im too lazy to make gifs

(ʘᗩʘ’!!) “oh my god” !!!

asks are open! 

golden maknae, jungkook, is ready for your questions! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

so im too lazy to make a full blown ff also bc im a bitch and i follow and refollow ppl based on my mood i kno its horrible but i cant help it, so i just give you a little s/o to some ppl???

okay so since the Infamous Open Haus™ came out i couldn’t stop all the jonhaus (mostly risingsonn) yelling and like some ppl may say that shipping real ppl is gross and i wanna pull out how many friends i made bc of it. so basically this the s/o to my lovely jonhaus squad

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