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GOT7 Reaction // Seeing another guy flirt with their s/o.


When he saw someone flirting with you, that wasn’t him, his blood would boil. He would simply pull you away from that guy and put his arm around you to show that you were his.

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He had no idea how you got out of his sight, but once he found you and interrupted your conversation with the guy.

“Sorry but you’re flirting with the wrong person.”

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Just seeing you with another guy would automatically piss him off. He would casually hop into the conversation and scare the guy away.

“I’m gonna give you thirty seconds to back the fuck up”

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He would be slightly confused as to why you let another guy flirt with you. He stood up to the guy and told him to run. You were only his.

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He would be very upset that another man was flirting with you, but he would just freeze up. He could not physically move his feet to carry you away.

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He would not hesitate. He would be so quick to threaten the guy and carry you away asap. He would most likely lecture you about flirting with other guys.

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He would be so angry when he saw someone else flirting with you. So he would start to feel insecure. When he dragged you away he had a heart to heart with you.

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songs to make you feel like the first + last scenes in a movie-

the beginning-  installs a feeling of determination. the sun is shining, the kid is skateboarding through the city, people are getting ready for their big day, the story is starting to paint over your screen, motivating you to get outside right after this hour and a half and do something.

the end-  the sun is setting. our hero has found happiness within themselves, as they scream out of the sunroof in a car leading to nowhere and everywhere. everything is right, and everything is warm, comforting your doubts and leaving you with a sense of hope in your ordinary life.


Very Serious Cinematic Parallels™  [jurassic world | the throwaways]


minhyuk ♡ bongsoon

↳ fell in love (at first sight) → became friends → dated → got engaged → got married → became parents