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taz balance characters as wolfpupy tweets
  • taako: wish people would shut up about the dimensional rip in the sky with demons pouring out of it and start talking about my cute outfit again
  • magnus: This Guy Pet A Dog And Utterly Killed It, I Meant He Was Really Good At Petting The Dog But It Came Out Wrong, The Dog Is Fine
  • merle: hurled my bible at the paper boy and knocked him off his bike with the real news
  • lucretia: its time to forget the mistakes of the past and start making the mistakes of the future
  • killian: dont speak i know just what youre saying, something about how beautiful and strong i am probably
  • carey: inventory:
  • a polly pocket with a switchblade inside of it
  • a troll doll with a switchblade instead of hair
  • 6 moonstones
  • a regular switchblade
  • lup: watching everything go up in flames has made me rethink everything i thought i knew about lighting things on fire
  • barry: sometimes in life the things we forget the most are the things we truly remember
  • davenport: i will jump out of this space ship and use wrestling moves to destroy the sun just you wait
  • angus: i am becoming intelligently smart, using magic such as spells, it's actually so easy for me to do it
  • no3113: time heals all wounds, makes us stronger, and grows us gundam robot limbs over our old ones
  • avi: life is about the journey not the destination, forget about the impact and just enjoy hurtling on fire in a downward trajectory
  • johann: 'guitar solo' sounds lonely to me.. guess thats why im not a famous musician
  • kravitz: hate when people say im lurking in the shadows when im just chilling
  • garfield: tired of people asking you if you are tired of something in order to sell you products? for the low price of money have i got the solution f
  • magic brian: being bitten by the world's most venomous and poisonous animals is a luxurious extravagance i don't take lightly, i view it as a privilege
  • jenkins: reached the limit of what you can do with imagination? why not try occult dark magic
  • hurley: live, laugh, love, motor cycle
  • sloane: some times in life you have to drive a race car insanely fast and do a sharp turn and fly off into outer space just for the drama
  • lucas: back in the frankenstein times you could make a monster whenever you wanted, these days you have to have a license or something i guess
  • roswell: talk to the bird on my shoulder because the face aint listening
  • the vogue elves: everyone who died and was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion deserved it and i dont care
  • the hunger: when you think things couldnt get any worse look to the sky, its me floating in on a stupid blimp to ruin everything and cause many problems
  • john: i am traveling through space and time refusing to learn anything and being a diva about it
  • the voidfish: learning something is the first step to forgetting something so if you never learn anything you will never forget anything
Happy Warmth

#34: “You come into my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?”
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Para that one anon! Thanks for requesting, I love this prompt so much asdjhfasdf

Word Count: 1.3k+ justablurb
Warnings: F L U F F WOW

Song:Technicolor Beat” by Oh Wonder

You pulled your blanket tighter over your tired shoulders, bunching its hem in your palms. Tonight was a cold night, one of the first nights of December, and it managed to reach you through the countless layers of fabric encasing you. The stinging chill of winter jolted you in and out of sleep, bringing you to a steady shudder as the night progressed. Your toes curled in your socks, knees tucked against your chest, as you began to drift.

And then there was the sharp rap on your window, the soft hum of your name from behind the glass. Your eyelids heavily opened, eyelashes sticky with exhaustion, broken sleep painting your irises.

That rap came again, impatient, demanding, warm against the night.

After recuperating from your daze of confusion, smeared with sleep-deprivation, you lifted your head to turn to the window. You turned because you knew it was him, in this deep of a night, in this chill of winter, he was there. Of course he would be there. Just what you needed.

And sure enough, there crouched a shuddering Peter, cheeks pink in need of warmth and breaths stained white with the icy air. He wore a large, navy sweatshirt, his “Stark Enterprises” hoodie, that he claimed to be his most prized possession. Sweatpants covered his legs, bunching at his hips from his stance. His hands were tucked under his armpits in a cross, his body shivering softly, untamed coffee curls falling over his forehead. He flashed a bright smile when you met his eyes. Bright and warm against the night and ice.

Scratching a clammy hand against your scalp, you uncurled your body and inched your feet over the side of the bed, socks brushing against the December-stained sheets. Just his presence helped you get to your feet, his warm eyes bubbling happiness in your chest.

With rigid fingers, you hoisted the window up, the breeze splashing against your cheeks. Instantaneously, Peter was hopping through the gap, fitting himself and his sweatshirt through the glass, slipping into the familiar room. Your room.

“Hey,” he breathed, sigh shaky. His hand reached and slammed the window shut, cutting off the circulation of the cold air outside. “Why is it - why is it so cold in here?”

His hands ran themselves up the back of his arms, attempting to rid his goosebumps. Brows furrowed, he observed your sleepy smile.

“The AC went out this afternoon,” you began, bringing a hand behind you to rub your neck, “and since it’s still partially working, our landlord refuses to fix it.” You shook your head in an annoyed laugh, voice raspy with exhaustion.

“Seriously?” Peter huffed, nose tugging up in disbelief. “Dude, that’s awful.”

You gave a small nod, crossing your arms tightly against your chest. So cold.

“But, uh,” you began, stuttering slightly, “why are you here? It’s like,” you gave a quick glance at your alarm clock, “4 o’clock.” Peter chuckled lightly, a small blush rising to his cheeks as he observed the ground.

“I just, uh, wanted to see you.”

And there was that smile again, pulling at his lips across a tightly clenched jaw, bringing a glow to his honey eyes. It was infectious, too, as it always had been. Your heart smiled along with the boy, your chest smiled, your eyes smiled, your lips smiled. He was just happiness.

“It was really cold, and I missed you,” he stammered, breathless, gaze breaking from yours. It was adorably flattering how giddy he was, how nervous, how excited, even now, after so long. This was Peter, had always been Peter, this was happiness.

With a light laugh, you moved towards him, freezing toes catching warmth as you neared. Resting your head in the crook of his neck, shoulder against his chest, arms still tightly bunched against your chest, you smiled into him. His arms gently wrapped themselves across your back, hugging you tighter and warmer and happier. He was warm, even though he was cold, he was warm. His touch was balmy and comforting and happy.

“It’s so cold, Peter,” you huffed, laughing lightly against the Stark logo.

“I know, I know,” he whispered into your hair, chapped lips catching small strands, arms running up and down your back in an effort to warm you. It worked; the blood was soon rushing through your limbs again, melting away the icy exterior that had been painted over you.

“But you know what?” you smiled, peering up to look at him. You rested a hand softly against the neck of his hoodie, palm pressing against the fabric.

“Hm?” Peter questioned, gaze dropping to meet your eyes. A messy smile laid on his lips.

“You’re pretty hot.”

You laughed, watching his cheeks heat with a light pink, watching his eyes grow a little wide with admiration, watching his chest lift as he inhaled a slightly deep breath than before. He broke into a light chuckle, flattered at your goofy remark.

“Uh, thanks,” he grinned, gripping your shoulders against him. He never, ever believed you when you complimented him on his looks, and you could tell that he didn’t entirely believe you now, with his jaw still tight, but it made him feel good. You knew it made him feel good, and bringing him the same happiness he gave to you was what you strived to do.

“You’re pretty cute, too,” he smiled, returning the compliment with sincerity.  He laid a small kiss on your hairline, before pulling you closer and rocking you in his arms. You could feel the smile on his chest, in his arms, dancing along his fingers. You could feel his smile, his happiness.

You swayed for a moment, soaking each other in. Relishing in the warmth, in the breathing, in the admiration and hope and love and longing. Because this was Peter, this was just what you needed, this was the heat to warm off the chill.

“Hey, uh, do you think I could crash here tonight?” His voice was soft and hesitant, kissing the air.

You nodded your head against his neck, nose brushing his Adam’s apple.


“Thanks,” he mumbled into your hair, bringing his chin to rest on the top of your head. “I kind of don’t want to go back outside. It’s freezing.”

“I don’t blame you,” you sighed, closing your eyes and breathing him in.

“And I wanted to cuddle.”

His soft words brought that genuine contentment back to your thoughts and a bubble of laughter broke between your lips, tickling against his neck.

“Of course you do,” you breathed. “You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, just to cuddle.”

He laughed at this, the honeyed sound of his happiness summery in the icy air. He mumbled a small “yep”, chuckling against you.

And then you were both climbing into your bed, after Peter clumsily kicked his shoes off, folding the blankets over your limbs, coaxing the warmth out of each other’s cold bodies, snuggling tightly in the sheets. His arm wrapped around your waist, holding you tight, his sock-covered feet tangling with yours. His balmy breaths fanned over your neck, slowing as he drifted into a light sleep. You held his hand in yours, running soft circles on his palm.

His chest was flush against your back, strong and comforting. His feeling was buttery and honeyed and warm and happy, surging waves of rolling contentment through your veins.

“This is perfect,” you muttered into your pillow, biting the inside of your cheek. So happy.

Peter hummed softly, agreeing, nuzzling his face against the crook of your neck. His curls were spreading over you, the dusty brown mixing with your strands, his eyelids pleasantly closed.

“You’re perfect,” the boy sighed, the words tickling your neck, sending radiating surges of happiness, of Peter, down your collarbones, dripping across your chest, down your legs, and to your toes. His voice was sleepy and comforting and raspy and you relaxed beneath the heavy weight of his arms. You inhaled deeply, breathing in the moment, in his compliment, in him. Breathing in the cutting happiness of Peter against the frosty aroma of the air. 

So warm.

- -

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How does Michael cuddle? O:

fdgsdgdf my bo y mic ha el

  • i like to imagine that michael’s always the kind of person who keeps an arm around you and he’s just always warm but like??? cuddling??? he l l y e s
  • michael would cuddle with u anywhere???
  • on the couch??? you two are probably cuddling and taking up the whole couch and everyone is mad because gdi stop hogging the couch u fucks
  • but like ur lying on him on the couch and ur head is on his chest and his arms are around u and its rly sweet and warm and while most ppl are annoyed you probably get at least one person whos like ‘daw’
  • michael!!! likes!!! spooning!!!
  • big spoon? little spoon? he will be either!! he likes holding you in his arms but there’s also just someting??? great about being in your arms
  • but also just him being big spoon = you can n e v er l eave
  • u gotta pee??? too bad michael is holding u
  • also sometimes he just??? peppers lil kisses on your cheeks and neck when he can while cuddling??? it’s rly sweet and only happens when he’s Really Tired but sometimes he’ll do it bc it makes you smile
  • like michael is just a soft and warm boi so like
  • he’s great for cuddles
  • also he’s totally fallen asleep with glasses on a couple times because taking them off??? means moving??? and you’re so comfortable??? and so is he??? e f f o r t
  • that’s all i got but i can guarantee u that cuddling with michael is Good


“We have to pretend to be married.” - Tim Drake

Request: can you hit me with that tim fic for prompt 303 #timina style where the reader’s family keeps asking her when shes going to get a boyfriend, married and all that good stuff. and then she’s tired of all these questions so shes like “tim, save my life please” and then they end uP ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED?! i swear, timina is so cute 😭💕

A/N: I can and i hope you like it angel, this is dedicated to #timina (my oTP) and fyi im australian soo i have little to no idea how thanksgiving works so i tried my best to figure it out and IM SORRY FOR NOT POSTING FOR AGES AND LONG

and (Y/A) means your age, (Y/F/N) means your full name, (Y/D/N) means your dad’s name, (Y/L/N) means your last name [sorry there are a few of these omg] 

It was that time of the year again, the fourth Thursday of November when families come together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was the time where family members that you had no idea what your relationship was to them would ask deeply personal questions and then proceed to criticise every choice you’ve made leading up to that point.

Everyone you knew was going to spend Thanksgiving with their family so when your parents called asking, more like begging, you to come home for the holiday you had reluctantly agreed, regret filling your system only moments after the call ended.

It had only been little less than a week since the call, Thanksgiving only getting closer with each passing day, when you had begun to receive calls from your mum asking if you were bringing anyone home for her to meet this year. “So, darling, are you planning on bringing anyone special?” She inquires, she hadn’t given you a break from the unnecessary questioning since you agreed to attend. “You should know that answer to that by now!” You groan, head resting on your hand whilst the other held your phone to your ear.

“Y/N, c'mon you’re (Y/A), you should have a partner by now!” She complains; you roll your eyes in response. This is what you had to deal with every holiday, but enough is enough. “Y'know what mum? I’ll bring my husband.” You sarcastically reply, only a moment later your mum is screaming. “You got married without us? (Y/F/N)! Did you hear that (Y/D/N)? Our baby is finally married!” She cries, loudly sobbing into the phone, at that you knew that you messed up. “Honey, I can’t wait to meet him!” You should’ve known your mum wouldn’t understand sarcasm. “Uh, y-yeah. He’ll be there.” You nervously laugh, “I have to go sweetie but we’ll talk later, okay? Love you.” She beams, before hanging up.

Panic settles in, how were you going to dig yourself out of this hole you dug yourself in. Your finger quickly presses his name, and his photo showing up on your screen resulting in a small smile settling on your face. His voice fuzzes your senses when he answers, “(Y/N)?” It takes you a moment to regain your composure before the tops of your ears burn red, “Hey, Tim. I was wondering, what’re you doing for Thanksgiving?” You pry, a bubble of hope forming as he gathers himself, “Oh, I think Bruce is just planning on having a family dinner,” You nod to yourself, of course, he has plans.

It’s when he asks why when you start to find it hard to breathe, “I, uh, need a huge favour. It involves Thanksgiving, and hopefully, if you agree, you.” He mumbles out a hesitant, “okay,” before prompting you to continue.  

“Could you join me at my family’s Thanksgiving weekend? I will do anything for you if you just agree.” You beg, your desperation becoming increasingly apparent. Tim notices, but the blush present on his cheeks only deepens, there were a few things he could ask of you.

He takes a moment, thinking about the pros and cons. He would be meeting your family for the first time but he’d get to spend some time with you and anytime with you was enough to get him to agree to anything. “Sure.” The word causes a grin to break out on your face but the nervousness that settles at the bottom of your tummy prevents his agreement to be relished for a second longer.

“But there’s a catch. We have to pretend to be married.” You hear his sharp intake of breath, the bubble of hope bursts at that. You knew there was no way he’d go for it, you think, quietly reprimanding yourself. "What are friends for?” His voice shaking, unbeknownst to you. You let a squeal, “Thank you, Tim, I love you! You’ve saved my life, okay I’ll message you the details later, okay?” Tim numbly nods despite knowing you couldn’t see him, his voice unable to escape him. “Y-yeah,” The call ends and he still can’t breathe, you said you loved him. It was just the heat of the moment, you would never love someone like him, he thinks to myself. He continues with his work, the thought of you on his mind. 


“You got that, babe?” You jokingly ask, Tim chuckles, taking ahold of your soft hand in his, “I think so, sweetheart.” Your heart flutters in your chest at the pet name. You had finally arrived at your family home when the nerves settled in, the boy beside you noticed and gave you a sympathetic smile.

Your suitcases behind you both as the front door flies open, catching you off guard causing a small shriek from escaping you. Tim guides you forward with a hand on your back, “(Y/N)! Oh darling, look at you!” Your mum gushes, pulling you into a suffocating hug. “Mum this is Timothy, my husband.” When she pulls away, her eyes set on Tim and is instantly pulling him into a similar hug.

Tim’s eyes widen and you can’t help but giggle, “It’s so lovely to meet you, Timothy! I’ve been waiting for the day when (Y/N) would bring someone home.” A blush rises to his cheeks, “You can call me Tim, Mrs. (Y/L/N),” He shyly corrects and somehow your mum’s grin widen’s, she leans over loudly whispering “He’s so handsome and polite! Where have you been hiding him all this time?” She asks, gesturing you both inside, “I’ve been keeping him to myself,” You beamed, Tim pulls you closer to him before pressing a delicate kiss to your cheek.

You can’t help the smile that takes over your face as a result of the interaction, your mum notices and smiles gently, recognising the love the two of you have for one another. “It’s was a long drive, (Y/N) why don’t you two have a well-needed rest before dinner? You can share your old room.” You lead Tim to your destination by taking hold of his hand, the feeling of his crisp ring on your warm skin.

“Here we are,” You whisper, trying to fill the void of silence between you both, carefully opening the door to be faced with your teenage-selves bedroom, your old posters covering the walls still. Tim cracks a smile, “I can tell.” He snickers, you elbow him before setting your suitcase down. “I’m going to get, uh changed, okay? I’ll be right back.” You slip away, your pyjama’s in your arms as you rush to freshen up, heart beating wildly in the confines of your chest. You fix your hair before flinging the door open and being presented (blessed) when you find Tim shirtless facing away from the door. “Oh my- I’m sorry Tim!” You whisper out, slapping your hand over your eyes to prevent yourself from seeing anymore, somewhat teasing yourself.

He chuckles amidst his breath, the sound causing a heat to come over your body. When you feel the rough of his hands pulling yours away from your eyes, you notice he’s covered, prompting another flush of embarrassment. “Let’s uh, go to sleep.” You utter, cheeks aflame. He nods before pulling the covers back on the bed and settling down as you silently obverse him do so. You break out of your trance and fall beside him instantly being consumed with his heat despite keeping to your side of the bed.

Your eyes gently close, but when Tim’s voice softly mumbles “Thank you for bringing me.” You had no regrets. A smile tugs at your lips as you fight to stay conscious but it’s a fight you lose.  

The quiet breath the hits your cheek is what wakes you up, somewhat blinded when you open your eyes to the bright room. You scrunch your watery eyes closed attempting to fix the damage done, but when you feel lips on your cheek your eyes fly open to be met when Tim’s face. Your breath stops in your chest, as you slowly gage the position you were in your blush deepens, it’s when you realize your mum is grinning ear-to-ear you sit up, awakening Tim in the process. “Evening, lovebirds, time to get up!” She beams, Tim blushes in embarrassment, “Okay we’re up, can we get dressed now?” You ask, she nods and closes the door behind her.

The two of you are blushing messes as you turn away from each other to get redressed, the silence loud enough to hear Tim slip his trousers on.

Only moments after stepping out of your room, your mother is tugging you both to meet the rest of your family. Greetings and introductions are completed as you sit down, Tim beside you giving you his heart-stopping smile. You grin in response, his smile was just contagious. With dinner being served, your uncle decides it’s the best time to start the interrogation. “So, how did you guys meet?” He raises an eyebrow when he notices you look to Tim, he clears his throat, “Well my brother introduced us since they are best friends, and I couldn’t help but fall for her smile,” He smiles lovingly and pressed a quick peck to your lips, in response your family lets out a collective ‘aw’.

Tim was good at this, you think, maybe he’s done it before. You shake the thoughts away as you sit and eat the meal your mum prepared, Tim’s hand resting on yours. You couldn’t help but feel love for the boy beside you, bubbling inside of you as your family members question him and his intentions. With dinner finally over, you begin to clear the table, Tim helping you put all the dishes in the sink.  

Tim heart wells with love as he watches you wash the dishes, hair pushed behind your ear and smiling as you listen to the disruptive nature that is your family. He swiftly wraps his arms around your waist, which prompted a small gasp to escape you by surprise. “Timothy! You scared me- what’re you doing?” He presses his lips to your neck, a giggle erupting from you making a grin form on his face. “I love you, (Y/N).” He mumbles, he nuzzles his face into your neck as you continue washing the dinner plates.

“I love you too,” You shyly reply, the last thing you thought that would happen would be Tim admitting his feelings for you but here you were. “I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to confess…” He trails off, but then kisses your lips when you turn to face him, “It’s okay, babe.” At that, he smiles sheepishly, his hand’s cup your face, just basking in your beauty before leaning forward and meeting your velvet lips in a heated kiss.

All that was left was becoming your actual husband and he promised himself, that it would be the last thing he does.

It had only been months since Tim had to pretend to be your husband and now it was time for him to become your actual husband and he promised himself, that it would be the last thing he does. So as the cool air whips at his cheeks, he admires you in the moonlight. The silver of the light casting your face perfectly, he pulls you gently into a kiss before dropping down to his knee, whilst pulling out the little black box that contained the ring he had picked out a month ago. He notices the tears gathering in the eyes he adored as he rambled about his love for you, ending sweetly with, “Will you do me the honour of becoming my actual wife?” You shakily nod your head before collapsing right in front of Tim and pulling him to your parted lips, mumbling out a string of 'yes’ against his chapped lips, causing relief to flood Tim’s chest.  

In Tim’s mind, your smile is more beautiful than the white gown that embraced your frame, and he knew in this instant he made the right choice in choosing to pretend he was your husband. The feeling of your hand in his is what breaks his thoughts, your eyes shining as you utter the words he’s been waiting to hear all this time.
“I do.”

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Someone please tell me I can make it through today

Just send me motivation and encouragement and positive vibes. Please.

Me: “Boy, sure I’m tired of all media limiting to only protraying f/m romances while the gay relationships are limited to baiting or bury your gays, I hope one day someone twist the trope and make the hets feel the way we feel”

JRo: *makes literally every character in TF gay/pan, but bait people into thinking Skids and Nautica are going to get together just to kill off Skids, have Nautica forget her feeling towards him, and confirm their relationship was just friendship*

Me, a known heterophobe who for once cared about an F/M ship:

het fan number 1: i hate all slash its just for fujoshits to get off. people always call me homophobic for saying i hate gay pairings *proceeds to not comprehend the fact that a lot of fans are gay and enjoy m/m and f/f content because they want to see representation for themselves* *thinks theyre the authority on what is gay fetishizing and what isnt*

het fan number 2: my sinful gay babies!! xD this ones the seme and this ones the uke uwu i love yaoi

me: i was sent back in time to kill both of you

*neil perry voice*: CARPE DIEM!!!!!!!


SO I GUESS PART ONE GOT FLAGGED AS NSFW F/UCK YOU TUMBLR but anyways heres some tr*ans dancestors because theyre TR*ANS, TUMBLR, based off this post by @transhamsteak

i didnt d the anccestors cause im tired and dont feel like grabbing some ancestor sprites but you can sure as hell guess theyre all TR*ANS, TUMBLR

anonymous asked:

How do I explain to fans that bi people constantly getting paired up people of not the same gender is erasure? Im tired :(

So there are bi people currently in m/f relationships, and they aren’t any less bisexual for it. And bi characters who represent that are not any less bisexual either, and it’s biphobic to deny otherwise. 

However, as we all know, heterosexual relationships are catered to (in different ways because of race and class of course) by society, and represent the dominant narrative in media because of heteronormativity. And one way compulsory heterosexuality operates is by disseminating its hegemony through media representation (advertisements, music videos, movies, books, etc), thus spreading the ideal that women must be heterosexual and must love & be loved by a man to be a “real” woman and to have a whole, successful life. 

On top of that, we know that most romantic relationships in the media feature cishet, white, able-bodied, conventionally attractive people. Interracial relationships are few and far in between. Ships strictly between people of color (of the same race or different races) are also few and far in between. And even then, those ships also tend to be heterosexual. There are only a few same-gender relationships, and most of them are between cis white men. For women, people of color, and trans people (in the LGBT community, that is), there is even less representation of their romantic relationships. 

And among heterosexual relationships, those dynamics are usually between a cis het and a cis het, and hardly between two trans partners or one cis and one trans partner, and hardly between two bisexual partners or one bisexual and one heterosexual partner. Thus the issue of whether bi people “need” representation of m/f relationships with bisexual characters involved in them is something specific to the bi community, and non-bisexuals can perhaps have opinions on them but their opinions on such a matter are irrelevant in terms of the bisexuality of the character and the “quality” of the representation. And each bi person has a different opinion on this. I personally think that we don’t need m/f relationships with bi characters. If we get some and a character is confirmed bi of course I’d be happy, but I want to see mostly m/m and f/f relationships for bi characters, and I’ll get to why in a bit. But there are bisexuals who disagree with me, so clearly this is a contentious topic within our community and something we haven’t come to a consensus on. The only thing we all can say definitively is that a confirmed, canon bi character is bi whether they’re dating a same-gender partner, or in a het relationship, or aren’t dating anyone at all, or if they’ve been with more men, or if they’ve been with more women. And anyone who denies that is a biphobe. 

Most bisexual women in media who aren’t killed off actually are in current or long-term f/f relationships, according to the GLAAD statistics. However, there is an alarming tendency on the part of straight creators to do one or more the following: A) kill her off, especially if she’s in a same-gender relationship and/or if she’s led a miserable life thus far throughout the plot, B) kill off her female partner, who is usually a lesbian (that would be the lesbian death trope), C) hardly feature her in any f/f relationships and feature mostly m/f relationships that involve her, D) make her single for most of the plot unless and until they kill her off sideline her, E) if she is in an f/f relationship, they don’t respect that relationship or feature it much during the plot, F) they feature a longterm f/f romance for her that ends in her being single or in the relationship ending badly because of angst or drama. 

And get this: whether for heterosexual relationships involving bi characters or same-gender relationships involving bi characters, almost none of them are between two bisexual people. The only canon, endgame f/f ship I know of that involves TWO bisexual women is Korra and Asami (Korrasami), but even as much as I love them the writing is fraught with problem E a bit (during the plot). 

Placing bi women in mostly m/f relationships or bisexuals in general in mostly heterosexual relationships plays into exploitative homophobic and biphobic stereotypes. It’s homophobic because it plays into the idea that LGBT people in general can’t find long-term happiness in gay relationships, and that gay relationships are merely sexual or temporary and not “real” or substantive. It’s also homophobic if the relationship ends with the bi character being killed off or their partner being killed off or both. If the relationship ends badly because of really awful drama or a tragedy, it’s overtly homophobic because it depicts the heteronormative idea that gay people can only lead tragic and short lives filled with pain and morbidity, and that gay romance is not a fate we can aspire to - so it discourages viewers from seeing and supporting healthy, happy, and realistic longterm gay relationships. It’s biphobic because it feeds into the stereotype that bi people will “always pick a side”, that bisexuality is heavily skewed one way or the other, that bisexuals all perform and conceive of their bisexuality in the same ways, that bisexuality is temporary and experimental, that bisexuality is not a serious or important orientation, and that bisexuals are actually just secretively straight and that their destiny is to choose heterosexuality (this latter point is both homophobic AND biphobic). 

I want to see bisexuals in mostly m/m and f/f relationships because we deserve it, because we (and by “we” I mean bisexuals) desperately need representation, because we need encouragement and support to properly pursue our same-gender attraction, because we want to prove stereotypes wrong, because we are full-fledged human beings who are not half or half, because we don’t want our same-gender attraction to be stifled or exploited for heterosexual audiences, and because we are generally invested in LGBT representation and the depiction of healthy gay romances. 

If there is an m/f relationship that involves a bi character I obviously won’t write it off (unless the relationship is homophobic and involves the straight partner abusing or manipulating or exploiting the bi partner), but I personally won’t consider that relationship itself representation. The bi character will still be representation for me because they are bi, regardless of their m/f relationship. But if you’re going to make a character bi and place them in a long-term m/f relationship, I would at least like for those characters to not be cis and white and able-bodied and, at the very least, for the content creators to actually explore the bi character’s bisexuality and their past same-gender relationships. Otherwise it’s meaningless, because it presents a one-sided and stereotypical narrative of bisexuality. 

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Why do u hate life is strange so much? Sorry for asking I don't want to sound rude I'm just curious because I never heard a bad thing from it o:

i listed like three reasons already in the tags but

a) zero main characters of color, tokenizing background characters of color, exotifying indigenous culture

elaborated here

and here

b) baited a relationship with max and chloe throughout the whole game but the only way you can kiss her and confirm their relationship is if you fucking let her die. what kinda garbage next level homophobia is “this gay character’s existence is causing the apocalypse and if you stay with her the world will be destroyed” lmfao

c) misogyny and abuse apologia - how the narrative garners sympathy for warren and his creepy stalking of max, nathan who has literally called max slurs, is a murderer and sexual predator, david who spied on his wife and stepdaughter and physically assaulted chloe

but hey they’re just nice misunderstood men who deserve forgiveness and a happy ending!

d) the bullshit with nathan prescott’s appalling behavior being excused because he was Mentally Ill lolk that doesn’t mean jackshit or absolve him for responsibility for his actions but everyone deserves a chance i guess unless you’re the mentally ill lesbian-coded character

e) suddenly shoehorned warren in as a romance option when max is canonically creeped out by him

f) did i mention the overwhelming whiteness. im so tired of white women praising this game as peak representation

g) oh yeah that time dontnod went out of their way to confirm rachel “loved” jefferson who is a literal sexual predator but max and chloe’s sexualities are still Up For Interpretation

i) nothing about their depiction of horrific sexual violence against women is in any way groundbreaking or progressive especially when the Good ending involves having to sacrifice yet another innocent female character while absolving every other shitty dude of all wrongdoing

j) not even an important issue compared to the rest of the stuff i pointed out but the plot literally makes no fucking sense. chloe dying doesn’t stop the storm in ep 4 and max got her powers before the incident in the bathroom so like what the fuck. its just fake deep white dude writing

anyway i hate this game and i hate dontnod! chloe price deserved better

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everyday you black washing! you are a sad little white girl! am i right? so f... u

the rumour come out does kesh is white

don’t yall get tired of this vjndknjkdflnvs

modern trying to get mun to sleep

modern: owen go rest! come on you’ve been on here all day and you finally uploaded your drawing aren’t you tired?
Tired!me: modern you know i have to work on your story and that song cover
modern: yeah but that can WAIT! YOU NEED TO REST!
Tired!me: again im fine modern please don’t worry about me
modern: *grumbling and did a cute glare and tries to pull me out of the chair* GO. THE. F**K. TO. SLEEP!
Tired!me: …..
modern: you can work on all that stuff after you sleep!
Tired!me: -____-
*modern bendy walks off to ahri*
modern!bendy: miss ahri?
ahri: what?
modern!bendy: owen’s overworking again
ahri: *her blue eyes turn red and black and she becomes mad ahri mode* EXCUSE?!?!
*the next part of this footage will be humerous and highly funny please make sure your funny bone is still intact before seeing this part*
ahri: OWEN. REST! *drags me out of my chair*
*derpy walks in and she sees ahri draging me who i have my nails digged onto the foors*
derp: *she looks at the camera before putting back on her fendora and walking out like fuck dis shit i’m out*
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listen,,, I get u can want to reclaim slurs but pls pls pls Remember there’s some ppl who don’t want to reclaim them n therefore don’t want to hear/read them at all, so pls respect that n mayb think twice b4 using a slur in Ur url ty

whattt??? Yall can miss me with that “F@#k Love” bs entirely.

being IN love is mf fantastic. being LOVED by someone is fking extraordinary. Getting to make a house a home with someone? amazing. Feeling like you’re safe in their arms?Sensational. Feeling like you can trust them with your heart even though you know everything isn’t perfect and there’s always a slight possibility you might get hurt? Outstanding. Having someone you can always turn to , even on days you’d rather not talk to anyone? Marvelous. Knowing how hard it is to understand you as a whole , but being able to allow someone close enough to accept you wholeheartedly? Tremendous. Yeah, you’re strong enough to handle everything on your own beause you don’t really “need” anybody… but feeling like you don’t have to be alone? Remarkable.

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Hello! I just have to say that I love your blog!󾌧Can I request an EXO angst scenario with Baekhyun? A really angsty one, but with a fluffy ending >u< thank you, keep up the good work! ^^

Ill Protect You

Originally posted by omgfishy

pairing: baekhyun x reader

genre: angst with fluffy(ish) ending

rating: 15+

word/character count: 2014 words and 10670 characters

warning: abuse, strong language, mentions of explicit content

guide: (y/n) means your name,  (y/b/f/n) means your best friends name, 

author note: i decided to make this an au scenario if you don’t mind because i had a spark of inspiration. if you don’t like it just tell me and ill do another one! sorry in advance if you don’t like it, and thanks for the request! I didn’t proof read it so if you notice any grammar mistake, please notify me and ill fix it.


      “Y/n, are you listening?” You shake your head and snap of your sleeping state. Sleep is something you rarely get anymore since moving in with your boyfriend, David. He graduated the previous year and you were in your senior year of high school. Everyone told you it was bad idea since you barely turned 18. Now all you feel is exhaustion. 

     “Huh?” You blink your eyes twice before focusing on your best friend, (Y/b/f/n). Her hair eyes stared into yours. She sighed once. Your free hours were always spent together in the library. It was empty except for the cranky old lady in her desk, a couple students and you two. (Y/b/f/n) sets her book on the table where you sit. 

     “I was going to invite you to go for some ice cream after school but, you look too tired for anything but a good cat nap.” It does sound great, but David would be so mad if you went somewhere instead of staying at home with him. You nod your head. 

     “You’re right, I’m tired. Go take someone else with you. Im sure any of the girls would love to go.” It was always like this. She invites you somewhere, you decline. All for the same reason, Him. You do love him, but he isn’t someone to get mad, for anything. (Y/b/f/n) nods, accepting the decline again. You look at the clock on the wall. It was the only clock in the school besides for the teacher lounge. The school staff believe that having a clock in a class room will distract the students from learning. 


     “We have a minute left. I can’t be late to get picked up.” You hurridly grab your bag and various book that are scattered on the table. 

     “(Y/n)? Is-is David still… hurting you?” She touches her arm but you yank it away. You shake your head, not looking in her eyes that stare at you. You couldn’t verbally lie to her. Her getting in-between your relationship with David can put her in danger too. “Are you sure?” She asks again. You look at her and smile, nodding again. You both jump when the bell rings for the end of school. You turn around to get to the door when you run into a solid chest of someone. You look up slowly from his dark blue shirt and to his dark brown eyes. You’ve seen him many times before but you don’t know his name. His soft light brown hair drapes over his almond shaped eyes. He smell of colonge and detergent swam into your nostrils like a swarm of fish. He smirks down at you. Handsome was the one word that came to mind.

     “S-sorry” You slightly bow an another apology and walk past him. His eyes follow you until you’re out of sight and out the door. You rush down the halls and down to your locker, grabbing your needed textbooks, you close it and run down to the front door. Almost tripping down the cement stairs, the cool spring air smelled fresh unlike the stuffy atmosphere of the school. In the front of the school you find the old Ford truck that you look for everyday. An angry man sits inside, looking at you. With people around you asking why you’re running, you ignore them to get to the vehicle. 

     “What took you so damn long?” You look at the clock, 2:56. One minute past the bell. He turned on the radio quietly as he drove the car back into the street that lead you home. His dark almond eyes narrowed as you didn’t answer right away. “What took you so long?” He asked again in a  louder tone. 

    “I had to go to my locker.” again, another lie, sorta. He sighed under swore sunder breath. The car ride was silent except for the sound of the radio. Most of the car rides home were like this. Neither one of you said a word to each other. He just looked out onto the road, and you, the window. When you pull into the drive way he finally says something. 

     “Im hungry, go make food for me and don’t over cook anything like last time.” He gets out of the car and into the house. You sit there for a few seconds before getting out yourself. It wasn’t like this before you moved in with him. He was sweet, a gentleman. Now, all you see is a monster. All he does is tell you what to can and can’t do. Like no hanging out with friends after school, no going out on weekends, and no texting anyone but him. You’ve broken the texting rule once when you texted (Y/b/f/n). What he did now makes you not even want to touch your phone let alone text anyone but your mom.

     The kitchen is small, enough room for one person. Plates are staked in the sink. He most likely had people over while she was at school. You set your book bag down before going to clean the pile of food covered plates and cups. The T.V. bases while you scrub them clean. David periodically laughs at the dumb cartoon on the screen. A half hour later and its all clean. Glancing at your book bag, your mind yells at you to do the large amount of homework. You sigh, starting to make a dinner. You hardly ever ate anything. While he ate, you normally start of your homework, since he was occupied. 

     An hour later, you carry the food of meat and potatoes to the couch where he ate every meal. He only nods at you as you hand him his silverware. He laughs at the screen again. You smile sweetly at him. 

     “Im going to do my schoolwork now. If you need anything, just call me in here.” You carefully word your sentences to him. He’s like a bear, one wrong move and your hurt and bleeding on the floor. He doesn’t say a word as you grab your stuff, heading to your shared room. It was small, like the rest of the house. There was a queen size bed, a dresser, and his nightstand. Sitting on the bed, you start on your essays and maths assignment. Not even 10 minutes later you hear loud foot steps and your name being yelled from outside the room. David runs in the room, anger in his eyes, his veins popping out of his neck. Oh no… the meat. 

     “How many times do i have to tell you, you useless piece of shit!” With that he picked you up by your school uniform. He tossed you down to the carpeted floor. You hit your head on the dresser, making you feel dizzy. “Don’t overcook my food!” It was the dumbest things that made him blow up. It was one thing or another. You couldn’t do anything right for him. He picked you up just to toss you down again, harder. You cried out in pain, your body hitting the dresser again. 

     “Im sorry! It won’t happen again, please d-” He smacked your cheek, he has never hit you. Sure he was pushed, shoved, yelled, grabbed you roughly, but never has he hit you before. Your hand reached up to your cheek, where tears now run on. Your eyes fill with hot tears, your head throbbing. He stood above you, breathing heavily. Opening your mouth to speak again, he hits the side of your mouth. Tasting blood, you try to stand before he roughly grabs your waist, throwing your body onto the bed. He presses his lips to your neck, his breath smelled of alcohol.

    “Don’t worry baby girl, daddy will punish you we-” You bite his hand which ran up your chest and onto your cheek. “Ow!” He stammered back, he clenches his teeth, glaring at you. Grabbing your phone from under the pillow, you run as fast as you can though the house, him following behind, and out the door. You run out to the yard and onto the sidewalk where you run into a chest with a familiar smell. You look up to see the boy from school that you ra into in the library. He looks at you, touching your arm. He glances at the dog he was walking before looking at the bruises on your face. 

     “Are you okay? I heard yelling from inside. I didn’t know you lived here.” He looks up from you to see David running out the door, and running straight to you. Your eyes fill with fear, trying to hide in the boys arms.

     “He’s going to kill me!” He looks at the fear written on your face as he pushes you behind him. David walks right up to the him and gets in his face. The boy doesn’t even move an inch as David tries to get you from behind him.

     “She isn’t your problem, give her to me, now” David speaks with anger. He was clearly pissed off. Again he tried to grab your arm but the boy moved you farther away from his grasp. 

     “Now she is. Back off. You have no right to hurt a women, you’re an animal…” When those words rolled off his pretty lips David forcibly pushed him out of the way to grab your arm. You try to yank yourself away but his grip was too strong. The boy grabs David’s arm and punches in the nose, hard. When this didn’t effect him, and David tries to pull you towards him, the boy grabs his shoulders, and punches him in the throat. David stumbles back, his hands reaches for his throat, gasping for breath. A hand grabs your wrist. 

     “Lets go.” You stand there, looking at the boyfriend you once loved, now on the ground, trying to breathe. He looks up, one hand still on his throat. His dark eyes looked at you with such anger, you were scared for your life. “Run!” The boy yells, yanking you with him. A small bark from behind you followed with the footsteps. You look behind you. The medium sized dog, ran ahead of you two as the struggling man tried to catch up. The boy’s fingers lace between yours as he takes his phone out his pocket and dials three numbers.

    “Hello-yeah I’m reporting a domestic abuse…” His words drown out. All you see is his mouth moving, but you don’t hear any words. A strange feeling of fear and safety washes over you. Your skin touching this hand gave you a feeling of safety, yet when you turn your head, the one source of fear was right behind you. The boy looks at you, saying something, but you don’t hear him. Everything starts to blend together. Time seems to blank out. 

     The boy yanks you into a house, his dog running inside. He quickly locks the door. You slowly back up to the middle of what opens to a living room. David bangs on the door, demanding it to be opened. The boy turns to you, rushing over, grabbing your hand again. He leads you to his bedroom and into his closet. Together you sit, his arms wrap around you.

     “Don’t worry, (Y/n). The police are on their way.” You stare at him in wonder of how he knew your name. The school you two go to have hundreds of students, how would he know yours. “Don’t look at me like that. Ive… noticed you for a while. Ive been in the background. Since we are in this, unfortunate situation, i should formally introduce myself. Im Baekhyun” He quietly chuckles. “This wasn’t exactly how i wanted to meet you.” You nod, your body shaking from the fear still inside you. “Im here to protect you, he won’t touch you again.” He pressed you body closer to his, kissing your tear chained cheek. Shouting from the police coming in the house, allows to you realize that it was all over. There in Baekyun’s arms, the fear melted away and you finally felt safe.

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