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hello! it’s jaymee (aka. lovebugi / minibugi / jjongibugi)

i’d like to thank the 100+ lovely people that follow me by doing my first follow forever for this blog!

it’s been around 3 weeks (?) since i’ve created this sideblog & i’m really glad to see all the people who continue to support the pd101 trainees since the show ended—whether or not their fixed pick has debuted. seeing all this positivity makes this website such a fun place to be on, and i’m glad to be a part of it.

so, without further ado, here’s a shoutout to all the people who radiate positivity:

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The Banner-bearer and the herald of Manwë, 
I did the upper one a few weeks ago and i kinda liked it so i might as well post it.
I always imagined him about a head taller than Manwë (about 11 feet tall??), always standing next to him like a body guard or something :3
that’s manwe in the bottom btw


I was tagged by @handsomelevi thanks 😊😊😊

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1. i caught myself - paramore

2. Thursday - The Weeknd

3. my last - 2pm

4. just right - got7

5. drip drop - taemin

6. me like yuh - jay park

7. so sick - ne-yo

8. professional - The Weeknd

9. Pink + White - frank ocean

10. Marvins room/ buried alive interlude - Drake

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ignore the fukin obvious photoshoppoed snapchat filter bc im way too fukin lazy to actually download it

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