gringo: lance mcclain has a lot of sibligs and he’s biracial so he’s half-cuban.


???? i see a millions of combinations. the right guy could be a brother or a cousin. the left girl could be a cousin, sister or an aunt. we don’t know. 

why gringos always assume that everyone=sibligs. latinxs have big familys because we count our grandparents, aunts, cousins and people that you dont know why they’re your relatives (i remember, when i was little talking with little kids: ’we were playing all day and it’s a family reunion so we must be family…but the question is…what are we’ / ’ok so. my grandmom is the sister of your grandmom…right?’ ’that’s not my grandmom’ ‘oh’ /my dad is the cousin of your mom. i think. i’m…not sure,,,,DAD!!’). Big latinx familys with a lot of kids exist. they’re pure. But if you are non-latinx, don’t touch them. i don’t trust you.

And how the fuck biracial=only half cuban? like. you are so uneducated. if you love lance, educate yourself. for lance, for you and for every latinx that has to deal with people like you. 

writers: how are we gonna top ourselves! we got tons of exciting stuff in store!! at least eleven big bads this season!!!! whos gonna survive who won’t????!! 3 love triangles and 2 quadrangles!!!! 

me: I’ll Pay You 5$ To Let The Characters Just Simply Talk To Each Other For Once


there is a universe right outside of your window, but there is no monster under your bed.

there are a thousand stars in that sky, and not a single one of them believes you are insignificant. 

there are more than a million songs playing around the world at this very moment, and every one is written by someone who’s cried themselves to sleep at least once.

there is no known end to space, so breathe and understand that a school test won’t end it all.

find yourself in the stars, in the music, in the universe.