im too lazy to take another one

moodboard tutorial

an anon requested a tutorial and another anon asked for one earlier so here i am. i think im going to try to do a video one for this if thats ok i’m too lazy to take screenshots and everything

you will need:

  • photoshop (i use CC)
  • pictures (i find them on pinterest)
  • a psd (i use my own, its the icon one)
  • action: here is the gif tutorial with the action i use (i should just link the action but in the video i said i’d link this yikes)
  • i hope this helps!! please like/reblog if you use it or you think its helpful


radiantpeaces  asked:

can you show us how big your moleskine journal is compared to your hand? Like in the picture your hand is next to your moleskine? are you gonna do another moleskine 2016 drawing journal? im debating whether to buy one or not.

I”m probably not getting another one. the moleskine’s too small and the paper’s not great for anything other than pencil; everything else either buckles the paper a lot or seeps through XD;;. it’s also really tiny @_@;;. i’m thinking of making my own sketchbook :D. 

this is just me drawing on the sketchbook. i hope that shows the size somewhat? i’m too lazy to take a picture right now XD;;.

edit: sorry, didn’t mean to publish it publicly haha;;;. 

anonymous asked:

could u do that got7 blowjob reaction but with mx please ?? (Or just Changkyun bc he is KILLING me)


Shownu: Would just lay back and let you take control. Hyunwoo is usually very dominant in the bedroom, but when he’s just woken up and is too tired, this is your opportunity to take control, and boy does it feel good to have Hyunwoo moaning underneath you

Wonho: Another one who would be super cocky. Hands petting your head as he moans in a low voice, “Baby.” Ends up having very lazy morning sex probably also continues in the shower bye

Minhyuk: He can be very shy and awkward so waking up to you sucking him just makes him so embarrassed and nervous, but he’s not gonna stop you… In fact, he’ll say encouraging words like “please baby, don’t stop”

Kihyun: As soon as he wakes up he feels the stimulation and immediately throws a hand over his mouth to muffle his moans, ultimately failing (Kihyun is loud af can u imagine)

Hyungwon: As soon as his eyes open, he bites his lip at the sight before him. “You’re a bad girl”, he coos, grabbing your chin and lifting you off him. Also ends in morning sex, expect it’s far from lazy (I know even though Hyungwon is known to be ‘the lazy one’, when this boy is horny istg ….i need to stop)

Jooheon: Totally was not expecting to wake up to see you between his legs. “Holy shit”, is all he says before he’s a whimpering mess. Is an even BIGGER whimpering mess when you start rubbing your hands along his thighs…

I.M: IMMEDIATELY starts groaning, getting even more turned on every time he glances down at you. When he doesn’t know what to do with his hands, he settles for lacing his finger with yours (Changkyun is very much into holding hands okay? okay) Once he came, you can be sure he’d return the favor


dragon age: inquisition more like

  • dragon age: will i ever leave the hinterlands
  • dragon age: i didnt realize this war table mission would take like 5 hours but now im screwed for another mission i wanted to do immediately well shit
  • dragon age: i just got to the storm coast why is there a giant and a dragon im like level zero pls dont do this to me
  • dragon age: theres a rift over there but im on my way to a quest and im too lazy to seal it
  • dragon age: i forgot one of my companions existed bc their homebase location is out of the way now i have to watch 3 companion cutscenes in a row
  • dragon age: what do you mean ur giving me more quests in the hinterlands. you cant do this to me. im looking at you inner circle quests
  • dragon age: my paper mâché wizards and archers keep running into the fight and i have to divert them manually what the hell
  • dragon age: im going to spend a good amount of time on optional puzzles and im going to get irrationally enraged if i want to okay dont judge me
  • dragon age: i sure dont know if that was a good decision and i guess im going to find out in another playthrough
  • dragon age: im never going back to the hinterlands again

anonymous asked:

Ily but stop acting so cocky. It doesn't work for you. Being cocky will never be cute no matter what people say. And no... It's not "loving yourself"

lmfao cocky?? how about fucking having self–confidence!!! i have a lot of self–confidence!!! of course i love myself. i think im pretty perfect no matter what anybody tells me. I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED

heres another selfie cause you need to look at my face again.

god fucking dam right?