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Have you heard of 'the wall slam'?

Is it that funky song about jamming in space?


GQ Japan: NO MORE IDOL BEHAVIOR feat. Yamamoto Sayaka requested by anon

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sweet jamilton where Jeff would tend the messy Ham

tjeffs always is like “hey…you gotta do ur hair buddy u look like a dirty q-tip” and he always has to do it for him bc he’s lazy and irresponsible

idk if this is what you wanted but im probably going to redraw it later either way bc it’s the morning and i’m going to do the rest of the requests later this evening after edumacations

There’s an undeniable crime problem in Los Santos, an affluent city rife with thieves and bandits of all pedigrees, which isn’t in itself all that strange. What’s odd is the incredibly high number of unsolved crimes, of acts no one claims, ones that the LSPD can’t even begin to lay blame for. Even when committed in broad daylight, even when the police arrive on the scene in the middle of a heist, no one manages to catch more than unclear glimpses of the culprits, no bullets hit their marks, and when all is said and done there is somehow never any reliable evidence. No camera ever manages to catch a thing, no trap is ever successful, and never has a single witness managed a coherent report, like somehow none of them ever pay enough attention. Like somehow what they’ve seen can never be put into words.

Throw a stone and you’ll hit a crook in Los Santos, from thugs to conmen to masked killers they all call the city home, all know their place, yet somehow the balance of powers never really makes sense. Like something is missing, like everyone’s fighting to be second best while the title of top dog goes empty. Not that the reluctance to take charge is all that surprising, considering the way any crew which starts to grow big enough to extend their hold over the city is cut down. Driven out or found murdered, often laying in the remains of what was clearly a vicious shoot-out, though the killers are never found. Like vigilantes, only not nearly so altruistic; the spoils belonging to the defeated gangs are always taken, and only reappear at the scene of yet another unclaimed crime.

There’s a crew in Los Santos, so ingrained in the essence of the city itself no one seems to remember how things were before they arrived. The Fake AH Crew; legends in some circles, monsters in others, both consummate enigmas and borderline celebrities, the crew with the world at their feet. The main six players of the inner circle aren’t odd, exactly, each criminals of great renown but still holding pretty standard goals, greedy and bloodthirsty and perhaps more loyal than most but still acting well within their given standard of normalcy. They aren’t unusual, really, but these days they do have their little quirks.

As the leader Geoff has always had to present himself as reasonably level-headed, controlled outside the occasional snaps of frightful anger, a little overbearing in his need to dictate every plan maybe, but what criminal kingpin isn’t? What’s odd is the new fear kept behind closed doors, Geoff second-guessing his own ideas to a degree that is wholly out of character, running over plans again and again, pulling them apart and looking for flaws, debriefing even after successful missions when everyone else just wants to celebrate, unconsciously pressing his hand to his heart like reassurance that it’s still beating.

Jack drives like she’s made a deal with the devil, like every vehicle is just an extension of her being, inherent ability paired with unmatchable knowledge of every backroad and alley in the city. What’s odd is the nightmarish daydreams she gets sometimes, when she looks back at her latest baby and sees flickers of crunched metal and shattered glass, the phantom scent of spilled gasoline and the unmissable click-whoosh of catching flame.

For all his quick temper and flippant attitude Michael can be utterly pedantic about checking and rechecking the timers on bombs, which honestly isn’t an awful trait in the resident explosives guy. What’s odd is the way Michael gets angry about it sometimes, storms about the penthouse yanking out every last alarm clock, the way he swears he can still hear something ticking with furious intention, like the last seconds of a countdown.

He may be happier in a no-holds-barred fist-fight but nobody could say Jeremy isn’t good with a gun, an excellent shot with just about any weapon he can get his hands on. What’s odd is the little burst of panic he gets right after firefights, patting down his own chest, checking again and again like he can’t quite believe he wasn’t hit.

Ryan isn’t wracked by guilt, doesn’t regret what he does the way some might; he’s a killer and he owns it, he chose it, and it truly doesn’t bother him. What’s odd is the way he still can’t sleep, can’t close his eyes some nights when the darkness squeezes close and he feels so cold, like the depths of the ocean are pressing down on him, stealing the air from his lungs.

In terms of his own safety Gavin is as reckless as they come, all slapdash impulses and delighted disregard, chasing amusement at any cost when it’s only his own neck on the line. What’s odd is that sometimes Gavin walks around with a parachute strapped to his back and no intention of flying that day, utterly overzealous precaution without any real explanation as to why, like some part of him is always terrified that he’s going to fall.

Maybe the Fake’s know, on their worst days, that something isn’t quite right, something about them has gone awry, but the concern never lingers in the face of their unmatched success. Because a crew’s a crew, right? Maybe they’re a little luckier than most, maybe they’ve been unstoppable for so long it feels like no one else is really trying, like they are the merciless gods of their city. Maybe they catch themselves drifting sometimes, losing time or memories or thoughts or scars. Maybe they all know something is not quite right, a distant siren in the back of their minds begging them to pay attention, but surely it doesn’t mean anything.

You can romanticise it all you want, call them the scariest, the most dangerous, devastatingly talented in all the worst ways, but at the end of the day all humans are flawed and all crews will fall. Whether or not falling is enough to shake them from their throne is, however, a completely different issue. If a crew dies in the woods (the city, the sky, the sea), and nobody is brave enough to tell them, did it even happen? 

There’s an empty penthouse in Los Santos, one that cannot be sold, one no one likes to talk about, not really. What has been said is that the door sticks sometimes, cannot be opened no matter how much force is applied. What has been said is that things move around all on their own, new stains reveal themselves and furniture appears and disappears like someone’s been squatting, but the dust is too thick for anyone to have visited. What’s been said makes shivers run down spines, hair stand on edge, gives rise to furtive glances and shared discomfort, an unspoken agreement never to return.

Maybe this alone wouldn’t be such a problem, maybe owning the most prestigious penthouse in a city overrun by wealth would be enough to attract some sceptic, but there is of course the matter of the previous owners. The most despicable, untouchable, indelible criminal gang the city had ever seen. Has ever seen, even this long after their passing. They died, at some point. No one quite remembers when, or how, no one really seems to talk about them anymore, not beyond wild stories of their antics, amazing heists and unspeakable terrors fading off into silence, like they did in the end. How bizarre it is that the crime levels didn’t actually drop even after they were gone.

There’s something deeply wrong in Los Santos, something strange and unsettling, like a catastrophic event has knocked the whole city just slightly out of sync with the rest of the world. It’s in the way the LSPD have cabinet upon cabinet of unsolved crimes that never manage to make their way into reports, years of unacceptably unpunished offences that would bring the might of a federal investigation if only they were disclosed. In the way a startling amount of those offences resemble crimes from days long past, copycat plans following acts of a crew long buried, new targets hit with the same old flare, methods and motives impressively in-character down to the smallest details.

There are secrets in Los Santos. Things no one knows, things everyone knows, an awful, impossible, inescapable reality they’ve all been trapped within. It’s in the way unease builds and dissipates without cresting, citizens never quite recognising their own discomfort, never fully acknowledging the oddity of acting without reason, of crossing the street or averting their eyes, of taking the long way home simply because that one corner just didn’t feel right. In the way the city is beset by sudden inexplicable explosions, the way gunfire rattles without a source, the way empty streets echo with chilling laughter like the ghost of a memory, the phantom chill of a nightmare, the ceaseless loop of those who will not be laid to rest.


It was the bitter cold nipping at his ears that caught Jungkook off guard as he made his way through the barren campus to class.

‘Ah, I definitely underdressed,’he quietly chided himself as the chilly winds tousled his hair around–  granted, that’s what he got for not checking the weather when he rolled out of bed a half an hour earlier. A cardigan was definitely not enough. It was surprisingly cold for what was supposed to be a spring morning– a steaming cup of hot coffee was the only thing to provide some sort of solace to his hands as he also forgot to wear gloves. Yet as much as he disliked the cold, he disliked morning classes even more. But alas, it was the only block of time he could fit in his schedule – the woes of being a double major.

And so, it was his rambling thoughts that accompanied him to class that morning. ‘I guess the only good thing about morning classes is how quiet it is, he mused as he opened the doors to the main building, finally reaching his destination. He always appreciated silence, as it was one of the rarer thing to come by these days. There was a strange sense of tranquility that the morning brought, only to be filled with the bustling chatter of college students as gradually filled up the streets to go to class as the day went on.

Upon entering the classroom, he took a preliminary scan of the seats. Much to his chagrin, a good chunk of the seats in the area that he usually sat had already been occupied by his fellow students.

Maybe getting coffee right before class was a mistake– especially considering that he woke up late.

Actually no, that was a silly thought. If he had to be honest to himself he hadn’t, he probably wouldn’t survive the morning without– the caffeinated drink was a necessity these days more than a want. Ah, but it was his own fault for staying up so late the prior night to begin with …

As he bantered back and forth with his conscience, his footsteps made way to the back row with fewer people where his eyes fell upon a young man clad in all black. But what Jungkook noticed was not the attire nor the presence of the other – rather, it was the drink sitting in front of the bespeckled young man.

It was from the very same cafe as the drink he had in his hand– one of his favorite spots. The cafe in question was one of the hidden gems he had found – not that many people knew about it as it was off campus. It was actually next to one of the dance studios he attended, but even that was a bit far from the college grounds. 

“Excuse me,” he addressed the raven haired male with an inquisitive smile, taking a small step forward as if to make his presence known in the least intrusive way possible. There was a brief pause as the eyes behind the pair of glasses met his own, “is this seat taken?” – First Meeting

// College!AU JK based off of @ask-architectyoongi‘s AU!  :D

Attempted some sort of character sheet and wrote a drabble based off of what could have been JK & Suga’s first time meeting????? I got a bit carried away with it sorry LOL/LOOKSAWAY >___>

Say no to dis ◕‿↼

whats poppin @useless-protag

There wa nani mo like natsu in the city (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧
Dareka under stress ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン next to dareka looking kawaii (灬♥ω♥灬)
There wa trouble ni the air, kimi can smell it (」゜ロ゜)」
And Senpaiii (*’∀’人)♥ by himself. Watashi will let him tell it ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

Watashi hadn’t slept in a week /(x~x)\
Watakushihadatta weak, watakushihadatta awake (⇀⼼_↼)*✲゚*
Kimi have never seen a baka yarou more in need of a burēku (≥_<)
Longing for Angelica-chan ♡(ŐωŐ人)
Missing my waifu4laifu ༼♥ل͜♥༽ (๑◕︵◕๑)
That wa when miss Maria Reynolds-chan walked into my laifu, (ノ≧∀≦)ノ kanojo said:

Atashi know kimi are a shinshi of honor ʸ(ᴖ́◡ु⚈᷉)♡⃛
Gomen-nasai to bother kimi at home ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)
But atashi don’t know nani to go, and atashi came here all hitori…( ̵˃﹏˂̵ )

Kanojo said:

My baka otto wa suru me wrong (ᗒᗩᗕ)՞
Beatin’ atashi !!( *д*):・’.::・(ーー; ) ,cheatin’ atashi๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐, mistreatin’ atashi °(ಗдಗ。)°.
Suddenly kare wa up and gone 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。
Atashi don’t have any means to iku home 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。

So watashi offered kanojo a loan ⊂((・▽・))⊃, watashi offered to walk kanojo home ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ, she said:

Anata wa too kind, senpaiiiii ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ (●♡∀♡)

Watashi gave kanojo thirty bucks that watashi had socked away (*´σЗ`)σ
Kanojo lived a block away, she said:

This one wa mine, senpaiii (っ*´∀`*)っ

Then watashi said, yoku, watashi should head back home (^o^)/
Kanojo turned aka ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७, kanojo led watashi to kanojo bed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Let kanojo legs spread ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ and said:

Stay? (つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つ

Hey… ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

Hey… ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

That wa when watashi began to pray (人>U<):
Sensei, show watashi how to
Say no to kono ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Shiranai how to say no to kono ╮(╯∀╰)╭
But waga kamiyo, kanojo looks so sugoiii (✿ ♥‿♥)
And kanojo body wa saying, ‘mochiron’ ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

Whoaa… (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧


In watashi mind watashi wa trying to go ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

Go! ─=≡Σᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
Go! ─=≡Σᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
Go! ─=≡Σᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

Then kanojo mouth wa on watashi and watashi don’t say…ヽ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ

a little comic about this high school au i made up (a while back) were Evan, Marcel and Tyler are all in the same basketball team. Marcel has a crush on the adorably cute nerdy mini and the captain of the basketball team (a.k.a Tyler) is a jealous dumbbutt that doesn’t know how to talk abt feelings. While mini still is oblivious to the whole thing, even to him agreeing on a kinda-ish date.

idk might continue, might not who knows :/  (jfc srry abt the shit handwriting)


SUMMARY: SING ME A SONG SEQUEL. Part 2/3. You adjust to your new life and win everyone’s hearts.

WARNINGS: strong language, it’s Negan so expect innuendos and shit like that.

TAGS: @toxic-ink @suicidejsquad @negans-network


You slept in your own bed, in your own bedroom, which was situated next to Negan’s room. It was windy outside and extremely cold although the Saviours had gifted you with thick duvets- you needed a warm teddy bear. You had only been in the Sanctuary for a month and yet everyone loved you, even Negan’s other wives.

At first, Sherry hated you and tried to sway the other women to hate you too but when you sung and calmed down the wives and spoke to each other about music, you and Sherry began to have the closest friendship ever. But that was until she went. No one told you what happened to her and you didn’t ask.

As you lay in bed shivering, there were walkers groaning outside. You sobbed, crying yourself to sleep but it didn’t help. You were so tired but you had no other choice. You slid off your bed and put on one of dad’s old rock band t shirts before quietly tiptoeing to Negan’s bedroom.

Surprisingly, he lay alone. He wasn’t snoring, which meant he was awake.

“Negan.” You whispered, standing by his bed then you crawled to his figures and sat on your knees,“Negan, I can’t sleep…”

You shook him and he turned around, one eye open and a lazy smile on his lips. He had one hand rested under his pillow and the other arm opened to allow you to climb in.

He saw your shirt and tensed,“Whose is that?”

You crawled under the duvet and snuggled in yourself, smiling,“It was my dad’s.”

The smile returned on Negan’s face then he wrapped his arms around your waist, tangled his legs with yours and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck.

“Do you really want to sleep, babydoll?” Negan asked, a smirk playing,“We could have some fun.”

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Seeing a lot of hate for animation memes lately on youtube where other animators throw shit at the rest because they aren’t animating them enough.

And honestly?

It really angers me to see this elitist attitude in the community of “if you dont animate 200 frames in a meme your lazy” or “only bad animators make these memes”

The reason most people do these memes is to have fun or to practice editing (which by the way is just as valuable as animating) and have something to upload in between bigger projects

Animators have a slower turn out than other you tubers so to keep viewers engaged its nice to have something you can create and upload in less tome

If someone wants to do 200+ frames in an animation meme then more power to them

And if someone doesnt want to do animation memes at all great for them

But using it as a reason you’re trying harder or are better than other animators? Its childish and makes you look like a stuck up bully.

Let people have fun let people do what they want stop getting so nasty over a silly lil meme on the internet.


    『 Mystic Messenger Stickers  { 1 / 7}

707 || Seven || Luciel Choi   (ver. A)

A crown has arrived in Los Santos. Not just a crown of course, a whole array of finery, gold and jewels and an ornamental sceptre, even a smaller secondary crown, but the true prize in the collection is clearly the extravagant domed affair, huge, bejewelled and topped with a hefty gold cross. It’s for a show of sorts, a traveling display of some ancient European royalty, and it couldn’t be a more obvious trap if the Fake’s had received a personalized invitation.

Los Santos doesn’t have a big arts scene, doesn’t have fancy museums or cultural influences; to bring so much wealth to the city, the crime capital of the country, to roll it right under the noses of the self-proclaimed royalty of organized crime and publically advertise its arrival is so laughably on the nose it can only be the LSPD’s latest pathetic attempt at a sting. An embarrassing police endeavour to draw the FAHC out, ludicrously obvious and yet, despite all reason, it’s working.

It might be offensively over the top but there are, of course, two members of the FAHC who live for offensively over the top, who can’t even focus on the obvious jaws of the trap, knowing all too well that the bait is poisoned but unable to help being hooked anyway. Geoff and Gavin, the big boss and his most ostentatious little snake, both lost the second there were crowns on the table, both shiny eyed and hopeless, full of longing as their hurricane of plans tips into the utterly preposterous.

Gavin keeps making puppy-dog eyes at Geoff, begging and pleading and carefully explaining exactly why he deserves to be the one who wears the big crown; everyone already knows Geoff’s the king, he doesn’t need it, and anyway it just wouldn’t suit his look at all. Geoff is batting off every argument, some with considerable difficulty but he’s determined to hold out, heart set on keeping the absurd thing for himself. Half out of affection, half out of desperately placating bribery Geoff’s instead promising Gavin the slightly smaller, more classically spiked crown; the fine filigree diadem obviously the lighter of the two, easier to wear and arguably more pretty, still obscenely ornate and look how gold it is Gavvers come on.

Boss and conman aside the rest of the crew aren’t quite so blinded by the frankly insulting attempt at a trap. Except, well. Except that they kind of are, in their own ways.

Jack and Lindsay spent a whole morning tracking down sources, ensuring that while the display was fake the actual items were authentic. And boy, the LSPD didn’t go halfway in their bid for stupidest plan of all time – not only is everything certifiably real, it’s worth an actual fortune. They aren’t kidding themselves about fencing the crowns, it’s important to be aware of one’s weaknesses and sometimes that means acknowledging that you work with egotistical children, but there is still more than enough extra gubbins in the display to make such a wildly ill-advised heist worth considering.

Ryan, Michael and Jeremy aren’t particularly hung up on the money end; it’s always nice, sure, but honestly the FAHC hasn’t been strapped for cash in a long, long time. These days the jobs they do tend to have some other purpose, amusement or revenge or displays of power with monetary gain a secondary factor, definitely not sufficient to barrel headfirst into a guaranteed trap. But then the trap is so clear to see it’s pretty much a dare, a middle finger, the suggestion that the Fake’s are too stupid to see what’s right in front of them. If there’s one thing the more rough and tumble side of the crew have in common it’s their inability to stand down from a challenge, their dislike of any insinuation that there’s anything they cannot do, any prize outside their reach. Screw the gold, Michael, Jeremy and Ryan are, as always, just out to ruin the LSPD’s day.

So they brainstorm, they plan, they get into more than one argument about the authority bestowed by fancy headwear and, in the end, after enduring numerous scornful complaints from members the Support Crew regarding always doing things the hard way, they simply call up one of Geoff’s rats on the force and have her unlock the door and look the other way. It is perhaps the most anticlimactic ‘heist’ of the FAHC’s entire existence – not that you’d know it from the way Geoff and Gavin swan about in their crowns. Not that you’d know it unless you were there to witness, actually, considering the hilariously inaccurate rumour that spreads like wildfire, the tale of an epic showdown between the police and the Fakes, the crowns simply the spoils of war in a greater battle that took out half a city block.

To be fair, that battle definitely happened, it just had literally nothing to do with any heist. Disappointed by the appalling lack of action Ryan took Michael and Jeremy for a leisurely drive down to the police station, car full of everything from flares to SMG’s to a full-blown rocket launcher, and the three of them had a little party. By the time the rest of the crew shows up, somewhat overdressed but still drawn as always towards the sound of senseless mayhem, the street is a warzone, a building is on fire, and the LSPD have completely sworn off ever again trying to entrap the FAHC.  

Boyfriend Taeyong

this is for you @freakydeakytaeyonq HAHA

  • this is going to be very fluffy because taeyong’s so soft omg
  • who can resist this guy though seriously
  • he was my first bias and im so happy and proud of him okay let’s start
  • you probably met him through another member
  • probably johnny because he’d be the first one to notice how nervous you get whenever you look at taeyong
  • and being the asshole he is, he’d purposely set both of you up
  • he’ll invite both of you for dinner but back out at the last minute so it’s only left with the both of you
  • and you’d be very nervous and awkward and think that taeyong didn’t like you because of his very cold expression
  • but who knew this guy was trying to keep his cool and not blush because he was as equally nervous as you
  • but after some time though , he’d slowly open up .
  • he’d ask you questions and try to keep the conversation going
  • he’d make you feel more comfortable by smiling at every word you say and listening attentively
  • and being the gentleman he is , he’d offer to walk you home and pay for your meal
  • and just like that both of you clicked and hung out more often
  • after some time it was obvious that both of you liked each other but didn’t dare to confess
  • until johnny and ten dragged him to your place because they couldn’t stand the awkwardness between both of you anymore
  • “ I…I-uh have feelings for you ”
  • “ Gdi taeyong you can do better than that ”
  • “ i agree with johnny hyung ”
  • and you’d stare at them in awe because you didn’t know what to say or do
  • “ ilikeyouwouldyoubemygirlfriend ”
  • then johnny and ten would facepalm
  • but you’d laugh and pull him into a hug while saying yes
  • probably lots of lazy hugs and late night deep conversations
  • he’d wake you up with a big smile and a warm hug every morning without fail because it gives him enough energy to sustain for the day .
  • when he gets too emotional during the talks though , he’ll cry and tear up
  • and your heart will soften because it’s just too pure
  • he’d hold your hand tightly for support
  • and he’ll hug you tightly while crying on your shoulder and you’d be patting him on the back ensuring that everything will be okay
  • be prepared for homecooked meals 24/7
  • he’d pack lunch for you everyday , with different menus and recipes
  • and you’d be so fascinated by his cooking skills and abilities like how ??
  • when you volunteer to help him cook though ,
  • he’d be watching over you every minute and make sure you’re not hurt by the knifes and tools
  • “ Tae.. it’s only a pair of scissors i need it to cut open the package ? ”
  • while he rushes over to snatch the scissors and packet away from your hands
  • and you’d give up because he wouldn’t let you touch anything because he’s afraid it may hurt you
  • so you’d frown and pout with your arms resting on the counter staring at his back cooking
  • after a while he’d notice and you’d see his expression change
  • because he thought you were really pissed
  • but you’d give him an assuring smile and he’ll quickly run over to you to give you a small peck on your cheeks then running back to cook
  • on days when you feel very lazy and want to have breakfast in bed , you’d try your best to persuade him but he’d be persistent and say no
  • “ please babe , im lazy to get up , just let me eat on the bed ? ”
  • “ No do you know how unhygienic it may get , all the fallen pieces of food - omg no baby ”
  • “ Pleaseeee ”
  • “ climb on my back i’d carry you out since you’re lazy ”
  • and you cant doing anything because febreeze taeyong has the say in everything
  • he’d probably be the very supportive boyfriend , encouraging and cheering you on whenever you had activities
  • when you’re sad though , softie and cuddly taeyong would appear
  • he’d try to make you smile while joking with you but when he saw it wasn’t working ,
  • he’d get all serious and talk to you about your problems , giving you good and honest advice
  • when you’re out and someone else gets too close or tries to flirt with you he’d get all manly and cold , firmly putting his hands on your waist and purposefully saying “ Let’s go now BABE ”
  • he’d most probably glare at the person
  • until you told him it’s okay , his expression would soften and he’ll become all warm again , smiling at you
  • he’d treat you like a princess on dates
  • okay maybe everywhere anywhere not only on dates
  • he’ll plan dates according to all your likings and favourites
  • and he always looked forward to seeing you smile brightly when you were contented with his plans
  • if couple fights do occur though , taeyong would apologise right after he calmed down and try comforting you
  • and of course you seeing him so broken tore your heart apart too so you forgive him , sobbing in each others’ arms
  • he wouldn’t be afraid to show everyone the relationship you guys had ,
  • and he’d be open with skinship
  • lots of kisses and hugs
  • from random pecks on the lips when you’re about to sleep ,
  • to him kissing you passionately after a long and tiring day of work
  • yall would probably be the parents of the younger members
  • to the point where jisung accidentally called you ’ umma ’ instead of ’ noona ’ once
  • because you’re always helping them with their school work ,
  • giving them advice ,
  • making sure their well fed
  • and making sure they have enough sleep
  • at the end of every day taeyong would thank you because he’s grateful for your existence
  • and you’d blush because even after so many months he still gave you that fuzzy feeling ,
  • the same one you felt when he was nothing more than a crush
  • and you love lee taeyong so much you want to protect him with all your heart
  • i’m dead after writing this
  • why am i blushing
  • hope yall liked it !!
The main 2P! Axis as your boyfriend

2P! Italy:

- will s p o i l you shitless
- I mean seriously he’s practically made out of money
- “luci don’t you think this sword replica from the Han dynasty is pretty cool?” *is already on the phone calling* “sure thing, bella”
- prepare for sudden hugs from behind, hum
- he also smells your hair while he’s at it
- and sudden classy af dates
- usually calls you with pet names and endearments (bella, tesora, mia cara, etc) rather than your actual name
- but when he does you’d know that shits about to go down
- may it be sexual or not *wink wonk*
- you two might be dating but his smooth advances never fail

2P! Germany:

- his attitude doesn’t really change that much
- his hugs are like the bEST HUGS
- puns, puns, & more puns
- you two probably take baths together and it doesn’t even have to be sexual
- but it could be
- will spoon you like every time you two cuddle
- absolute dork
- goes to the gym with you and spends 147% of the time showing off his abs and muscles
- is always down for sex I’ll give ya that
- PDA is his religion
- he sometimes doesn’t even realize it istg
- don’t ever worry of him hurting you or cheating on you this piece of shit is golden

2P! Japan:

- smug af
- he’s so damn blunt that it leaves you speechless
- also can I tell you that hair is like absolute p e r f e c t i o n
- everyone who touches it dies with the exemption of you
- tries to recreate those cheesy shoujo manga scenes
-t r i e s
- always ends up with you in a hysterical fit of laughter
- he’s pretty chill with affection and all the shit
- would leave you with a shit ton of hickies
- his way of marking property
- kinkshamed to hell
- baths with him
- he’ll ask if he could wash your hair 
- sarcasm ™
- smartass replies
- “kuro your sass isn’t needed hERE” “so are your clothes but I don’t see you doing anything about it”

alright folks, I know it’s 2:51AM where I’m at but imagine coming home to Luke, witnessing him eating ice cream with a fork because he just couldn’t be bothered grabbing a spoon. or there was no clean spoons because he was a bit lazy to wash one. he knows you eat ice cream with a spoon, you know it, the rest of the world knows it. so anyway, you guys are just staring at each other in complete in utter silence until you go into the kitchen leaving Luke in the living room all by himself. he’d probably expect you to return with a spoon but no. you come back with your own fork and a straw for when the ice cream melts so you guys can drink the remains. imagine his eyes sparkling with appreciation. that smile popping up on his face because you’re joining him instead of changing his ways lolololol. imagine that laugh and him shaking his head as you sit next to him with that same smile plastered on your face. he’d probably say something like, “no spoon?” and you’d say, “I was too lazy to wash one and we have straws so it shouldn’t be that bad of an idea. at least it wasn’t soup or cereal.” then you guys watch some tv together, just chilling and relaxing from a stressful day when you decide to be a bit cheeky and say, “we should invest in some ice cream cones or popsicles for days like these.” and he wouldn’t even argue because damn, you’re right (you always are). so you guys continue doing whatever and omg, you guys become couple goals. like, this is the kind of support you want in a relationship.


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