dank. Posts about weed 24/7. Occasionally NSFW.

Chloe: Lots of selfies. Pictures of cars and Australia. Gets followed by porn blogs only.

Sully: Pretends he’s rich and a lot younger than he is. His followers call him daddy. He’s that blog that makes you smile but sometimes scratch your head in confusion.

Nadine: Posts her gym work outs and argues with anons. Brags about how much she can lift. Complains about other rich people.

Rafe: Sad aesthetics. Black and White. Pictures of money and hot people.

Lazarevic: Blood/gore aesthetics blog. Quotes Nietzsche a lot. Reblogs Balkan music often. Posts in Serbian so nobody understands. Posts about his gainz.

Eddy: Writes under posts instead of tags. Treats mutuals like his best friends even if he never spoke to them before.

Roman: Thinks he’s the best. Doesn’t follow back. Looks down on his followers.

Navarro: Drunk shit posting. Posts about his favorite Tequila. Complains about Roman and Eddy in a salty way without mentoining their names.

Marlowe: Sends anon hate. Complains about people not tagging correctly. Arrogant bitch because she’s tumblr famous. Only likes, doesn’t reblog.

Talbot: Brags about how fast he runs. Reblogs pictures of suits. Into magic, like, the wizard type.


i-heart-hogwarts  asked:

I've been away from this blog for too long (damn me!), and I'm too lazy to scroll through the tags, so... What book are you currently working on? Is it Foxglove? (YES, PLS, YES???) xoxo! ❤


the project associated with the giveaway is not foxglove, actually, it’s a standalone YA ghost story that ive been writing off and on since….november?

i do have quite a bit of foxglove written, though, and im definitely still working on it. just taking my time. it will more than likely be released sometime this summer. in the meantime though the Cora centric prequel for nightshade will be up for preorder in the next few days!


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i was tagged by @sunburntkeith thank uu <33

im not tagging 11 people im too lazy for that lol im gonna tag @pureren @lanceytown @marmorakeith @velarix  @viktvr-nikiforov @randombookgeek @ackermanss and @fivenightsatereris !! u dont have to do it if you dont want to tho

their questions for me:

 1.- do you normally care about washing the part where you drink from of your cans/ box of milk and stuff like that?

no lmao im too lazy to do that. also most of the time i use a straw when drinking from cans or a glass. i rarely drink directly from the can/bottle.

2.- how long have you lasted without taking a shower?:^)

ummmmmmmmMMMMM 3 days maybe? idk when im on vacation i forget that part of being a human is cleaning your body regularly lmao. 

3.- tell us your paranormal stuff that has happened to you, like, the weirdest one. 

OH BOY. so im pretty sure my previous house was h a u nt e d. okay listen to me. There was this fucking basement. It has no roof like you can see all the tubes and shit its rlly fucking creepy. So when i moved in we put all the shit we never used in there so theres like a bunch of weird things laying around and a lot of boxes at the back. I swear ive seen things move behind the boxes omfgkgf. The stair handle bar was made of like a hollow metal tube if that makes sense, so if u tap it it makes a PLIIINNGGG sound. At night i kept hearing someone tapping it. PLING PLING PLI I N GGG. This one night i heard all of the pans in my kitchen crash to the ground. my mom woke up and went down stairs and there was nothing. I kept having weird ass dreams too. I dreamt that there was a woman behind my curtain and she had a black veil over her face. I dreamt that i had two moms. They looked exactly the same. One of them was downstairs telling me to go down with here and the other one was at the top telling we that the other one was a fake. So basically a paranormal creature took the appearance of my mother to try and eat me or smth idk. I think i trusted the mom at the top of the stairs bc my mom never leaves in the middle of the night. it was so weird. I swear i never felt safe in that house at night, when i closed my eyes i saw weird creepy faces and stuff. I felt little touches all over my body at night. I couldnt sleep without the lights on or with my mom lmao

4.-Any ship that makes you guilty? 

no not really

5.-Do you like art? 

YES I LOVE ART I THINK ITS A BEAUTIFUL THING. I really love watercolor paintings askjfasdf

6.-Do you do art? 

yeahhHHHH i draw once every new pope is elected but I DRAW. Most of the time i do watercolor bc as i said, i lo v e i t. I just started drawing like a year ago so i cant really do much but theres things im proud of.

7.- What kind of music you listen to? 

the music thats like popular now? like pop electronic i guess? i like music that is like soft but also bAM TURN UP if that makes sense. I listen to a lot of troye sivan.

8.-Ever went to a concert? tell us about it! 

the only concert ive ever been to is a fuckin carlos vives concert in colombia. I fell asleep halfway through lmao. BUT FEB 26 IM GOING TO SEE THIS KPOP BAND AND IM SO EXCITEDDDDD. Exo is coming to where i live and im p u m p e d.

9.- What’s your motto about life?

Dont stress it, if you do, you will do worse. Learn to live mindfully and do things because you enjoy them not because others want you to. 

10.-Favorite fictional character ever? can do a list if needed

AAAAAA l love keith and lance they are defs favs. I love kaneki ken id die for him. Kageyama tobio is also a son of mine. 

 11.-What is a chill day for you?

not having any homework and being able to sleep as much as i want. 

my questions: 1

. whats your favorite form of art? 2. favorite smell ? 3. how good are your cooking skills? whats your speciality ? 4. ANY PETS? tell us about them 5. if you could travel to any place where would you go and why? what would you do there? 6. longest youve gone without sleeping? 7. describe your aesthetic. 8. name a show you were hyped for but then it disappointed you? 9.favorite color? what does it make you think of ? 10. rANDOM FACT ABOUT YOURSELF. 11. if u were in my strange addiction, what would your addiction be? 


Protective Nico (Cinnamon roll!Nozomi AU)

A/N: I’m too lazy to give that fancy-smancy summary and stuff. If you’re interested in this AU check this tag out! I really, really, really liked it, and ever since I saw this AU I’ve wanted to write something for it! So, here it is! x’D Have fun reading and, hopefully, I’ll write more about this because, ahhhh, cinnamon roll!Nozomi gives me life at the moment. *swoons* @kuro-kelly it your beautiful au heeehehehehe

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1. Favorite song? st anger by metallica at the moment
2. What’s the first book you remember obssessing over? the odyssey/ a christmas carol tbh idek???
3. TV show you want to start watching but never find the time to do so? riverdale, the get down, parks and rec +more
4. If you could learn any language, what language would you like to learn?german (even if i did it in school for like 9 years i dont know shit), italian, norwegian, swedish
5. Favorite sun sign besides yours?
6. Opinion on Club Penguin closing? I FEEL LIKE I HAVE NO REASON LEFT TO LIVE
7. Would you move out of your country if you’d have the chance? OMG YES (preferably canada/norway)
8. Favorite superhero? iron man
9. The song you have a lot of memories with? my theme song dragostea din tei by o-zone
10. Do you own any house-plant? i have 3 cactuses
11. Favorite traditional food? sarmale and mamaliga!!!!!!!

i was tagged by @vangoghlogy thank you! (im so happy i don’t get tagged to do stuff very often)

rules: put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten people

1. smile - mikky ekko
2. i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys
3. your star - evanescence
4. daddy lessons - Beyoncé
5. the good, the bad and the dirty - panic!
6. red light indicates door are secured - arctic m
7. for free? - kendrick lamar
8. coming down - halsey
9. zekes poem (i am the one) - the get down
10. sunburn - muse

my music taste is very mainstream lol. i’m too lazy to tag ten people but if you want to do it just say i tagged you, i love these kinds of things and wouldn’t mind at all

You Make Me Want To Remember

Characters: Hide/Haise (Sasako), Shirazu, Mutsuki, Saiko
Rating: T
Words: 2,797

Notes: Ok so I wasn’t able to sleep early last night because I was bugged awake by the lack of Hide/Sasako fics and my craving for it so I tried to write a drabble which turned embarrassingly long !!! This is my first time writing fanfiction and I’m too lazy to proofread it because again it turned out TOO LONG so read at your own risk bc i literally have no idea what im doing

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