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mike + his rookie year


Addicted appreciation week: day one x favorite character

The alien scenario sounds more like a Lily Calloway theory. I understand what Connor is implying. “You think she knows Jonathan’s her fucking father?”
    Lily suddenly appears from the stairs with a big bowl of popcorn, unable to see my clothing from her vantage point. “Are you guys making a Hale family Star Wars alternate universe?” She lowers her voice, mimicking Darth Vader, “Willow, I am your father.”
                                                                 No one laughs.
A popcorn kernel falls out of Lily’s mouth. “Waaaait…this wasn’t a joke?”


nitori aiichirou + his teammates

Got7 trying *but kinda failing* at Valentine's Day

Group(s) & Members(s): Got7

Genre: fluff 

Warnings: none

A/N: Surprise I’m finally here with something! sorry i’ve been gone, life is crazy yall. The order in which they appear are Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Jaebum, Yugyeom & Bambam. please ignore any typos or errors im too lazy to edit this rn i’ll get around to it eventually. 


Jackson is THE MOST about Valentines. He’s all about the ~romance~ and all about getting alllll the cliche gifts like chocolates and roses, despite you telling him that you didn’t really care about those sorts of things. You walk into your apartment to find the biggest teddy bear you’ve ever seen and you know Jackson is behind it when you hear his suppressed giggles. “Isn’t this great Y/N!” and tbh he seems more excited about it than you are so you get the feeling that he mainly bought it for himself. After dinner he takes your hand and leads you to the bedroom, stopping only to tell you to cover your eyes. “Wait right here while I go get your present” and you feel like you’re waiting forever and after the 5 minute mark you get worried so you call out to him. He doesn’t respond and instead all you hear are some suppressed grunts. Finally you give in and head to where the noise was coming from. You burst into immediate laughter when you find him, shirtless with his arms tangled up in black and red lace. His eyes go wide when he sees you, “GIRLS ALWAYS GET TO WEAR LINGERIE SO I THOUGHT I WOULD TRY IT TO BE SEXY FOR YOU BUT I’M STUCK”. After laughing for a good 10 minutes at him you finally grab some scissors and free him. 

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who you should fight: undertale edition

toriel: you’ll get your ass handed to you and you’ll deserve it. then she’ll make you feel guilty with pie. don’t fight toriel.

papyrus: you could, and you’d win, but why? what will you get out of fighting papyrus?? he believes in you. don’t fight papyrus.

sans: I mean unless you literally almost wipe out a race he’s not gonna do shit. just find the line and you’re good. only fight him if you absolutely have to because he’ll kick your ass and it’ll suck but like, only if you go too far. don’t fight sans. you can do all kinds of shit without having to.

undyne: i mean, she’ll kick your ass, but honestly it’d be a privilege to get beat up by her. fight undyne.

alphys: why??? would you hurt her???? she is small and sad and trying her best. plus if you fight her her buff fish girlfriend will come after you. don’t fight alphys

muffet: you try to fight her and you’ll be covered in spiders with you wallet missing. it’s not worth it. don’t fight muffet.

mettaton: he’ll look more fabulous than you the entire fight, but his egotistical ass could stand to be knocked down a peg. fight mettaton

asgore: look dude. this sad goat man wants you to fight him. he wants to make up for all his past shit. fight asgore. he’ll make you tea after.

chara: look. they’ve. they’ve been through a lot. they’re tired. they’re sad. they’ve made some mistakes. don’t fight chara. give chara a hug or a fistbump or something. let them rest.

frisk: why? why would you? even if you tried they’d just help you confront your inner demons and give you a hug. fight frisk. you’ll leave a better person.

burgerpants: please oh dear sweet christ PLEASE fight burgerpants i am begging you and so is he


It has been 4 years since the first chapter of the Assassination Classroom manga, 4 years since the journey of the Class-E has started.

Thank you, Assassination Classroom
Thank you, Koro-sensei
Thank you, Class-E
Thank you, Matsui-sensei, you’re a legend

yoongi; salvation (001)

❝i don’t know what this is but it sparked from a conversation with Bells and she wanted me to tag her SO HERE IT IS the-storyweaver!!!
(p.s. i used to edit posts/headers for my stories all the time but i got lazy and suddenly i felt like trying again so sorry if it doens’t look nice. LOL. IM RUSTY)
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Caraphernelia (Layered)
  • Caraphernelia (Layered)
  • Pierce The Veil

use headphones!

all rights go to the ever so lovely Pierce The Veil and their producers, I own nothing.


“Giving kids whatever they ask for is disastrous parenting. There’s no sense of something earned. I’m sorry, but when you’re 12, you don’t need a new cell phone every few months just because a new one comes out.”