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ok but tents

in da2 and inquisition everyone had a home to go back to, but in origins they literally only had their camp for like a year

thing is, everyone was joining one after another, weeks and sometimes months apart (im looking at u oghren)

how come all the tents look the same? they should be all mismatched

and sometimes it could take a while to actually find a tent for new party members

just imagine, wynne joins the party and shares a tent with leliana for a while and everything is lovely, they both are clean and sweet and just the loveliest tent mates

in contrast, imagine the first night after zevran joined in and neither alistair nor zevran in their shared tent even shutting their eyes in fear that the other will stab them

or oghren joining and the party actually has a fight over who’s going to share their tent with him bc holy shit that guy’s smell is powerful (actual canon, sorry oghren)

and also imagine the possibilities of what each tent would look like

zevran and leliana and morrigan choosing tents that actually look good bc not a chance they will sleep in something that looks like rags hanging on sticks

loghain choosing the most patriotic thing as possible and just glaring at lelianas tent

sten going with practicality but also having some tiny detail, maybe a pattern or an embroidery of some flower that reminds him of par vollen

alistair sometimes looking up at the roof of his tent and feeling sad bc he sees the grey warden griffon embroidered and he remembers when duncan handed him the tent

anyway, tents


music battles [michael m. x reader]

hi! i saw this post with soulmate aus and there was one where whenever one half of the pair listens to a song or any music, the other half hears it as well, no matter the distance or whatever they are doing.. do you think you could use it with a michael x reader? it reminds me sm of him.. thanks! :) )

this is such a cute au like honestly you had me at soulmate au to begin with but then i was completely sold by the end of it

warnings: n o ne

     There it was again. You weren’t familiar with the artist or the song this time, but half-way through your math test you were hit with whatever your soulmate was listening to. You were used to it - music coming on at the worst time sometimes, sometimes waking you up at the least expected times. But it was fine at times - the thought that you had a soulmate to share music with was warming, even with everything it came with. Normally, you’d have slipped your own headphones in if the song wasn’t good and turn on something else a little louder than your soulmate’s music. If they didn’t like it, they’d usually end up turning their music up a little louder, and eventually it’d be a little battle until one or the other turned off the music. But you were in the middle of a test and you didn’t need to fail it, so you let the song continue as you scratched out another answer.

    Then it switched. They were playing something you actually enjoyed - probably because you played it after hearing it from your soulmate and sometimes it’d end up in the mix of songs they’d listen to. Your leg started to bounce slightly to the music, and you attention slipped from triangles into the lyrics. Damn it. You didn’t need this. You’d find your soulmate and punch them for all the times they played songs associated with memes when you were in the middle of a test.

    Then there’s another change, half-way through the song. You frowned a little - it was just getting to the good part, what the fuck? - but look back to your test. Soon you’d be done and free for the afternoon. Soon.

    There’s a pause.

    You’re gonna punch your soulmate for rickrolling you again.

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everyone’s in love and happy and everything

anonymous asked:

what are some headcanons or predictions you have for season 3

  • Keith is gonna go through an “I bring misfortune” period especially w/ the spoiler of his ears getting furrier he probably thinks his galra heritage is going to bring doom to his friends. Might try to run away.
  • Lotor’s gonna try and sway Keith to their side which is only going to further add to Keith’s depression.
  • Keith will pilot black for only a short while. He will not be the black paladin. The lion switches are not going to be permanent.
  • Co leadership klance but Allura will still be the head. 
  • They won’t be able to form voltron because the connections are severed and with switching lions it’s only confused the lions.
  • Will only be able to form voltron successfully when Shiro’s back.
  • Lance will either sacrifice himself for Keith or the enemy will pretend to aim at Keith only to attack Lance. Obviously he isn’t gonna die die but he is going to get hurt, hence the “Lance dies” comment Jeremy made.
  • Keith and Allura are gonna bond and idfk probably find out they’re related or some shit. It’s not gonna be romantic.
  • I really believe that Ryou is Keith’s dad and Romelle is Keith’s mom so basically season 3 is going to be Keith’s family reunion season.
  • JK I actually don’t think we’ll physically meet his dad or mom until the end of the season and it ends there, teasing us with meeting his parents in season 4.
  • Shiro and Matt will reunite with the Paladins towards the end of s3.
  • The rebel group that rescued Matt are all women.
  • The Alteans are not innocent in the creation of voltron and are just as much at fault of what eventually happened to the universe because they cooperated with the galra willingly. I refuse to believe they aren’t to blame and I refuse to believe this intergalactic war is black and white.
  • There probably won’t be that many opportunities for any filler episodes tbh which makes me sad would have loved to see a birthday episode or a game show episode.
  • I don’t think they’re ever going to kill Shiro but I do hope he loses his Galra arm, or his other arm, only because I want altean arm Shiro so bad. He’ll probably be comatose, kidnapped, or missing again at the end of the season. His state will have been caused either directly or indirectly by Keith.
  • Idk it’s probably gonna have the most paranoia and anxiety inducing season finale yet.
  • No obvious romantic ship development but probably nods here and there. Lots of Keith and Lance interaction. Not necessarily romantic, but important for their overall relationship’s dynamic and development.
  • This has no backing but I really hope that the team finds an orphaned or abandoned baby alien who looks human but still has alien features until the baby sneezes only to reveal it was actually physically changing it’s appearance and is actually altean. I refuse to believe that an entire race of aliens was wiped out when a few had to have escaped to find refuge somewhere.
  • More Allura magic.
  • I don’t think we’ll get any Haggar backstory just yet but I do hope we get more Altea backstory. I want to learn everything about the Alteans and I get the feeling Allura barely knows anything about the darker side of Altea’s history herself. Maybe Coran might be hiding some things he’ll have to come clean about? 

idk I have a lot of headcanons but they’re more or so aimed for after whatever season 3 might bring us. My favorites are galra-garrison conspiracy theories and how team voltron’s gonna have to go back to earth to fight a final battle.