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here are some wips, btw! a lot of you have been asking for RFA’s children with MC *v* i posted the other sketches on my instagram story (@myetarts) lolol

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i don’t understand why some people are so ??? upset?? about equal rights???? does it PERSONALLY OFFEND you if people are trying to ask for more right??? is a woman asking for equal pay, a choice in their life, representation in politics REALLY attack you?? if you say “i’m tired of seeing these no one cares” that’s like seeing a post saying “be happy with yourself” and going “FUCK OFF IM TIRED OF POSITIVITY AND GOOD MORALS” and i don’t understand why people have the need to say “it’s because women belong at home taking care of children” and “women choose to have less rights” because WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT I WANT why can’t men stay at home with children? i know plenty of men would love that but there’s no one telling them to “stay in the kitchen” and why would i choose to be oppressed and why don’t you believe me when i say i want to be free to do what i want? YOU want to own mORE GUNS and dePort innocent people BUT I CANT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE MY BABY’S FUTURE????

im very tired and moving is going well and it is hard but it is very rewarding. we have tall windows and get tons of sunlight and we’re going to thrift a couch and a dozen mirrors and we’re drowning ourselves in plants and i thought i wouldn’t be emotional about moving in with jay because we’ve been roommates for a year but i am because we have a home of our own and we are finally officially a family. we have a toaster oven that looks kind of like how people in the 60s drew the future it’s all chrome and round at the edges. we’re painting our furniture mint and soft pink and buying golden decorations and we sleep in the same bed and we have two cats and a dog that we rescued and love with all our hearts. i am in love and i have friends who care about me and all is well. 

dear dad,
I remember being a little girl and laughing at your silly jokes, your weird faces, and your pranks.
I remember how much fun it was having you around.
But dad,
I can’t remember a single moment where we had a meaningful conversation, a sentimental moment, or a bond at all.
I remember the times of your addiction and the anger, the stumbling, the slurred words.
I remember the times you were sober when all you did was go to work and come back home just to isolate yourself in your room.
I remember countless times asking you to teach me how to play guitar so that we could spend time together,
but always hearing, “i’m tired” or “im busy.”
I remember always having you around,
But i don’t remember ever really having a father.
And now, Dad,
I know why i hide behind humor and I close myself off from boys.
Now i know why i don’t like affection or getting close to people.
It’s easier. Thats what you’ve shown me.
Dad, I’ve always wanted nothing more than a close relationship with you.
I always looked up to you, and I’ve always thought you were the best.
But all you showed me was that you didn’t care.
And thats the only form of love I’m familiar with.
The kind that doesn’t feel like love at all.
—  dear dad
8 Nights of Chanukah fic prompts

Okay I got enough prompts in IM and asks, so here’s the official list.

Pairing/Fandom of your choice. Feel free to adjust these as you see fit for your prompts, characters!

First Night- Character A is missing their family but can’t go home.  Character B calls Character A’s family to get traditional recipes, and surprises A with food and possibly a menorah.  Bonus points for crappy hand-made menorahs.

Second Night- Fake Dating AU- Character A is tired of being pestered by family to bring home Nice Jewish Significant Other, and blurts out that they have a partner, and says it’s their best friend/co-worker/etc Character B.  A convinces B to come home and pretend to be their partner to the family.  Bonus points if Character B is goy or non-practising and has to pretend to know what’s going on. 

Third Night- Character A and Character B are incredibly competitive (may or may not be in a relationship) and get into an extremely aggressive game of dreidel.

Fourth Night- Character A is angry with Character B and keeps stealing coins/gelt/trinkets, blaming it on everyone else.  A search ensues until A finds B’s hoard.

Fifth Night- Character A escapes tense family dinner to Character B’s house, and have a quiet, private celebration together.  Bonus if Character B goes back with Character A.

Sixth Night- Character A is Jewish, Character B another religion, and having a cross-culture holiday exchange. Bonus points for separate celebrations with the other’s families.

Seventh Night- Character A is hosting A and B’s first Chanukah for both families and is Panicking about getting everything Just Right.

Eighth Night- Character A is away, and isn’t able to make it for Chanukah, so Character B arranges for their friends/family to travel and surprise A.

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What if Todoroki's s/o was really strong but like super lazy to put in any effort when actually fighting. It's funny to imagine the s/o," I could actually fight or lose and go home to sleep" Sorry if this idea is too weird

“How have you lost all your fights without a single scratch?” Todoroki stared at your reflection, finishing putting bandaids over his injuries. “I’ve been winning, but here we are.”
You smiled up at him lazily from your phone and tried not to think about how tough it was going to be to kiss him with a busted lip. “Eh, I’m good at dodging fists. ‘Sides, I woke up early and I was really tired and I just wanted to go home.”
He looked at you perplexedly, seemingly trying to formulate the right words. “So… did you just… quit? In the middle of the match?”
“Nah, more like… I let the other person win for my own benefit, and then I go home and recharge. Rebuild my strength via napping and all, you feel?”
Todoroki raised an eyebrow, trying not to reopen a cut on his forehead. “I suppose… but how do you plan on becoming a hero without putting in the effort?”
“Hey! I fight when it’s real! I fight real good, man.” He nodded along. “Say it, Todoroki.”
“You are remarkably strong, I’ll agree to that.”
“Thank you, dear. Means a lot.” You leaned over to kiss his cheek, deriving happiness from the tiny blush on his cheeks. “Hey! Maybe with that motivation I’ll start putting in energy!”
“Oh thank god I was worried.”


Can I vent for a second? 😩😩😩

Im going to be 💯. I am so tired. I am exhausted. I feel like I’m loosing my mind. Nothing has been going right for me lately. In my vanilla life: I’m having trouble finding full time work. I’ve been looking for forever & I can’t even get a call back. It’s extremely discouraging. My home life is, and always has been terrible. I hate it here, and I feel like the longer I stay, the worse I feel mentally. I think the worst part of all is the loneliness. I have not a friend in the world. Not one. No boo’s, bae’s, associates… nothing. In my sw life: it’s pretty much nonexistent. After getting fired from my agency, I was preparing to go indie. I had my website ready, professional pictures taken & everything. But I’m too paranoid. It was bad enough working for someone, but at least they took care of all the logistics. I fear getting arrested the most. I have worked too hard to have everything snatched from me. So I decided to pursue sugaring again, which is equally as draining. Though I’m not back completely, it’s still tough. Trying to convince myself that I’m good enough to be successful the second time around. I feel defeated. Definitely want to cry, but I won’t let myself. I’m doing my best to stay positive, but I can only grin & bear it for so much longer. I just see the goals I set for myself, and I have a plan to get to them. But it’s way harder than I thought. Lord help me. 😞😩😭😭😭

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i get so much anxiety when thinking about my future and how i dont know what im going to do. also a lot of my friends & people i know have started getting jobs (Im 17) and i feel like a failure even though im happy for them. i just don't know how to feel good enough. i just lay in my bed when i get home from school cause I'm so tired all the time. and while i get anxious about not having a job, the thought of getting one gives me anxiety too, life feels overwhelming even tho i don't do anything

The future is yours to create darling. You can decide what you want to do. I know it’s scary because the time will come when you have to do everything alone. Try to focus on school now. You don’t need to have a job besides school. Use the time you have after school. Study, do the things you like and try to find out what you want to reach in life. It’s so easy to just live every day like tomorrow, but that’s not life. Life is hard and the paths we are walking on can be awful. We just have to keep on trying. 

im out here mad at myself for not excelling at everything compared to other people - i forget that they didnt have to leave home and make it on their own. of course im tired, of course its easier for them - maybe theyre getting better marks than me at uni because they live with their parents and go home to dinner every single night (nothing wrong with that. I’d do that if I could). but i gotta remember that i bought my first car outright at 19 years old with my own money, landed this job at this university with my own abilities, and i have to remember where i come from and where it all started. i come from a rainy night in a deserted park at 11pm. i’m 15 years old and homeless. i live in a refuge with 5 dollars to spend every day. now im here and i crawled all the way up to this degree, to this job, and now im standing not crawling, and i did it myself, so i’m not gonna do any of that negative self talk shit anymore

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how do u cope with getting your nails done? i dread it every time i go bc it's exhausting and i feel so tired after even though i just sit there for two hours ?

honestly i dont cope with it very well at all, i just go and get it done and suffer because im too attached to having my nails to stop! having short nails at this point is 100% sensory hell and so i almost kind of go to the salon and have it done out of dependancy

i also find it utterly exhausting and often come home and have to curl up on the sofa with my weighted blanket for a couple of hours before i feel able to do anything else :-( sorry pal 

(i cant even take stims or a hot drink because your hands are occupied at all times, so i have no idea what to suggest)(i stim and curl up a lot when i come home)

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Hello Emma. What is the best thing you ever done with Daddy Amari? :)

“Papa and I do lots of fun stuff together! I really like it when me and Papa and Frate go to the park and play together or when Papa gets to stay at home for a while and we can have tea parties together. Sometimes Papa also takes me out to eat things like ice cream! My favorite flavor is strawberry!

But, um, I think my favorite thing I did with Papa was go to the aquarium! There were lots of fish and it was really cool like I was underwater! There were no dolphins though. But Papa told me really cool things about all the fish! Did you know that flatfish ca-cama-camoufla… disguise themselves on the ocean floor?”

so the awesome @zoobabystation tagged me a while ago to do this thing, thanks! :D

Rules: answer these questions using only songs from one artist. 

Artist: I also want to try someone other than U2, so let’s do The Beatles, they have a pretty big discography 

What’s your gender: Another Girl

Describe yourself: I Am The Walrus

How do you feel?: I’m So Tired

If you could go anywhere?: Here, There, And Everywhere

Favorite mode of transportation?: Drive My Car

Your best friend?: Her  Majesty 

Favourite time of day?: When I Get Home

If your life was a TV show?: Im A Loser 

Relationship status?: Help!

Your fear?: Run For Your Life 

i tag @joan-of-school-mark @barneysumner @joy-divison @adriana223 @u2canhappentoanyone 

Jihoon- Bubbles

Title/Prompt : “Bubbles!”

Prompt Description : “This is the most important decision you’ll have to make today”

Pairing : Sub!Jihoon (Woozi) x You


Word Count : 3, 195

Note from Bear: OMG THIS IS DONE WHAT. This is literally the longest thing I’ve written in a long long time. Its kinda awkward in some places and i think theres a few errors, but i have to go study now … I GAVE UP A LITTLE AT THE END BUT I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT :D


“Jagi, Im Home! Where are you?” A tired voice called out and the sound of a door closing and keys hitting the table were heard. It was late and Jihoon had just arrived home, eye bags having grown at least a centimetre since he had started working. He stripped off his jacket and stretched his arms upwards, letting out a groan as he heard his poor back crack. He took off his shoes and shuffled from the entrance way into the apartment. It was quiet but peaceful, the sun shining in through the window just slightly. Jihoon giggled to himself as he saw how messy the dinning room table had gotten, a certain someone seemed to have been studying pretty intensely.


Jihoon called out softly as he searched the apartment, feet shuffling over the wooden floor ever so lightly. He looked in their bedroom? nothing. The study? nothing. Maybe she was in the Kitchen.

As he walked back towards where he had come from, he heard the faint running of water coming from the bathroom beside him.


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Hell ended before noon of the day woo yes finals wala na pero may rrl pa din hahahaha de ayon so I was planning to go to Balanga kanina para sana mag-unwind kaso wala ako kasama and I dont have enough money para gumala so ayon stay at home. Pero guys hahahahahahahaha jusko im 17 and im still watching barbie movies and will never get tired of it! 17 and im still crying over these movies how cute naman diba hahahaha it started when i saw the video of these two students from feu singing “two voices, one song” (from barbie and the diamond castle) tas hanggang sa nagpunta ako sa youtube para makinig ng barbie songs and cant even make myself stop from loving barbie (even tho im already 17) kaya nagpunta na ko sa 123movies hahahaha una kong pinanuod yung 12 dancing princesses tas naiiyak pa din ako lalo na sa part na nagising tatay nila don after lasunin ni rowena tas sunod ko yung the princess and the pauper which also made me cry sa part na nalaman ng queen na hindi si anneliese yung kasama nya sa castle and also nung kinasal na sila erika and dominick and also anneleise and julian. Next ko sana dapat yung barbie and the diamond castle kaso gusto ko ng humiga kasi namiss ko na kama ko so yes sherep buhay tangina tapos na din hell woo grabe im lovin it pero busy pa din bc of lecheng rrl hahahahaha pero hi, namiss ko kayo, so kamusta?