im thinking too fast

Am I oblivious when it comes to guys or over thinking I’ll probably never know someone halp

i got to go to a little bonus life drawing class today which is great bc they didn’t schedule any more but we liked it so much they added another for us bUT i had to leave early to go to this info session for a (sort of) local university which was ok but kinda lame there were four people there and i was the only grade 11 and everything was aimed at the older kids who are going next year

usually thinking about post secondary stuff is cool and exciting but right now i just feel Tired™ and i think i would’ve rather stayed at art class //sigh

vegaseternity asked:

Yoooo your art is awesome!!! Do you take requests?

omg thank you! X> at the moment i dont actually take requests (cause im really slow and im not sure if i can handle it) but i recently hit a milestone in my follower count so im thinking of opening some! im not sure exactly how ill go about it tho (maybe ill do it by opening slots? if anyone has any ideas please do shoot me an ask or a message!)

other than that i occasionally do colour palette requests and that kinda thing when im free! either way if you’d like to send me a request i hope you can wait until i get around figuring out what to do :>

anonymous asked:

50&41&20 for the valentines thing. I'm sorry if you already answered one.

20:Are you currently in a relationship?

41:What’s your imagination of a “perfect date”?

50:If you’re single, why do you think you are?
im picky, obsessive, and fall in too deep too fast.